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  2. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I wish I could have seen the times that Ari Shaffir (tall) beat the shit out of Bobby Lee (small) at the Comedy Store All over Leggero
  3. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    They are all greedy wankers. All. It is disappointing how they all ended up really.
  4. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    Incase others haven't been keeping up with the news. 2 tankers were seized, it's the one with the union jack on it that hasn't been released.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    remember last year when several thousand fans signed a petition asking Izzy to do a performance (I was one who signed). the petition just asked for a solo performance, not a reunion. we also stated we would support it financially by either going to the show or paying to watch it streamed online. Izzy didnt even acknowledge the petition! wow he is so cool! and he didnt show up to any NITL rehearsals! cool! well I guess I'll go listen to FP Money right now. I think the FP stands for "this song is Fucking Pointless"
  6. Patience cough bullshit

    Whats funny about this is that the guys making a really simple offhand joke with literally no complexity to it and it appears half his audience didn't fuckin' get it You need to stop glass onioning this shit, usually its the obvious answer, it ain't Axl communicating with aliens or pledging allegiance to international masonry, its just a light-hearted joke, a REALLY simple one at that. 'what did Axl mean thoooo', fuckssake
  7. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Season 10 trailer Rick movie teaser. Plus the cast for the third series has been announced! Good time to be a fan of TWD
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Look how intimidated he is by her. He can't look her in the eye. The man is an absolute joke. "My mother and six brothers were killed" "Where are they?" "They're dead. In a mass grave!"
  9. Gardening

    Oh thats a good tip for yoga. Glad youre not out their in this heat. It was smouldering all night and now at 7am its too hot to move to make coffee... or drink it with out ice. So not the best day for me to plan a pot roast I have it marinating in rice vinegar, dried herbs and fresh herbs - all from the garden. Winter savoury, thyme, lemon thyme, genovese basil, holy basil, rosemary, chives, garlic chives, greek oregano. Ill add a bit more fresh thyme to the onion, potato and carrots. Worst day for a roast ever!! Oh well, at least my cats being nice to me again, hoping that he might get some.
  10. Today

    He is playing ''crickets'' and I haven't seen soul respond.
  12. We need a cricket thread here

    Gavin Main is still on our books apparently; don't know why as we never see him? MacLeod and Coetzer are of course former Durham players.
  13. Patience cough bullshit

    Welcome fernando
  14. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    haha I wish the wire article would either say who the "armed guards" were or at least clarity that its not known. The Rev Guard? Army? Mercs? Coast Guard?
  15. The T.V. Show Thread

    I hated to see Keturah leave Master Chef! She's extra in all the best ways. Was a very weak performance though. I liked watching Noah get humbled. I keep thinking Im seeing Mellisa Reese whenever they show Bri. What on earth is Dr. Pimple Popper??
  16. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    Totally worth the price of admission though
  17. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    You could be mine is good instrumentally but I don't like the lyrics and theme much, it's such a bitter and spiteful song really
  18. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I knew it too! Pryor in a big budget mainstream movie is weird, really like...restrained. Thats probably the first Pryor thing I ever saw.

    I'll always love Rambo to be fair, got massive respect for him, its just funny seeing a shy lad with a Welsh accent under all that pressure trying to speak Italian
  20. Its always been said, when its revealed that its not beyond the realm of possibility that Steve McQueen or Bruce Lee could have been at the Cielo Drive property the night Sharon died, prompting fanboys such as myself coming out with 'shit, Steve/Bruce woulda kicked their fuckin' arses' so that was always a possibility, shit, I'd pay for that, Bruce lee vs The Manson Family...or Steve McQueen vs The Manson Family But if Sharons sister can't be on board with them making an exploitation movie out of her sisters memory so it can't be that.
  21. Last full album you listened to?

    New Morning - Bob Dylan Muddy Waters - Redman
  22. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    Nah he was raised in a trailer in Ypsilanti Michigan, its just he had really attentive parents, scholarly even, well educated. So yeah, he had this weird balance, he went to a pretty good school, alongside the heirs to General Motors and such but he was kinda the dirt poor kid in there. Believe it or not he wanted to get into politics as a kid I think complex rhythms are already inherent in simple rhythms and the simpler the rhythms you play and the more you listen and become hypnotised by them the more you hear like, sub-rhythms and poly-rhythms, kinda like African drums, they sound simple as fuck but listen to em long enough and you can hear all sorts of shit in em, same with Native American shit. I'm gonna be thinkin' about this shit the next time I'm on the job now, thanks
  23. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Build the wall!

    Good on him!
  25. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    I reckon most bands are in on this too, not many seem to be concerned about ticket prices for fans at all. I’m sure it was Metallica’s management who once said they will charge ridiculous prices for tickets because they can. I bet that’s a lot of other bands attitude towards it as well. They probably see the amount of money scalpers make and want it for themselves rather than think about stopping this and charging fans a reasonable amount of money and the same price for all tickets. It has put me off going to concerts of arena size and bigger - it’s too much of a rip off now.
  26. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    You could be mine a filler?!
  27. Patience cough bullshit

    It’s literally just a joke. Not everything has some interesting back story. Like saying Homefuck at the end of DTJ. He probably just said it one time and it sorta stuck
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