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  2. Does anyone know what password that was put on it?
  3. Quoted for truth. NITL hasn't had an official live album/DVD release for one reason and one reason only: Axl Rose's singing.
  4. Gardening

    I am crazy! We are caring for over 6000 plants and have 5 acres to have show ready by next Saturday. Working my ass off and yes I'm having the time of my life. I love the folks who show up late to the party and walk over to me to tell me what needs attention. You know, I'm new to the job and they are being helpful. Yeah I hear you, that's scheduled to be addressed on this date, time and by who. Got it covered but what I noticed in your area is...... So glad you walked over to me because I was on my way over to talk to you and what time did you say you'd have that taken care of?

    25% off sale going on right now at the online store, for those interested. Email says "new merch coming soon."
  6. Picked up the deluxe edition of Honk this morning and been listening to the live tracks. They sound quite good, nice that it’s almost all obscure songs from the last few years. Really makes me wish they released every show like Pearl Jam or Metallica though. They’re admittedly a pretty money hungry band, and they record every show and they don’t really have “off” nights...so why not?

    They're finally going to re-issue the one thing that every GNR fan has always wanted.
  8. Concerts in 2019

    Saw Yelawolf for the 3rd time last night, it was fuckin' awesome. The crowd was really into it, which made it lots of fun, it was better than the crowds at most shows around here. Wish he'd played more songs from his new album but it was still the best show I've seen from him.

    Hmmm... the email about the merch sale says “new merch is coming”... they had a big clearance right before the reunion too... if it was just a sale, who cares? But saying new merch is coming... that gets me wondering... nah.
  10. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Sorry about that XD It's been a while since I've logged on here, don't even remember how these work. Let's try.
  11. Today
  12. or people affiliated with the band. Assholes either way
  13. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Think it was the Dodger stadium show not MetLife. I'm not sure it was down to axl to organise and pay a film crew, but something definitely went wrong somewhere. We have rock in Rio, I know 2016 shows were deemed to sound better but if it was released it would soon be forgotten. Best bet is to uncover some more boots like Saskatoon.

    They are having a sale on the site 25% off. I want to get the You're Crazy shirt. Does anyone know if those are the same crap quality as the Nightrain shirts? I usually take a Large but the Nightrain Large was more like a medium. I can't even really wear it. Just wondering if the shirts from the store are the same? I actually bought a shirt in Vegas and it fit great.. I am hoping the shirts from the store are the same.
  15. 45 Day Song Challenge #6

    Day 27
  16. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Id actually like a compilation, Live Era style, obviously not with re-recorded crap. Otherwise, nahhhhhhh. Being there, in concert, is one thing. I heard even casual fans say "One of the best shows i've been to", but when it comes right down to it, the show doesn't sound good with Axl on tape. It's a shame, because he could turn on the jets when he wanted to-see This I Love from Memphis, Better-Houston, countless other examples. But, honestly i'd trade all the 2016, 2017, 2018 bootlegs-minus Vegas for a new UYI tour proshot
  17. The Boxing Thread

    Im in for this just ordered best way too look at it if you go out ull spend lot more than £20..!!!! Also its not the same watching it nx day
  18. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    You're welcome any time!
  19. 45 Day Song Challenge #6

    Day 27
  20. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    Attending one of your music nights is on my bucket list. That basement is awesome.
  21. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    To each there own. Unless you saw them with Tracii Guns, I doubt you have been a fan longer. Bucket is a technically talented guitar player but he does nothing for me, and his KFC bucket and antics are shall we say less than desired for GNR. Popcorn is actually lucky to be alive given what he went through in the past. Izzy is Izzy, he just could care less, or to put it your way...give zero fucks about fame.
  22. The Boxing Thread

    Think i'm gonna hold fire and Download a torrent in the morning not paying 20 bills to see Khan banged out within 6 rounds
  23. Books/Reading Thread

    Only for political reasons
  24. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I dunno, I've been a "real" fan as long or longer than you, and I could give zero fucks about whether adler or izzy are dead or alive. Give me new music with bucket's guitars, and all is good in the world.
  25. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Imagine professionally recording all NITL dates and not releasing a Blu ray/DVD. We could try raising this argument to the bands management but Fernando would some how blame us for it. Check out the Metallica site. They put up the live recordings on the website for like $7. Guns need to get real & fast. They could put all of the live recording up on GNR.com & at least a few live shows for streaming but its never simple for this band. Why does everything have to be ass backwards.
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