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  2. I was going to split the file up and do that when this initially came to light, but thought it might be better to hold out to see if the better version comes out as the audio isn't the greatest. Still, if someone is splicing it up, I wouldn't say no to it!
  3. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I can't look her face , but bet this woman in this pic is Vanessa❓🌝
  4. The guy who gave interview to the podcast will release the 10GB file?
  5. I think it is a better song than shadow of your love, which isn't saying much.
  6. 'Move To The City' lyric video just released!

    Cool video, I think they are going to play this one live on november in Asia.
  7. So I never listened to AFD Podcast until today. But he said Alfred was a guest on a previous podcast and talked about stuff. Could anyone tell me which episode it was? If you have/want to PM which one that’s fine.
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  9. 'Move To The City' lyric video just released!

    Neat little video and the remaster sounds good. I personally prefer the electric version....and I think it would have a lot more "pop" in a live setting. Just my 2 cents.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    You know.... Something couple always do at night Playing chess or Playing "twister"
  11. Who is America?

    I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often, tbh. If Cohen was transparent, he would film all the "fails" and release a show about them...instead of acting like they never happen.
  12. According to Google 40,000 capacity for concerts
  13. Axl, you sexy beast.

  14. INFO: Open 1130 -1300 sqm with outdoor seating 100 meters from the concert area - Age limit 18 years in part of the area on the outdoor seating -20 years old in the East -Annis Sausage Mathallen grills burgers at the outdoor seating "In East, there will be East Burgers, Pizza and Chilli Con Carne -Water stations at all bars Capacity 3500 pcs when it gets ugly will be left guided into the concert area -Recommended not to have big bags / bakers take time to check then it gets fast in our runway -Sales of smoke and snuff Sunscreen is available -Ladders to the phone are available All concerts deserve a good spring game especially GUNS N` ROSES on July 19th Valle, ØST and Guns N` Roses we look forward to you! "Not In This Lifetime Tour" sold over 1 million tickets in 2017 and became the most successful tour of the year. Something that undoubtedly shows that the attitude, spirit and influence of both Guns N 'Roses and rock & roll are still as strong. We are looking at the East! Hehe Google translate🙂😂🤘🏿🍾
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Are you really saying that in 20 years conservatives will have a 70/30 majority in the senate? I wish we could each put $10k in a trust and bet on it...let it mature for 20 years....would be a nice retirement bonus for me. As far as you talking about "America and its issues with race...and an inability to get beyond it"...doesn't make me uncomfortable at all because it isn't true...lol.
  16. Axl, you sexy beast.

  17. They certainly picked the wrong song...That's probably the worst song on that album.
  18. Haha, yeah. I get quite fired up about the situation and the emoticons available via text don't quite convey that! It's funny but because I've helped run this site for years, I'm always accused of being on the bands payroll by way of having to say positive things about them. I've posted PLENTY of negative opinions about GN'R in the past but of course I never book mark them. So any time someone accuses me in the future, I'm just going to give them a link to this podcast
  19. I always thought that GN'R was better for Robin than NIN. His This I Love solo is better than anything he did with NIN.
  20. That venue looks tiny.
  21. How about the bar “Safe as milk” instead? It’s just an 18 min walk from Valle Hovin, so may be more convenient for people who will turn up later.
  22. It's actually from O Globo, a Brazilian newspaper who got the scoop before Rock In Rio 2001 when Axl was quite chatty about the project. The General's intro was played frequently on the 2002 tour. It was later souped up and played in the Ashba era.
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    That is the best feeling...i'm a bit jealous
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