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  2. If That Ain't Country

    Suck it up buttercup
  3. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    Most likely the "Live From the Jungle" EP version. The same version has appeared on versions of the "It's So Easy" single. I assume it's just one of the B-Sides that usually appear on Best of compilations.
  4. If That Ain't Country

    I’m hoping this kicks it over 34K views... on July 4, the people with blue collars, we are the American way.
  5. Today
  6. If That Ain't Country

    Way old... hopefully not against the forum rules... 😬
  7. Fear n’ Division by Guns n’ Roses. I like it ! Could be a good title for like a new album or something Axl.
  8. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    Bucket is offering Healing Inside Outside Every Side & Live in Bucketheadland as free downloads, and has a great sale on his entire Bandcamp catalog https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/album/healing-inside-outside-every-side https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/album/live-in-bucketheadland
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    While I disagree with the author's conclusion that toxic masculinity is on the wane, I do agree that this dynamic is what drives the current support for Trump: https://www.thedailybeast.com/america-is-done-with-trump-and-stupid-cruel-tough-guy-acts?ref=home As much as I disagree with @Basic_GnR_Fan on most policy issues, at least he sees Trump for what he is: a fraud. The only reason to still vote for Trump is espoused by @AxlisOld earlier today: a big fuck you to people you disagree with. There is zero reason to support a man who has continually failed to achieve the objectives he laid out in 2016 other than to stick it to fellow citizens who you disagree with. It's politics at its most cynical. It is politics of resentment and contempt. Essentially Trump supporters are willing to bulldoze the country for the sake of a conman and thus to deprive the other team a win. What a sad and pathetic lot.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    They hate the elements of America that promotes a conman like Trump who has now moved from blaming immigrants and other countries for what ails America to Americans themselves. In 2016 the problem was Mexicans and China In 2020 the problem is the "radical liberal left." What a travesty of man Trump is for pitting Americans versus Americans for his own personal gain. Again, it's as though no Trump supporter ever finished the book Animal Farm.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    That's assuming that love for Trump by the 35-40 percent of Americans is equal to the hate for Trump by the 50+ percent of Americans who have had enough. Your numbers are not relative to absolute numbers of people who approve or disapprove of Trump's job performance.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well, this Times piece you just posted here states facts that dont really do much to attract love to Murica. One thinks there is a conversation to be had about how stating facts isnt really "Hate."
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Why do they hate America?
  14. Finally catching up on Lost before it gets yanked from Amazon once more in 2 weeks. Currently at the beginning of season 2.
  15. Gardening

    I paid $35 and watched some live online. Good stuff. Trey is a lot of fun. I was going to run up to the garden and put these 12 plants in the perennial bed but they have already started blowing up the court. Guess I'll do it in the morning. We have a lunar eclipse tonight. The greenhouse opened the middle of February. Plant sale started in March. I think it was March 23 they shut the greenhouse down. It was the middle of April when I wrote Craig the retainer check. I think he demoed the first week in May. He said 2 weeks.
  16. COVID-19 Outbreak

    And there will be the idiots who can’t handle their beer who will inevitably end up in A&E this weekend wasting NHS time.
  17. Gardening

    I guess that makes sense and I should have seen it coming. Sucks though, I'd already put on my dancing shoes. Will be cool to see Fare Thee Well. I havent even heard those tapes. Always wondered how Trey Anistasio from Phish sounds with them. It cost a million dollars to attend those shows and now we'll see them for free. Thats a million dollar Space Drums x3!!
  18. You’re a bit thick aren’t you? I know it’s MYLES. I was quoting another person who wrote it as Miles. That’s why I wrote Axel instead of Axl
  19. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/14/style/ghislaine-maxwell-terramar-boats-jeffrey-epstein.html She's like a villain from a Bond movie.
  20. I told you what I expect. If you view the UYI records as two individual albums rather than a double album then that's three LPs - getting into that is just splitting hairs though. Listen they released enough music in that time to coast by for 30yrs so it was good enough, it just wasn't equal in amount to other acts.
  21. I'm only talking about LP releases of original material, but If you look at from the "a release is a release" perspective, then you're 100% correct.
  22. Did we get three in one day?😍
  23. Gardening

    No, guess there isn't one tonight. Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company have decided to skip this week's installment of their One More Saturday Night series, but have announced another special stream this Sunday. The band launched the special series in March and have been streaming full concert performances each Saturday night via their official YouTube channel. However, they have decided to forgo the July 4th installment but announced a special stream for Sunday, They advised fans, "One More Saturday Night is taking the week off! "Tune in Sunday, July 5th to catch the rebroadcast of all 3 legendary Fare Thee Well performances on FANS. Enjoy the long weekend deadheads" They did issue this July 4th message, "Enjoy the long weekend friends, Happy 4th. ???? ?Send us your backyard stealies using #deadandcompany?". Guess I'll see you tomorrow night.
  24. Dont know... i think from all i`ve heard i would only love to get on the new record "going down" and "hardschool" and if u give me a going down sang by Duff n Axl even better, But the other songs i heard not cool to have on a record. Would prefer they sit their asses down and write new material mixing old gnr to CD era so that way u get a YCBM and TWAT kind of song, u know what i mean
  25. Gardening

    @cineater I dont see a link, do you?
  26. Yesterday
  27. I would like to see axls ramblings if twitter was around in the early 90s.
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