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  2. We need a cricket thread here

    Been thinking about my World Cup XI (well XII as I've included a 12th man). Think I'll go, Lack of a credible middle order batsmen means Sharma and Williamson dropping down the one, and Bairstow (one-day opener) being converted to the role he occupies in tests, i.e. middle order. The alternative was maybe playing Morgan (only ave 40s) or Buttler (just the one great performance, in final) I suppose, but I have opted for this solution. Shame, Root, Roy, Woakes, Amir or that plethora of Kiwi medium pacers (very tempted by CdG, but feel it would stack my team too much with allrounders) miss out. Archer comes in if one of my bowlers is crocked. Weird how, outside Shakib's glorious all-rounder showing, nobody outside the four semi-finalists made the grade. Shows how these four dominated the competition really.
  3. The Boxing Thread

    Chisora with spectacular knockout, Price v Allen was a dud, Dillian Whyte entertained as usual. Meanwhile over the pond this boy Caleb Plant is the real deal.
  4. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day27 2001
  5. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    maybe because this isn't a live or death thing I don't mind it as much, I mean I would love to see Guns live, but if the price is too much, then it's too damn much. I don't know, maybe living in Venezuela has made me look at things like these from a different point of view, but I don't really mind high prices for shows that I'll only live and pay for once. Food, and medicine on the other hand... well that's an entirely different matter
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  7. Yeah dude -- Blabbermouth just decided to write up the Rolling Stone podcast interview. This thread is a month old .
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  9. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 24 - 1988 E.U. (Experience Unlimited) - Da Butt Day 25 - 2011 Fever Ray - The Wolf (From "Red Riding Hood") Day 26 - 1969 Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives Day 27 - 2001 Afroman - Because I Got High
  10. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    Yes, I have basically given up on arena rock. Find the whole way the industry went thoroughly depressing. GN'R are up there with Kiss for worst offenders.
  11. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    Seeing an A list band in an arena or smaller is a nightmare nowadays
  12. Duff is really spineless as Slash said. Fuck you Duff for every bullshit you talked bout Izzy not being in the band. He wrote 10x of the songs you wrote btw.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    prove it.
  14. Terminator - Dark Fate

    First trailer looked shit compared to that, that actually looks decent. To have Linda actually hyping it up means a lot more than Arnold or James as I don’t believe she would reprise her role unless the story was good. It looks way more in the vein of t1 and t2. hopefully we get the movie whe should have got way back in 2004 instead of t3
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    *reads this page and backs away slowly*
  16. US Politics/Elections Thread

    PR moves by cops? Did you watch the video? Pretty sure the cop was not expecting the guy to bring him on the Steve Harvey show. And as a Christian, you should be advocating for this type of behavior among citizens and police, not berating it. And stop blaming everything on capitalism. It's not a perfect system but it certainly trumps communism. You want to talk about parents not being able to take care of their children? How did parents fare during the reign of Mao Zedong? How about under Stalin? How about present day Venezuela under Maduro? Communism is responsible for the deaths (through murder, starvation, etc) of over 110 million people from 1900 to present day. How can a rational human being even attempt to justify it?
  17. isn't this interview taken from smw else where it already came out like a month ago? I could swear I read this before word for word.
  18. The Boxing Thread

    Sbow time people...!!!!
  19. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 27.2001.

    I am still waiting for GNR to release their own brand of GNR Home Vault where you can from the comfort of your home store all your personal projects that you never intend on releasing to the general public

    That boxset monstrosity is a definite passion killer.
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    To be fair I should have said New Orleans is one of my favourite places in the world. Bourbon Street is fun but it stinks. Frenchman Street is more like what you’re looking for or pop into Treme if you’re feeling brave. This is my absolute favourite place I’ve been but you wouldn’t want to walk there. Also this.
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    Does it really? Shit, thats shattered an illusion. I imagine it’d smell like...I dunno, whiskey prostitutes and blues guitarists BO.
  24. The Boxing Thread

    Well there’s my bet gone for a toss at the first hurdle
  25. General Chat / Random Musings

    To be honest Bourbon Street in New Orleans STINKS of piss and it’s one of my favourite places in the world.

    Yeah but Bale is Tottenham so stands to reason he’d be illiterate.
  27. Member Picture Thread

    You look great Grace. Hair and all.
  28. General Chat / Random Musings

    Y’know what, I ain’t got an answer for that, you’re just a legend mate
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