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  2. Err, Jackson was an adult and I am sure kids recognized that. A weird-ass ghoulish adult sure, and one that behaved in inappropriate -- and fun! -- ways for what is expected of adults, but still an adult. And kids wouldn't ask Jackson, or any other adult except a parent, if they could sleep in his bed with him, because kids only do that when they need comfort or with other kids. So no.
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    Yeah I had to do one of them last summer bit of a cunt had to go to Hemel for it but better than points
  4. Chinese Democracy is a GREAT FUCKIN ALBUM. There’s no denying it. There’s so many “ layers.” After recording it 6 times over and using a dozen + guitarists it took on many personalities and tones. Axl was all about the current guitarist in the band throughout the entire time it was being recorded. Even though he kept buckethead and Fincks parts, you can hear so many other licks/fills/solos/rhythms going on. I’ve listened to that album a million times and I am still hearing new sounds inside the song. Some songs have 5 different guitarists on them. As a musician I can be the 1st to tell you that “ less is more.” Nothing on Chinese Democracy had a slash guitar tone at all. When they play the Chinese songs live and it has 2 guitars with slash’s heavy tone, the songs sound fuckin brilliant and incredible. Even Richard changed his guitar tone. Richards tone and gear is much different then it was from 2002-2014. Fortus adapted to find a way to surround slash’s heavy tone. No longer uses any Gibson’s. With slash duff and Axl workin together it’s gunna sound a lot different then chines tone wise.
  5. Rose's description of the May thing is complete nonsense, pure Axl speak. I've read that passage on numerous occasions and it makes absolutely no sense.
  6. Exactly my point: ''adults''. You are proceeding through this discussion as if this adult was not Michael Jackson, and clearly have not watched the documentary so it is a waste of time (me) commencing any further discussing this with you.
  7. Well it'll always be their word against, the deceased, Michael's testimony. If you are judging solely off something more substantial legally then Michael is innocent as he was found not guilty on all charges in 2005, and even in the Chandler pay-off of 1994 Jackson ''disclaims any liability to, and denies any wrongful acts".
  8. But no one has said anything like this. Complete straw man argument. The discussion has been on whether children are likely to invite themselves into the beds of adults who are not their parents.
  9. After hearing the guitar work on CD album I think it will be interesting what Slash sounds like on the next album. I kinda expected more Bucket, Finck & Fortus orientated work on the chinese leftovers, it will be interesting what Slash brings to the table. Personally guitar wise I feel TWAT is best guitar sounds since the Illusions.
  10. Guns N Roses future as far as touring goes really depends on an album. The NOTL tour was one of the biggest tours ever. That went 3 years,but they pretty much exhausted everything GNR had to offer. Without new material another tour would be as lame as kiss. They all want to make a new record and all of us true GNR fans have really been waiting since 1994. Before the “ reunion “ Guns/ Axl was hard at work in the studio. Yes there’s left over material from Chinese Democracy that wasn’t used and you can count on that being used. Axl isn’t selfish or an asshole when it comes to creating records. There were creative differences back from 94-97 among many other issues plaguing the band and it didn’t work out. However when it came to Chinese Democracy everybody in the band and who worked with the band had input. Just because Axl has material, doesn’t mean that the song will stay that way. It’s gunna have the GNR vibe n sound we all want. It’s not gunna be an AFD or illusions record so don’t go comparing it to that once it comes out. Those Chinese songs they currently play with slash and duff sound killer and even better. How they reprised Better and perform it now is so much cooler and a much better song then it was on the album. Same i5h Chinese Democracy. You got slashes heavier guitar tone and this rawness to it. New album WHEN it comes out will do well.
  11. Because he's Slash. The sound of Gn'R.
  12. Today
  13. Plus Slash has SMKC as another creative outlet for some other songs he’s got so i reckon Slash will be more open to the type of songs Axl has sitting there. And because it’s Slash on guitar it’ll at least have a more GNR sound to it.
  14. I think it will be little adjustments you know? like they talked over the phone during the UYI album makin'. move a note there, change a note here, nothing too damaging to the free spirit of the legend.
  15. I maintain that the docu is propagande, specifically produced to transfer an idea. Since these people are suing the jackson estate for a lot of money, it is in their interest to do so and the docu is a companion piece to their actions. It's no different than a pepsi commercial in that respect, or those commercials of washing powder that promise your laundry will be "whiter than white". In a case like this, where it is "word against word", you'll have a much better chance of getting to the truth, with "neutral" pieces of evidence like the house search or the latoya statements.
  16. There are a lot of people commenting who haven't watched it I believe.
  17. that's what I thought. the argument that you don't let your child sleep with "a complete stranger" doesn't quite apply to the jackson case when the first part of the docu is spent convincing us how jackson was alsmost family to them, with one of the mother cooking him meals and stuff. A little bit of intellectual honesty would be welcome in all of this
  18. Axl "pro tooled" a masterpiece out of Brian May's solos, why should Slash consider himself above that?
  19. Finally, somebody understands it! People seem to be treating this as if the bloke in the house next door, attired in a trench coat, ''National Health'' spectacles, stringy greasy hair, and stinking of whisky, has just had a private conversation with your kids, no doubt impeccably raised, on whether they should stay in his 2 up 2 down semi-detached. Jackson has to be surely analysed through a different lens. You remember how big Michael was, especially around Thriller-Dangerous era? He was bigger than life itself. There has only really been Presley and The Beatles in mid-late 20th century popular culture as big. As Chris Rock said, ''we were even able to forgive him for the first kid (Jordan Chandler)'' haha. He has a point.
  20. Part of being mega fuckin’ famous I guess is that, to a point, you ain’t a stranger to no one. Shit, I know more about say Mick Jagger in a way than I do members of my own family, if I met him it’d be like ‘yeah, I know him, thats Mick’ though you don’t really, do you? But then I guess in that sense who do you REALLY know to trust with your kids or whatever?
  21. General Chat / Random Musings

    Off to a fuckin’ drivers course today, cost me 90 quid to avoid 3 points and a fine for running a red light, fuckin’ tedious bollocks..

    I just read all of that and I think it's six of one half a dozen of the other. Cant believe it got to a court case. Little Scholes seems to have gone over the top but Rob seems to have been drunk, obnoxious and acting like a total bell end. Scholes shouldn't have took photos either but that seems like young people now cans resist taking photos of anything.
  23. That is a good point. Considerable emphasis (in the documentary) is placed on how the parents - especially the mothers - were befriended so that there is little doubt that Michael Jackson would be no longer perceived as a ''stranger'' in their eyes. Michael actually used Safechuck's unassuming house as a retreat from the celebrity craziness of his world, becoming like an adopted son. Lengthy phone calls would transpire not just between Michael and the children but Michael and the mothers also.
  24. In fairness guys, it does get quite chilly in Southern California...
  25. RIP Dick Dale

    RIP. He did shows right before his death I think.

    Scholes's son is a little Ben Stokes, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6821715/Paul-Scholes-arrives-court-son-Arron-ahead-assault-trial.html
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