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  2. Definitely. And Id also hazard a guess its also because despite progressive ideals and politicians like AOC and Sanders having grown in popularity, Biden chose a law and order, drug war person just like he 'was.' It would have been wise and properly democratic to include a more progressive voice. It would appeal to more voters who'd vote Democrat. Instead he doubled down on his centre-conservative position. Bidens a bad candidate just like Hillary was. And now another one for VP. This election is not going to be easy. And this was a huge step in the wrong direction, imo. Perhaps Axl shares in this analysis to some degree? He wouldnt have to want a progressive himself necessarily, Axl would just need to understand how many votes, momentum and public passion there is to go towards beating Trump from the progressive wing. And Biden wants to piss it away. They went full-establishment in an age of populism.
  3. Grammy-nominated Arian Buhler returns to the podcast to talk about his Guns N' Roses lithographs, box set design, and more! iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2XTEIZE Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/3akmRzY SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2DXkTtu Spotify --> https://spoti.fi/3fPA992
  4. She was also criticized for not prosecuting Mnuchin's bank https://theintercept.com/2017/01/05/kamala-harris-fails-to-explain-why-she-didnt-prosecute-steven-mnuchins-bank/
  5. Gardening

    I hope your wrist is better soon. Alex is a complete dick. Sounds like he wants his own fiefdom. At least we can assume that others he reports to know what an imbecile he is? Are you listening to Dead and Co when its not Saturday and you could be listening to the Dead??? Why??? I have to admit thats another one of the songs that I sometimes hear in his voice when its in my head. But yeah, its not right on it.
  6. I can totally see that he wouldn't be fond of Kamala Harris given her background. I don't think it's out of character at all. He has a long history of not voting (discussed it on Kimmel) so I don't think he's probably fond of politicians period. The reason he's been more vocal than usual in recent years I assume is because he hates the current administration with a lot more zeal than he could muster before. What I've gathered from reading various places is that some of the left aren't thrilled with Harris because of her AG record and because they think she disadvantages Biden. Seems like that might be where he's coming from on it.
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  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Because Pence’s likeability is off the charts. Funny how likeability is a concern when it’s a female candidate. Sexism at its most obvious.
  9. I read that she as prosecutor put in jail people smoking weed. I think it i because Axl don't like she.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    She's extremely unlikeable, more than Hillary Clinton if that's even possible.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    It's nothing compared to the rampant chaos going on in places like USA but you have to have this attitude to control covid, unfortunately. I still feel like this whole situation is surreal like a movie.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The virtual classes are a joke. Kids need to be in class to get a proper education. Teachers should have to go to work like every other essential worker.
  13. That sounds like a logical explanation (I'm not being sarcastic). She has an Obama connection.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You're totally right. We all need to come together and love Trump.
  15. Next Gen Thread (Xbox Series X & PS5)

    You'd probably hate then me because I absolutely love 4 (I know, I'm crazy). Even the multiplayer! I've been with the series since Combat Evolved, too! However, that was 8 years ago and 343 have completely dropped the ball since. 5 was far and away my least favorite Halo. It was a good game, but a bad Halo game. Story direction, new mechanics, maps, art and graphics, etc all were a let down for Halo
  16. Gardening

    I sent you the link. Put some anti itch on it. It's just the wrist that is swollen up. He takes away the meeting room, that leaves us pretty much homeless. We do everything in that room. If we don't have it, what's the point of us having demonstration gardens there? Those businesses that rent the space are going to want parking and we don't have a lot as it is. How am I going to do garden tours if people have no where to park or use the restroom? We'll see what happens. I have other groups I'm in and because I have been with the Master Gardeners for 10 years I don't have to do anything to be a member. Mayer's voice does not fit with Ramble on Rose.
  17. I had that same thought the other day. Its safe to say that money's gone!
  18. Which reminds me. I paid for said privilege. When the gig was cancelled Ticketmaster refunded. Can't see me getting back my membership. Literally haven't used it other than to buy tickets for a subsequently cancelled gig.
  19. I'm enjoying seeing these old threads bumped. Is @The Real McCoy still swinging by here? I actually miss him.
  20. On You’re Crazy (1986 Sound City Sessions Appetite for Destruction) you hear Axl say the words “Let me explain” just as the song starts, hadn’t noticed it before and thought it was cool.
  21. Gardening

    Beaker usually greets me, but not always like he used. Today I got a breath check when I returned home. No, hun, I didnt hunt and eat anything without sharing Did they think Susan was just back for the drugs maybe? I hope her throat s okay. I have a vision for a world where Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists live in perfect harmony... with zero outside oversight. That sting was way worse the you firs thought, eh? Did you put anything on it? Marshas not wring that Alex should be fired. . See its all that make work to have "accomplishment" shit. "This room is currently ____________ , therefore I need to change it." And if it builds his power up more, all the better in his opinion. That or his fucking Mom is telling him what to do Id love to watch the vid if possible?!? Hope you enjoy it too.
  22. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Watching her speech now. She's going to eat Pence alive in the VP debates.
  23. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. 4 cases and possibly another one or two. New Zealand considers 4 cases a "surge" @Oldest Goat
  24. Next Gen Thread (Xbox Series X & PS5)

    I love people who understand Halo and that 343i are shit. Makes me sick seeing the forced positivity and absolute ignorance.
  25. General Chat / Random Musings

    very much! it was a Delight to see one of the local hens suddenly come running from behind the corner, and one of my hens running after them. it's good to see them goofing around
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