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  2. None of the lithos have been very interesting so far this year... I think Manchester was probably the best because at least it had a kind of 'old school vibe' to it.
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  4. Where's You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory?
  5. Up until 2017 it always got a good crowd response, wtf are you talking about? Vegas '16 and Seattle '16 he sounded really good on TIL, I'd even say that Seattle 2016 might have been the best performance of that song on the whole NITL tour. And the crowd was definitely cheering for him (especially after the first chorus). When I saw them in 2017 he did botch it though... in Vancouver he honestly looked pissed off at himself for fucking it up.
  6. Should've been a giant tornado.
  7. It’s generic in the way that it’s just the skyline with the Redeemer Monster on it. If I was at the show, it would be cool to have. I was thinking that some kind of regency to The Outsiders would be cool, but just dawned on me that was set in Tulsa.
  8. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    It’s unoriginal in that it uses already established GNR iconography, but based off what I’ve seen on this tour it’s cool. Anything without Buhler or Ulrich usually disappoints. For the record m, Oklahoma is a shit hole and there ain’t much to draw inspiration for a novel litho.
  9. ‘87, for me is the lost year of GN’R live. We have such great performances like the Marquee and Ritz; it sounded effortless, like a gritty band that had been together for years. Really wish was more was released from around this time. I absolutely love Izzy during the Ritz show, I don’t think he gets near enough credit for his live playing. Honestly almost all of the early (‘86-‘89) live stuff just teases out how great this band was. Really wish we could find the first half of that Ritz tape
  10. It’s not so bad and better than others on this leg. I feel like Vegas will be the last chance of another good Buhler litho. Assume SLC will be similar to this
  11. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I am, but I don't know what to think. People is saying reviews are being positive.... It's 67% so far in Rotten Tomatoes... BUT... Terminator 3 is 69%, which would make you think these reviews are not that great.... But anyway, I can't trust critics anymore since Joker is a fucking 68% in that damn site
  12. Gardening

    Don't make those tomatillo treats.
  13. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    You don’t like it? Could be a cornfield.
  14. Terminator - Dark Fate

    @Uncle Bob are you ready for this?
  15. I really like the Mexican one with the guitarist and dancers
  16. I think it's cool to incorporate old imagery but that text at the top is a bit awkard. "OKLAHOMA CITY... DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?!" "uhh... yeah, you just said it... Oklahoma City."
  17. http://lithorati.com/na2019/2019-10-23 Oklahoma City.html
  18. Its not official. This is it:
  19. yeah, the marquee is awesome (is or it´s ? hahaha)
  20. Is anyone from DFW going to the show? Just curious.
  21. Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    If long hair and the ability to break sticks were the only requirements I assume he got a lot of calls. Talent be damned.😄
  22. If you mean which of the Ritz concerts 87 or 88 is better, well.. 88 will always be a favourite because the pro shot is so clear and the energy of the performance is amazing. I only wish the camera dude had focused a bit more on band members other than Axl from time to time. They are quite 'sloppy' in parts (Slash noticeably out of tune at the end part of RQ) but it doesn't detract overall. The 87 concert is not as good to watch, but fuck, the audio is brilliant - for example, if you listen to the Michelle from it, you can hear the quality of sound is really close to the album version, you can hear Izzy clearly, and Axl effortlessly rasps his way throughout an energetic performance. Plus it's got Reckless Life and You're Crazy (fast)!
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