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  2. Just over 3 months going too be a great day out
  3. The Boxing Thread

    Not now he won't mate.
  4. Con - Andrew Watt. I'm sure he is a lovely guy, and i'm sure he has ideas as a producer. As the producer for the Ozzy record I think he failed to get performances out of Ozzy and relied way too much on vocal processing to cover things up. I hate to beat up the guy, and I have been pretty critical. I just can't see a follow up record and this just screams of "let's just do something, it doesn't need to be great", this is going out with a whimper. Con - The guitar playing. Both the rhythm and solos so far on the album are just so blah! Ozzy has always released songs with great guitar. Even when the song was a bit meh, there was still great guitar moments to lift things. I was never a fan of Andrew when he played with Glenn Hughes, thought his soloing and riff ideas were a bit vanilla... never could understand the attraction, and that has carried across into this new record. The guitar tones sound like default patches from Garageband. Guitar tone, and performances from everything I've heard so far! which seems to be about 50% of the record are far from what I'd consider great. The Slash solo is included in that, I don't think what he did was close to his best work. Con - No Zakk Wylde. Why wasn't he used in some way or another? Why get all these guest guitar players and NOT at least have Zakk appear on one bit of the music? astonishing! Send him a file, have him record something and send it back! Even if someone is on tour it is so incredibly easy to record these days. i think the answer to why, is that the Osbournes did not want Zakk on the record. The next question is why fire Gus G, rehire Zakk and then say "Zakks fine for the road, but not for my album". Get a producer get them to sit with Zakk and have him to play what you want from him. If you leave Zakk to own devices it's going to sound like BLS, but a proper producer can navigate that. Pro - Ozzy made a new record and he seems to like it, and I'm sure some of his fanbase are enjoying it too! I think that outweighs the negatives... even if there's not half a much to say about it. On the balance, welfare of the artists you like is important too, kinda like St anger for Metallica, not a great record! but essential for that time. Ozzy seems genuinely pleased with the record, even if we have seen him do remarkable u-turns on what he likes and dislikes before
  5. The Boxing Thread

    He is probably going to offer Fury 70/30 or some bollocks
  6. Today
  7. Untitled Axl Rose biopic

    Untitled is a pretty good title for it. Or Unreleased....or Unrecorded...or Can't Be Fuckin' Arsed.
  8. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Inglorious Bastards (2009) first time I've seen it since 2009. Its actually an alright film. Dialogue lets it down.
  9. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Guns N' Roses - November Rain
  10. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Perhaps he doesn't really want anything and therein lies the problem. Perhaps when your whole motivation is and always has been being angry about something then that kinda is what your direction is/what you're about.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    Hey, why not? As long as you pack it in after a week to ten days and get back in the gym ticking over. Whys Hearn the focal point here, its the fighter that does the work and everyones always complaining about there not being one champion, why not establish that first? I think its a golden oppertunity and not to be missed.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Even Frank W saying today lets get this on for summer 2020 There a few Welsh boys over in Vegas they all said best thing ever being there its been crazy amazing they saying
  13. Am I not supposed to talk GNR at a GNR forum in a topic that is posted under MAIN GUNS N ROSES / DISCUSSIONS ?

    What a weekend of sport! Martial made fools of Watford!
  15. The Boxing Thread

    let's have the rematch first Hearn can fuck off!
  16. A superbly articulated post that, in my mind, is a 100% spot on. Thankyou.
  17. GN'R didn't refer to themselves as "the most dangerous band in the world". That was a media (or Geffen?) construct and both Slash and Duff hated it. As far as Mayhem goes. They certainly embraced that lame nihilistic, "I hate everything" attitude. I wouldn't say they were really dangerous though, unless you happened to be a stave church or got a pigs head thrown on you during one of their shows. As always it was just show business.
  18. Wow, what an unexpected thing from him! As unexpected as TB using "F'n" in their Facebook notices...
  19. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Matt has a reputation for being bossy in a wrong place. Like (I need a fact check on this one) when Slash hired Eric Dover for snakepit, Matt got pissed that Slash didn't seek his approval over Eric Dover.
  20. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Maybe not pop, but there's a lot of interesting directions the dude could've gone in that would've continued to wow or excite, instead of basically becoming a parody of himself for the past decade. I used to be obsessed with this dude and it's really a shame that a month after his newest album dropped, I haven't felt a need to listen to it or any of its songs again in probably 3 weeks. I wish the dude would stop obsessing about his public reception and just do whatever he wants, instead of trying to play to the perception of what he is or used to be.
  21. Speaking of books and the band, only these Indiana boys have not written their stories and I bet you wont see a book either in this lifetime about them by them. Axl , I think does not want to relieve things like the court cases eith Erin and Stephanie. It seems Izzy is just retired and private. People have posted on the Izzy thread here, they believe the guy just does not want to see in writing or think about his sad, desperate, and shady times 35 years ago.
  22. At the time there was speculation that it would be an important show, as in new music being played
  23. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl was still pretty good on it up until 2012 IMO. When I saw them in Seattle (in late 2011) Better was just as good as some 2010 shows, it was one of his raspiest songs of the night. It hasn't been very consistently good since 2010 though IMO and I can see what you mean about DJ's tone... I'm not a fan of the NITL version either, and Axl sounded the worst he's ever sounded while singing it in Miami. They really should drop it, play Madagascar or CITR instead if they wanna keep some CD songs.
  24. The Outsider

    I like this show, but it clearly was not 10 episodes worth of story. This was the 8th episode and at least 4 of them had very little plot advancement. This would have worked better as a 2 1/2 hr long film.
  25. Then Niven is off there. Slash, Duff are only GnR from VR, their band, in GnR NITLT. Like I always say, Not Ever In This Lifetime will you see Slash, Duff, Axl, Izzy, Steven, and Matt on stage together. They could have all done a NITL tour ,even this new old tour for 2020, just House of Blues clubs. Short run. Like I always say, read between the lines. Look at right is in front your face for proof. I was just watching VR on you tube and Izzy showed up, guest for a Mr.Brownstone, during one of VRs shows. That was , of course, so long ago. Thing is you had Duff, Slash, Matt ,their band, but they invited Izzy. RnR H of Fame. No Izzy and Axl. Izzy did play as a guest for Nu GnR of Axl's years, years ago. These guys are all over 55 now. They need not one day all show up together at one of their funerals.
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