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  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yeah, I responded right after I saw the post and then I checked it out. Someone else also asked before me but you are always waiting to help me So nice of you and very glad that you are happy
  3. This is 1 show i wish i could go too i think the crowd would be insane crazy...!!!!! Actually not herd of anyome going even on here
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    You wrote a question into the discussion you could easily google, so? I knew that joke before, I was just not sure about proper spelling, so I checked it. I learned new thing reading the article, I`m happy.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It's funny you had to google it for me.... like I was Internetless
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    The more you know: Erin go Bragh /ˌɛrɪn ɡə ˈbrɑː/, sometimes Erin go Braugh, is the anglicisation of an Irish language phrase, Éirinn go Brách, and is used to express allegiance to Ireland. It is most often translated as "Ireland Forever." add some wordplay and it`s a good St.Patrick`s joke.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Erin go braghless?? What does that mean? Erin? Speaking of Erin.... what's going on ......... David Arquette mentions dating Erin back in the 90s and apologizes to Axl for some line he had to say when he did a cameo for the teen series Beverly Hills 90210: [Go here to watch the video] http://ew.com/tv/2018/03/16/david-arquette-90210/
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  9. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    The only thing VH have going for them right now is the possibility of a Sammy reunion... and there's almost no chance of that happening AND a huge amount of VH fans would be super pissed if it ever happened because despite how great a singer Hagar is, and still is he isn't DLR. Now, for GNR... read a write up about GNR in the last two years, there's definitely an expectation of a new album and yes there is excitement about that... and that excitement is much more than VH.
  10. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    The bolded. Yes, indeed. Thanks for being open about it. I thought so, too. I guess we all did. I loved his tweets for the fact he offered condolences to family, friends and fans and that he took the time to squeeze out some memories about Charlie. To me that was fine and fair enough for a guy he hasn’t spoken to in 3 decades. Still, there was no sentiment, no mention of whatever personal feeling in Izzy’s posts and for some reason that sets some people off and they make stupd judgements. Well, I’ve never read an interview (or song lyrics) where he did. If at all, it is between the lines and subtle. (Except anger in the GnR lyris. lol) That’s just Izzy, I guess. As you said, @Archtop, we don't know wtf went down with Chalo / Jimmy and Izzy. Izzy works with Rick and Taz and those guys for decades and with others not. That speaks volumes, and we all have those kind of friends / co-workers, don’t we? I wonder if Jimmy will go into details in his book. (I didn’t know he was writing one). He seems to be very respectful and also reserved towards Izzy and the Ju Ju Hounds days on his FB. He never ever mentions Izzy’s or the bands name but writes heartfelt anecdotes about the time. Whatever that means, really, but I doubt he’d break that habit in a book.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It looks like Nancy Pelosi needs a hug Not only the moderate Democrats are not happy with her. Some on the Liberal side of the party are not very happy with her either https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/18/us/politics/nancy-pelosi-democrats-candidates.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's probably real. But you can also probably find clips of left wing media like CNN or MSNBC being optimistic about Obama meeting with foreign leaders, etc and then being pessimistic about Trump meeting with Kim. It's a known fact that these TV outlets cater to their viewers.
  13. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    smh...Probably dope sick. Couldn't get the "good stuff" in Italy.
  14. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    No need to justify this to yourself, there are certain bands you have to see if you have the oppertunity, I can't afford it this time so very jealous. The whole Chalo history is so unfortunate, but nobody should be held accountable for not helping, just because they were past band members. The JuJu hounds history is weird, why Jimmy and Chalo never spoke to Izzy again speaks volumes. People attacking Izzy because his high profile, and seemingly should be able to afford to help, I don't understand this mentality if you have no contact with someone for 30 years do you immediately run to thier rescue if they need help? I bet we all hope we would, especially if we were in a position too, but in reality if there's some old wounds would we really I thought Izzy tweets lacked sentiment, but we all deal with the loss of friends old or new in different ways, but he did acknowledge his passing, which is more than I thought he would do. Jimmy is apparently writing his biography so hopefully we will get some background to all of this.
  15. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Yes @RussTCBas you said is very contradictory assertion.
  16. Happy St Patrick’s Day

    It's a load of bollocks really though isn't it? Just a big marketing scam to sell Guinness and those big daft hats.
  17. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Wait. So the only people who want new GN'R music are people lurking on forums but in order to gauge this "HUGE demand for a new album" from Van Halen, I have to visit their forums?
  18. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Seems i totally missed this discussion, yes i've put them on Youtube mainly because there's a much bigger audience that can hear this great release and there's more people to reach out to than on soundcloud and the more people are reached the less will buy that stuff offa ebay when some bootleg company will press it to silver or vinyl. I was only able to rip it from SC in mp3 128kbps ,i also told this to your friend who did the original transfer. I still really wonder if u could rip it as true FLAC, ofcourse i gave you and your 2 friends credits for it in the YT video and i'm not monetizing any of my video's on my channel. I agree that it's best to keep the original files in their original shape specially when sharing and if u remaster or retrack, do it for private use only. Since this wasnt really shared and only rippable in LQ (for most people) i did tweak it but mainly volume settings because when upped to my channel YT will rape the bitrate and volume once more. Besides there wasnt much to tweak anyways because even in 128 mp3 they sound killer and so i guess the FLACS still stay rare and not heavily circulating
  19. Happy St Patrick’s Day

    Up and at it before sunrise on the morning after a St Paddys Day that fell on a Saturday. I'm oddly proud of this, lol. Hope everyone is feeling good and had a great time!
  20. Guns N' Roses first ever radio interview

    Rob said in the interview he doesn't remember playing with Slash?
  21. Slash's tone is ripping -thank u Adam Day --- #THE SLASH TONE " is back
  22. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    You need to check Van Halen's facebook page and forums. There's a HUGE demand for a new album! As a matter of fact there's huge rumors of rehearsals for it at the moment. As for Led Zeppelin, yes they're not active, but there's a huge request for a reunion tour and eventually an album. Robert Plant is the only one who's not interested and he's holding up the whole thing. I don't see where there is a big demand for GNR music, other than people lurking at the forums that have been here forever.
  23. Judas Priest - 'Firepower'

    Good stuff!
  24. 'Every chance was given, no effort spared to save what we had' sounds like a post-Slash lyric.
  25. I'm wondering if the guns camp is aware of the overall positive reception of this song/snippet. I mean... We're talking about a song, that leaked 12 years ago and was probably recorded almost 20 years ago! And everybody would still freak out, if we we finally could hear the whole song! It would be a mess, if it would never see the light of the day...
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