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  2. Izzy has had a consistent band since 1995. Rick has played with him since 1992, Taz since 1995. That is the core lineup of Izzys band. Duff jumped in to play bass on 117 Degrees in 1995, with JT and Duff sharing bass duties since 2003. As for your working musicians comment, I'll just leave this here: Izzy may not tour his solo material regularly but he's still appeared live plenty of times throughout the years (with Adlers Appetite, Slash's Snakepit, NuGNR, Velvet Revolver, Aerosmith, BB King/Bo Diddley, solo tour of Japan 2000, and his world tour with the Ju Ju's in 92/93.). What were the Big 3 actually doing during all those years whilst Izzy was regularly writing, recording and releasing original music? The only thing Izzy hasn't really done is press. He did a bit with the release of Ju Ju Hounds, and some magazine interviews for the release of River, but since 2005 he has pretty much gone "direct to fans" online and he's not spoken to media outlets.... which Adler is currently being assassinated for, and GNR 2017 is purposely avoiding? Im not trying to be argumentative, I just genuinely don't understand why the "Big 3" is even a thing? It's f'n bullshit in my opinion. Prior to Slash/Duff returning Axl was doing residencies in Vegas and playing in bowling alleys - have you all forgotten that? He wasn't selling out stadiums, nor were Slash and Duff.... the multi-million dollar brand name "Guns N Roses" is now selling out stadiums, but that's thanks to their nostalgic marketing using the old logo, social media posts featuring the songs Izzy helped create, and the mainstream media incorrectly labelling it a "reunion" which GNR obviously didn't want to correct. GNR wouldn't even confirm the lineup prior to the Troubadour show, which forced Izzy to join Twitter just to shoot down the rumors that he was involved (which people like Alan Niven, MSL and others were feeding to the press at the time). I learnt a long long time ago who the real "rock star" was in Guns N Roses..... and it wasn't the Guitar Hero™ or the singer They're all f'n awesome and I love their music, I just think Izzy (and Adler) are getting really f'n burnt here.
  3. I've held off on the steels of the first six for now. They're nice, but it's hard to justify spending $18 per film for the exact same discs I already own - arguably with less content since the steels don't have the three extras discs that come with the standard Blu set of the saga. I only paid $55 for the Blu set so I'd be paying three times that just for cool packaging. I hope to see the day Disney does a steelbook release of the theatrical versions - at that point I'll be happy to double dip.
  4. great great deep in the bottle tune
  5. Axl can't really clash with Angus, if he clashes he might get fired and I think he just wants to be a part of it. If it's only vocals that's better than nothing for Axl. So he will say "yes boss Angus" and just do what is asked of him. It's just the only smart way to handle it. Interesting situation where Angus decides which Axl takes and ideas are used and it's a more organic approach with no layers. Basically Axl with not a ton of control.
  6. @tharbin80 I happened upon this video on YouTube- Shooter is involved- gotta be good, right? Just watched it- fuckin A- that was bad ass!
  7. Watched 13 hours...quite good but hard to watch at times.
  8. I became a GNR fan in mid-2015. Reunion talk and hype caught my attention so I looked up some songs and got hooked. I'm 17 so I'm proof that it's never too late for young people to become fans.
  9. some I only met once in a room
  10. Adler mentioned in his interview with Eddie Trunk that Fernando has something special planned for AFD30. May or may not be related to this.
  11. Today
  12. No. Don't be ridiculous.
  13. Seriously? Still with the "Axl & Friends" bullshit? Even though Slash AND Duff are back? Fuck off with that nonsense.
  14. It's pretty damn great to see. Such giddy enthusiasm plus the singing of the crowd is awesome!
  15. i been spending all my nights on the internet lookin for a clue I ain't found one yet
  16. Oh boy, he's pumped. I love seeing them so active like this. I even saw a little snake dance in the beginning. Slash is doing handstands and Axl is jumping up and down and doing the snake dance. What more can I ask for.
  17. You cool with the New York Times? I'm pretty sure you can find these kinds of stories in most papers.
  18. Yeah, even Slash was playing like "what the actual fuck Frank?"
  19. If it happens it'll be great. Axl is a fantastic songwriter and AC/DC kick ass, we'll get some excellent material out of this if it happens.
  20. once I had me a girl on Rocky Top half bear the other half cat
  21. Mine was not numbered With regard to the foam fingers they were distributed by an organiser
  22. That Chile 2011 show was so awesome, I was terrified after his Rio vocals and he was damn good, also, that's the best Estranged performance post 93' no doubt.
  23. New theme is up and running - if you notice any issues, please post them here.
  24. Really great show from what ive seen so far. Axl attitude, songs, performance, place, venue, axl didnt say city or country name on all points to a posible dvd-br or so. Its what i feel. However i think the next one would be the "right show" to do it. Did u guys saw nr ?? It was a magnific performance.. I really enjoyed that one.
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