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  2. SUCH a great song!
  3. The Last Boy Scout is an amazing movie. The dialogue is brilliant as well, really funny.
  4. That's because they are not Guns N' Fuckin' Roses anymore... Just a group of corporate musicians putting on a show for entertainment purposes and the money it brings. More over, they probably have nothing interesting to say. Yeah, and the other one where his answers were all jokes and sarcasms. That was great. Everything with AC/DC was a dream come true. I don't know why
  5. Better without jeans, 😅😁😀
  6. Last Boy Scout kinda gets forgotten about with all those other 90s action movie but it's really good. Crimson Tide is a good one. Spy Game was good. Beverly Hills Cop II, which is a rare sequel that's as good as the first.
  7. Love his deep voice,yes is a shame
  8. That little bald dwarf in Twin Peaks had some nice kills. Joe Pesci's style, that's my kind of death.
  9. so after kinda recovering from the Steve Burton news, today's epi was pretty good. i LOVE Spencer! if i had a kid i'd want him to be like Spencer, even though he went to Sonny to try and get Valentin disposed of mobster style! on the other hand Josselyn is soooo annoying. i just know she is plotting to separate Sonny and Carly. Ava is going to sign those papers giving up custody, and when she recovers and gets the miracle plastic surgery that makes her good as new she will decide to get Avery back again. Julian is soooooo handsome *swoon* and he was so kind to sis Ava getting her to eat when she didn't want to. i am really loving Laura being back and she and Spencer are so cute together!
  10. It's really a shame, isn't it? I heard the interview that he made for BBC radio with Angus....he sound so lively and happy, I wish hear something like that with Slash
  11. Nice pic,lucky man, Duff is ambassador Guns 😆
  12. Would be great to hear a re recorded version of TWAT without the loud, overpowering, distorted rhythm guitars, so you could hear more of the acoustic guitar and orchestration... and it would be nice to hear a version of catcher in the rye without all the unnecessary lead guitars/noodling during the outro.
  13. Sweet Child O' Mine is the true real winner. Because that's the only song that girls very much like.
  14. Axl + jeans =
  15. I personally wouldn't eat fish caught in an urban area, but I don't have the details to support that as a recommendation. I just throw the fish I catch back anyway. I like fishing but not cleaning.
  16. Think About You Anything Goes You're Crazy Move To The City Dust N' Bones Back Off Bitch Human Being Oh My God I.R.S. Going Down Those are the songs that I'd feel genuinely happy to listen to.
  17. Hey man, awesome work as always! Can I get a source on Dave Lank writing the majority of the lyrics to Don't Damn Me?
  18. I agree, talk or rant, whatever, but the concerts need more spontaneity, I don't know, duff or slash should say something too.. A scream at least 😃 heeeeey fuckers we're guns n' roses 😂😂
  19. Day 75
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