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  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The growth of inequality itself is usually a result of a wider social event, such as a recession, but the actual equality between different social groups is not the issue. What is the issue is whether those at the middle and bottom have a lifestyle (income, ability to afford basic needs etc) which is acceptable, especially in comparison to those same groups in previous times. If Bill Gates has $70 Billion or $10 Billion the difference is irrelevant to the hoi polloi, unless that $60 Billion was gained solely by depriving it from them.
  3. You all see that? Say NO to drugs.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's being reported that more people turned out to today's protest in Washington than yesterday's inauguration...
  5. Can't tell if you're serious or not.
  6. HP is better than @Epson @Blake Sabbathis better than @Black Sabbath
  7. Why do we make excuses for Axl like "it's the first concert, he's rusty, it'll get better with time" all he has to do is come to the god damn rehearsal.. I don't see how it's that hard.
  8. She has to sing/play.... So if she doesn't sing along, it doesn't count.
  9. missed this thread thank you
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    It's not an AC/DC show, so I really see no point in rehearsing. There's no one to try extra hard for like boss Angus and I'm not being sarcastic. He will get paid and have fun regardless. He sounds good enough to warm up his voice as the tour progresses. When he takes a break his vocal chords respond accordingly. It's similar to working out. He doesn't like that which is why he's chubby. I just don't see Axl singing Guns tunes in his down time. Not that type of singer. (you can call him lazy) The motivation is just not there to sing Guns tunes with no crowd like a fuckin' asshole.
  11. Steven joins band on stage, plays song with Axl, Duff, Slash (2/1)---- 05 pts A former member from 2001 to 2014 joins the band onstage for a song (5/1) 15 points Beta joins the band for a song (80/1) 20 points * Axl rants against Donald Trump at a show (4/1) 25 points An Axl rant lasts longer than 30 seconds (7/1) 25 points Axl and Slash sit down for a joint interview (10/1) 25 points Band, with Axl, plays a song from TSI (5/1) 10 points A members of GNR (excluding Axl) visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (50/1) 25 points * does singing happy birthday with her on stage count?
  12. What Music Shit Are You Watching? (videos, interviews, docu's etc)

    Jim Morrison's Legacy onREELZ...could have been a lot better
  13. TRUMP Thread

    You might want to raise your standards with respect to the men you associate with. I played a lot of organized sports in high school and some in my 20s and I never once heard any man brag about forcing himself onto women. I don't have any friends who have ever made similar contest. I have heard men brag about women they slept with or reveal who they'd like to have sex with, but never have I heard anyone advertise to myself or other friends how they would or have forced themselves on women. And don't you think the claim that it's all just "locker room talk" loses some credibility when several women came out soon afterward and detail interactions with Trump that mirrors his own words? Unless you think they were all lying.
  14. TRUMP Thread

    He's been accused by 13 women of sexual assault. We've had this discussion in the politics thread, but no accusation of Clinton in regards to sexual assault wereknown to American voters prior to Bill winning in 1992. In 2016, we had not only 13 women come forward with accusations, but the candidate himself confess on tape that he acts without consent. For those who voted for Trump, such behaviour wasn't disqualifying to become President. It's kind of a fucked up world where Billy Bush gets fired for tacitly supporting and encouraging Trump's but Trump himself gets hired for President. I do agree that Bill should have stepped down, but to prescribe guilt to his wife for Bill's action is nonsense.
  15. Pets!

    You know...
  16. TRUMP Thread

    yeah come to think of it me either. he has been ACCUSED but since when did innocent before proven guilty go out the window?? js...
  17. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So canI assume the great recession of 2008 and 2009 didn't affect you, nor did you know anyone who served in the British military who fought/injured/died in Iraq. Well, yes and no. Generally when inequality grows we see increases in poverty and dependency on social assistance to get by. This has consequences with respect to a nation's finances. Concentrations of wealth while national debt grows to provide a basic standard of living is difficult to justify.
  18. You mean like the one he uses in Don't Cry...? I agree..
  19. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Only thing I've heard so far is the second LALD wasn't very long. But first show, it will get better as he gets into the tour. He might be thrown off by the longer break. He looks to be in good shape though so if he keeps bettering himself then the performances will start to follow. no way the show was unbearable I'm sure the fans had a good time last night. However Axl definitely makes some odd vocal choices on certain songs as some posters pointed out already. He's got the voice to make the show better than it already is
  20. GNR Women's discussion

    It looks like an angry vagina...
  21. TRUMP Thread

    I didn't realize Trump was convicted of a sexual crime. And I wasn't trying to detract from anyone, I called him a punkTrump is a sleazy, dirty, slimeball and he deserves every bit of criticism he gets. I'm just talking about howit's highly hypocritical, sketchy, not cool,to make out like Trump is the worst sexual deviant in the world for saying stuff, but at the same time forgetting about the main chick's hubby, who didn't just say stuff but acted on it.He was in the freaking White House while married as President of the United States of America and getting blowjobs from a young employee. And madehis wife look like a chump in front of the whole nation, and the world really. That shit was like a reality show. A joke. I hate to say this, I swear I'm not trying to talk shit to you or anything, but sometimes it's better to step back and look at things with pure common sense, as opposed to viewing everything with a political, taking sides agenda. That's what I do, I don't mind calling out any of them on their bullshit.
  22. Pets!

    My sister ended up with about 10guinea pigs because the pet shop told her her original two were a femaleand female, lol. They multiplied then shepurposely let them all "play" together. Shetried to get me to take some off her hands when they got big.Rodents always bite me though, so she was stuck with them for a long time
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    if it were anyone else i'd say fake but we are talking Gene Simmons here
  24. Absolutely could not agree more. I can justify (i.e. make excuses) for a lot of other stuff he does vocally but I will never understand why he does that in NR
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