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  2. There are a few great stories with Bob Dylan. Like, fans wait outside his hotel, Dylan comes out and a fan hands him an album to sign; Dylan takes it, looks at it, says "I've seen this before" and gives it back I agree, this is a disgrace (as well as "ViP" packages in rock concerts in general) - worse than selling, say, towels with the band's logo.
  3. I thought I had Bucket on my list! I definitely met him 5 years ago but he wouldn't sign my Chinese Democracy vinyl
  4. Mr. Buckethead, mr. Paul Tobias, mr. Robin finck or bust.
  5. You won't be laughing when they name something after me. Maybe the Dog Star. Or the Star of J. This all reminds me of some smoke I had not long ago called Super Duper Jupiter and it was that fi-yah!
  6. I only play darts if I'm drinking at the bar. I won a tournament one night at the bar. I was talking shit too. Spinning the dart around like Clint Eastwood and his six shooter. What a night, I was on fire. It must've just been meant to be cause after that night I reverted back to missing the target and throwing the damn things in the wall
  7. Seeing James Hetfield read the now legendary "Axl Pose Dressing Room Requirements". I liked GnR's music before, but that bit of hilarity made me delve into their history more. The mythology behind the music made the band fascinating and interesting - never a dull moment to be had. They were a flaming trainwreck of a band and there was something awesome about that - it was all very punk in some ridiculous way. They did whatever the fuck they wanted to do and went out the way they chose to go out. The "spinal tap" factor of the band is also a draw because as great and legendary as they were, they fell into major self parody which became extremely entertaining to witness. Like a car crashing in slow motion, you just couldn't take your eyes off them. Axl looking like a bloated Liberace and playing on a cheesy flying piano sort of exemplifies the absurdity and awesomeness of this band.
  8. And vastly inferior in terms of talent.
  9. King Woman - Deny
  10. Today
  11. Stop posting things for me to watch lol, I'm trying to shorten my list, you keep lengthening it!
  12. They do seem to have a bit of a underground following. I just heard of them a couple of years ago. They've got some good tunes.
  13. I lost interest in LA Guns last century if I recall correctly
  14. Awww 😍😍
  15. No no, everything is super. Releasing new music is what lame bands do. Great bands release $4900 branded leather jackets and announce partnerships with fashion designers. AC/DC is a really lame band, that's why Axl is probably going to release an album with them next year. He knows we Guns fans don't want rubbish like that. That's why he gives us a 20 minute KOHD and $75 GnR keychains. Thank you Fernando and Beta!
  16. Tracii's version of L. A. Guns existed from 2006 to 2012 (with Paul Black on vocals) until he changed the name to The Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen.
  17. Anyone willing to give an Irish dude a ride to the gig and back? I'll throw a few bucks in for gas...
  18. wish we could get a video of the complete installation of the stage
  19. There used to be the Tracii Guns LA Guns and the Phill Lewies, both of them used to be in what is known as the classic LA Guns lineup, then they split and both of them kept the name. Now they are back together. Yeah, their new single is kind of Ok, I dig it and their first three albuns are pretty genuine, love them.
  20. Aren't there 2 bands that call themselves LA Guns? Which one are you talking about?
  21. "Slash may sound like De La Hoya, but he's the fuckin' Vargas." - W. Axl Rose
  22. Do you people have anything better to do than complain? Team Brazil is one of the finest management teams in the country. Pretty sure they know what they're doing. Axl's voice is amazing. His costumes are amazing. The tour is amazing. The setlist is amazing. Chinese Democracy is amazing. Team Brazil is amazing. Frank is amazing. The last 25 years have been amazing. Everything is amazing. There is nothing to improve because you cannot improve upon perfection. Axl is perfect and everything he does is perfect. I heard rainbows originate from his ass.
  23. The L. A. Guns reunion is much more interesting for me. GN'R is still my favourite band and I love the reunion gigs but L. A. Guns is superior in regards of creativity.
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