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  2. Downloading from Mega right now! I'm more than stoked, the audience recording of this show is one of my favorites!
  3. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Axl's face at the funeral is everything. The rest of the band looks bored or neutral (or you can't see them ehem IZZY ehem) and Axl is like "Man, the widow is crying, da fuck I'm supposed to do? Weeeell what a pity man..."
  4. Who is doing the majority of the guitar work in prostitute at the beginning, is it Richard or slash?. Seems they are now starting to mix things up abit. Will be interesting if they have a stable setlist for the last few shows in November.
  5. It says it is a dvd at the start so I wonder if we'll find a place to download it
  6. I'm so jealous I want an arena tour in Europe.
  7. British Politics

    I am not disputing this but you have to remember there have been 66 monarchs of England (and Britain from 1603) and only around 20 of them presided over anything that could be called 'empire' as a modern term - taking Elizabethan colonisation of Ireland and Virginia in the late 1500s as a loose starting point. Much of the pageantry and institutions associated with English monarchy preceded empire by many years. The Royal Coat of Arms for instance (Lion rampant) dates from the reign of Richard the Lionheart. The practice of declaring a heir apparent 'Prince of Wales' originated 1301. The Order of the Garter was founded 1348. Most of the great officers of state originated during the Normans and Plantagenets. Regarding imperialism, the English (ironically perhaps) were laggards in European imperialism until at least the mid 18th century, paling in comparison to the Portuguese and Spanish, and later again The Dutch who carved out a spice emporium in the East Indies. The Spanish conquistadors were destroying these massive Mesoamerican empires, the Aztec and Inca, and carving out their own massive empire in place while transporting bullion back to the old world. England during a similar period was launching farcical piratical expeditions against Spain while settling belts of inhospitable terrain along the eastern American seaboard. Even in British India (1612 - 1947), British rule until the Battle of Plassey (1757) consisted of a few trading enclaves and shaky Nawab alliances, locked in a, sometimes declared, sometimes otherwise, war with the similarly situated French. Even after Plassey, British rule was far from foregone.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Thank You! Best Band Ever!!!!!
  9. I was at MetLife last year and MSG last week. I agree with you. I prefer the arena setting.
  10. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    Axl did well here! Great use on the lower parts. I like him eyeballing Slash on the ending. Beautiful finish too...one of the best instrumentals on an album that shined in that department
  11. FINALLY!! A killer pro shot of the greatest band ever!! Nothing beats this shit!! I can't believe what I'm watching! Thank you so much for sharing, you guys made my year!! Slash + Axl + Izzy + Steven + Duff = Guns N' Roses. Accept no imitations!!
  12. You can just download it off YouTube if you want. Sites like KeepVid work fine for that. Fantastic man! Thanks for posting!!
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

  14. I said this one time and I'll say it again... I would kill my entire family to watch Prostitute live... Love this song to death
  15. Who and why is this uploaded now ?does it means something
  16. holy fucking shit Steven's drumming.....
  17. I have goosebumps all over listening to Reckless Life... they were fucking beasts, holy shit
  18. Rare 1992 shirt for sale

    Asking $70 + shipping. Size XL. Ask for additional pics!
  19. Ok so I know the audio isnt the best... but this may be one of the times where a faster tempo benefits the song! It rocks a lot harder this way and just had more balls to it I was never a fan of any of the live version of the song before... but this is really clicking and I think it works really well Slash's two solos were killing too. I like it
  20. Today
  21. British Politics

    That is not really true though if, by hereditary succession you mean monarchical rule, as most monarchies today are constitutional monarchs meaning head of state is separated from the legislative, executive and judicial functions of their respective nations. Thus democracy basically functions independent of monarchy. In Japan, the reduction of the imperial family - the oldest royal lineage today - to a symbolic role has been the normative practice for the majority of Japanese history, power being excised through shoguns, regents and the (democratic) constitution (1947); it actually is highly unusual for the Tenno to have had any sort of power in Japanese history, and would be highly unusual today! In Great Britain's case she had already been a constitutional monarchy (1688 - c. 1701) long before democracy began to be implemented (1832 c. 1918): in other words, the unraveling/curbing of Stuart royal absolutism and the ascendancy of parliamentarianism (i.e. the House of Commons essentially) preceded enfranchisement by more than a century. De facto constitutional monarchy and democracy are completely separate spheres. Where monarchy and democracy are antithetical is when royal absolutism exists and there is a general absence or abeyance of representative government. A good example would be ancien régime France or even the Personal Rule of Charles I.
  22. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    You have no idea how good prostitute sounded tonight. Madagascar was great as well I was lucky. Still wish I got to see twat tho but I guess see prostitute for the first time this tour is fine too!
  23. As a massive fan of CD I’m loving this leg of the tour! I’m in heaven. Slash on f’in Prostitute!!! No way! Axl sounded amazing on it! And Madagascar in the same show!
  24. Setlist: It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live and Let Die (Wings cover) Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine New Rose This I Love Prostitute (tour debut; first time live since 6/6/14) Civil War Yesterdays Coma and (band introductions) Slash Guitar Solo Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather) Sweet Child O' Mine Wichita Lineman Used to Love Her My Michelle Wish You Were Here November Rain Black Hole Sun Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain Encore: Patience(With Melissa Intro) Whole Lotta Rosie (George Young dedication) Don't Cry Madagascar The Seeker Paradise City
  25. I think so.. in meanwhile maybe you should try to build a time machine to travel back 3 decades and perhaps get what pleases you...good luck w that
  26. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    I was there and this was my first ever GNR concert. I’m blown away. So glad I got to see slash and axl on the same stage. I’ll have a full review tomorrow. Axl nailed all the CD songs and slash was a god like always. They better be recording or writing new stuff cuz they still got it. Just please change the drummer I play drums and was mad the whole night about how awful frank is. He just doesn’t fit the band
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