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    My friend and I have really good luck when it comes to GNR. When the Troubadour show happened, my friend was 1st in line (I was 12th) and just by sheer luck and instinct we saw the first show of the reunited GNR. Fast forward to tonight. That friend tells me there's something going on at MacArthur Park in Downtown LA and that he heard a rumour the OG Guns lineup might be playing (spoiler: they didn't). We went down there and quickly realized it was an invite only industry party. We cased the joint and realized it was locked down with security. We spent about an hour out front, but decided we had to get in (or get thrown out trying). I walked up to the ladies at the door and told them i was on the list... gave them my name and waited for them to pour over the different lists. After looking for awhile they told me that they didn't see my name. I looked confused and told them the label should have done it and went on about how this "always happens." After a minute or so of this, they said "you know what...don't worry about it, here's a wristband." SCORE! At this point we still don't really know what's going on, but we walk up the stairs and see this (they took everybody's phones but forgot to take mine, so the pictures aren't the best because i had to be careful): Listening stations for the new set. Unfortunately i was too excited to be there and didn't actually listen to anything.... (in hindsight....i'm bummed i didn't). Next we went up the stairs into this big ballroom with a giant replica of the box set: On either side of this were the contents of the box set in glass cases: There was also a photobooth with GNR flyers and logos all over it. The event itself was really stuffy and industry-like and they weren't even playing the record (which was weird)...there was a little GNR mixed in with other stuff like the Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains. As we left, we couldn't help but grab ourselves a souvenir. These were on some of the couches and chairs, and once i saw them, there's no way i was leaving without one:
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    Here is the story so far of my involvement: So obviously they were looking to put old stuff (flyers, demos, pictures, etc.) on the boxset. Why they aren’t all on there I don’t know, but I have heard hints about future releases so we will see. No guarantees there. They contacted a person I bought something from and that person referred them to me. Initially it was just for that one item. We arranged a time to talk. On the phone I told them about my collection and had them check out my website while we were talking. They wanted to buy the banner right off the bat but I said I wasn’t interested at this time before a price was ever even raised. They were blown away and at that point the plans for the boxset changed a bit. But I think they always had a certain release date they were aiming for because I only had a day to box everything I had from 1985-1989/90 and send it to them. Before I did that I independently verified who I was talking with on the phone, after all I am no idiot. Still I was nervous sending all that and UPS insurance only goes so high. But I figured what the hell. Everything arrived safely and they got to work. They had it for a little over a month and arranged times for management and the band to come by and check everything out. I can say that Slash and Duff were involved, this wasn’t just Axl. They told me my name would be in the credits, that I would be receiving x, y, and z, etc. The person that referred them to me said I should ask them for $ for using the stuff I own. Now I may be an asshole, but I am not a complete and total fucking asshole so no way in hell was I going to extort any band, let alone my favorite band, to use stuff that is theirs to begin with! Everything came back in the same condition I lent it to them. But I was nervous about the shipping once again! And all that time I had to keep this from all of you. It was agonizing! If I had known the price plan ahead of time I would have done what little I could to try to help you guys out. This is the reason I also removed the links to the demo I posted originally. Yes, it wasn’t used in this boxset, but like I said perhaps in the future.
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    That's the question, eh! We just released a brand new single! Yes, I am sure there will be.
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    Wel my friends!!! After two years of hard editing work, spending hours and hours (and starting to wear glasses), burning computer's video cards, looking, finding nice videos you captured it is finally here!!! The second and final part is going to be available next week. It is free, and is going to be free forever for everyone, so don't buy or sell any copy. Is just from fans to fans! I want to thank the original recorders and many friends here and there: @Gibbo @estebanf FanfZero, Franz and Roses channel, @CDogg MyGnr Forum administrators, Markit Aneight, Kaxp, Jim Powers, Steve Easton, GRKgunner, Eyes of Rust, Yupsure, Cal Vid, One Shot73, StevenKnows, Crue Head, Nacho de la Garza, and all the fans who captured with their cameras and cell phones the very heartbit of this amazing tour. And of course, i want to thank, as a fan, to Axl, Slash, Duff, Steven (come on Izzy, comeback), Frank, Richard, Dizzy and Melissa for giving us such amazing moments. AND IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! ENJOY AND ROCK ON!!!
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    GNR will continue to tour for the years to come.
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    The only chops he hasn't lost is pork. ....I'll see myself out.
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    Bought it trough an agent on yahoo auctions. Ill share as soon as i get it from japan,.
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    Thanks, people! What to say after this amazing week for GN'R fans? Well, i'm ready!! Limulus
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    HOLY FUCK! The sound quality is UNBELIEVABLE. This may be even better than fucking Paris 92... Just listen to this. It may be the best sound-quality bootleg of the entire Use Your Illusion Tour. Up there with Argentina 92? Definitely the best Skin N' Bones one. It sounds like the official Tokyo 92 in terms of quality. I NEED IT
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    Yes. They planted that tree there 20 years ago just for this moment, to black him out.
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    It's not taking it to heart, it's just such a downer to read such hatred directed at people I know, love and respect; based on misinformation. It isn't right and as you say, we are a tight community that loves the band, then we should remain strong together and fix issues with creativity and productivity versus name calling and tossing shit everywhere. shit's not cool! haha
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    It's so incredibly ridiculous that the only time they can open a line of communication with the only people who still care about GNR is when they want to present a one sided "woe is me" pity party and act superior.
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    This has nothing to do with the actual topic here although I can't wait to see that footage. But if someone here (preferably in Europe as I live in Austria now so sending would not take too long) is able to digitize from VHS, Video8 and Hi8 I would have a few tapes that might be interesting for the fans here. I don't have a player anymore for neither of them so I can't take pics or videos of the TV but I'm not asking for money just for someone transferring the footage for free - a proper copy of the stuff would be nice though after it's done and obviously it should be shared somehow after for free (torrent, YT, whatever) The footage I'm talking about would be: Amsterdam - October 2nd, 1987 - VHS Unknown Gen, 20 minutes recorded by the venue with 1 cam, transferred badly to VHS but watchable. Manchester - October 6th, 1987 - Master Video8, audience shot of the full gig. Tokyo - December 10th, 1988 - Master Hi8, audience shot of the full gig. Helsinki - August 13th, 1991 - VHS probably 1st Gen, about 30 minutes pro filmed with 1 cam. No idea who filmed it but I guess a TV station. Got the tape from a finnish workmate years ago. Vienna - May 23rd, 1992 - VHS from the master tapes, about 90 minutes pro footage filmed by Austrian TV station ORF with 2 cameras as far as I remember. Not all from the gig though, there's a few interview clips with the band and fans plus maybe 5 minutes of the soundcheck, so around 60-70 minutes gig footage. Aside from a few interviews none of this eas shown on TV Vienna - June 2nd, 1993 - VHS from the master tapes, full gig pro footage, multicam, also by ORF with 2 or 3 cams. None shown on TV Lyon - July 9th 1993 - 2 Master Hi8 tapes (one shot from the side of the stage and one between fist row and stage) and 1 VHS badly cut together by both. Audience, full gig. All of them are legit as I watched them all. I would have a few other which I can't confirm as I haven't watched them ever but I would send them too, maybe they are real. Also I have some Video8 and Hi8 tapes filmed by myself from US and UK gigs but they are far from pro but maybe you want to see them. So if someone is able to digitize them properly I'm happy to give the tapes away.
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    i can use the microfiber cleaning cloth to dust off my chinese democracy cd
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    Your material continues to be stale my man. I tried to log in many times yesterday and it was an issue that Downs was trying to assist me with, but it got too late. Which then created another whirlwind of assumptions. Some of the persons here understood my tweet, the rest didn't and it kind of sucks. I did not tweet to start a war, but to solely raise concern. Coming to a forum or answering questions etc, just doesn't work because me typing in a forum becomes news and shines a different light on the band and sets too many ways for the band to "fail" in the eyes of the unknown persons in the world that doesn't truly understand our little world. I respect the die hard fan(s), they are the first to arrive and last to leave. I sympathize and help at every turn to every fan, the dedicated 24/7 fan to the fan that came to see GNR for the first time. (let's see how many people take me saying "I respect..." as ammunition to paint me out to be a person of narcissistic tendencies.) I still miss that one guy that got banned.
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    And if anyone is wondering, this forum receives 2.5 to 5 million page views a month.
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    I still find it simply stunning that this band just refuses to sell music to their fans. I'm not saying that every user who downloaded or watched this show would've paid $20 for a DVD or digital copy. I mean, piracy is always going to exist in some form, right? However, MANY fans would've paid for this or any number of things if GNR had only decided to sell it to them. Yes, I get that there's a LOT of money I'm concert tickets, VIP packages and of course merchandise but come on. There's little to no work to be done in order to make these old shows available for purchase to fans. And if you absolutely refuse to let them buy it, why not let them at least enjoy it??
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    Here is a preview of my upcoming MKV it will weigh around 10 GB took around 40 plus hours to render
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    What is happening here? GNR.FM A quick search tell us that Universal Music created that webpage... And all links are official. Thoughts? Also a member of the Facebook group fanspot posted this billboard that was put in in Camden, London
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    Adler, talking shit??? Now that's never happened before.
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    So everyone knows, I'm in talk with Limulus already and he will kindly help me out.
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    It's sad that November of 2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Chinese Democracy. Another decade gone without ONE NEW Guns N' Roses song. Think about that for a minute. Axl worked on Chinese D from 1996-2008 and he doesn't even let go of all the material. Making matters even more lame is the fans that have some leaks will not even share them the way they did back in 2004-2008. What gives? Why has Guns N Roses turned into this? A nostalgia act where people are now buying $1,000 box sets of songs and demos EVERYONE has heard now for over 30 years! Shadow of Your Love is getting people excited? WTF? Who even cares? The most interesting music is the music from the Chinese D era. The songs Bucket/Brain/Bumble/Fortus/Fink worked on. The songs Axl labored over for years to get right. The songs he wrote while he was trying to prove a point. That he could remake the magic. Chinese D is a special album that after 10 years still never gets old for me. I listen to Chinese D material when I'm melting rubber in the Demon more than Illusion stuff (which just doesn't hit as hard). I'll never understand why the GNR fans with stuff won't help the fans get something new. And the forums are shut down any sharing of leaks/songs. Literally SO MANY people have the remixed album, Silkworks studio, OMG studio...and yet nobody shares i? It's so lame watching people gush over a remix of Appetite. Cool. Not. Sorry...but those of us who waited over a decade for Chinese D (and you know who you are) deserve more than this. All these new fans gushing over the cash grab tour have no idea what it was like seeing Axl and Bucket when the band actually had energy, anger and desire to prove something. That's all. See ya'll next month.
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    Interesting thing to dissect. 1) It is because we are "clueless" that we speak from a stand point of "assumption." 2) We are clueless because you cant manage to bring us basic info. 3) If someone is presenting 'their opinion' then they are not presenting them as "facts" 4) "little community" hmmm, could get even smaller if you dont manage to get out some new music. Prolly not bowling alley small, like you somehow pulled off though.
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    This is been discussed in the Downloads section, but is not available for download so I felt it needed its own thread here. Sorry to the mods if I'm breaking any rules. A Japanese Twitter account is claiming to have the Saskatoon '93 complete show. Someone in the download section said he bought it and posted a 15 sec clip. I went to gnrontour.com and verified from a photo that Axl and Slash are wearing the same shirts. To me, this is more exciting than the box set! Mod edit, here's all the videos so far-
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    We sat down with Angry Anderson yesterday and talked about his career, Guns N' Roses, Axl/DC, his political career and much more!
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    Who fucking cares what he thinks. He/they created this problem. He can solve it if he’s so butt hurt about it.
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    For me to pay $650, Tracy and Roberta would have to be in that box.
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    I'm taking a hour long train ride to look at a fucking poster, what am I doing with my life...
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    Izzy is so elusive the trees cover him up on his behalf.
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    We're on a Guns N' Roses forum, this isn't a question.
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    Jesus, you're a bunch of whiners. If you're saying he hasn't answered anything, you should learn how to read better. It's sad this thread is yet another one people are trying to make negative. (Which happens often, as only positive vocal fans here seem to get banned, not namecalling negative posters.) This is gnr's manager, a straight line with Axl/the band. Someone who could actually tell us something. Do you really think the best way to handle that is to play the tough guy and say he was talking shit? Don't you think it would be smarter to be nice? Not saying anyone has to kiss ass, you can be critical, but some people obviously never learned manners.
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    Can you IP-ban Fernando so we can see how mad he gets
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    Yeah, the last person to pay that much for a fake box was Bruce Jenner!!
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    Mygnrforum members after seeing the Locked N' Loaded Reveal: Mygnrforum members after seeing the price:
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    "Only on Apple Music" eh? So apparently Tim Cook isn't all that bad then?
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    Thread has been re-openned. All posts relating to today's Q&A discussion with Fernando have been moved to this thread:
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    I am not going to comment on my friend Izzy, I love and adore him. So I would just ignore questions pertaining to him, ok?
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    DECEMBER 2016 Slash: Hey Ax, i got a new riff do you wanna listen to it? Axl: Sure Slash: Let me push play... yes, this one Axl: Wow, nice Slash: Glad you liked it, man. Why dont we try and write a song around it? Axl: Sure, lets try on next soundcheck === JULY 2017 Slash: Hey Ax, me and Duff we did some arranging for that riff. You know, the one we were talking about doing something on the soundcheck. Yeah, whenever you come to a soundcheck man, we can try and work a bit on that Axl: sure man. I just need to work a bit on this appetite box. I cant really decide if we put skull rings or temporary tattoos on it. Its really time-consuming, i am so out of time man Slash: sure Ax, whenever you have some time === DECEMBER 2017 Slash: Hey Ax, do you still wanna work on that idea? Axl: What idea? Slash: You know, that one i showed you a while back. Axl: Oh, sure, next leg of the tour i am gonna make sure to make to a soundcheck so we can definetely work on that Slash: nice man. so how is the box going? Axl: Oh i just recorded a brand new "hmmmm" for shadow of your love. Loved the additional leads you recorded. But I still havent decided if we should add lithos or some more toys on the box Slash: yeah... === MAY 2018 Axl: Hey Fernando, what the fuck is going on? is it true that Slash gave a GNR song to a video game? Is it true that Slash is working with a film score composer? I just got the news on Google Alert! Fernando: Oh no, it was just a left over axl. Just a shitty riff. Axl: What? Call Rolling Stone and MTV now! Now! I wanna do a tell-all interview! Fernando: What? Axl: The world needs to know the truth about Guns n Roses!
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    WTTJ - because "I want t se you bleed..." - BAN ISE - no comment needed - BAN Nightrain- well, where to start - it offends PETA and other Animal Right groups because of rattlesnake sutcase, they have Molotov coctails ready to burn... BAN OTGM - song full of violence - BAN Brownstone - this one can stay - they are dancing with some old dude and has a good vibe - STAYS PC - well, song about pretty girls, but what about all other genders - BAN MyMichelle - about troubled girl and they are trying to get er on right path - STAYS TAY - whatever SCOM - it can STAY You're Crazy - one cannot say to somene smth that offensive - BAN Anything Goes - too much sex - BAN RQ - where to start - BAN UYI I & II should be banned just because there are too much liyrics in there and it OFENDS people to read that much