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    HERE’S YOUR ANSWER!!!! @killuridols @Blackstar @Tori72 @purplestargirl @janrichmond @Fang @Rocketqueen76
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    2 hours of Brain. I look forward to your comments. ENJOY!!
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    Well my life has changed in a very big way in the last several months, that is for sure! And I’m very happy about it! So I joined this forum in early 2016 when I heard the news about Slash being back in GnR. So did a lot of other people. There was another person in particular that joined around that same time, another fan since 1987, for the same reason I did. Because we were very excited about the reunion and going to the Vegas show and all the excitement of it all. Well, as fate would have it, we crossed paths on the forum in the last year and struck up a friendship. Time went by and we started chatting etc etc... Well, to make a long story short... @Whiskey Rose and I have been seeing each other in person a few times over the past several months. And she is an amazing chick and I am head over heels in love with her. It’s not really easy for us since we live about 1100 miles apart and in 2 different countries, but it’s absolutely 100% worth the trouble! Stay tuned! So, thanks @downzy for running this awesome forum that allowed us to find each other! And of course thanks GnR!!! I can honestly say that NITL changed my life in a way that I could’ve never ever seen coming. It’s so awesome that my favorite band made something like this happen!!! Happy New Year from me n Whiskey Rose...
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    Transcript of the part about GnR: --------- Nikki: Anything about GnR that you want to talk about, like how it felt... Slash: We can talk about it, I mean yeah, we can talk about... I mean, all things considered, the tour, you know, what ended up being NITL, that kind of thing, you know... I left in ’96 and Ax and I didn’t talk in so... 2015... Nikki: So, I kinda wondered a little bit about the similarities, because like when Motley broke up we’re not friends, and... It left a little hole in my heart. Slash: Well, there was always that thing. I won’t get into all the personal stuff... Nikki: Yeah, we don’t want to get into that anyway. Slash: But, you know, over all that period of time, there was, you know, a lot of bad feelings, from the break up up into... all throughout, that whole 20 years, whatever it was. Nikki: That’s crazy, 20 years... Slash: But you know, there is also a part of you, that’s like in a marriage, where you love somebody, you know, so there is always that feeling, but then there is all this negative stuff, and... Nikki: Sure. Slash: Any... Nikki: ...which by the way comes from a lot of people. Slash: Well, there was so much stuff perpetuated in the media and just blown up out of proportion. So when he and I talked for the first time, it was really, really cool. -Was it in person? Slash: Yeah, that was... No, first time we spoke was on the phone, and then we got together when I got back into town, because I was on the road. I was in Peru, I remember it specifically. But it was very cathartic to... Nikki: I can see that. Slash: ...to physically talk, ‘cause I mean there’s a bond you have that it’s never... you know... Nikki: For sure. Slash: And then it makes the break up... I mean what happened... it’s just... the bond makes the negative side that much worse, because you’re forced out of it. Anyway, so... When we got together and played, it was Coachella. It was just fuckin’ awesome. And we played the Troubadour, it was the first gig that we did. And so... and it just snowballed from there. 18 months... It’s been... I mean I would never, you know... If you talked to me 20 months ago, I would have said ‘No fucking way. It’s not ever gonna happen.’ But it did, and it was fuckin’ awesome. Nikki: And it happened at the right time. It’s a time there are people ready... Obviously you see it in the ticket sales and the enthusiasm from fans, and the different generations... The cool thing about being gone as long as the band was gone, the original band, is that people discover you, but never ever could ever see you. Slash: There was a lot of that... Nikki: So it’s like ‘this is our chance’ and that’s fantastic. And I’m sure it made everything much, much better. It must have been kind of weird to look over and there’s Duff and Axl... and you're like 'I didn’t think this would ever happen'... Slash: Yes, it’s very surreal. You know, these moments on stage, where you sort of take stock of where you are at the moment and you go ‘oh wow, this isn’t true’. Nikki: Yeah, look at this. It’s sort of like seeing the guys from when you were kids. Slash: And the funny thing... There’s something about this particular tour, that it didn’t make me... it didn’t take me back to, you know, the last tour in the 90s, where... It wasn’t reminiscent of that, it was completely uniquely its own new thing. Same guys, same songs, but a whole different experience.
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    This is Slash's 15-year-old son's FIRST interview. Slash and Perla along with Nico's dad manage, so Slash gave this is approval to do. I was in shock at all of this. Enjoy!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2
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    Everyone, meet Genevieve Roseanne, who arrived on 23rd December.
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    I don't get all the "don't talk politics, just make music" stuff here. As if one is preventing him from doing the other. Or if he makes music and does interviews he will be "allowed" to tweet about politics once in a while?
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    If DJ comes back I'll leave the forum - permanently. I'd kill myself is what I'm saying.
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    Alright, finally I forced myself to create Steven's Facebook
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    thanks! So I talked to Kevin and according to him he says it is definitely izzy who plays the dealer. Kevin did say it would be cool or he would be up for doing an "ask the GNR expert" or superfan weekly thing where you can ask him about the band. He'd also love to do a weekly trivia thing where he asks some questions about the band.
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    It would be easy, a continuous stream of Axl's comments with an occasional posts from others saying "But Ax...", "Listen to us...", "Don't you think...", "Ok, you don't...", "Can I...", "I see I can't...", "How 'bout...", "Right", "Who the hell shall read it?", "Yes", "Of course, you're right...", "How can we kick you out of the group conversation?", "Oh, you're the admin...", "Yes, yes..." Would be the same for now and then
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    Speaking of Slaxl HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May it be as bright as Axl's smile.
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    The rest of the interview is pretty interesting too http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ron-bumblefoot-thal-says-guns-n-roses-chinese-democracy-album-is-a-masterpiece/ On his contributions to GUNS N' ROSES' 2008 album, "Chinese Democracy": Ron: "The fretless guitar and some of the melodies and things like that… Everybody contributed so much. There's so many people. I don't think there's ever been an album, I don't even want to say just rock music, but in music, in recorded music, that had so many people contributing from such a vast array of time and styles and everything to create this final masterpiece. It really is. If you really break down everything that is going on in that record, there is so much. It's such a fragile balance of so many parts that works just right. Caram Costanzo, the producer, the guy that I spent 14 hours a day with, laying [down] guitar parts, [he's] fantastic."
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    Welcome to Mygnrforum; where even a random film festival appearance can be turned into a whose more important to GNR debate.
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    To MYGNRFORUM, With a new year comes changes, something we're experiencing more so than usual at MYGNRFORUM. It is with a heavy heart we announce the departures of @Estranged Reality, @Black Sabbath, and @Gracii Guns from the forum's staff. Estranged Reality and Black Sabbath have been long serving members on the staff and have decided it is their time to move on from their respective admin and mod duties. Gracii Guns only recently joined the team a couple of years ago but needs to spend more time with the recently addition to her family. I want to thank each of these people personally for all of their hard work and commitment to this forum and its members over the year. Operating a forum as large and diverse as this one takes considerable commitment, devotion, patience, and at times thick skin. It's been a pleasure and an honour to have these fine individuals apart of the staffing community as they have become more than just staff members but also friends. As staff members they have been invaluable to both the forum and myself personally over the years in helping keeping the lights on and making the forum as fun and well-running as it is today. This notice is meant only to say thanks and not goodbye. I've been assured that all three will still be part of the community for years to come. Thanks, Downzy
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    True. There would only be sellers. I might use mine to try and eliminate DJ in Berlin though. For the greater good. I'd be the hero of the GNR fan community
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    I remember someone tracked the plane and it wasnt even going to LA! But it was going to somewhere in CA which is also where Monster HQ is. Apparently DJ Ashba feels that being paid to wear a t shirt is 'Conquering the world' Schecter Guitars is also in CA. I think the pic is him visiting their offices. So, with SixxAM gone, and renewed/ongoing endorsements, one has to think he has something tangible he can show them (a contract?) to have them interested in him? Maybe he did the rounds before heading to see Axl in LA proper? If Axl collaborates with him we'd have to kidnap DJ, store him in a canister and throw it in the ocean.
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    Worst member ever. If Ashba comes back (Slash or not), I'm definately done with "Guns". :/
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    For me, the writing is on the wall if we read between the lines, similar to how the reunion happened. Evidence? 1) A 6 month break. I know NITL ran for a long time, but a 6 month break is very excessive. 2) Axl has expressed interest in releasing new music and even played some for Slash/Duff. 3) No SMKC. Myles just released a solo album and is doing alter bridge in 2019. There is no time to do a SMKC album. Slash won't release an album and not tour, promote it. 4) The silence - All Slash fans will know that if he was doing SMKC, he would be excited and sharing various things on social media. But he has a gag order for GNR. Even Joe Perry and Nikki knew not to press further. 5) Walking Papers have a show in Seattle coming up, no mention of Duff being there. All the signs are there... For now at least 😀
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    Slash looks about as comfortable sitting on that guitar throne as when he realised his bollocks were on show in front of thousands of people!
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    Hey guys! There is a radio show in Radio Helsinki in Finland, where former Smack guitarist Rane Raitsikka (Izzy and Duff friend) is hosting a rock n roll based show. He told a few stories about Izzy on 13.12.2017 show. Here is a quick transcript translated from Finnish to English: Story 1: Rane and other Smack members were partying in someones house in L.A and Izzy was with them (this must be around 86-89). Timo Kaltio was with them (the guy who cowrote song BOX). Neighbour of the house came with baseball bat and threatened that now this party has to close down. They run out of booze and get on a backseat of someones car (Izzy and Rane on backseat) and they start driving towards Hollywood. Booze stores are closed. Izzy spots a guy with a beer pack and offers huge buck for it (still sitting in the car window rolled down). The guy with beer refuses to sell. Izzy grabs the bag of beer and yells driver "DRIVE" and they escape with the beer. Story 2: Izzy had peed on the airplane and they apparently also found a gun on him (didnt get that part) and Izzy was living in a hotel for some reason during this time. Izzy was a nervous wreck and lawyers were saying to keep it down and lay low. Rane says the hotel room was a complete chaos but Izzy was writing songs like a crazy. Rane says Izzy had a HUGE drive going working new material. There were sheets of songs laying everywhere. Rane says Izzy is a hardworking man. Story 3: Izzy gives food to homeless people nowadays in Ohio. In Ohio there is a ranch and a studio... and a condo in Santa Monica. Izzy gives food to the homeless with a bike. These things make sense if you listen to song "Box" from the Fire album. Apparently Izzy has a big heart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smack_(Finnish_band)
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    Watch out he's gonna kick your ass like he said he would
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    His tweets don't have any midrange rasp. Sad.
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    How embarrassing, getting called out on your lies by fucking Jarmo What a tit Ashba is.
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    Slash is definitely in for Europe then, no Assba. Can stop collecting the bottles for Donington then
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    Enough with the fuckin Axl/DC shit! My God the stuff I read on this board sometimes! No wonder why I smoke so much weed. Truthfully the only answer is new GNR music as the man above stated "Let GNR be GNR" we finally have Axl and Slash back. Why in God's name would anything else be acceptable at this point. Theres even a thread on DJ returning as a rumor Fuck I gotta roll another or I'll go crazy reading all this nonsense LOL!
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    Yeah, I remember we were speculating on it in the WT, because they had all jammed together in Argentina (it was Paradise City, I think). The crowd was shouting "Guns N' Roses" and Slash, a little pissed off, took the mic and said "you've got to get this out of your system". We'd wondered if the phone call had occurred and Slash was acting. A few hours after the show (or the next day) Axl tweeted "Don't cry for me Argentina" and then deleted it I turns out that right after that he called Slash. This is all so funny.
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    The only 2 names I want to read in the same sentence with "...come back to GNR" are Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin.
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    If that will be the case, you will see a lot of people selling their ticket for the shows in the summer, including me.
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    OK. I feel compelled to respond to this. It's still sort of on topic, since we're talking about Izzy. Here is exactly what Duff said to Chris Jericho about that. Jericho: How much of the unsung hero was Izzy to that process (song writing process)? Duff: I don’t think he’s unsung. I’ve heard the 'unsung hero' but I think he’s sung pretty well. He was a big part of that band but everybody was, you know? Steven...some of the beats he would start would inspire a riff, you know, and how do you give that credit to a drummer who doesn’t have a guitar on? Axl...you gotta credit him with pushing us to get the riff for Michelle. Jericho: How do you mean? Duff: Cos it was double time and it was...that original riff of Michelle wasn’t the riff it was, it was this fast (makes noise trying to imitate a riff) I forget what it was...but Izzy had these cool riffs and the rest of the band would take it and make it this whole other thing and it’s hard to say….everybody…if you wanna say anybody was unsung than everybody was unsung…or everybody was sung. (laughs) But you know...Izzy rolled…super cool guy for sure. We all had our demons and faced them at different times and he had his in the midst of all that. And we all had em’ make no mistake. But it was how...you know, that’s a whole other story. I think it's pretty clear Duff wasn't downplaying Izzy's role. He was trying to say they were all of equal importance, which surely every GNR fan acknowledges?
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    Here's a shot I took at first night in London last year and never shared....
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    Good interview. Slash talks about a range of topics, including reconciling with Axl (30:12) and how great the NITL tour has been. No talk about GNR's future plans. Thanks @sidman69 for posting this on the GNR Central FB page.
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    So now we know when exactly Slash and Axl talked on the phone for the first time. Slash says he was in Peru. SMKC played in Peru on 9 March 2015, according to setlst.fm
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    Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎄 ☃️ 🎉 🎁 Just finished placing all my kids presents under the tree, and half way across my living room Hope everyone has a great day
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    Today was Christmas pt1 in my house. We had the kids and grandkids over for the day so there were our 6 plus 6 partners and 12 grandchildren and tons and tons of presents. We do this every Christmas Eve so all the little ones can open their presents from us altogether. Needless to say it was very chaotic but a lot of fun! Tomorrow we do it again with just us and the in-laws which is a lot quieter. I hope you all have fun and have a great day 🎄 🎅🏼 🎁 MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! xxx
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    First time I saw this... Awesome on so many levels..
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    Ron is actually a very kind and talented person. I think people who felt a 'passive-agressive' vibe towards the end of his tenure might have picked up on the incredible personal hardships he was going through around that time. He was involved in a serious car accident that left him with (temporary) changes to his personality and constant agonising pain. As part of his treatment for a time he used a significant amount of pain killers. Additionally, around that time he was diagnosed with (and has now fought off) cancer. That's a hell of a lot of stressors for any human being. Then add in that the scheduling was at times rather inconsiderate of his health issues, that he has been bullied when entering the band, that he gets the least guitar solos - can't be easy giving up solos to guys like Robin and DJ if you have his skills, that he'd already been in the band for 8 years and been through at least 3 tour cycles for Chinese Democracy and was now looking at having to wait until the other 1999 material (which STILL isn't out) was eventually finished and released and toured before he'd get a chance to write with the band. Meanwhile every second fan was hostile because he wasn't Slash or Bucket. I think a person could wake up one morning, realise Axl has spent 20 years with the same songs, and then realise that he has another album ready in the cue to spend the next 20 years on, and then realise that you'll be 80 before you get to anything actually new you could make with him. That's me talking not him. But he wouldn't be the first person to exit the band because of shear waste of potential and talent caused by the mismanagement. I'm sure he loved his time in GNR, and he loved the fans, but you factor the situation he was put in - together with his health issues that would have destroyed many people - and you can forgive the guy for coming off a little frustrated in the last few interviews before he left.
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    First of all this is about his front of house work... not what he does as a studio engineer/producer, so read the description. Second of all, listen to CD... that's a multi-layered record and he managed to fit everything in, you can hear every detail. I think that says something about the skill this guy has, also it's mixed / mastered at a reasonable volume, something most engineers weren't doing at the time.
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    I see Coldplay as just a background music type of band, like you don't really notice it. I see U2 as music for wankers.
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    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone on this forum. It's been quite the year, some good some bad. I am happy to have this forum to turn to not just in tough times but also in happiness and I look forward to the future and hopefully meeting some of you and traveling abroad to see some GnR shows. I'm kinda throwing darts right now to choose which show to see this year as I've never been out of the country, aside from Mexico and I'm really looking forward to doing some traveling and learning about different cultures. I don't really have any definitive resolutions because I hate letting myself down but if I had to say I think I would try to stop being so hard on myself, take things a little slower, make time for myself, save more money and give more money to those in need. And with that being said, my blessing to all of you is happiness, great health, less work/more money, more GnR shows and that your life gets better with each passing day.
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    Happy New Year ladies! Sorry I didn't give the heads up about the Slash interview, I forgot that not everyone automatically visits D&N, so here's the link for anyone else who comes along and wants to listen: I think it's really sweet how Slash refers to Axl as 'Ax'. My favourite part is at 32:12 when Slash is talking about how amazed he is that the tour happened at all - LOOK at his face. He cannot hold the grin back. Hearing these words from Slash, and seeing how obviously happy he is to be back with Axl and touring again, was just what I needed. I've been waiting a long time for a sign from one or the other that everything's OK between them, and I got it. Nice way to round off the year!
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    So I just passed my driving test this morning at 38 years old.