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    With all the negativity going on here, we should celebrate the upcoming European tour. I am counting the days and i just cant wait for it all to happen. Will be the best summer ever.
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    I dont think I can handle this from both keyboardists
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    the fact that they played highway to hell really amuses me for some reason. imagine it's 2003/2004 and someone says "in a little over a decade axl rose will have performed a reunion tour with slash, toured with ac/dc, and played highway to hell with billy joel at dodger stadium."
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    Axl is a Billy Joel fan, he guests at his concert because he admires the guy. Gets asked to sing HTH and Big Shot and that's weird and creepy and trying to take Brian Johnsons identity? It was just a couple of songs with another musician. Im glad Axl is out and about and interested in performing with other artists.
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    Hey guys, you may find this interesting, last week 95.5 KLOS mentioned Guns N' Roses should be announcing a show in Southern California soon, this morning they mentioned they will have a "Big Announcement" about Guns N' Roses next week. (I recorded the audio this time)
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    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me hundreds of times, you're a Guns N' Roses fan.
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    Then the word "icon" sure has lost lots of its meaning.
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    Melissa gets too much hate. If you dislike her position that's fair but it's not up to her the band requested a second keyboardist so don't take it out on her. She is very talented and adds to the live environment and quite honestly gets too much damn hate.
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    Please. New album. PLEASE. P.S. Brace yourself for a Melissa 'The Rock Icon' Reese designer watch!
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    Not gonna lie, I'll buy the hell out of some Axl Rose branded tequila.
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    I hope he uses this knife to cut all ties with GNR jk, I'm sorry, I just had to
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    Holy over reaction Batman! Just watched the video and there's absolutely nothing to be all bent out of shape over IMO.
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    This forum has a really weird obsession with weight. Axl is too fat... Melissa is too skinny... You all are never happy.
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    It's nice to see Axl doing this kind of stuff. I have to wonder if the relatively good press he's had the last few years, as well as the resolution with his ex-bandmembers, is changing his mindset a bit and making him feel a bit less guarded and wary of public appearances. It seems like he's in a better place and as a fan it's a really nice thing to see!
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    Really? I listened to all those terrible billy joel songs only for axl to be cut out of periscope. Its like hes bigfoot or something. Always blurry and no one can get a clear picture
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    I think people mistake honesty for negativity. Many of my posts could probably be viewed as negative. They're not negative for the sake of being negative though. They're just honest. I don't hold back my honest opinion just because others may see it as negative. Having said that, I'm happy as hell for those who haven't seen this tour yet and will get their chance this summer.
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    And I'll eat the same hat after he's passed it through his bowels if we ever get new studio recorded Axl vocals again.
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    No no no... they've got it all wrong. This is Guns N' Roses:
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    Fernando posted this photo 3 hours ago: https://instagram.com/p/BUDTM7il2o0/ then this one directly after: https://instagram.com/p/BUDW03yl3HU/ CSI:MYGNR in the meantime has figured out these pictures are from Dodger Stadium where Billy Joel is playing tonight. To make it even weirder, Duffs personal trainer has also posted a picture of Axls dressing room. Looks like we shall see what happens. As we know, this could be something, or nothing. Most times its nothing. ADMIN EDIT:
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    I will masturbate on open street if its a new single
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    Well according to that video, Guns started out as a trio!
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    hello, guys! i wanted to thank you all for your interest in 'winterblossom is dead'! it took me a little while to find the masters as i hadn't thought about that album in years! it was a nice stroll through memory lane, though, and it means a lot to me that you guys wanted to hear it again! just wanted to say thank you truly and sincerely!! -jt longoria ps- i'll be leaving it up for about another week (til friday may 26th) for anyone who'd still like it. if anyone has any problems buying the album (i know that not all outlets are available worldwide) just let me know through a personal message on this forum and i'll figure out a way to let you buy it! :-) https://kittyviolet.bandcamp.com/releases
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    Far from being a hired hand, guitarist Richard Fortus has become an indispensable part of the Gun N’ Roses line-up "I don’t think this band has ever sounded better than it does right now." Such a shame he wasn't a fan, he missed all the 80's and 90's gigs... "Axl has never sounded better." I love Axl and I'm definitely enjoying his performances on the NITL tour but, never sounded better? Sure, Richard... I like Richard but I like him a lot more when he's not talking. I did appreciate the comment about those who wait their moment to wank, though. Bumblefoot must be pleased
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    Just snapped this pic of Slash. Still can't get the nerve to ask him anything.
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    Great to see Axl doing such things. He for sure enjoyed it
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    Here's a better look at those drawings. I think they're really cute
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    Well... What do they expect when 100% of the band are sluts?
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    For you maybe. But its not about you.
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    Posting on the forum of a shit rock band.
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    The worst part about these videos and timeline is that they get me so damn hyped and they're super fucking exciting and cool and I think maybe, just maybe this is going to be something amazing- new music, new album, interviews. I almost feel like I'm at the edge of my seat and I can't damn wait until Wednesday. And then I remember this is Guns n' Roses.
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    On days like these i am so thankful that all of our heroes, the gnr ones, are still alive. It's shocking how quick something like this can happen. We better enjoy the time we still have with them
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    Update on Slash at Canter's: I'm sitting two tables away. Made eye contact with Slash (at least I think I did, who can tell underneath those fuckin sunglasses and all that FAKE hair (we all know you're bald Slash)). Just trying to get the nerve to ask him a question. I keep miming "BILLBOARD" but he just keeps laughing at me. I think we're about to become fast friends.
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    I know she is not but you see... right now at the Official Social Media Thread there is a post from Del about some Trump BS that has nothing to do with GNR and there's another post from Tommy Stinson who is a former member and no one cares about anymore These images from Susan are way much more interesting for a fan (at least one like me) than BS stuff from Del and Tommy. Just my opinion, though
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    Ladies and gentlemen, all it took was a quick message to the author of the video and viola! Here it is again after all these years! And its still just as funny as I remember! Thanks so much to Lena for creating the video and reuploading it at my request. Maybe I'm the only one who's day this makes but now that a reunion has already happened I find the video even funnier. Can't imagine the discussions didn't go like this:
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    Kennedy is on Trunk right now. Some guy called and asked when new stuff is getting done with Slash. All he said is that the Guns thing is huge and going so well that he doesn't know and then the subject was changed.
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    Horrible feelings today, Loved Chris and I am very sad. I know this sounds cliche or whatever but honestly if you need someone, please reach out to anyone. We all need to hold each other up at low points, we all deal with things differently. RIP Chris, you will always remind me of good times despite the horrible news. FUCK I feel bad for his family
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    Exclusive: The camera belongs to Izzy. AFD30th it's happening. Dear AltNation: you can copy and paste this, I won't get mad.
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    Awesome that Duff goes into these things with Axl...no matter the reason Axl has his friend with him for support, Duff isn't letting him disappear from his life again, and in the end this effort will make GNR a stronger band.
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    Guns N' Roses had become an absolute joke, Slash's return turned them into one of the biggest bands in the world again and they're playing huge stadiums all over the world like they used to do. I can't see how Slash fans could have their ego hurt. Regardless of the things he's done/accepted that I disagree with, I couldn't be prouder. He saved GNR. Slash wasn't the one who wanted to bury Appetite and said "not in this lifetime", was he? These days seem to be way harder for those who claimed Slash was mediocre, GNR was gonna be better without him and Robin Finck was gonna be bigger than him in GNR. Gotta admit it was a close call, though
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    It is so sad to read stuff like "since we didn't have a bass player and a lead guitarist, we had to call Duff & Slash" Lamest. band. ever.
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    Wow guys, I don't check this thread for a day or two and you're pulling new Izzy collaborations out of the sky, you guys are amazing!! On a different note, a while ago someone jumped at @Darkenchantress in the main section for saying Patience is an Izzy song. Well, I found a two year old comment by Tom Zutaut claiming Izzy wrote Patience all by himself (among a lot of comments about Chinese Democracy and how the original band was better than the new one ). To all the internet top commentators above, I still believe Chinese Democracy would have been well received if it had been an Axl Rose solo record. As the guy who discovered the band, signed the band and developed what would become AFD, I will agree with all of you that the original band had 4 great songwriters. Thus with all that songwriting power the original band was stronger. Axl was one of those 4. Over the 14 years it took to get "Chinese Democracy" out he had more time to write plenty of his big power ballads that are what he does best. "Don't Cry", "November Rain" and other ballads like these are what Axl on his own does best. These songs were intentionally left off of AFD to be recorded later for UYI. Thus "Chinese Democracy" had more of these Elton Johnish style ballads that Axl tends to write(even during the AFD days)than any previous GnR record. Add a little bit of Axl's admiration for Trent Rezner and you have an album that really isn't what a GnR fan would expect. I unsuccessfully lobbied Axl during the year(1 out of 14) that I was involved in the production of the record to call it an Axl Rose solo record but it was like trying to take a bone away from a vicious dog. I won't be receiving any cash from a reunion Todd Bryant, and Blake Owens, you are right as I did write that prior to the album coming out years later. I wrote it because I felt the article that was written in the business section of the NYT about "Chinese Democracy" a week earlier had missed a key point-being that no matter what your opinion of Axl is, regardless of his stubbornness and refusal to make it an Axl Rose solo record, he is a true artistic genius not now, nor ever motivated by money. While he may walk a fine line between genius and insanity, as many great musicians and artists do, he was and never will be motivated by money. While I think that most of the musicians playing in this new GnR are great musicians and they can play the songs well, I agree with most of you that the original band played with a fire from the soul that can't be recreated by anyone. Axl's biggest mistake with "Chinese Democracy"-was believing that these new members could write as well as Slash, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin. They could not…no matter how hard Axl tried to make their writing efforts better. What most of you probably don't realize is that Axl arranged, adapted and wrote most of the lyrics for the original GnR. I happen to know that Izzy wrote many songs almost in their totality. "Patience" would be a good example where Axl made no changes but sang exactly what Izzy wrote. Izzy played it for me in total in the kitchen at Rumbo while recording AFD on acoustic while singing the lyrics. What Axl didn't realize during "Chinese Democracy" was that the core song/riffs that the new guys gave him were not of the quality that Duff, Slash and Izzy gave him. So he toiled for 14 years trying to make them right…The best of the non Axl written songs on "Chinese Democracy" was the title track-written by the incredible world renowned drummer Josh Freese. I have to say I have a better mix of it in my personal collection from the year I was there than the one that finally came out. So Sara Kane and Alex Settle, I hope you both understand my view on songwriting and why I wrote that editorial years before the album finally came out. Wow, look at young Izzy in between John Lennon and Tom Petty
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    Don't remember if I already said this, but thanks for all your hardwork and your great finds, @Blackstar (and @triad!). I've been following this band since I was a kid basically and it's pretty amazing to finally know what all these people look like and to have some solid information instead of vague rumors and half-truths. I agree that Stuart looks a lot like his stepfather and that polo shirt guy in the blurry pics looks like that picture of young Stephen Bailey too. Shows how deceving appearance can be, I guess. I think @Whiskey Rose mentioned some timae ago that polo shirt guy looks like a nice, jocular fellow and I agree. No wonder he had an easy time getting away with what he did. -------- Anyway, new "mystery years" pic of Axl? 1995 or 1996 guessing by the way he looks. He's got such a sad puppy expression in this one, it's kind of heartbreaking. The picture above must have been taken on the same day as this one: And there's apparently even a kind of interesting story to go with it: ‘Axl strode into our guitar show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium with sort of a cocky, arrogant air about him. His entourage surrounded him and were clearing him a path through the crowd. Heather stepped between them, and asked Axl if he would take a picture with her. He didn’t even acknowledge that she was standing there and kept walking. Well, that didn’t sit too well with my little Cherokee bride (4’ 10" tall, 99 pounds). She reached out, grabbed him by the arm and said, “You get over here right now and take a picture with my daughter. Who do you think is responsible for your success? It’s your fans!” He said, “Yes, Ma'am”, and proceeded to pose with Heather.’ I don't really approve of these people's behavior, but it's kind of interesting to me that Axl will usually submit to elderly ladies or "mom types" scolding him or telling him what to do. There are a couple of stories like that and they always end in Axl doing what he is told, in a rather resigned way. Other random new-ish pics, like Slash pulling a funny face lol: And Axl being pretty: (Credit for all of this stuff basically goes to katyaani on Tumblr again)