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    Axl - Disappear into the Hollywood hills Duff - Write a new book or work on his fitness Slash - Work with the conspirators on a new record Frank - Await that phone call and go back on tour in between this binge watch box sets Melissa - Makeup hair and nails Richard - Spend time with family maybe get some new tattoos Dizzy - Sit at home making random noises on the sofa
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    Didn't see this here before. Just got it in recommendations on youtube
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    This is great, so funny! The girl with the ponytail is my kindred spirit Anyway, I'm just wondering how much TB paid to this little fella
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    LMAO thanks. I think you have just given birth to the "Victory Slash" meme
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    No it should. GNR is a two guitar band, those guitarist being Slash and Izzy.
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    We'll be back here next year with a bunch of new songs
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    Am I the only one that finds Adler annoying as shit?
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    Thank you Gibbo! I follow your YouTube channel and it kicks ass. Your content is probably the best quality and most sought after stuff that a fan could ask for, just thought I'd create this thread so that us fans could show our gratitude for all that you do and encourage you to continue your great work for all GN'R fans. (A bit gay I know, but oh well.)
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    I still wonder what is people trying to argue. Steven came to Argentina and was allowed to play only one song at each show. That is a disgusting thing to do and it's not up to discussion. It doesn't matter if that's the original arrengement or not, it's something disgusting to do to an old friend (and the fans, we were over the moon having Steven here and the band didn't care even when it meant no effort to let him play one more song each night at least). They had Angus Young (who I love but has NOTHING to do with GNR) playing two covers at three shows in a row but they couldn't let Steven play at least the two songs he had been playing with them at both shows. If you're ok with this, if you don't see how fucked up it is, then I'm sorry but you don't have a fucking heart. Ths is not about Steven being a saint as some people want to present it. As I already said, I'm a way bigger fan of Slash and Axl than of Steven but I love them despite the things they do wrong, I don't need to pretend they do everything perfect. And I'm not even talking about Steven playing a full show nor all his songs at the shows because that can be more complex and they might have reasons to not do that (which they're stupid enough to not explain and just give vague answers), I'm talking about letting the guy play the two songs everyone was expecting at both shows. There is no possible explanation for that that could make sense, it's horrible, it looks like trying to make it clear to Steven that he's not wanted. I was very pissed off and disappointed when Duff accepted to open for Axl's solo band with Loaded a few years ago. It was very similar to this, it was painful to see Duff being some sort of a bonus and then seeing a band using the name GNR with some random dude playing bass, playing Duff's stuff for 2-3 hours. It didn't make any sense and it was sad because Guns N' Roses is Duff's band, not Tommy Stinson's (and I love Tommy, not saying this against him). I mean, there are videos on YouTube titled "Guns N' Roses featuring Duff McKagan"!! What is that shit? There is no Guns N' Roses without motherfucking Duff McKagan!!! It was easier to accept Izzy's case because he seemed to be sort of disappeared and so it was nice to see him join Axl and play for his fans once again. It was weird and it was awkward and it was wrong but it was better than nothing. Duff's thing was more painful but he accepted it because he wanted to reconnect with Axl and it paid off (Axl said it wasn't the same guy as back in the day or something like that and here he is now). Now Steven's case, he just couldn't win, he was never given a real chance of anything. He was silent for the whole year, he practiced as much as possible, showed up at every gig he was invited and it made no difference. He did it because he NEEDED to do it and he probably felt/thought things could get better with time. Eventually he ended up putting an end to his participation when he finally realized that there was nothing else coming for him, that he was gonna be a wildcard showing up once in a while to play the same two songs while some random dude who has nothing to do with GNR was there playing HIS SONGS. And thank God I didn't have to see Slash guesting in GNR, standing on the side watching Dj or Finck butchering his songs, otherwise I would have probably jumped off a bridge. Maybe I should have taken the easy road and pretend Axl Rose is Guns N' Roses and who else is in the band is irrelevant but I can't, I happen to love this band, not just one man, one of the five members. The band with its spirit and sound and style and image and attitude. Anyway, it doesn't matter if the casuals don't care and it doesn't matter if the band don't honor it, there are five guys who created this band, made it work and changed the lives of thousands of people. Steven's place in GNR's history can't be taken away and that warms my heart, especially when I have to see so many people unnecessarily trying to put him down for no reason. SLASH + IZZY + AXL + STEVEN + DUFF = GUNS N' ROSES
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    If you are a fan of GNR there is no logical reason you dont support Izzy. The dude wrote so many of the tunes we love, he was the coolest member, he started the band with Axl... Come on. Who gives a fuck if he left? Its a good thing he did. Id have left to. It was for his well being. Its a straw mans argument for Axl nutters now, bringing up a scenario that happened over 2 decades ago. That argument is instantly thrown out the window when you consider Slash and Duff (probably rightfully so) quit, as well
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    I hope the candles on your birthday cake are LIT, Melissa! I'll see myself out.
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    I started writing this post hoping that there wouldn't be 20 more replies related to the subject to catch up before I finished it . In the meantime the thread took another turn and and the very interesting discussion on why Axl is criticized for his looks (and for his public image in general, I’d add) stopped . Anyway, my two cents on the subject: In my opinion the criticism is due to a combination of interrelated reasons, one of them being the “gender factor” brought up by @sanity_lost. I think her post was very much on point. It’s true that Axl is objectified in a way usually women are. @Frey and @Lumikki made also some great points about why it’s happening. @killuridols is not wrong in that Axl had a macho male following (although that was about GnR as a whole, since it was a hard rock band and this genre has been traditionally macho, plus the lyrics etc), but, as I was there too in the late 80s-early 90s and I remember, when Axl changed his looks and some other things in the band (mainly the introduction of the piano) during the Illusions era, a part of the male fanbase was somehow “confused” and/or alienated. GnR may have continued to be featured in genre music magazines and Axl may have not been considered a gay icon like Prince, but there was a vibe among hard rock fans that GnR had become a soft band for girls; I remember someone from Metallica (Hetfield probably) bragging that they had won over the male crowd during the tour with GnR and saying mockingly that there were a lot of girls at the shows for GnR. We can see it in this forum too; there have been quite a few posts by male members saying that Axl’s outfits (especially the shorts) were “embarrassing” for a rock ‘n’ roll band – one even said that Axl’s piano songs are “sissy”. In regards to how Axl has been perceived by the general public: I agree with @Frey that there are many people calling him a “fag” etc. and I too have noticed what @Lumikki said about AC/DC fans. And this is not about Axl’s current image; I’ve seen comments under videos from old performances on youtube, and gifs of Axl dancing in his shorts posted in the AC/DC forum to point out that he doesn’t fit and he’s a “disgrace” for a band like AC/DC and also to compare him to the “masculine” Brian Johnson. As for Axl’s behaviors (the aggressiveness, the tantrums), I think that they were mostly seen as acts of a spoiled rockstar/Hollywood diva regardless of sex/gender. ---- Another reason, that doesn’t have much to do with the gender factor and it has to do with the sort of criticism towards Axl as a public figure in general and not just his appearance, is that, in my opinion, Axl is sort of dehumanized by the fans and the general public. It’s a thing that people tend to do with some celebrities and think they can say what they want about them, judge their life, their looks etc with no limits. It’s something I’ve noticed in all the public talk about him. Sometimes it feels like even us here are “analyzing” him like we’d do if he was a fictional character in a novel, a movie or a TV series, not a real life human being. Although Axl was direct and open about his feelings, he’s had this rockstar persona which, combined with his adventurous life, the mystery around him when he disappeared from the public eye, and of course his beauty, caused him to be subconsciously perceived as a kind of mythical figure that is not “allowed” to grow old, gain weight and change in general. I don’t know if I’m making any sense with all this, but I’ve been thinking it also in comparison to the Izzy thread: how respectful the ladies and the guys there are to Izzy and how concerned they are not to cross the line by posting anything inappropriate that might be upsetting to him. It could be argued that Izzy has earned the respect by keeping his life private and with his general behavior (whereas Axl in the past had put a big part of his personal life in display). But then, we have the recent example of Steven, for whom I think it can rightfully be said that he has made his bed at least as much as Axl has made his in this regard (he went in a fucking reality rehab show): people here reacted when the brain damage speculation was brought up as it was seen as disrespectful and diminishing to Steven as a human being, while it’s considered okay to say anything about Axl, his mental health, his looks etc. And another thing is, I think, that the relationship between Axl and a part of his fans is an unhealthy one – I guess like many of Axl’s relationships, but, in this case, it’s on both his and the fans’ part. Fandom in general may have some very fucked up aspects, like idolization/idealization, a sense of “ownership”, projection of one’s wishes/fantasies to their idols, etc. I’d say that some of Axl’s personality traits are reflected to the fans. Axl, perceived as a larger-than-life rockstar with all the “package” (including his looks) that his public persona consisted of (as @solstar described it), had a lot of power over the crowds and the fans (I remember a fan from the St. Louis riot show saying it). At first he liked it, then he saw it as a war between him and the fans. The fans were attracted by this persona, but in its ideal form; they saw in Axl what they wanted to be: a combination of beauty, uncompromising spirit, great performance ability and musical genius for some... and they expected him to be and behave according to this ideal image, like they owned him: “you are what you are because of us and you’ll be what we expect you to”; that Stump guy from St. Louis was a characteristic example: after the trial he asked Axl for his autograph, Axl told him “are you crazy?” and he said “I’m a fan, I put you up there and I’m entitled to it”. They wanted him to be wild, but in their own terms and not towards them (their “hero” can’t stop shows for things being thrown at him, he should stay there and take it). And when Axl disappointed them, they started devaluating him and “throwing stones” at him. And this love/hate thing continues to this day. ----------- EDIT: I hope that other members contribute to this discussion. I'm sure they have interesting things to say.
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    Very cool Izzy.. This reunion would have been a lot cooler if you were apart of it. The chemistry between you and Slash in my opinion is unmatched! Bought tickets to the Vegas shows hoping you would of been on the stage. Never say never with this band. Hope to see you up there jamming with the boys again before it is too late. Before too much "Time Gone By"!! You look like a total douche spamming, trolling and ruining such a positive thread...
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    Those "Arabs" made it possible for you to see Guns N' Roses. Stop nagging about transportation as it wasn't the best one when I was in Moenchengladbach, Germany and London shows. Enjoy your stay in one of the most advanced cities in the world and be respectful to locals that you're visiting their great land. Hopefully we "Arabs" will get the same hospitality when we visit your country (I doubt so). Also your english needs improvement. "shouldn't be aloud*" correct: allowed. btw me and my gang made it to the official instagram:
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    Let's make a seperate thread - The Melissa Reese Official Social Media Update - so that whoever wants to see the dark, little, rad angel can spend there whole days and the rest may never open it...
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    This is what will really happen Axl will move his ass into Taco Bell, where he will be watching Netflix (with intelligent models by his side, of course) and reading this forum to get into the right ranting mood for the next leg. Beta will buy him a new collection of hats - the rule is simple, the uglier, the better. He may find his Twitter password and tweet something like "". He will also be polishing his guitar necklace thinking of grandpa Angus and good ol' days when he was touring with ACDC. Slash will practice a headstand (with Duff-the-yoga-man's help), that will later become a hatstand. He will finaly reply to one of Myles's 687 desperate phone calls and invite him for a dinner just to tell him that soon is the word. Duff will write a new book, the title will be "How to tour with TB and survive - rock yoga for beginners", he will do an interview in Zen TV sporting his new One Direction shirt and will try to convince Axl and Slash to go fully vegan. (Axl and Slash will be later spotten running hand in hand into the nearest fast food) Fortus will make his own clothing collection, his delicate fashion sense will be highly praised by many and he will design a new GNR cross, replacing Izzy's skull with his just to show that he is better than the old one. Frank will buy the new book by Steven's mother (by which he will double the number of books sold). He will also start dancing with Mr. Brownstone just to know how to get the song right. And he will get a new pair of striped pants. Melissa will live her dope instagram life, coz dat iz lid, broyo and I srsly luv dat. #tourlife #whyme #nomakeup #youngatheart #wut Dizzy will try to sneak into ACDC with his piano which will cause a heart attack in the whole ACDC community. This will finally help him to be noticed by many people. Izzy will release 4 new albums, out of which 2 will be passive-aggressive, and of course, nothing to do with GNR. He will form a new band with Sorum, Pitman, Gilby and they will go on a successful club tour. Izzy won't split the loot. Steven will become a new TV star. He will be touring the world with his mom and his Buenos Aires story, which will be a base for a new TV series with a possible spin off featuring Eddie Trunk. This forum will merge with ACDC fan forum, since there will be the same lead singer in both band. 46 new set list threads will appear, as well as 15 threads about Axl's looks, 20 threads about Steven and 2 threads dedicated to Melissa's social media posts. And finally, I will be waiting for the European leg, thinking of the strategy to win the best spot and hoping that nothing of what I've just written will actually happen.
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    C'mon guys when he started My Michelle he started after greeting the public. Slash had already changed his guitar,Axl was already in the dressing room switching the clothes to the Layla and NR part. He started play that tune without talk to anybody and It´s not that way, the lights guy, the teleprompter guy and the whole band were not warned about it. I was there! He started play that on his own. If you want to continue to blame Axl or the three bastards, that's fine, it's already become cultural here. But Adler started playing without the band knowing about it. Seriously, too much drama about it!
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    No profit in signing a band that doesn't seem to want to release product for fans to buy
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    Some posters seem to make it their mission to fuck up every thread with their negativity. That's what bothers me. If I see a post by certain posters, I already know what it will say, because it's ALWAYS the same. It doesn't matter which thread it is. Always the same mantra: no new music, no Izzy, no Steven... It's just really offputting. I know you don't like it. I guess that will never change though. It used to be that way with Slash fans. Now Slash is there and lo and behold, lots of posters who registered after the announcement of the return of Duff and Slash, are complaining in every thread about no Izzy, no Steven. Me personally, I can't waste my time bitching about things I don't like all the time. (I only do it now and then ) Of course I don't have a problem with people who don't like this version of GNR or whatever, but I don't need them telling me that five times a day, so to speak. This is a thread about RIR, but it could be any thread, frankly, because it's always the same whining. On topic then: I like that they do Rock in Rio. It's a huge event with a special meaning for GNR and the fans (I know, I know, RIR disaster, but yeah, 1991), so frankly I don't see anything wrong with that at all. Let's hope it all goes well and we'll be able to enjoy some nice proshot material
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    I liked how the one kid reacted when he saw a picture of Slash. "He has a cigarette in his mouth. That's bad for you bro"
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    Hey all someone posted this to the facebook group " #GnFnR Fanspot #NotInThisLifeTime " and I thought it was interesting and wanted YOUR thoughts on it! Here is the post: Remco Ver Chinese Democracy in 1988?! What sounds like a @slash guitar intro from one of the recent shows, is actually the introduction solo to Welcome to the Jungle from the Tokyo December 10th, 1988 show! Discovered it recently, but this really sounds like the opening riff of Chinese Democracy to me. please take a listen. In the second video you see it's from my copy of the Japanese bootleg "Grapes of Wrath". What do you think? https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ82dnmA4s_/ Well what do you all think? Does it sound like Chinese Democracy to you? Fact check: here is the bootleg recording of the show to compare and prove its there: All credit to Remco Ver
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    Will play 'The Seeker' three times, third time with The Who as special guests
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    No, I have never been to California but one GNR fan we all know once broadcasted live and direct from the streets of Los Angeles and I was surprised how bad some parts looked The topic of the hygiene in major cities is an issue everywhere but some places have succeeded more than others and my conclusion is that it all begins with education, especially teaching the kids how to take care of environment and adults, insisting with ads, campaigns and maybe more rewards than punishment (comes to my mind the recycle programs they have in Germany or Belgium). --- You wanna see pictures of Argentina? Wow. Ok. Really hard task since our country is laaaarge and wiiiide and we've got various different types of weather. Not only that, our extensive territory has it all: big cities, small ones, sea, lakes, mountains, beaches, forests, glaciers, falls, dessert.... So I think I could only show you a glimpse of it for you to get an idea. Let me find some photos.... These are the most important cities/places that are also considered a touristic spot for anyone who wants to explore the country: Buenos Aires - The capital of Argentina Santa Fe city and Rosario - Santa Fe province Córdoba city - Mediterranean province Mendoza city - to the West, close to Chile Iguazú Falls - to the East, Misiones province Here comes our famous Patagonia, to the south. This is a city called San Martin de los Andes, in the Neuquén province: Another popular touristic spot, the city of Bariloche, in the Río Negro province: Glacier Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz province A major touristic attraction is when the glacier breaks... And last, but not least... Ushuaia, a.k.a. "end of the world", a small city at the tail of the country, in the province called Tierra Del Fuego: I hope that kind of helped...
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    The stairs and Frank is CLEARLY a joke, but there are so many people with either lack of humor or enough neurons to interpret a message that it is expected for them not to get it. He didn't use the words "fed up" so stop making lies about that. He only said he didn't like playing just one song, so he decided to quit the thing. Describing a series of events does not equal talking shit.
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    I'm so excited i can't even. OMG! He is the best!
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    Slash's handstands are the new Seeker - they're here to stay
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    looks like Slash just read he wrote the Chi dem riff.
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    He lived in the Sunset Towers, the 11th floor, if I remember correctly. The street Above Tower records. My good friend and her husband were two doors down...his front door was a mess, but other than that they had no complaints and rarely saw him...this was 1990-1991. I worked at a store for a few years on Wilshire in Beverly Hills, and saw him a few times because he was buying his Grandma a fur coat, he told the sales person he always said he would buy her a fur when he got famous. Those were the days when the day after Thanksgiving, PETA would line the streets of BH and threaten to throw fake blood on fur wearers (a side note).
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    Guy practically invented GNR. Without him, there wouldn't be a band for you to follow. I admire that he stuck to his GUNS (AND ROSES) and fought to be equal. He deserves to be. You and I should set up an old style cage fight. You as Axl, me as Izzy. I'll leave you high and dry right when the match has reached its peak and you'll destroy yourself with your own delusions. Then you'll shack up with a guy who eats KFC.
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    You guys can't give it a rest even when Izzy's being nice to you?? ...I just can't.
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    The Who are legends. I cannot fathom people bitching about seeing GnR n The Who on one stage. Legends both. The Seeker is a great song, GnR plays it fuckin great, and it obviously means something to Axl. Either I'm too old, or a lotta motherfuckers are too young to understand.
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    Alright, here is my proper review of the show: arrived at around 5.20 at the venue. No traffic at all to get there, so I guess a good choice to come early. Grabbed some food and beer and went to the fan pit. Just sat and and enjoyed the atmosphere. Chatted with some fellow fans. There were more 'fans' than I expected. I had expected more random concert goers. Opening act was OK. They tried to interact with the crowd which I liked. Not very special but not bad. Then the countdown began. At like 9.05 they ripped into ISE and from then onwards it was just perfect. So much energy in this band, and to me it seemed they (especially Axl) had a really good time on stage. I noticed a lot of times interaction between Slash and Fortus and also between Duff and Frank. To me it seemed like Axl really was on fire, and everyone around me was very excited. I particularly liked the performances of DTJ and Civil War. I have seen Guns in 1993 but was a kid back then. Also saw Nugnr in 2006, 2010 and 2012. This show in Dubai was, to me, far better than 06, 10 or 12. It was crazy! After the show was finished, I rushed to get into one of the shuttle buses to embark on the hellish way out of there. Took like 2.30 hours to get back to my hotel. Anyway it could not spoil the night. To add my opinion about the setlist: this was my first show since the 3 are back together, I know they usually do about the same setlist. But being at the show itself as the only show you attend, I thought the setlist was great. So I would guess they will keep it like this in Europe, as it will be the first shows in Europe as well. I would not keep my hopes up for big setlist changes until after the European tour. And it's fine with me. I have a few pics and videos but dont know how to upload them. The videos are just parts of songs ( as I was too busy enjoying the show rather than filming it), but the sound turned out nicely. Anyway that's it. Great night it was!
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    Only twice? No way: ROCK IN RIO: THE SEEKER EDITION They'll be dancing with Mr. Seeker Sweet Seeker O' Mine Welcome to the Seeker Rocket Seeker Live and Let me sing the fucking Seeker Seeker I Love Wish you were here Seeker November Seeker Used to Love Seeker Nice Boys don't play the Seeker Whole Lotta Seeker All we need is just a little Seeker GIMME SOME SEEKER I can go on forever
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    Izzy has had a consistent band since 1995. Rick has played with him since 1992, Taz since 1995. That is the core lineup of Izzys band. Duff jumped in to play bass on 117 Degrees in 1995, with JT and Duff sharing bass duties since 2003. As for your working musicians comment, I'll just leave this here: Izzy may not tour his solo material regularly but he's still appeared live plenty of times throughout the years (with Adlers Appetite, Slash's Snakepit, NuGNR, Velvet Revolver, Aerosmith, BB King/Bo Diddley, solo tour of Japan 2000, and his world tour with the Ju Ju's in 92/93.). What were the Big 3 actually doing during all those years whilst Izzy was regularly writing, recording and releasing original music? The only thing Izzy hasn't really done is press. He did a bit with the release of Ju Ju Hounds, and some magazine interviews for the release of River, but since 2005 he has pretty much gone "direct to fans" online and he's not spoken to media outlets.... which Adler is currently being assassinated for, and GNR 2017 is purposely avoiding? Im not trying to be argumentative, I just genuinely don't understand why the "Big 3" is even a thing? It's f'n bullshit in my opinion. Prior to Slash/Duff returning Axl was doing residencies in Vegas and playing in bowling alleys - have you all forgotten that? He wasn't selling out stadiums, nor were Slash and Duff.... the multi-million dollar brand name "Guns N Roses" is now selling out stadiums, but that's thanks to their nostalgic marketing using the old logo, social media posts featuring the songs Izzy helped create, and the mainstream media incorrectly labelling it a "reunion" which GNR obviously didn't want to correct. GNR wouldn't even confirm the lineup prior to the Troubadour show, which forced Izzy to join Twitter just to shoot down the rumors that he was involved (which people like Alan Niven, MSL and others were feeding to the press at the time). I learnt a long long time ago who the real rock star was in Guns N Roses..... and it wasn't the Guitar Hero™ or the singer They're all f'n awesome and I love their music, I just think Izzy (and Adler) are getting really f'n burnt here (based on the scraps of info we have).
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    So they are co-headlining with The Who. I'm not sure why people are excited, it's gonna be the same fucking show.
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    Review of Dubai Concert I had a Fan Pit ticket which was right next to the stage so got there early at 4:15 PM. Even though I was coming from a different city, I didn't encounter any traffic and went straight in by the stage and sat/stood there until the band showed up. Opening act wasn't that great and everyone was just waiting for Guns n Roses to appear. I had a look at the Merch section but didn't really find anything nice as compared to Japan/Singapore. Finally GnR appeared on stage at 9:05 PM and killed it till 12:00 AM. This was my first time seeing them live and the energy Axl had was unbelievable. Crowd interaction, snake dance, and the voice was on point. Songs with unbelievable energy were My Michelle, Night Train and The Seeker. I was lucky to take some good shots from the front row. Getting out was a hassle as it took me 2.5 hrs to leave the arena and the area. It was only then I realized that a lot of people got to miss the show as they were stuck in traffic (Thank God I went in early and waited there instead of getting stuck in traffic) Here are some images from the show.
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    I'm guessing that the Appetite 5 will rent a storage unit directly under that billboard in Los Angeles and move right into it. Three months of co-habitation should result in new attitudes, new music and new drug habits. #GnFnR bitches!
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    Okay, since discussion has long departed from the original topic and devolved into a snipe-fest, we're going to lock this baby up. It's great Izzy recognized the love and support many fans have expressed at this forum. It's a rarity we get a shout out so it's special when it happens. A big thanks to Izzy and to all who expressed their support.
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    Good idea, if that means we get rid of the endless bitching about her that always ensues after everytime someone reposts one of her pictures/posts.