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    Yous guys are gonna will death onto Axl Rose, why don't you leave that poor fucker alone and let him do his job 'well, he sounds a litttttttttttle different today!', EVERYONE sounds a little different every fuckin' day, thats the way the human race/ the human body etc works, it's about envoirnment, diet, lifestyle etc etc, every guitarist doesn't play the same everyday, every singer especially doesn't sing the same every day, thats the way the cookie crumbles, just fuckin' enjoy what you got cuz 10 years ago it was hard to see that mad fat ginger cunt out in broad daylight, much less back and gigging with the people (or some of the people) everyone wanted him to be with.
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    I dont think I can handle this from both keyboardists
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    Or maybe he is just aging. Famous people do get old too you know? Is not 1992 anymore. I think that obviously Axl is not in his prime, but he stil puts a great show and way better than most singers.
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    - Who is she? - She is your second keyboardist - WTF, SECOND?
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    Anyone remember that day like it was yesterday? By then, we knew GNR would be playing two headlining shows in Vegas the following weekend, followed by two shows in Mexico City, AND headlining Coachella. Many hoped the first show with a reunited Axl and Slash would happen in Vegas, but it was not to be. I remember staying up till like 6 in the morning central time to see what all the fuss was about. By the time i woke up in the afternoon, 200 people had been selected to see a Reunited Axl, Slash, and Duff play the Troubadour THAT night. In retrospect, was this a good move for a newly reunited Axl and Slash, or has it pissed anyone off that we have 5 good black and white photos from that night and about 9 minutes of video thanks to the no cellphone policy that was strictly enforced? Does the mystery and significance of the whole ordeal make you realize that sometimes even the most hard headed band can still keep you on your toes and surprise you, or are you jealous that you live no where near California? This was also the show that would put Axl in a cast/wheel chair/throne for the first 6 GNR shows, and his first run with Axl/DC.... I thought it would be fun to talk about now that its been a year and i feel like most people have totally forgotten that it even happened. Wether you were actually their or not, I think this show was really something special and set the tone for a pretty amazing 2016 for all things Guns. This was a special moment in time that only comes around every so often, and totally brought us as a community together to show our love for the best band in the world! (minus those that were hoping to see the first show in Vegas ) Oh, and um who can forget about this guy who snuck into the show as part of Nic Cage's entourage: https://www.facebook.com/notes/anthony-knasas/how-i-snuck-into-guns-n-roses-at-the-troubadour-on-april-1st-2016/10153878621960862/
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    Cleaned up the thread some. MADDOGJONES will be taking a week off from the forum.
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    OK, the new Music Challenge starts - and it's gonna be loooong! * You can start whenever you like. * I'm opening it with the 80-days long list for now just to start, but we can discuss it as we post our picks if we want to go with smaller challenges instead (and I'll modify the list and the title if necessary) Please let's try to limit ourselves to one song per day... Also: if we want to appreciate or comment on another member's pick, let's try to do it without quoting it, because it's gonna be a looong thread anyway The MyGnR Music Challenge Day 1: A song you like with a place name (country/city/whatever) in the title Day 2: A song that reminds you of your best friend Day 3: A favourite song from a movie (theme or just heard in the movie - name the movie too) Day 4: A song that reminds you of your first love Day 5: A song that you hate to admit you like/a guilty pleasure song Day 6: One of your favourite live performances of a song Day 7: A song to wake up to Day 8: A song that makes you fall asleep Day 9: A song you like with a day/part of day/month/season etc. name in the title Day 10: A song that was performed in the first concert you’ve been to Day 11: One of your favourite 60s songs Day 12: A song about working or jobs Day 13: One of the worst songs you've ever heard Day 14: A song that you want to play really loud when you are pissed off Day 15: The song that you consider the best revenge song Day 16: A song that helps you decide to ignore societal and social norms Day 17: A song with an awesome guitar riff Day 18: A song with a beautiful piano in it Day 19: A song with another great musical instrument part in it (bass, strings, horns, percussion etc) you love Day 20: A song you would play at a party to get the mood up for better Day 21: A song you would play at a party to end it and get the people out Day 22: A song that reminds you of an important political or social event during your lifetime Day 23: A song by an artist/band from your country/region Day 24: A song that puts you in a sexy mood Day 25: An instrumental (no lyrics) piece you like Day 26: A song that reminds you of a loved-one no longer living Day 27: A song that you enjoy playing (with any instrument) or you'd want to learn how to Day 28: If you were locked up somewhere for an indefinite period of time and you were allowed to listen to only one song of your choice, which would that be? Day 29: A song that makes you feel hopeful that humanity can build a more just and healthy future Day 30: A song you used to really love, but now can't stand to hear Day 31: A song you didn’t like much at first but now love Day 32: A song you'd want to sing to your kids Day 33: One of your favourite 80s songs Day 34: Your favourite funny song or song parody Day 35: A song with a medium of transportation in the title Day 36: A song from a band you got introduced to by your parents Day 37: A creepy/scary song (or a Halloween song) Day 38: A song that you would have loved to write yourself Day 39: A song that makes you question/rebel against authority Day 40: Your "last wish" song / the song that you'd want to hear before you die Day 41: A song with a celestial body (sun, moon, stars, planets etc) in the title Day 42: A song that reminds you of your favourite holidays Day 43: A song about cheating on your significant other Day 44: A song that can console you in bad times Day 45: A song with the worst lyrics ever Day 46: A song that tells a story Day 47: A song about someone's best body part Day 48: A song that calms you down when you’re angry Day 49: A song that all or part of its words are not in English Day 50: A song you like by an artist you normally would not listen to Day 51: A song that an older member of your family loves/loved Day 52: A song that gets stuck in your head all day if you hear it and you wish you could get it out Day 53: A song with a weather condition in the title Day 54: A song that makes you think about injustice in life/in the world Day 55: A song by a band or collaboration two or more members of which are from the same family Day 56: A song from a "one hit wonder" band/artist you like Day 57: A song that you hate for some reason, although it's liked by many people or generally considered "good" Day 58: A song about loneliness Day 59: A song you'd want to hear a cover of by one of your favorite bands (name both) Day 60: A song that sounds like freedom to you Day 61: A song you like from a TV show (theme song or just heard in the show - name the show too) Day 62: A song you like to sing loud along to Day 63: A song that was performed in the last concert you’ve been to Day 64: A song that reminds you of your family Day 65: A song about the rough times in life Day 66: A non rock song you like Day 67: A song that in your opinion contains one of the big truths about life Day 68: A song that you absolutely can't stand Day 69: A song that reminds you of someone you haven't seen in a long time Day 70: A song that you first heard on a TV commercial Day 71: A song you like from the pre rock 'n' roll era Day 72: A song about jealousy Day 73: A song that reminds you of a journey you want to take Day 74: A song you like with an animal in the title Day 75: One of your favourite 90s songs Day 76: A song with food in the title or about food in general Day 77: A song related to a holiday (Christmas or other) that you like Day 78: A song which you'd like people to remember you by Day 79: A song that makes you feel like queen/king of the world Day 80: A song that describes the best dysfunctional band in the world @Tori72, @MillionsOfSpiders, @janrichmond, @Kris_1989, @J Dog, @soon, @AxlsFavoriteRose, @solstar, @melina i, @Andy14, @Darkenchantress, @lilacmess, @Lio, @dcon @EricA, @NicDwolfwood, @Slash, @bucketfoot, @Archtop, @Jane M., @cqleonardo, @Epson, @BlueJean Baby, @Rocketqueen76, @Ubukitty, @marlingrl03, @BorderlineCrazy, @Whiskey Rose, @Italian girl, @Sekh-met, @dgnr, @Fansince88, @Sosso, @triad, @xBrownstonex, @frenchie87, @int8, @jettesnel, @Silent Jay, @Lumikki, @killuridols and whoever else would like to join!... maybe @Oldest Goat, @Rovim, @Fitha_whiskey, @Len Cnut....?
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    Gilby hands down... He seamlessly filled a giant void that Izzy left He had no ego and didn't act like a knob He didn't act like a buffoon on stage and knew his role His playing style fit perfectly and played the songs closer to their true form than anyone since His backing vocals are criminally underrated.. They came in huge during the Skin N' Bones acoustic sets Too bad he didn't stick around because he has some writing skills too. I guess Matt after that.. He is kind of a tool but giving the situation we have now, it seems his drumming was under appreciated..
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    Pretend to be Fernando and ask casually if Axl left his jacket there or not as he's asked you to pick it up for him.
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    Yes i fucked up, it was actually a smoke signal from atop a hill.
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    Im going to start by saying that, overall, I am very happy. One user summed it up best- I got to see Guns N Roses. That, to me, is the most important part of all of this and my time as a fan. Sure, I loved the 2010-2012 shows and really like CD, but that isnt the same band. The Guns N Roses most of us are attached to ceased to really exist for fans after 1993 when they played their last show. I am a younger fan and I never thought Id get the chance to see at least Axl and Slash stare a stage; so to say I saw Axl, Slash, and Duff perform together several times is pretty awesome and special to me. For more positives, I think the quality of the shows have been stellar. Vegas was an increadible time and the reunion brought us the greatest GNR related get together, ever. I am so glad I was a part of it and those first shows were such a roller coaster. Looking back, I still think they were quite good, but the band really amped up their performance on the North American stadium run. I admittedly havent been keeoing up with them much after the NA run (it is basically the same show) but holy shit, do I think they were amazing on the shows I saw and kept up with last year. Despite what some people think, I think Axl did a great job. I even saw him in 2010 and think his mood was much improved and his energy levels were higher on that stadium run. His voice has also been impressive to me. The 3 shows I caught from Vegas to Chicago were each extremely special. They also really prove just how vital Slash is to Guns N Roses. The guy has been on another level for the reunion. His playing is the best its ever been and his tone is great. Seeing Duff hold down the fort has also been really cool. I also think the setlist is pretty good. Sure, Id love more variety. For example, I saw the second Chicago gig and it was identical to the first. They could have easily played at least a few alternative cuts. As a standalone set, though its got a lot going for it. Deep cuts like Coma amd DTJ, favorites like Estranged, all the old stand-bys, and a few covers and ChiDem songs. I initially was against them doing Chinese songs, but now I think the title track, TiL, and Better are highlights because they sound so good. Now for some negatives- The biggest negative is the exclusion of Izzy and Steven as full time members. This is a huge downer, in my opinion. A reunion is essentially a fresh start. It doesnt matter what happened in the past, I think they should all been at least given a chance. I dont have an issue with Frank and Richard. I even like them, and would have been fine with them in a supporting role (which is what they essentially are now, anyways). This tour IS a nostalgia tour. I think thats fine, they've earned that and no one has seen GNR really play in 20+ years. However, if its going to be a nostalgia tour might as well get it right and get the entire band on board, at least for the Appetite songs. A reunion was always bound to leave some people behind, it just sucks those people are Izzy and Steven. I also think its time we can chalk the lack of media presence and information as being a negative. At first the mystery lent to the excitement, but now it does kinda reek of "cash grab" (especially when that is combined with Izzy and Steven's alleged treatment). Some information would have been nice and ONE interview/press conference with Axl and Slash would have gone a long way. At the end of the day, I guess it doesnt matter a ton if its a cash grab or not as long as the shows are good, but it would be nice to think theyre getting along. Little things like that pic of the 3 of them hanging out at one of Axls ACDC shows was cool for me. Having them actually get along also bodes well for new material in the future. There are a few things I am uncertain about. What happens after Not In This Lifetime will obviously be telling for all of us. Having new music this tour would have been unreal, but I think the nostalgia route for the first big tour is fine... even appropriate. They hit the ground running with this thing. In fact, it seems Axl reached out to Slash for the purpose of reuniting the band. If they finish this tour and continue in the future with more nostalgia tours, I will complain about new music then. NITL is huge and for thousands, their first show is still to come and their excitement is like those of us who saw the reunion early. Its easy to complain about the set from home, and I am admittedly guilty of it, but most people dont see the same tour twice, let alone more than that. So yeah, they could stop after this or do nostalgia tours forever. (Which would be a huge bummer) but Id still be very happy with my 3 shows and experiences last year. In typical GNR fashion, they didnt do the reunion perfectly, but Ill take what I get. I dont feel the need to travel to see them again, but Id see them nearby in a heartyear and I hope for at least a quality Bluray/DVD/Live Album in the next year. TLDR- Im very happy but its not perfect
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    This is from the local Lafayette newspaper archive (Dec. 1961). After some thought I decided that it's ok to share it, since there are already other pictures of Axl's family around the internet (and this one is on the public domain anyway). The similarity is striking, isn't it...
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    It does amaze me that Axl's judged and slammed for every single aspect of his life, but the same doesn't hold true for the others. Izzy's spent most of the past 20 years out of the spotlight but he's never excoriated for staying out of the spotlight or not performing a lot. Steven's been to jail for beating up women, was high on national TV, whines in the press like a four year old, and left his entire band in Europe without a way to get home, but he's a saint. Duff and Slash have had such issues with substance abuse that they've permanently damaged various organs of their bodies. Slash has also had a little DV stuff IIRC. Every single one of them has had music projects that were not as successful - and Velvet Revolver apparently was a dramafest with the lead singer. Every single one of them has had relationship issues of one stripe or another, divorces, remarriages, whatever. And yet, they all walk on water, apparently, and every thing they have done in the last 20 years is considered awesome. And meanwhile Axl's some sort of super villain who is responsible for everything that's ever gone wrong, ever. He's supposed to have lived his life the way everyone else in the damn world wants him to, made the amount of music everyone else wants, run his band, his management and his personal life the way everyone else thinks he should, and every misstep the guy's ever made is under a microscope. God forbid he's just as human as the rest of them and lives his life the way HE sees fit.
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    Why everything within this band must always be so conflictive? and how come nobody, not even people working for them, can ever get a straight answer? LMAO So stupid.
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    Elton John Never Felt That Eminem or Axl Rose Were Homophobic March 23, 2017 Earlier today, Zane Lowe interviewed Elton John for a special Beats 1 broadcast ahead of his 70th birthday this Saturday. Within the in-depth interview Elton talked about everything from his music career to his relationship with David, his children, the Lion King, performing Candle in the Wind, the dangers of celebrity culture, the future of radio and much more. On his friendships with Eminem and Axl Rose: I’m always a supporter of the people that are getting trashed. For me Eminem was never homophobic. I listened to the whole of the Marshall Mathers album when I drove to a show in South Hampton and I was floored by it. And I thought how could anyone think this is… he’s just writing about the way things are. Not how he thinks but the way things are. And the same with Axl. Never in a million years did I think he was homophobic. So I did things. I did the MTV Music Awards with him and the Guns N’ Roses and I did the Grammys with Marshall and I became very big friends with Marshall. I’ll fight for anyone who is misunderstood and misrepresented by the idiots out there. http://www.vintagevinylnews.com/2017/03/elton-john-never-felt-that-eminem-or.html
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    By almost every measure Axl hasn't done much to further his career until very recently. The notion that he should censor himself out of fear of commercial loss fails to consider how he's operated for the past 20+ years. I get that some people don't like celebrities speaking their minds on social and political issues. As fans, our interests are generally tied with their creative talents and less so with who they are as a person and their opinions. But I also find that people generally only take issue with celebrities who hold different view points than their own. Moreover, just as you and I say whatever we want online or in person, a famous person doesn't lose that right simply because of their fame. They still pay taxes and are every much the citizen as non-famous people. To chide someone like Axl or any well-known or creative person for speaking their minds is hypocritical unless you're willing to criticize everyone, famous or not, for being open with their opinions.
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    No no no... they've got it all wrong. This is Guns N' Roses:
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    If I was Axl I would absolutely fucking hate GN'R fans. So picky and pathetic. He's given some genuinely legendary performances these past 12 months, Welcome to the Jungle is always brutal, It's So Easy, Brownstone, Nightrain, Chinese Democracy, all bang on, great to near perfect more often than not, even Paradise City is consistently good now and is a shit tonne better than 2011. Not to mention his AC/DC performances. Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Hells Bells and For Those About to Rock is some of the most impressive singing of his career and he's being compared to Bon Jovi? What the fuck?! Are you actually serious? What a joke. "Oh he used falsetto on certain sections of a couple of songs during shows that I didn't even attend" Go and fuck yourself. I understand criticising certain performances at the time or whatever, but to just discard shows and shows of consistently ferocious performances with thousands and thousands of thrilled and satisfied reviews because of nitpicking and comparisons to 7 year old YouTube videos is fucking ridiculous. He's still really good and better than most. Why focus on the negative when there's so much more positive things to focus on?
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    Before the reunion started I didn't have much faith that Axl was going to pull this off. He needed to be good carting this line up out on stage or it wasn't going to work. I had some serious doubts.. There haven't been many fans more critical than me on Axl the last 15 years or so but I gotta give credit where credit is due.. There are some songs that he struggles on. Especially some of the hits like Sweet Child, YCBM and Paradise City but he seems like he is giving 100% to me and that is all that counts. I think he does a good do great job on the majority of the songs. Some better than others but he fucking rips on songs like Jungle, Nightrain, Jungle and Out Ta' Get Me.. Is great on songs like Brownstone, ISE and Don't Cry.. Has gotten much better on songs like Estranged and and Civil War since the April shows... I hate Mickey and I am not hearing it a ton at all. When I do it is toned down.. The guy is in his 50's.. His voice has naturally changed in some ways.. For the people saying he is better or tries harder with AC/DC...He sounds great on the Brian Johnson songs but there were weaker moments during some of the Bon Stuff. I don't account any of it to lack of effort, he just naturally has a harder time with some vocal ranges. He doesn't sound like he did in the 90's but I think he is doing a damn fine job and giving it all he's got. He sounds a lot better than the majority of his peers at this point too.. he could lose the boots, hats and gut, but I think he is kicking ass for the most part.. maybe drop a CD song or two as well Axl, if you are out there. Keep on keepin on.. You are kicking ass!
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    So I attended the Book signing at the Grove last night. I was shocked to see how few people turned out considering Steven was there and LA is where it all began for him. It started with a discussion about the book, then Q&A and last the signing. I do have video and pics but my computer is not cooperating but I will have them up by tonight. I can answer questions for forum members if you'd like to discuss it.
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    While it's fun to speculate and talk about, especially considering that there's no current news at the moment, it's kinda a silly question. Are any of us the same as we were in 1988? I know that they're public figures and we all like to still think of them as those 20-somethings who didn't give a damn about anything other than making great music. But so much as changed. They've grown up. They have children. They've gotten sober. The industry has changed. The world has changed. I mean, imagine telling someone in 1988 that in 2017, people are going to be walking around with their cellphones glued to their hands, taking selfies of every mundane activity throughout their day and avoiding real human contact on a daily basis. And even though we CAN cure cancer and make cars that can run on something other than gasoline, we're not doing it because certain politicians and billionaires would lose money. I'd say, considering how close they all were to death, I think they'd be surprised that they're all still alive. This tour is clearly a cash grab, but wouldn't any of us do the same in our respective fields if we could? As long as the stadiums are full, the tickets are selling, and the crowd in attendance is having a good time, then that's all that really matters.
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    "What we've got here is failure to communicate"
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    People (who aren't us) aren't paying attention to Axl Rose's Twitter account. Certainly not the kind of casuals who are filling stadiums. No one cares what the members of GNR think because they aren't culturally relevant anymore. If Taylor Swift came out swinging politically, the media might care. Might. The Dixie Chicks are not an apt comparison for many reasons- when shit went down for them it was fairly soon after 9/11 and Bush was considered a wartime president. They were also a country music act and that is a genre that tends to appeal to a largely conservative fan base that exists primarily in the USA. They were expected to toe the line, Axl is not. And they were at the height of their popularity. It was also before the explosion of social media where everyone, famous or not, feels the need to express their opinions all the time. Loudly. Obnoxiously. Relentlessly. It becomes white noise after a while. Madonna got up and said some ridiculous shit in person, in front of the White House, the day after the inauguration and it was only barely covered. It was a very minor story with no legs. Because no one cares about Madonna anymore and it's a drop in the bucket at this point. And as we learned last year, it's way too early to say the shows aren't selling well. People just waited.
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    "Maybe we can compare carpets" could be the new motto of this forum. Make that the name of the chat section or something.
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    Happy Birthday Izzy! May all your loot be split equally!
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    I'd ask him about what that first meeting / dinner date with Axl was like, when Axl invited Slash over to his house after all these years. Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that.
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    " Was Michael Jackson really angry at you that time you wouldn't stop soloing, or was that just part of the show?"
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    "I don't mind" Birthday Parody I don't mind, you delete your tweets I don't mind, you hate publicity I don't mind, another year gone I don't mind, keep moving on I don't mind, no fake reunion tour I don't mind, if you like your hats I don't mind, another year gone I don't mind, keep moving on I should tell you I don't mind I play your music all the time I don't mind, you use youtube I don't mind, new albums please I don't mind, I don't mind avocado I don't mind, I don't mind NO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY, hope it's full of love and laughter. X
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    Yes, same. Despite what I said earlier about the power of touch and everything lol. I usually don't mind if people want to hug me or are cuddly with me, but that stuff just doesn't come naturally to me at all. I just believe it's good, healthy and important for babies, children, animals and Axls ------------------ Here's something kind of Slaxl-ish for @SerenityScorp , @money honey and all the other Slaxl folks... Noticed this on Tumblr: So you all know that picture of Axl without pants, which Adriana Smith generously shared with the world. Supposedly taken after they had sex. Then there's this picture, taken around the same time, only Axl is wearing his pants again in this pic. But look who else is in the pic! Definitely seems to be a male person with tan skin and long, curly black hair. Passed out on the bed next to Axl's. Pretty sure it's Slash. Sooo... Make of that what you will At the very least, it's probably one of these incidents again where Slash was ~around~ while Axl was with some chick. Possibly even involved. Or maybe there never even was any chick and it was just Axl and Slash in that bedroom
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    This means, Marty, we have to travel back in time to 1991 and save Izzy Stradlin from quitting Guns N' Roses!!!!
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    Well contrary to the negative views, I am very happy with this entire year. Kickass shows with kickass songs that have Slash and Duff and Axl in good form and the band as a whole sounds great. I am very satisfied with pretty much everything from this time last year to now
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    This guy repeats the same shit again and again for any lineup For 6 years he kept on saying New Album Next Year
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    Yeah, because Axl's the kind of guy who would take pleasure in being acknowledged by someone like Trump...
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    So...just to lighten up this conversation a little (and make you analyze our guys even more )...We all know that Axl loves cats while Slash's a snake guy which says something about them: @killuridols, @Lumikki, @Frey, @BorderlineCrazy, @MillionsOfSpiders, @Blackstar and others, feel free to discuss
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    Day 5 I have no problem admitting that I like a song but people seem to not get this one when I say I do
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    HAPPY EASTER GUNNERS!!! I'll dust off my collection of bookmarked pictures so to celebrate this day: The "Jesus" Axl The "Holy Trinity"? Not a single regret.... A thoughtful Slash... Thoughtful Jesus Axl... Eggs for everyone! Not a sacrifice Drinking the body of Christ? Wild Easter with these two..! Goofs Where AMIRI copied the idea from for Axl's jeans (it's Easter so we forgive...) You didn't get an egg for each one of us??? You better start running now! #merrychristmas #happyeaster2017 #womensthread
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    i think things are being misconstrued here. i don't think any of us looking for new material are looking for the band to recreate AFD or UYI… i certainly don't… the same way i don't want The Rolling Stones to recreate "Let It Bleed"… it's about evolution and what comes next as opposed to recreating something from thirty years ago. the thing about gnr is the same thing with the stones…. they all need each other equally… they are all 1/5 of something great, and their solo work proves this. they've all achieved some good to decent material on their solo efforts but none of it rivals who they are TOGETHER. together in a room creating art. it was all cut short, so the "what could have been" runs very deep for people. but to be clear "what could have been" is based in the band growing and doing new things, NOT RECREATING something from the past. as far as IZZY… there is soooo much disrespect and ignorance written here about izzy and his role in the band. izzy is chief songwriter, chief backbone and the very heart and soul of the band. anyone who knows anything about writing, music, the dynamic of collaboration knows who and what izzy means and meant to this whole thing. thank you, izzy. it's the axl clowns and CD loyalists who are threatened by izzy because they know axl would have been nothing without him. absolutely nothing. the other four (slash, duff, steven, matt) all acknowledge the magnitude and force that is Izzy Stradlin. re: izzy… the people who know… know. but staying on topic… it's the continued unmet potential of these five that will make me "seriously bummed" if they choose to not make something happen. there's nothing wrong with celebrating ones achievements, especially thirty years down the road.
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    I would be more happy if new music is made and actually fucking released and Fortus and Frank were swapped for Steven and Izzy... But overall I am very happy. My show was great and we had an awesome time, I think Axl's voice has improved/is more consistent than in recent years and most of the shows have been great and there's been a few really cool highlights like Axl tickling Slash and I'm excited for all of our friends over in Europe and the UK as I'm sure they'll have a blast, it was really exciting at the beginning leading up to everything especially since we all basked in that feeling together here on the forum, its great Slash and Duff are back obviously and everyone seems to be getting along. I was also happy and relieved that Axl joked about Beta, Fernando etc enslaving him because to me that shows he has some level of self-awareness and humour and probably isn't in an overwhelmingly vulnerable state of mind being manipulated and controlled in some weird, tragic Howard Hughes type situation. So that's nice! P.S. Hooray no more Pitman! P.S.2. We have a great bunch of people here on the forum, we may disagree and go in circles sometimes but lets be honest we generally make the GNR experience better. GNR fans are fantastic. I still really appreciate how a lot of you guys were so happy for me and the experience I had at my show. Now, that is enough positivity for one day or I'll be fuckin' sick!
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    Not true @Kris_1989 I see you really need me here, because THIS is the way you should welcome new people (not scare the shit out of them ) Those who like Izzy: Those who like Axl: Those who like Duff: Those who like Slash: Those who like Steven: Ha, another thread ruined by me
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    Chronic laziness doesn't count as a medical condition. He sounded amazing with AC/DC (and most of the NA 2016 shows) because he rehearsed and gave a fuck. Since the NA shows he's performed like he's on autopilot instead of like he's earning $1 million a night.
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    I don't see it that way at all... Matt just got done releasing 30 studio tracks with the band when they went out on the road. He played on Huge hits.. Was in videos.. Frank can't even play the songs right. I guess you could make the argument with Gilby and Fortus even though I feel Gilby was a much better fit.. By a long shot. The backing musicians were a temporary thing for the "Get In The Ring Tour" and weren't considered part of the actual band. They were also only out there on stage when they were actually doing something. Not bouncing around looking like a tool during songs they weren't adding anything to. Then after that tour they were gone. They closed out 93 with the Skin N' Bones portion of the tour.. Just the six of them. They arguably never sounded better.. Listen to those acoustic sets.. Incredible... I do still consider this a reunion though.. Barely.. But I do... And I would rather have this than nothing. I don't like all elements of it but as a fan from pretty much the beginning I have been eating some of this shit up.
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    That's all!? Dude Axl, Slash, and Duff have teamed up for the first time in over 20 years and given so many fans happy memories and kickass performances in some huge ass venues that 99 percent of the population can only dream of playing. GNR is back, and they have been kicking ass for a year and some months!
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    Alan Niven has an axe to grind against Axl, and has for a long time. In addition, he's not able to armchair diagnose Axl either. Plenty of people use the word "narcissist" without referring to the actual disorder. Plus...you say you have been studying his case. Really? How much time have you spent with him? How many hours? How many of his psych evals have you personally read? What kind of diagnostic procedures have you done? The answer would probably be zero, because if you were his doctor you'd be bound by HIPAA and patient confidentiality laws. Have you ever even met the man? If you haven't and you're not his clinician, you don't have the information to diagnose him with anything - and it's IMHO not okay to try to do so from reading media reports. I'm sorry to sound bitchy with this, especially since you are new here, but I think it's super uncool to try to diagnose someone you don't even with a psych condition. We bullshit about lots of things here and certainly speculate, but I think there's a line in the sand with trying to authoritatively make a diagnosis that someone has a "very serious" psych condition.