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    It seems as though it is easier these days to get a photo with Axl than it is with Slash. I am still trying to get pictures with as many GNR members as possible. I am up to about 18 members or so now. Over the NITL tour I have had Slash tell me no for a photo around 3 different times. Hey,that's life and if that were my biggest problem I'd be a lucky guy. The night before the show in Buffalo I met fans from Germany and Colombia. When we saw Slash pull in ,he waved but went inside the hotel only to come out a minute later after my new friend yelled "Slash, I came from Colombia! " Slash still said no photos as he began to sign for the two of us that had items. He gave in to the photo after the girls from Germany and the dude from Colombia asked again. The whole thing only lasted a couple minutes but it made my day knowing I helped these kids meet their idol. I now just need a photo with Izzy and I'll have the AFD 5.
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    I have a read of the forum almost every day and its sad to see it so full of negativity. No izzy or Steve, Axls voice, setlist, Melissa, Frank, ticket prices, ticket sales, no new music, cash grab.... We more or less knew from the start that it was just slash and duff rejoining. We've known for years that Axl is struggling with rasp/midrange. The setlist is really awesome IMO. At the end of the day, they are going out there and playing 3+ hour shows with almost 30 songs. If it was just a cash grab, they'd be playing a 2 hour set with way less songs. I for one am enjoying the tour. It's great to see my favourite band out there playing huge shows to huge crowds. It's great that Guns are relevant again. Of course I would love to hear an interview, or new music or a new drummer but I'm going to enjoy the reunion for what it is and not worry too much about what it's not. If Guns read the forum, it wouldn't surprise me that they steer clear of the online community.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/www.billboard.com/amp/articles/business/7904978/slash-gibson-global-brand-ambassador I think this is pretty cool. Makes sense if you ask me. When you think of Gibson guitars, you really think of the iconic image of the man with the top hat with the gold starburst les paul. I am into tons of rock and metal guitarists, and many use Gibson, but Slash really is an icon and has created timeless guitar licks with this guitar.
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    Letter F. Dazed and Confused double shot.
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    Look at what i found! This is an old video but it has been remastered! Better quality! We can see more better Izzy's cute face!
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    A couple of personal thoughts here: 1. There is MORE than 1 good 'GNR' albums worth of material when you look across the solo catalogue of Slash/Duff alone and that's before the songs got the Axl / Clink touch. 2. The less you write/record/release music the quicker the quality drops of it. You gotta make a bad record every now and again to unlock a great one.... but you have to be MAKING records to do that.
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    It was a fun show, but I thought Buffalo was a BETTER show. Axl's voice was quite weak at times last night - not just clean a lot, but he also sounded pretty out of breath a few times. It got pretty windy as the gig went on, so maybe that had something to do with it. Regardless, he belted out a killer Nightrain. I was also happy to get Attitude (It was the only Duff song I hadn't seen), and Don't Cry and Rosie were nice additions. It was great to finally do a gig with @Amir - we've met up plenty of times on both sides of the pond, and we've seen Maiden together twice, but last night was the first time we saw GN'R together.
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    I was really excited when Slash and Axl reconciliated and when all the shows received such great reviews and no drama was happening I was so surprised tbh. But after a year I feel kinda empty. I feel specially sad for Steven, he's not an angel (none of them are) and comes out as a little annoying sometimes, but he seems so... honest? Or maybe more like a beaten puppy? Idk but it makes me sad. Izzy is my favourite gunner but I have lost all hope of him ever returning. Right now I'm just waiting for some new music from him. Btw this is my first post. I discovered the forum after my first GnR concert a few months ago, but I didn't make an account 'till a month ago. And I adore this place 😍 And excuse my grammar, english is not my 1st language πŸ˜”
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    Look, here's the deal - I don't subscribe to the theory that more is more. The Slash style stream of consciousness - jam out whatever is in my head in 2 weeks, rinse and repeat with no filter - is not at all interesting to me. There is no craftsmanship in that. Being prolific for the sake of being prolific is not something to aspire to imho. Yeah, you might have a few gems in a pile of manure but that's a given. We still have to sift through a mound of dung to find the proverbial gold. On the flip side, Axl's MO of crafting something - sitting on it for awhile until his muse returns - then proceeding to overhaul what was already a strong rough draft into something out of left field - then sitting on it for another year - then tinker with it and add more layers, bells and whistles that dilute the original draft - then sit on it and come back to airbrush the thing to the point that it doesn't even have any semblance of spontaneity or organic feel to it....that's not ideal either. Ideally, a happy medium exists where we can have Axl's ability to craft music with Slash's spur of the moment spontaneity. AFD and some of Illusions have that aspect. Sometimes LESS IS MORE. Meaning, if you have an artistic statement to make - your statement isn't going to be any stronger by releasing more content necessarily. Bands like Nirvana and GnR made strong statements with minimal output. The jury is out whether they could have maintained their impact with more content. For example, Prince is brilliant. He released an unbelievable amount of mediocre crap though. It's difficult to sift through his later catalogue to find work that really resonates. MJ compares favorably to Prince for that reason alone - even if he wasn't half the artist Prince was - he was a more effective craftsman. MJ would have had a flawless track record had he not released HISTORY and Invincible. However even those two albums, as much of a precipitous drop in quality as they were, had a few of his all time greatest songs. I would even say those albums had more artistic merit than anything he released previously aside from Off the Wall and the last 1/2 of Dangerous. Would he have been better off not releasing History and Invincible? Hard to say, but I lean towards YES. Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous would have been a hell of a statement to make as an artist. It would have been concise and kept the quality of his oeuvre exceptionally high. Also, MJ really didn't have all that much vault material. The best stuff was already put out there. He wasn't like Prince or Axl where potentially great work was buried in the vault, never to be released. All this is to say - sure, I want more material, but not if one or two great songs are buried under a heap of mediocre stuff. MJ would have been better off to just release his post- Dangerous output as b-sides or in a massive box set. With GnR - there is a different scenario. These clowns have already put together a large collection of riffs IN THEIR PRIME for the 1996 album and the original VR sessions w/Izzy. Potentially, if we are to believe Axl, there are prime era Axl vocals still languishing in the vault on finished Chinese Democracy era tracks. The best possible situation would be to cull the best tracks from the '96 and VR sessions w/ Axl's Chinese backlog and release an album. Release the rest of the stuff in a box set. That would allow GnR to go out on a high and give them a chance to rewrite their legacy and final chapter. Releasing a bunch of crappy albums long after their prime like AC/DC is not the answer here. What should we do with the Buckethead era songs? Simple - keep Bucket and even Finck as "additional musicians" and allow Duff and Slash to modify the songs as they see fit. They have a good sense of curbing Axl's "wanking" and raising his work to a higher level (see "Better"). If the songs don't work with Slash and Duff then just release them in the box set. You see how easy this shit is to figure out? These guys can crank all this out in focused 3-6 month studio sessions. Music being recorded NOW by this group would not be interesting to me in the slightest. I don't think Axl and Slash have anything left to say artistically, especially Axl. Somewhere around 2010-2011, that fire was extinguished. Nothing they put out now will be worthy of their legacy and if anything, will only serve to dilute it more and give ammunition to critics who thought they were a flash in the pan. I also think Axl post 2006 has exhibited remarkably poor taste musically with his hiring of people like DJ ashba and Bumblefoot. No way would the old Axl have hired those guys as touring musicians, let alone allowing them to contribute to his music. That and his slow slide into Liberace status as well as his odd interest in wanting to record music with AC/DC only proves that he doesn't really have any creative juices left. The guy has gone backwards like Slash has. This isn't someone who is still interested in pushing himself forward artistically. That makes any future output from him significantly less compelling. Now their prime era tracks? That's a different story. They owe it to themselves and their legacy to get that stuff out there - and if done right - if Axl can keep his obsession with bloating songs with useless shit to a minimum, and if Slash can somehow transcend his love for generic cock rock - and if they rope in Izzy and Mike Clink to add some quality control and keep Axl and Slash from wanking off too much - there is probably a real shot at making an album in the same ballpark as UYI. Basically - clear the damn vault. Win/win situation for them and the fans. Easiest possible solution to putting out new material. No need to write new music - that's just an exercise in futility given that this band hasn't written music together in the same room since the 80's and Axl's bizarre need to write lyrics only after stitching together hundreds of different jams and riffs is simply doomed to fail as it has since the 90's. The real question here though is - is there really an interest from this band to even release anything? Maybe they see it all as a zero sum game. Maybe they think so much time has gone by that they are playing with fire and could potentially damage their lucrative legacy by releasing anything. A poor release will only give more ammo to the critics who thought they were an overhyped, one album band. On the flip side, maybe these guys don't even want to work with each other and are collecting a final massive paycheck whereupon they will fuck off into the sunset. What do I think will happen? I think there is a fair chance we will get three things: 1. A greatest hits album with 1 or 2 new songs, 2. A live release from NITL, 3. A potential new release that has chinese era songs with Duff/Slash pasted on top + new material written w/ Fortus. All 3 releases will almost assuredly be underwhelming and feel like too little too late. Then they will do another 2 year farewell tour for one last cash grab and then retire to spend their piles of money. Once Axl passes, Team Brazil will whore out Axl's vault with remixes and box sets a la the Michael Jackson estate. And just like those guys, TB will still manage to be tone deaf and not give the fans what they really want: rarities, AFD and UYI era documentaries and live shows, etc. The chinese era itself is a goldmine where you could release tracks that were worked on with each producer so that you could see the progression of the material. Instead they'll just probably dump the "final" versions complete with the shitty layers of Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba. Meh.
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    This. There should be no question that what GN'R should do is release new music. I don't care if it makes them money or not. Art isn't supposed to be about money. Even if that were a valid argument, they've got more than enough money.
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    Found this video on youtube. Thought some might enjoy....
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    The crowd in the pit and from what I could see in Zone 1 was pretty enthusiastic and roudy. Saw a number of people getting thrown out within the first 10 songs or so. Axl's comment at the end was great. "And it was... Awesome! We tore the place up without tearing the place apart!"
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    It's not that it's taboo, I'm just curious how the fuck you come up with stupid fucking shit like this
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    Next time use a pic of Lolita or a dolphin instead of a puppy and you might actually get a response.
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    Welcome! I only joined recently, too. You'll find everyone here really friendly...there's the odd heated debate or two to liven things up. ^^
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    I read that he backed out of Canter's book interview bc Desi was also being interviewed? Something along those lines. Which is understandable, I suppose. Anyway, Izzy is so hot in this video. It's a FB link, but hopefully everyone can see it. I'm sure I've seen it before, but this is like 10 seconds of gorgeousness right here.
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    Dammit @Gracii Guns KK's thread had potential to be quite entertaining.
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    Another morbid one I'm afraid: When I was a kid my Dad used to beat on my Mum, little sister and me. When he came in drunk he would effectively 'pick' one of us. I used to hide under my covers listening to GN'R with my headphones on to either drown out the screams or hope that it would be me picked instead of my Mum and sister, GN'R helped get me angry and less scared. I was 9 years old. Ironic that I got to see them with corporate tickets that same year through my Dads job. One of many 'guilt gifts' I guess. This escapism made me love music and I play professionally now. I've shared the stage with Tracii Guns, Rudy Sarzo, Mike Monroe, Phil Campbell from MΓΆtorhead and many more. My thinking is if I can give one kid that same escape Guns gave me then its worth dedicating my life to. Cheers for reading.
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    That comment with the chilean flags, it's me!! πŸ˜‚... 😍😍😍😝
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    The guy posing with Misguided looks nothing like Izzy to me. I agree with those that said the face looks off. The photographer is also not making much sense with his words either. It sounds like they assumed it was Izzy without really asking if it was indeed Izzy. Either that or the photographer is lying about this being Izzy.
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    Montreal! You wanted the best, well they couldn't make it, so here's what you get! from Hollywood... GUNS N' ROSES!
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    Yep. The attitude is typical but I'm not convinced either. If it's really Izzy in that pic then something very bad happened to his face...
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    Yeah, there is that. I know. I've said it myself quite a few times 'entitled fans' and all that. I'm venting. And I do like the current line up. On the other hand, I stand by what I've said in other threads and this one, about GNR not prioritising their music and fully giving the impression they don't care about releasing music/sharing music with fans/communicating about music and /or musical direction over their obsession with releasing merch. They are plenty willing to communicate about that. They have plans drawn up about that. They are 100% committed to releasing merch. They are sending the message that $$ is their priority over music. When you compare this attitude with the one that formed the band and got them signed and successful, and a devoted fanbase in the first place...well. I will shout it from the rooftops they've got the wrong attitude. Wasn't it Axl who dissed Iron Maiden for not prioritising music over their political agenda? "The difference between us and them is our music comes first." Ha! Bottom line of course, is the artist can do whatever they want. They don't owe us. But what a shame, to make a come back after a 20 year absence and mark your 30th anniversary by rolling out $1500 hoodies. Hmm...don't know that Steven not being brought back on board has anything to do with his physical fitness. I think something dodgy is going on there. I must find the article I read where he's been effectively silenced after his botched radio interview where, admittedly he was a complete ass about Axl and the band. According to the article, he said, I can't tell you anything anymore. I can't even tell you why I can't tell you anything. LOL. Found it: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/steven-adler-cant-talk-about-his-reunion-with-guns-n-roses-anymore/
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    He'd probably pass more legislation as a corpse.
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    G @LiesTheyTell great picks .That Gandalf is a 60s gem
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    'Just a reminder of how hot you used to be' Lovely.
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    this was interesting to read http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-announces-guns-n-roses-was-here-an-exclusive-multi-brand-retail-experience-at-maxfield/
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    No clips yet but together they are masterful - believe me. That said, I will probably swap the pickups down the line. 498T/490R combo which sounds good, but my taste/preference is lower output pickups. A set of Pearly's would elevate this guitar past the stratosphere for me. As soon as I picked it up I knew it was the right choice. I guess at that point it was a little late to buy back the gear I sold anyways. Gibson as whole might be hit and miss these days, but the Custom Shop still has the goods if this guitar is any indicator.
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    Not a fan of Montreals. This leg has been super weak so far
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    Well that's what's important right now, apparently Fitha's not all the way there yet anyway I think i like Hood best in the Truckers, but i really like the Jason Isbell songs i've heard on Outlaw Country. I don't have a sad song to post right now. Will sad face do?
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    It should be worth it to them if they give a fuck about closing the GNR chapter in the right way. Of rewriting their wrongs so to speak. I hold onto a small glimmer of hope(very small) that they care. But the cards are stacked against them in that aspect. The list of artists that have written great albums late into their careers is quite small. And there is no precedent for a Rock n Roll band which imploded then reunited 20 years later, and made records again that held up with their OG shit. You have to wonder if that spark is there. I doubt it. The creative spark between 5 members that happened on AFD pretty much ended on that album and the tracks that were written during that AFD era band. once Illusions came about their creative process was much different. I dont have faith that Fortus, Frank and Melissa are gonna be able to make the difference.
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    Think I might like this one better than the Drive-by Truckers version
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    that's UTTER bullshit argument it shows only that whoever wrote that NONSENSE knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT PRINCE Prince kept releasing VERY GOOD MUSIC (sometimes GREAT) pretty much till the end of his life what a load crap argument from someone who doesnt know SHIT and please dont tell me about "impact" because i couldnt care less about impact. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT IMPACT? all i care about is axl, izzy, slash, duff and a drummer (hopefully steven) getting together to release NEW MUSIC again. i am pretty sure it will have a HUGE IMPACT ON ME and on everyone that loves GNR, and i couldnt care less if the entire wolrd doesnt notice it!
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    Agree with everything else but I'm curious, why would music recorded now not interest you in the slightest? 100% agree with clearing the vault. Don't agree that writing new music would be an exercise in futility. Why shouldn't they be able to write new music? It's what at least 2 of them have been doing for a living these past 20 odd years, with a variety of other artists (some of whom they may not have shared any chemistry with) and coping with all that that entails: differing dynamics, personalities, agendas, abilities. They could probably knock out at least half-way decent songs in their sleep by now. Axl is another matter, but he seems to be an inspired man these days, so I'd give him a chance. They don't need to be in the same room together. Again, at least two of them (different two this time) have been making music either by writing their bits in hotel rooms or on the road, and sending the parts over the internet because hectic schedules prevent getting together in the same room, or by assembling bits and pieces to make a song. No, it's not an organic, or a magical, or romantic process, but it is how many, many musicians make music these days. And it can be done successfully. On the other hand, they may even just go old school and get in the same room together. Either way, I don't see why they shouldn't be able to write new music, given it is what they do, generally speaking.
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    It's a fucking miracle that they are alive! In that interview Axl could have not look more beautiful....
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    I loved how after that comment he waits a beat, takes a sip of coke like he doesn't give a fuck. Holy shit he was awesome then. Edit: no it's not that comment is it. It's when she asks him if Guns have anything in common with Iron Maiden and he says I hope not.
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    Exactly, just fuckin' crack on with it, see what comes out. But then you have the 'gotta make a bad to unlock a great' mentality and thats like the furthest pole possible from the 'perfectionist' thing that some 'artists' have, whether it's Axl Rose or Dr Dre or whoever, which to me really is more to do with some kind of insecurity and being overly concerned with how others perceive you or this fuckin' stupid quixotic notion of 'it's not like it sounds in my head maaaan', it's just fuckin' bollocks, you're either compelled to make and perform music or you're a twat who likes to spend long nights in front of a mixing desk twiddling with your fuckin' knobs for years on end. Don't get me wrong, take 6 months, take a fuckin' year if you like...but fuckin' release something at least, you ain't fuckin' Wagner, you ain't Dante Alighieri, it's pop music. Axl waited so long the fuckin' industry died And predictably you have these long waits from your Dre's and Axls and what comes out the other end when they finally do pull the trigger? A bag of shite.
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    Men with that amount of disposable income can set up a studio in their mansion with top gear for less than what they earned for 1 show. They don't need a record company, their management could arrange distribution of the record. The only other investment would be time.
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    In the YouTube era, I don't think it is wise to perform new songs before release. The limited sellability of recorded music would be hurt even more.
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    Not to be argumentative, but I think we fans tend to demand and expect way too much. It would be nice to have AFD5 together again but I am cool with what we have now. Izzy REFUSED to be a part of the reunion for reasons we will truly never know and Steven was not physically able to keep up the kind of strength it requires to do a full tour. I say fans should just leave well enough alone and enjoy them in the here and now.
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    I remember reading that he was in for what it was supposed to be at first: a tribute show. I'm not sure if it was only one date or more. But later it turned out to be a full tour and then he stepped out of everything. In my opinion, understandable. But that's just me.
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    Er, bit off topic and shamelessly gossipy, but has anyone see the Classlessact insta post wishing Nico happy birthday? There's a subtle rivalry between Perla and Meegan extending their happy birthday wishes. Pearla = I've known you longest and I know your parents. Megan = But I can say LOVE Meegan and Slash.