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      MYGNRFORUM Theme Template Update - Additional Features   09/09/2017

      Happy to announce that the upgrades have almost been completed and the new custom theme is available for all users. There are still a few bugs to work out which we hope to have solved over the next day or two.   To use the new template, click on Themes at the bottom left side of the page and click on MYGNRFORUM (New): It is now set to default in case you did not previously changed themes. A new feature of this update are the new reactions to posts.  By click on the like button, users have a choice of five different reactions (two of our own design): Remember, if you GNR like something, make it a dolphin like! Please use the Ask Staff Anything thread with any questions or concerns. Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation over the last couple of weeks while we got this done.  

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