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  1. Anyone able to help me out? I'm looking to get the following tattoo but need a really good template.
  2. If anyone wants a golden circle ticket for the London show drop me a pm, I've got a spare. I paid £300 on viagogo but will accept £250
  3. Anyone got American Express code?
  4. Any American Express card holders got a code for tomorrow's presale?
  5. Anyone any idea when a second show might be announced?
  6. Love the design would have dropped a couple a hundred on this, but wow, $100k!!!
  7. Please email:-
  8. I hear "I love you and I want you to know"
  9. Feel the signatures. Does it feel like ink is on there? Should be perceptibly raised. If not, *might* be a print
  10. I'm 99.99% sure that is legit. from what I can gather, there's a couple of guys who have a box fullo these bad boys Good price you got it for too - I paid over double that a couple of years ago