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  1. Sold this but the winning bidder hasn't got in touch. pm if you're interested 
  2. What kinds of prices have people paid traveling from the UK for flights/hotels?
  3. Anyone sellin GA tickets pls pm me
  4. I so want to be part of the excitement in the hunt for tickets. Come on Guns, announce some UK dates!!!
  5. Im having a hard time believing that the record company won't be gunning for a release to accompany a tour. Question is, what will it include...GH part 2 plus maybe 2-3 new tunes or CD2 with Slash and Duff's additions?
  6. These guys are really good. I used to go see Bad Obsession here in the UK years ago. They were fuckin amazin also. Shame they stopped doing shows.
  7. Axl will always be da boss in my eyes but I have a huge amount of respect for Richard.
  8. Street of Dreams (The Blues)

    Beautiful song. I've watched that 2002 video so many times!!
  9. What about a new album??

    For all we know things may have been going on behind the scenes regarding new music for many months. I'd love to see the songs intended for CD2 with Slash's twist on them.
  10. i hate to see criticism of Axl's appearance. I mean, come on, this reunion stuff is the best news in years. Surely there's better stuff to discuss. Just my $0.02
  11. Would be nice if today, but I have a hunch we're still a week away. Lots of time for other teasers to pop up!
  12. How about a compromise album? The very best from CD2 forming one half of the record and the other half being songs inspired from Slash.
  13. Ya I hear ya. Just interested in this as it could be a huge promotion thing, particularly if Axl has taken the time out to do voice-overs.