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  1. Lovethe design would have dropped a couple a hundred on this, but wow, $100k!!!
  2. Please email:-
  3. Chinese Democracy Secrets

    I hear "I love you and I want you to know"
  4. 2006 Warfield San Francisco Signed Poster

    Feel the signatures. Does it feel like ink is on there? Should be perceptibly raised. If not, *might* be a print
  5. I'm 99.99% sure that is legit. from what I can gather, there's a couple of guys who have a box fullo these bad boys Good price you got it for too - I paid over double that a couple of years ago
  6. Happy to pay good money (and I mean GOOD money!) pm or email
  7. Vegas VIP hat for trade

    screen shots would love the hat and happy to trade this, pretty damn rare edit, sorry man I see you've made a deal for this
  8. Holy shit are you serious??!!
  9. Just a heads up for any gunners travelling from the UK (or indeed anyone from outside the US), something I had no idea about: you'll need ESTA clearance to be accepted for the visa waiver policy. Costs $14 and takes about 10 mins to do. i understand that without this, you'll be denied entrance to the US (I should mention this is the first time to the US for me)
  10. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    Got tix to both vegas nights now! A week ago I'd resigned myself to not going at all due to expensefrom UK - shit escalated quickly!!!
  11. Sorry man, Friday 8th first show
  12. Got a premium AXS ticket for sale. Section 3 row G. Will sell for what I paid as I'm going for pit. Electronic ticket, $750. Price printed on ticket. Right down the frontat the side. Pm if interested First show. Friday 8th April
  13. I've booked at the Super 8. Anyone have any experience with this hotel? i was pleased with the price and it seems local to the arena and the airport. is it a fairly safe area? Am I better getting cabs to/from arena? Looks to be within walking distance
  14. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    I'll bethere for the Friday show! All booked from the UK. Might see if I can get a fairly low price ticket for night2 as well. First time to the states for me!! see you there!