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  1. Which of us would be the best GNR manager?

    no biggie dude. i know you didn't mean anything malicious by it. my point was simply that it's very easy for inaccurate info to quickly become "fact" in the eyes of the fans. it's one of the problems GNR has had to deal with due to so many inaccurate statements for so long by former members trying to demonize axl. to get this thread back on topic, believe me, i did crack a smile when i saw my name mentioned a few times. and yes, it's possible out of the longtime MYGNR posters that i might be one of the better candidates to manage a band as i do have experience managing talent and i do have experience working in the music biz. but personally, i don't enjoy seeing so many threads that exist solely to criticize GNR management. i personally am very happy with the progress the band has made with the new management. that's my honest assessment. even if they hate me or whatever. GNR has been more productive with fernando than they were with azoff or doc or pete or whoever. obviously fans are frustrated that there's been a bit of a wait for another album. i think a lot of us rationalized the wait for chinese by telling ourselves that once it did finally arrive, its successors would arrive quickly thereafter. and perhaps some of axl's public comments in the past did reinforce that idea. but plans change. if it ends up being 6 or 7 years between albums, that is not that uncommon for older bands. would the GNR online community be more positive if the band treated us differently? probably. but we are a very small percentage of the fanbase. may not be an effective use of time and effort to try to placate us.
  2. Which of us would be the best GNR manager?

    your post is a perfect example of how easily things got twisted online, rumors get treated as fact, etc. you say "a couple of months back" when in reality it was over a year ago. i'm not gonna get into trocc's personal biz. he had his reasons for waiting so long before posting pics. but i have gotten a kick out of all of this. one day everyone is calling me a faker (not true), the next day everyone is calling me a leaker (not true). i'll continue to enjoy the show from the sidelines. it is a relief in the sense that everyone knows now that i wasn't lying. but whatever. i know i'll always be hated here. i have my own playground now. it's fine.
  3. Which of us would be the best GNR manager?

    I was made aware that a certain individual had gotten their hands on the song and I knew that person had leaked things in the past. That's how I knew everyone would be hearing it soon. I didn't know exactly when it would leak, I just knew that person had shown in the past that they couldn't help themselves. They didn't even cover their tracks well, so a lot of us have figured out exactly who it was that uploaded the track. When GNR sent me a threatening email, I lost my cool and posted some disparaging things. I shouldn't have done that and I deleted them when I calmed down. If Beta's text is legit, it's hard for me to get mad if she was just reacting in the heat of the moment. I did the same thing. Hopefully cooler heads have prevailed. I have no interest in GNR beyond being a fan. Yes, there is a GNR section on my website, but I use proboards and do not make any money from my website. So unlike some other sites, I do not benefit when this kind of stuff happens. We all know where the leaks were posted and it sure as hell wasn't on my site. As a fan of GNR, I don't want things to leak because I don't want it to potentially delay future releases. Yes, I have built a strong brand and because of that people often send me things. It's well known I have hours of unreleased material. GNR knows exactly what I have and they know exactly how I got it. If they want me to delete it, I will. They probably have more important things to worry about, especially since a lot of people have what I have. This stuff has been floating around for years. As for the Grenade CD, that is old news. I got that years ago and sold it shortly thereafter. lucius, check out www.youtube.com/scotthallTV
  4. Which of us would be the best GNR manager?

    Although it's made me unpopular, I've been very public with my views that Fernando is doing a great job as manager. I've also been very public with my views that leaks are detrimental to the band. I honestly have no idea if that text from Beta was genuine, but her disdain for me is nothing new. I will continue to assist if/when GNR needs my help with tracking down the source of leaks. I know that makes me a villain here and I'm at peace with that. I do have a history of managing big name talent in the wrestling world and I do have a history working in the music industry, but current GNR management is doing a fine job and the last thing GNR needs is another management change. Even if the position was open, there are people far more qualified than I am.
  5. So GNR Handed Over A New Album in 2010?

    I see "false" had now been changed to "rumor." "Rumor" seems like a very fair description. Good move on the change IMO. Hope everyone has been well. Love you all.
  6. So GNR Handed Over A New Album in 2010?

    Not sure why this is suddenly a hot topic when it was already discussed back in 2010. I spoke about it here back then and it was being discussed on music industry websites as well. As for Blood in the Water, everyone is going to have the whole song soon anyway, so no need for me to comment. In conclusion, GNR turned in an album and wanted it rushed out in time for reading. UMG said it was too short of notice. It was discussed at the time. Old news. Now three years later a MYGNR moderator is claiming it's false even though he doesn't know what he's talking about. Lovely.
  7. I need to say this.

    If you were confident in your position, you'd attack my argument instead of attacking me.
  8. I need to say this.

    We had an agreement that if I proved I was a truthful and reliable source, links to my site would be treated like links to any other news source, as long as I was not posting the links myself and that the links were not being posted at my direction. I provided the agreed upon evidence to verify myself as a truthful and reliable source. I have posted here in good faith without making any mention of my website. I kept my end of the bargain. I'm very sad to learn that you have not done the same. I have a long history of delivering accurate information about the band. Announcing the release date of Chinese Democracy months in advance, breaking the news that Doc McGhee had been fired, providing accurate details about unreleased songs, etc all of which were proven correct over the years. There have been times where many of you have doubted the legitimacy of my reports, only for Axl Rose himself to then take to Twitter to begrudgingly confirm my information. We had a simple deal. I don't pimp my site here. You don't pull links if/when people here choose to discuss something I've reported. I will continue to honor my side of the arrangement and I hope you will give some thought to reconsidering your change of heart. Every single day, people link to other sites to discuss legitimate news and information. I put myself at great risk to prove to you that I was a legitimate insider at one point, not a bullshitter. It may be inconvenient for this site that I post my legitimate news on a message board instead of on a blog, but it would be a disservice to the members here to remove links to legitimate news simply because the journalist in question operates their own GNR message board. My site is doing just fine and there's no need for me to try to promote it here. I respect the rules here and I abide by them. But we did have a deal that you wouldn't pull links to my stuff if the links were posted in good faith by one of your users. I implore you to honor that agreement and hope you will seriously consider my request.
  9. troccoli and i have been friends for years. he's been to my house. i've played him unreleased material. he's publicly stated that i am legit. carry on.
  10. New Bumblefoot interview

    Sigh - I have no comment beyond my previous statement that no such clauses exist. Your most recent post has set a precedent that someone's claims are to be treated as a lie unless they are able to produce all of the contracts of all of the employees of Rose/Guns N' Roses dating back quite some time. Since you are the one that made the original claim as to what is in those contracts, surely this means we are to treat you as a liar until you provide those contracts? By your own words, is that not the case? You claim there are a lot of reports about such clauses existing. Surely you are able to supply us with several credible reports supporting your position? If not, why? You are the one claiming to have knowledge. I happen to know you're lying, so I've called you out. We both know you can't win because we both know you made your claim without actually knowing whether it was true or not. Continue to spin or distract however you wish. The bottom line is that you claimed the members of GNR have clauses in their contracts controlling how they speak about the leader of their band. Your claim is false.
  11. New Bumblefoot interview

    Beatle - I think you need to (re-)read my post. I accused sigh of making an unfounded and untrue accusation. I accused sigh of making a false statement. For your educational pleasure: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/libel -- in the event there is confusion, remember that you do not get to choose which definition of a word I was using. But I appreciate your attempt to change the subject. My position remains: Sigh made a false statement. Sigh - Your statement was false. I don't have any relationship with anybody associated with Guns N' Roses. That is another false statement. You can attempt to play internet lawyer all you want, but since this began with you making a false statement, you're going to have a tough time. This has nothing to do with defending Axl Rose and everything to do with outing you for the cupcake that you are. You're caught in a lie. Do whatever you want to change the subject. Do whatever you want to distract from the fact that you're caught in a lie. Good luck.
  12. New Bumblefoot interview

    You've made a categorically untrue statement about the band. This is not about irony. This is about libel. You've made the accusation that band members are contractually obligated to not speak ill of Axl. Your accusation is unfounded and untrue. You can try to joke your way out of it if you want. I'm not here for a fight. Just pointing out that you made a false statement. Carry on.
  13. New Bumblefoot interview

    no such clauses exist.
  14. Hope everyone has been well. This site has already verified I was telling the truth about having more unreleased songs, so I'm not sure why some people continue to lie about me. Take care.
  15. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    The user in question took a general statement Ron made about leaks and then drew his own conclusions that the songs in question were fan made. As we both know, they were not fan made. I've never claimed they were ready to be released this year nor was there any intention to infer that you said that either. I do happen to know they were intended for release in 2011, but I don't know why it never happened and I don't believe they'll ever see the light of day. However, ashbalove continues to lie and claim they are fan made, while citing Ron as a source, when Ron never said anything about the songs and the issue is silly when this site has already verified they're not fan made. If you go back and read ashbalove's posts, it's pretty clear they're either trolling or perhaps are not a native speaker and misunderstood Ron's statement. Either way, it's silly to continue to fight about whether the tracks are real or not when we know that they are. If Ashbalove wants to lie about me, they should do it in Attitude. They can call me a fat liar all they want there.