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  1. I don't live in US and it doesn't show here. Any chance of somebody streaming it so people outside US could watch it?
  2. 4 months to get from that shape to be fit to tour when you're over 50 years old is quite a stretch... Let's hope for the best etc.
  3. So that's where the gut comes from... Sponsored by Budweiser.
  4. Then again AC/DC has released some 16 studio albums through their career of 40 years. Gn'R has been around for about 25 and have released 4 studio albums... There's quite a lot more to listen to
  5. New Bumblefoot Interview

    Oh my god I feel bad for the guy.... So frustrated
  6. In hypnosis that is. With an actor as Axl Rose http://www.iltasanomat.fi/viihde/art-1288673239564.html#
  7. Would be nice to hear some...
  8. New pic: Axl + Steven Tyler

    You remember the fire in Axl's eyes when he was younger? Yeah that twinkle he still possessed in 2006? No wonder he wears shades these days...
  9. Update: BBF says GNR (STILL) "yet to write as a band."

    If Axl owes an album to Interscope he could get around it by releasing some live stuff etc as many bands do... OR he could just release CD leftovers.... OR he could get around it by making a record under his own name......... Then write a new album with this "band". I know, not gonna happen.
  10. Update: BBF says GNR (STILL) "yet to write as a band."

    This band can record a professional sounding album for 5000 bucks if it wanted to. If they did there would be no doubt people willing to release that shit in a heartbeat with them still holding all creative control. Just saying.
  11. Too bad he hasn't gotten on "Let's make new fans"-train either.