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  1. Because it's very, very hard to sell out venues like the ones they're selling out in the bigger countries. And insurance is very high over there, thus it's not worth the risk when they're not going to sell out or sell at least the amount of tickets they need to break even.
  2. Aerosmith Farewell Tour 2017

    A farewell tour will pretty much mean the same setlist with all the greatest hits in it. Like the one on the last 15 tours. Steven's refusal to mix it up is annoying, the entire band wants to shake things up and there's Mr. Tyler who refuses to sing anything different than what we've heard loads of times before. I get that you got to please an audience, but there's no reason why 80% of the set needs to stay the same.
  3. I don't believe in new releases, period. No acoustic album. No cover album. No live album. No EP consisting of 3 new tracks. No newly recorded Appetite. None of those crazy ideas you see popping up here every few days.
  4. Just interrupting the Argentina discussion, but is Lima sold out?
  5. Is anyone able to help me? I can't get myself registered on the ticketsite http://www.tuentrada.com.pe. I get all sorts of errors. Does anyone from Peru know what to do? Is there another site that sells tickets? Edit: Nevermind, despite the error message I have apparantly registered and am now logged into the site.
  6. I'm not sure what shows you're seeing in the U.S. because pretty much every band playing there is more expensive over there than they're over here.
  7. Europe will be cheaper. The reason why South America and Australia are always so very expensive is because of insurance and transport being very high for just a few dates. Europe has many more dates spread out over a much smaller space, thus logistics is less of a nightmare and insurance less of a risk. Though I have to say that GnR is very expensive compared to other big bands playing there.
  8. Yeah, I understand, but that's why back covers are pointless. People see the tracklist in iTunes anway and only want a nice picture whenever they click their playlist. And back covers were always an insane amount of work, people really have no idea how difficult it is to make something that looks good on computer and in their hands.
  9. It looks spectacular but no one's printing CD covers anymore. I used to create loads of them for bootlegs, they're still floating on the internet. But there's no point in creating back covers anymore.
  10. I might just be in Peru on October 24 for Aerosmith, will try to make my visit longer just for this show.
  11. AXL Rants

    They were never needed and were only really cool if you were 16 years old.
  12. He'll go down as one of the guitarists of GnR only Axl believed in. In the end he'll still be one of the guitarists that didn't really matter.
  13. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    If those Brazilian dates are true it'd be nice, I'll be in Brazil for Aerosmith there so I'd definitely go see a show and it'd make sense, sharing a crew and equipment thus splitting the costs.
  14. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    That song is way too fucking fast. It's as if no one in the band can actually keep up with it, not even the drummer himself.