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  1. I'd pay good money to see that band play live again. Ain't Life Grand is generic but so is Appetite. Yet it all works so well, both are outstanding albums and it's easily the best album Slash has released since departing from Guns N Roses. Shame he hates it though.
  2. Nonsense, do a bit of reading before you spout off bullshit like that. Pinkpop had the Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Metallica playing on its last edition and is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. I doubt its got anything to do with money, and Axl has proven that he doesn't really care about contracts anyway. Fucking knob.
  3. I've a feeling these opinions on Ultimate Classic Rock are a lot more valid than those of the few Axl fanboys on here. Axl having Slash and Duff play with his band is pretty much what Axl envisioned 20 years ago, and it's obviously not the reunion fans have been hoping for. Gilby + Matt I can live with because that was a real band back then. This one just isn't, no matter what kind of spin they're giving it.
  4. Fingers crossed he just didn't get the memo in regards to being out of the band.
  5. I like Contraband, it's a pretty good hard rock album. Sure, it's got its flaws, but then again, people always seem to expect another Appetite whenever GnR members are involved.
  6. It's a sad state of affairs when I've become more interested in the lips of that other woman than what the 2 actually have to say in regards to a reunion.
  7. Did Slash play on Michael Jackson's "Ghost" song?

    The credits for Michael Jackson's records since 1992 have always been a little bit vague.
  8. Slash has been politely declining the rumors for quite a few years. Just because they apparantly talked doesn't mean this suddenly means there must be a reunion in the works. People on here always seem to amaze me, trying to make something bigger than it is just to be able to confirm their hopes and dreams.
  9. They didn't forget where they came from, it's just that Steven's life has been nothing but relapses. Obviously they're not going to do business with a guy who's record is 21 months or whatever it is this week.
  10. I've heard pretty much every bootleg out there from the UYI tour and know his voice was different every night. And despite his voice sounding rough on plenty of shows, Mickey Mouse was nowhere in sight.
  11. 100E if Axl's capable of singing. If it sounds anything like the last few tours I still wouldn't go.
  12. That song Watch This has got to be one of the worst instrumentals Slash has ever done.
  13. GTA V was just released for PC. Just saying.
  14. I quite enjoyed the festival performances. Massive crowd, band geared up, and lower ticket prices + more bands for your money. Fingers crossed for more of that next summer.