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  1. Saw Metallica live today (in Baltimore)...they were incredible! In addition to the aforementioned live stream, they did many other cool things with/for the fans through out the day. I have nothing but respect for them.
  2. Bands tend to pull different crowds and numbers depending on the market. Rarely is a band able to command a homogeneous level of influence in all regions of the world. For example, Van Halen opened for Bon Jovi in the mid 1990s (in Europe) as Van Halen's appeal is/was generally stronger in the North American continent (whereas, thanks to Jon and Doc McGhee, Bon Jovi had toured the globe extensively for a decade+ by that point -- thus giving them more of a global appeal). Guns N' Roses exploded onto the music scene at a time when international bands first began to seriously conduct larger-than-life shows/tours in South America on a grand scale (late 80s/early 90s). While they weren't the first, for many people in the region, GN'R was a pioneer in that context. It only makes sense that they are such a cultural phenomenon in the region. I understand that The Who are rock gods, but I don't find this pairing as odd or inappropriate as some of you do.
  3. Top-selling American bands (worldwide): The Eagles (150+ million) Aerosmith (150+ million) Bon Jovi (130+ million) Metallica (110+ million) Guns N' Roses (100+ million) that order.
  4. I'm down to hang at the Iron Horse before the show as well. What time where y'all thinking?
  5. My girlfriend just bought a pair of tickets. We'll see them on the 17th of September in Washington, DC. It'll be the 5th time I see Axl onstage this year...sweetness.
  6. I'll be at the show (along w/two college buddies). I have a special feeling about this gig...can't wait!
  7. The same thing has happened to me as well. My post count was well above 11,000 (I do not remember the exact number), but it's now 6,389. I hit 10,000 around the time Chinese Democracy hit shelves (2008), which would explain why this has happened to me as well. High, you think you can rebuild my true post count (or something close to it)?
  8. Going to this show - can't wait.
  9. Here are the links at the bottom of that page…


    1. IndiannaRose


      I will try to find this for you. I wrote that post over 10 years ago, so I don't quite remember its exact location. 

    2. Jotarou


      Thank you!!

  10. I  saw your post in the archive section talking about the locations for the live era album performances  

     There are a couple of links at the bottom of that page going to other parts of the forum where you explain exactly which tracks were dubbed and further discussion. When I click on those links it does not take me to that location in the forum… It just brings me to the main forum screen. 


    Do you know why this is?   I heard that you wrote a detailed explain of which tracks are double over. But I just can't seem to access it  




    1. highvoltage


      Both links were to the same thread. Here is the post that was linked as "info", the thread itself was linked as "discussion".


  11. He sings this song incredibly well. It's so strange how he can sound so strong in this song yet fall completely flat in songs like Touch Too Much and TNT. His mid-range has gone down the tubes while his upper register has improved over the years if anything.
  12. Regardless of the amount of albums sold, one thing is for certain...Geffen/Interscope/Whatever completely duped Best Buy on this deal.
  13. Both albums will turn "25" in just a few months. It would be strategic of them to celebrate this anniversary with something special for both fans and the general public alike.
  14. This information is correct.
  15. They were a great band, had the wrong name, and released an insufficient amount of albums.