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  1. i hope someone records, anybody has last week footage?
  2. wow, i really hope they play Back Off Bitch... Slash with the intro.
  3. Take it easy pople, Jeeeesus, they're a bit late on the stream http://live.coachella.com/ They're on right now with Silversun Pickups.... PATIENCE SILVERSUN PICKUPS 12:40AM - 1:30AM LINEUP ZEDD 1:40AM - 2:35AM LINEUP GUNS N' ROSES 2:40AM - 2:55AM LINEUP
  4. Holy SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT WAS EPIC
  5. that's exactly what Axl meant by the "23 years" reference HA
  6. Axl sounds incredible, literally incredible, wow, i really hope se see this entire footage, the whole band sounds awesome
  7. Exactly, this is a totally different thing, not just for Slash, for ALL OF THEM
  8. lol, it's a reference to the past, nobody believed it would happen about a year or so ago...
  9. It all points out to that, We will only know in about a year from now, if they're really together for the music, i'm 101% sure they'll release nee music, they'll be more creative than they've ever been since the breakup, and will probably be motivated working on new music, AND release it... But if it's just touring in the venues that pay the bucks (as it's happening now), then yeah, we can all accept is just for the benjamins. Quite ironic isn't it? Axl and his legion oobsessive fans defending his "integrity". And lately is just all seems that he's fallen in his own words. Not saying this is a cash grab reunion, but can you honestly say otherwise at this moment?