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  1. i hope someone records, anybody has last week footage?
  2. wow, i really hope they play Back Off Bitch... Slash with the intro.
  3. Take it easy pople, Jeeeesus, they're a bit late on the stream http://live.coachella.com/ They're on right now with Silversun Pickups.... PATIENCE SILVERSUN PICKUPS 12:40AM - 1:30AM LINEUP ZEDD 1:40AM - 2:35AM LINEUP GUNS N' ROSES 2:40AM - 2:55AM LINEUP
  4. Holy SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT WAS EPIC
  5. that's exactly what Axl meant by the "23 years" reference HA
  6. Axl sounds incredible, literally incredible, wow, i really hope se see this entire footage, the whole band sounds awesome
  7. Exactly, this is a totally different thing, not just for Slash, for ALL OF THEM
  8. lol, it's a reference to the past, nobody believed it would happen about a year or so ago...