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  1. any word on Steven

    i really hope it's not a "three drummer - three guitarrists" kind of band, it'll be ridiculous, what for?, just to please everybody?. If Steven can't play, he can't be parto of it... i was watching the RRHF the other day and sorry but he can't play anymore, he has a lot of will, but lacks precision. this really is a make or break for Axl, and GN'R, if it works, we'll see them for the next few years, but if it doesn't it's Axl's goodbye from the industry, and i'm sure he's not gonna risk it for having Steven and 2 other drummers, Slash will still make music on his own, same as Duff but it's all at risk with Axl, he's been quiestioned over the last few years, and now with a golden oportunity to come back, he's not gonna take chances... GN'R are not relevant anymore, they're not gonna get away with anything that they come up with unless it's just a closure tour.
  2. i expect a pretty damn good performance, Axl has been horrible these last few years, but mainly because of lack of motivation, i'm sorry if i hurt someone feelings, but with the guys that were in the band...., Axl wasn't motivated, it was a circus and he realized that a bit late, but you can tell by everything that happened behind the stage, he gain weight, he forgot lyrics to songs.... it just wasn't Axl... But knowing that he's going to be onstage with Duff and Slah, both of them playing even better then the old days, he's motivated, he's gonna get in shape vocally and physically no doubt, and i expect a 2006 type of performance, sure he'll still ran out of air but it's definitely not going to be like the last few years... If it doesn't happen, if he's not motivated to polish himself for what's coming... then it'll be the definitive end of GN'R
  3. i'm sure, but Frank style, i don'0t know if purpose or not, he "stops" a lot the timing, maybe is his style, but i don't think everybody loves it when it comes to playing live
  4. Without a doubt, besides Matt is a hell of a drummer, i don't get why people think otherwise https://youtu.be/G_TRMyIC2HU?t=189
  5. you couldn't help it, could you?? hahaa
  6. the way they're handling it, is too vague, it could've worked 10 years ago, but people have become too skeptical about GN'R nowadays... you have to give them more.
  7. Heyyyy wow, calm down man, i was pointing out how vague, "unforseen circumstances" sounded, that's all.
  8. LOL, i can't help but laugh every time i read "Axl's vision of GN'R"..... what agreat vision he had!
  9. hmm, interesting, i always tought Shackler's Revenge was a hardcore version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal
  10. i really taught this was an old thread