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  1. I even saw a thread here asking to ban The Daily Mail, since it's supposed to be fascist or something. Please give me a break.
  2. Nothing wrong with it. I don't mind reading every point of view on this forum regarding these issues. Not everybody is called Del James here.
  3. Well, he did invent the iconic duckface. He will be always remembered whenever somebody does it, be it Angus young, be it Kate Kardashian.
  4. 10/04/2017 - Ghost (AB Brussels) 22/04/2017 - Iron Maiden (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 16-17-18 /06/2017 - Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel) 24/06/2017 - Guns N' Roses (TW Classic, so other bands as well) (Werchter) 26/06/2017 - John Fogerty (Lotto Arena, Antwerp) 04/09/2017 - Sisters of Mercy (AB, Brussels) 13/10/2017 - Nick Cave (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 03/11/2017 - Metallica (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 05/12/2017 - Manowar (Palladium, Köln)
  5. Got my standing tickets.
  6. OK, Metallica in the round. Do I go for seats or standing tickets?
  7. So you get acces to the presale by joining their free fanclub? Just like that? Sure seems that way. I signed up for free and have two presale codes.
  8. Meh. Happy with Wolfmother I guess. Wouldnt mind seeing The Pretenders. Tired of Channel Zero (saw them too much). Don't care for Fleddy Melculy.
  9. We now know the openers for TW Classic in Belgium.
  10. Those have been sold out for a while, already. I hope they announce the other bands soon.
  11. Line-up complete. Very happy with it.
  12. Didn't plan on getting one, and then I did on a whim today. I just can't miss Zelda.
  13. Awesome album that deserves more recognition. I would love for this band to tour, but I guess that will never happen.