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  1. Some proshot snippets in here :!/snippet/594edaa6b5a1be133bb08cf7 The crowd in the golden circle was indeed only so so, unfortunately. Band sounded fenomenal when you were there in person, though. YouTube vids don't do them justice.
  2. I'll make things clear: TW Classic is a yearly one day festival taking place on the same festival site of Rock Werchter, which is next week. Last year Bruce Springsteen was the headliner of TW Classic, this year it's GNR. GNR is playing 3h, the same set as everywhere else (since they are headliner). The others play shortened festival sets.
  3. Let's hope the golden circle isn't too big.
  4. Nickelback is by any means not a terrible band, they are just boring.
  5. Great weather as well saturday!
  6. I was very close (again). Nobody got hurt, thank god. 500m further and out of sight, people didn't even know what was going on,and were just enjoying their beer. Kinda weird.
  7. Well, it's a festival site. And in fact, Guns is headlining the one day festival TW Classic here. So you are right about the festival feel.
  8. Probably Monster Magnet.
  9. I'm gonna get a lot of flak for this, but I think he should retire. He sounds horrible.
  10. 10/04/2017 - Ghost (AB Brussels) 22/04/2017 - Iron Maiden (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 16-17-18 /06/2017 - Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel) 24/06/2017 - Guns N' Roses (TW Classic, so other bands as well) (Werchter) 26/06/2017 - John Fogerty (Lotto Arena, Antwerp) 04/09/2017 - Sisters of Mercy (AB, Brussels) 13/10/2017 - Nick Cave (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 14-15/10/2017 - Desertfest (Trix, Antwerp) 03/11/2017 - Metallica (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 22/11/2017 - STONE SOUR + VERY SPECIAL GUEST THE PRETTY RECKLESS (AB, Brussels) 05/12/2017 - Manowar (Palladium, Köln)
  11. Wow, didn't see this one coming. RIP.
  12. So, Desertfest. Anyone went/is going?
  13. So, you think we can expect largely the same setlist?
  14. I'm not saying it's alright, but there is a difference between concentration camps and using chemical weapons on the battlefield. Implying I condone the gassing of innocents because of what I wrote is unfair. I do agree with the last line you wrote. With this attack on Syria, Trump proves that he is going to continue the foreign policiy of his predecessors, which I believe is a mistake. The only difference with Hilary is that she probably would have done this in her first week in the White House.
  15. He probably meant that Hitler never used chemical weapons on the battlefield, which is true.