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  1. So, you think we can expect largely the same setlist?
  2. I'm not saying it's alright, but there is a difference between concentration camps and using chemical weapons on the battlefield. Implying I condone the gassing of innocents because of what I wrote is unfair. I do agree with the last line you wrote. With this attack on Syria, Trump proves that he is going to continue the foreign policiy of his predecessors, which I believe is a mistake. The only difference with Hilary is that she probably would have done this in her first week in the White House.
  3. He probably meant that Hitler never used chemical weapons on the battlefield, which is true.
  4. Just saw them. Concert was great. So no worries.
  5. Members of Sisters of Mercy playing guitar apparently.
  6. Well, it seems Papa actually does write all the songs (leaked court papers). Ex-ghouls should back off.
  7. So a lot of drama going on in the Ghost-camp. Still looking forward to seeing them monday.
  8. *sigh* "Giant monsters that roamed the earth... I wish Del Toro got the budget he needed to make 'At The Mountains of Madness'. Really enjoyed Skull Island though. Solid entertainment.
  9. I just started to read 'Mr. Mercedes'.
  10. I even saw a thread here asking to ban The Daily Mail, since it's supposed to be fascist or something. Please give me a break.
  11. Nothing wrong with it. I don't mind reading every point of view on this forum regarding these issues. Not everybody is called Del James here.
  12. Well, he did invent the iconic duckface. He will be always remembered whenever somebody does it, be it Angus young, be it Kate Kardashian.
  13. 10/04/2017 - Ghost (AB Brussels) 22/04/2017 - Iron Maiden (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 16-17-18 /06/2017 - Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel) 24/06/2017 - Guns N' Roses (TW Classic, so other bands as well) (Werchter) 26/06/2017 - John Fogerty (Lotto Arena, Antwerp) 04/09/2017 - Sisters of Mercy (AB, Brussels) 13/10/2017 - Nick Cave (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 03/11/2017 - Metallica (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) 05/12/2017 - Manowar (Palladium, Köln)
  14. Got my standing tickets.