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Appetite 4 Axl

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  • Interests music, life, my sorority, homegrown, psychoanalyzing, cherries, peace and love .. unless you piss me off

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  1. Best Song Axl has covered ??

    I liked come together
  2. Camden NJ, 11/26/2011

    AMAZING! I was so worried about Axl's vocals since I had been following a lil bit on youtube but he did not dissapoint. He sounded great most of the time I wish you could hear him better during some of the songs though. He was high energy and seemed like he was def in a good mood. Amazing night. I was on the left hand side, not in the pit, but still really close. Even my bf who hated Axl admitted the show was great. I wanna go to another show so bad! I enjoyed the opener too. Haha who know taylor momsen could sing. The guy behind me kept screaming I love cindy loo hoo. =)
  3. MSG

    Is there any chance that more dates will be announced or are they stopping the tour after Dec? I want a MSG show.
  4. Camden NJ, 11/26/2011

    Sweet! Sounds like a plan haha.
  5. Camden NJ, 11/26/2011

    haha i paid for my boyfriends ticket and everything. hes still bitching though. Lets just ditch our dates and go together .. you got good seats?? lmao
  6. Camden NJ, 11/26/2011

    I'm going! section 104. Row H. I hope these will be decent seats. Whats this venue like? I've never been. Also after reading this thread I am scared Axl will not show. But like theres no way he would do that twice right?! I am taking my boyfriend with me and he already hates Axl because he cancelled a show he had tickets for years back so this has to go well!! haha
  7. Santiago Chile 05/10/11 update thread

    OK i just bought my tickets and I was looking on youtube to see clips of recent shows. WHY IS THE MICKEY MOUSE VOICE BACK?? I am getting nervous. Please Axl by Nov. get it together! You were incredible in 2006 when I saw you!!!
  8. Hey Axl you owe my bf 80 bucks

    Axl you're my GOD. The thing is my boyfriend and I always fight if you ever come up in conversation. He always goes on about what an asshole you are and it irks him even more bc im so infatuated with you He's really into rock and metal groups and it bothers me that he won't pay the same respect to Guns. (PS. he's huge into Iron Maiden and I sent him a youtube clip of you back in the day ripping on them in an interview- haha did he flip at your comment) Anyway, he goes on and on about you being a douche and I defend you on every point! Finally all I can say is "What has he ever done to you?" And thats when he gets all smart and claims you stole 80 bucks from him when your show with Metallica was cancelled in 2004 and he never got a refund. He said he used to like you but after that he's pissed. "DO you know how long it takes to save up 80 bucks as a highschool kid working at pathmark??" He yells. Can you send him 80 bucks so he'll shut his mouth and finally admit what a saint you are? thanks <3
  9. 6 June, St Petersburg - I'll be there

    im going =)
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    spinnerette- sex bomb
  11. Hole-"Live Through This"

    I love Hole. Courtney's so honest, she's great.
  12. Rumored Album Release Dates

    Why does the title of this thread say its delayed till 08?!
  13. Rumored Album Release Dates

    2 days before my birthday.
  14. An Open Letter From Merck

    Why did they lock the Open Letter from Axl thread? ... this one is still open?
  15. An open Letter from Axl Rose

    Thanks Axl the alblum is sounding terrific right now!