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  1. He is a good guitarist and he "was" a great replacement for Slash. If you listen to his previous work with the band Beatiful Creatures his solos are almost as close to Slash solos you can get while still being totally original. This is most likely what Axl had heard of his and why he wanted him as the guitarist. When he got there I have no clue what happened he just dropped the ball or forgot how to play good idk but I can see why Axl and myself thought he would be a great fit.
  2. To me it looked like he did. He ran behind the drum rizer I think but IDK that was just my guess that Tommy told him to extend the solo, that had to be it because that solo made absolutely no sense lol
  3. I think tommy told him to extend the solo because tommy or someone else in the band had to go do something real quick. As you can see Tommy Runs away fast right after and DJ completely extended the solo. I think everyone was just laughing at the longer solo not because they didn't like it just because it's funny they had to do it to get something or other done, is my opinion.
  4. I loved it all really but I would have them rather not start with it's so easy because it's so fast and being so far away its hard to take it all in. I'm sure it's great if your up close but I'm not a millionaire, I wish Knockin was just like at freddy mercurry tribute. ummmmm No other real complaints, I don't approve of slash not learning Chinese Democracy solos note for note but it is what it is. I miss steven thats it lol
  5. Also I get why they did it in Mexico with the whole wall thing but I do agree with Trump on that, no more illegal Mexicans in our country is totally fine with me. Ship em back. but that's the thing also I'm just some idiot and the things I agree with I wouldn't think would be a proper way to run a country lol
  6. the steven appreciation thread

    Yeah Steven is the best drummer for GN'R, I love all his solo work as well. Adlers Appetite had some really cool songs and the Adler CD is fantastic. He is the most interesting of the members these days.
  7. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    The band is wrong plain and simple. They picked the wrong drummer for the tour. According to the fans who pay them and have made them who they are and allowed them million dollar lives. The fans want Steven. GNR is doing us wrong by giving him one song not just us but Adler as well. If they cared about their fans they would have him play more.
  8. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    I agree 100% I'm not saying he's bad at all really even in this band I thought they were all awesome shows that I saw with Frank 2 with new gnr and one on this tour but with Steven being a part of the whole thing it makes how good of a drummer he is irrelevant in my eyes. Steven is the GN'R drummer for the "reunion" tour. Izzy doesn't want to so be it but obviously Steven does.
  9. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    I think the exact opposite if Frank would pack his shit and leave tomorrow who would play the drums? It would be Steven obviously there not gonna hire some nobody if Frank left.
  10. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    IDK how there is any pro Frank people on this board it just doesn't make sense. There's no reason to defend him, he doesn't need defending we all know apparently Axl wants him there but none not a single GN'R fan wants him there more than Steven or Matt. I would take Brain back over Frank but some people probably have no idea who Brain even is.
  11. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    You've been a fan since '87 and you prefer Frank over Steven???
  12. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    How is that common knowledge? for all we know Steven is set to take over after the Not in This Lifetime tour is over
  13. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    Says the guy with 77 posts, I'm in no way a basher of new gnr or Frank when it was his time which is now over. The fact that Slash Duff and Steven are there but he's only playing one song is retarded to everyone.
  14. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    IDK why this is funny stupid yes but not funny in the slightest
  15. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    Do you think they're paying him to play one song or just paying his ticket and hotel or something?