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  1. Yes, Axl has the power but no matter what anyone says, if Axl doesn't do at least one show and give back to the fans that gave him millions of dollars, he's a piece of shit plain and simple, no arguments. The fans want it, the fans gave Axl his life, without them Axl would be working a desk job or at Mcdonalds. Steven knows this and will do anything for the fans. Izzy deserves equal pay because he wrote many of the songs. Adler doesn't care about the money so whatever they pay him will be fine. Axl, Slash and Duff have completely sold out and have become only in it for he money and not for the love and respect of the fans losing my respect for them completely. They aren't the band or the people they once were. Especially screwing Steven over again just recently by telling him he was part of it then 2 weeks prior to the show firing him again. Although he thinks he is Axl is not a god and is the most out of shape member of the band. I'd rather see the original 4 minus Axl with a different singer, provided it's not Myles Kennedy than seeing what the band is now. That's what I wish they would do, fire Axl hire a new singer and make a new album and tour and say fuck Axl no one needs him and the tour would be just as successful if not more succesful than Not in This Lifetime. They never will because they don't want to piss Axl off but they should cause he deserves it. Axl would be in the trash bin at that point and deserves to be there, that would be the end of him. I would have never said this until I read Stevens interview where he said he was fired 2 weeks before the tour.
  2. I haven't read this thread except the first page, but is there any reason for the original 5 not to play one or two shows? Like some legality or that they feel if they did that no one would pay to see anything but the afd 5 after that? Because to me it seems like there's nothing to lose, not much money in 2 shows, they would only have to depend on Adler and Izzy for 2 days and everyone gets along to some capacity with Izzy playing with new guns and all. So is there something holding them back besides ego?
  3. On their site it says Featuring Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Which is strange being as it says 17 month long tour and everything. I wonder why they don't include Axl in the book.
  4. I didn't say in the middle of this tour just sometime.
  5. Yeah that's true I totally agree so why not do the full reunion for at least one show. They can split the loot equally for one show without Axl even noticing a pay cut in his bank account full of millions of dollars.
  6. Yeah if they don't play with the original 5 guys at some point for even one filmed show, they are the worst people on earth, they are slapping the fans in the face. They all want to be apart of it, they already made the big money, there is absolutely no fucking reason why they can't do this for the fans that gave them millions and millions of dollars. Period. Why wouldn't they? It makes no sense whatsoever. It's only rock n roll how can they not get onstage for 2 hours together and give back to the fans. The only reason they probably won't is because Axl thinks that once they do this there's no going back to the way it is now because fans won't except it this way anymore. Which is slightly valid but the casual fans won't care if they go back to this lineup after one or a couple shows so there really isn't anything to lose.
  7. Does anyone have a high resolution of the Dragons litho from Japan that I can use to make my own poster?
  8. Is there anywhere I can see all of them in one spot? or most of them at least. Clicking through a million pages of this thread is really annoying.
  9. He is a good guitarist and he "was" a great replacement for Slash. If you listen to his previous work with the band Beatiful Creatures his solos are almost as close to Slash solos you can get while still being totally original. This is most likely what Axl had heard of his and why he wanted him as the guitarist. When he got there I have no clue what happened he just dropped the ball or forgot how to play good idk but I can see why Axl and myself thought he would be a great fit.
  10. To me it looked like he did. He ran behind the drum rizer I think but IDK that was just my guess that Tommy told him to extend the solo, that had to be it because that solo made absolutely no sense lol
  11. I think tommy told him to extend the solo because tommy or someone else in the band had to go do something real quick. As you can see Tommy Runs away fast right after and DJ completely extended the solo. I think everyone was just laughing at the longer solo not because they didn't like it just because it's funny they had to do it to get something or other done, is my opinion.
  12. I loved it all really but I would have them rather not start with it's so easy because it's so fast and being so far away its hard to take it all in. I'm sure it's great if your up close but I'm not a millionaire, I wish Knockin was just like at freddy mercurry tribute. ummmmm No other real complaints, I don't approve of slash not learning Chinese Democracy solos note for note but it is what it is. I miss steven thats it lol
  13. Also I get why they did it in Mexico with the whole wall thing but I do agree with Trump on that, no more illegal Mexicans in our country is totally fine with me. Ship em back. but that's the thing also I'm just some idiot and the things I agree with I wouldn't think would be a proper way to run a country lol
  14. Yeah Steven is the best drummer for GN'R, I love all his solo work as well. Adlers Appetite had some really cool songs and the Adler CD is fantastic. He is the most interesting of the members these days.
  15. The band is wrong plain and simple. They picked the wrong drummer for the tour. According to the fans who pay them and have made them who they are and allowed them million dollar lives. The fans want Steven. GNR is doing us wrong by giving him one song not just us but Adler as well. If they cared about their fans they would have him play more.