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  1. Shooter recorded this with Waylon when Shooter was 16 and just getting into Nine Inch Nails. There's an entire album out there called Fenixon.
  2. This ain't country, but this ain't not country. Not really sure where else to post this. Waylon's grandson is my favorite rapper, go figure.
  3. Here's the album cover.
  4. Yeah I definitely remember that album. Shooters album Countach for Giorgio is all covers of songs from 80's movies. Giorgio Moroder basically did all the major soundtracks of the 80's. It's different, but still fantastic.
  5. The vocals on this were recorded in one take at 3am in Marilyn Manson's living room.
  6. Yeah. Shooter is the only kid Waylon and Jessi had together. Shooter's siblings are much older than him. He has nieces and nephews his age.
  7. I'm a few days late on the Jessi Colter talk, but just a heads up she still has it. I couldn't find the picture I got with her, but I'm in the background of this one talking to Shooter as she poses with Buddy Jennings. This was taken sometime in August 2016. She just released an album called Psalms a few months ago.
  8. Here's a little something my dude Shooter Jennings did with Lukas Nelson(Willie's son) for Netflix.
  9. The Rock is actually a huge country fan. He just mentioned in an interview that he loves Cody Jinks.
  10. I'll mix in some wrestling related country music.
  11. I've seen GNR 6 times, will probably be at least 8 by the end of the year. Ive seen Shooter Jennings 28'll be much more than that by the end of the year.
  12. Josh Morningstar is one of my absolute favorites.
  13. Colter's album just came out last week. This is probably my favorite song, but I may be biased because I love the guy he's talking about, Big Dave, who's debut album is coming out in a few weeks.
  14. Shooter's show is cool as hell. Way off the wall. You can listen on demand if you have the streaming option with Sirius. Tyler is great live. I haven't listened to his albums nearly as much as I should. Speaking of albums, have you heard the new Colter Wall? Phenomenal.