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  1. Struggle Jennings, Waylon's grandson, is actually a really good rapper. All of his songs mix country music in with them. Look him up if you're interested. Here's his latest song he did with Shooter.
  2. Definitely a fun song. Have you seen The Ranch on Netflix? Shooter and Lucas Nelson, Willie's son, do the theme song, it's a cover of Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys. Unfortunately Netflix owns the song and I can't find it on YouTube.
  3. Yeah. He's a big Axl fan. It was a huge influence on him moving to LA. Somewhere earlier in this post I shared a clip of him playing with Slash and Duff.
  4. I took a live video during the Shooter Jennings concert Saturday. This is his version of the George Jones's song The Door. The Waymore's Outlaws are the band backing him up. Keep in mind that the drummer is in his 70's. His name is Richie Albright and he started with Waylon in 1964. The other guys, Jerry Bridges on bass and Fred Newllel on pedal steel, are in their 60's. The guy on the electric guitar is Tommy Townsend. He's the Waymore's lead singer, and the only guy that Waylon ever produced an album on. Audio isn't the best had a weak signal and recoded it with my iPhone 7.
  5. My bad. Should've worded it better. Seeing Axl's house and eating at the same place Axl and Izzy got pizza when they were kids was really cool. Even that much cooler to do so with Shooter. We planned on getting a picture in front of the house, but for whatever reason it was almost 70 degrees in February and there were kids playing in the front yard.
  6. I just made the trek through Lafayette with Shooter Jennings. Drove past the house he grew up in and had pizza at Arni's. Not sure how to post a pic, but here's a link to my FB picture
  7. I haven't posted anything by Shooter in a while, since I'll be spending the weekend with him let's fix that. This is off the 2016 Southern Family. It was a compilation album out together by Dave Cobb, the producer behind Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Sturgil Simpson, early Shooter, and others. Pretty good album with some big names. All the songs paint a picture of growing up in the south.
  8. Shooter just did this podcast and tells the Velvet Revolver story on it. Really good interview overall. Give it a listen.
  9. Here's my dude Colter Wall doing a Townes song.
  10. If y'all are into weird stuff Shooter did a 7 part Coast to Coast AM style audio series to go along with the re-release of his album Black Ribbons. He just put it all up on YouTube. THis is his latest music video. The song is 7 years old, but he just released the video for it.
  11. I'm going to assume that you guys are near enough to my age, 36, with all the Rock N' Roll Express and British Bulldog talk. Not going to lie it can be awesome and sad all at the same time seeing these guys on shows. A year before he died I was on a show with Ox Baker. He was in a battle royal and choked me in a corner. Ox fucking Baker was in the ring with me, that's cool as shit. What was even cooler than that was me and my buddy sitting and chatting with him for damn near 2 hours after the show. I say chatting, but we barely got a word in. The flip side of that was Ox Baker was 79 I think. Had to be helped in the ring, couldn't move around the ring without holding onto the ropes. So sad and so awesome all at the same time. I've never met Robert Gibson, but I've been on a handful of shows with Ricky Morton. That dude is a trip.
  12. Shooter is cool as shit, and everyone he surrounds himself with are too. Being the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter and a star in his own right hasn't gone to his head at all. My favorite part about him is he somehow has a way of telling these amazing stories and dropping all kinds of names without being douchey about it or taking it for granted. Im always up for some wrestling stories, but I fear we may be getting too far off topic. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook much more active on there. I'm on this site daily, but it's just not that easy to navigate from a phone and I'm rarely on my computer for any length of time these days.
  13. Ummm......I am an independent wrestler.....nobody you would of. I don't make it out of Ohio for wrestling. I actually made friends with Shooter on Twitter over our mutual love of He-Man and our love for all things 80's and 90's. That has morphed into us being pretty close friends. He lives in LA, but because of his touring schedule I hang out with him more than I do my childhood best friends that lives a few streets over from me. Funny thing is because of him I'm now friends with Curtis Axel. WWE guys love Shooter. Bray Wyatt even followed me on Twitter, I wasn't following him and had never tweeted at him, simply because Shooter tweeted about me.
  14. That drummer, Richie Albright, played with Waylon from 1964 until he passed away. Now he's formed the Waymore's Outlaws and has been playing with Shooter. The dude is still a badass.