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  1. Josh Morningstar is one of my absolute favorites.
  2. Colter's album just came out last week. This is probably my favorite song, but I may be biased because I love the guy he's talking about, Big Dave, who's debut album is coming out in a few weeks.
  3. Shooter's show is cool as hell. Way off the wall. You can listen on demand if you have the streaming option with Sirius. Tyler is great live. I haven't listened to his albums nearly as much as I should. Speaking of albums, have you heard the new Colter Wall? Phenomenal.
  4. Since today is his birthday, here's a Shooter Jennings song.
  5. I've gotten to hang out with Tyler a few times. He's a good dude, super talented. The more ears that hear him the better.
  6. Here's a few Facebook live videos I took from the Shooter Jennings shows.
  7. That was earlier this year. Actually I met Shooter at Axl's old house and we were going to get a picture in front of it, but there were kids playing in the front yard so we just had pizza. On Saturday I drove through on the way to Chicago and got a picture and had some pizza. Shooter couldn't make this stop, but he really wanted to.
  8. Thanks. Had a crazy week hanging with Shooter. Went through Axl's hometown for the second time. sorry I haven't posted in a while on here.
  9. Struggle Jennings, Waylon's grandson, is actually a really good rapper. All of his songs mix country music in with them. Look him up if you're interested. Here's his latest song he did with Shooter.
  10. Definitely a fun song. Have you seen The Ranch on Netflix? Shooter and Lucas Nelson, Willie's son, do the theme song, it's a cover of Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys. Unfortunately Netflix owns the song and I can't find it on YouTube.
  11. Yeah. He's a big Axl fan. It was a huge influence on him moving to LA. Somewhere earlier in this post I shared a clip of him playing with Slash and Duff.
  12. I took a live video during the Shooter Jennings concert Saturday. This is his version of the George Jones's song The Door. The Waymore's Outlaws are the band backing him up. Keep in mind that the drummer is in his 70's. His name is Richie Albright and he started with Waylon in 1964. The other guys, Jerry Bridges on bass and Fred Newllel on pedal steel, are in their 60's. The guy on the electric guitar is Tommy Townsend. He's the Waymore's lead singer, and the only guy that Waylon ever produced an album on. Audio isn't the best had a weak signal and recoded it with my iPhone 7.
  13. My bad. Should've worded it better. Seeing Axl's house and eating at the same place Axl and Izzy got pizza when they were kids was really cool. Even that much cooler to do so with Shooter. We planned on getting a picture in front of the house, but for whatever reason it was almost 70 degrees in February and there were kids playing in the front yard.