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  1. For guitar freaks.
  2. Lenny Kravitz is so cool
  3. We live in a globalized world is it really surprising that the 1% talk to each other? Be it trump or the democrats. America obviously still hasnt left the phase of denial. Sad.
  4. Grant Green
  5. In germany it did. Crimes that include sexual harassment rose more then other crimes since the migration crisis began. Its a typical left wing strategy to criminalize all men rather then accepting the truth.
  6. Kyrie Irving knows how to handle balls maybe hes right.
  7. How is he leading a war against american people?
  8. I always think that people want to find something they can criticise about Nirvana or KC. Like Pearl Jam was better or AIC was better or the fact that he committed suicide leaving a child behind etc. Kurts artistic integrity is beyond any doubt and those are poor tries to deny Nirvana's legacy. They were the last big thing in rock.