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  1. Since there are two different mixes of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Days Of Thunders Soundtrack with the rawer drum sound, more vocal ad libs, and subtle guitar edits + slide/kickoff piece missing from the end, and the UYI 2 mix) and there is also a third version which is technically an edit, not a mix, which appears on the Walmart UYI CD that cuts out Josh Richman's blurb, I am wondering if an alternate mix of "Civil War" exists. I remember "Civil War" first appearing on the "Nobody's Child:Romanian Angel Appeal" benefit album in 1990. I had the cassette but I have misplaced it over the years. Since it and KOHD were both released in 1990 before Mike Clink decided to give a cohesive drum sound to everything on UYI in 1991 I have to believe that there is an alternate mix. The reason I'm curious is A. I'm a completist and B. I've always preferred the "Days Of Thunder" version of KOHD. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I've looked on youtube but haven't come up with anything.
  2. Here's the thing - unless Frank says that he is finishing up the new record then I'm not going to hold my breath because Brain has been out of the picture for what 6 years now? That means all of his drum parts have to be re-recorded by Frank now, right?
  3. What's up with the writing credits in the booklet? Since when does slash, izzy, and duff get co-writing credit for Estranged and November Rain? Also izzy gets writing credit for Civil War and Slash and Duff for You could be mine and Don't Cry? Sorry I noticed these right away. I've had the writing credits memorized since I was a kid and the UYI albums first came out.
  4. I got the blu ray in the mail today and I think the audio mixing and video editing are fantastic. I can actually hear what the band is supposed to sound like in concert. Great job, Rockfuel!! Now for my critique of the show itself: the band is great for most of it. Richard, Tommy, Ron, Dizzy, and Frank (for 80% of it) do a great job. Axl is hit and miss. He is strong in the beginning but there are some songs he is just awful on (Estranged and You Could Be Mine come to mind). DJs bends are very hard to listen to at times, he hits quite a few bad notes, and his camera mugging and "audience look at me" bullshit just....annoys me. Lastly, Frank. Fuck, man, a random drummer who has never played "Don't Cry" before could play it better than that. He's not playing the same groove as the rest of the musicians and during the solo everyone is on full distortion and he's hitting rim shots instead of snare. Just play the song. It's like his refusal or inability to play the correct rhythm to "Mr. Brownstone" - anybody can tap it on their steering wheel driving home why can't a pro drummer play it on a drum set? I don't mind changing fills and switching things up here and there but if the rest of the band is playing it the OTHER way - then do it that way. If it were up to me I would have cut out the band member solos because Around Knockin' I was ready for it to be over with. Ranting aside. I like my blu ray. I'm glad to have something new to add to my GNR collection after only a 6 year wait. This should buy them the rest of the decade anyway.
  5. Appetite For Democracy is premiering on the AXS channel (167 on Dish Network) tonight at 7pm central. Running time 2:35 so it will be edited down for TV in places so a few songs will probably be missing but AXS doesn't usually censor for language.
  6. oh here we are holding out for another November release!
  7. The reason we don't have a new album is as simple as this: Axl's ego. Axl still believes it is the 90s and that he should get a $$$$$$$$ advance for an album, even thought it has already been recorded and the record company already gave him the advance for it twice over during the CD sessions. I'm sure he still wants to be compensated as if it is a brand new album and as if he is still on top of the world - even though he can't fill 5000 seats in a US arena. This is why we don't have an album. Axl's ego.
  8. Ron leaving the band?

    If he goes it's win-win for GNR. One less person to payThey can finally stop playing CD songs which seems to be their goal (they're down to 2 or 3 a show now anyway, right?)One less solo spot (that's more of a win for the audience)And more room on the stage for Axl to do his dance moves since obviously there are too many people on stage for him to move around like he used to.
  9. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone You Ain't The First Bad Obsession Dust N' Bones Civil War 14 Years Knockin' On Heaven's Door Double Talkin' Jive One In A Million Chinese Democracy Just picking the songs I think he could pull off without much trouble. I know I picked some Izzy songs but those would be easier on him.
  10. I think we're all just fkn tired of it.

    I don't post much but I've been lurking for ten years and I have really enjoyed the last week on the forum(s). At least something is happening that is halfway exciting even though I wish all of the songs had leaked at once because now things are getting out of hand and I'll still never hear a studio version of "Silkworms" twelve years after I first heard it live at the HOB in Vegas. The powers that be (Lebeis/Rose gang) have done nothing but disappoint us at every opportunity and I think the fan base is sick of all the "soon", "working on it", etc and the "Complaint, complaints, complaints" comment was the last straw. At this point all I want is all the available music that I have been hearing about for over a decade and Beta and her band can kiss my ass. It's just rock n'roll it shouldn't be so god damn hard to release music that was recorded 10 years ago. If the rest of you are tired of it too just take that guy Anthony's model and do disrespectful shit on facebook and twitter so that we have their attention and they have to act. They don't respect us, in fact they consider us the enemy, so fuck em.
  11. Should we boycott the New GNR band?

    I think most of us think about GNR more on a daily basis than Axl does.
  12. I need to say this.

    There are no lawsuits. I am sure that when all the musicians who recorded material over that 10-12 year period had to sign paperwork stating that all the material would be the sole property of GNR/UZI SUICIDE.
  13. I doubt Axl is aware that it is even being considered for release.
  14. Bumblefoot asked about new album in Dubai interview

    The main question: Does Axl want to release a new album? If he doesn't it would be nice to know because the only I can make myself not care and not come to this forum several times a week is to get confirmation that Axl now considers the band a nostalgia act and to only expect "Best Of" compilations from the band from here on out.