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  1. Volume 1 sounded pretty good IMO, I'm hoping this second one is the same way.
  2. Whoops! That's the second error someone pointed out, sorry about that! I corrected the city and added you to the attendees.
  3. Updated the list and fixed my faux pas. Sorry about that, I made all the new show threads in a hurry!
  4. That's pretty rad. I'll pick it up for sure. I bought Volume 1 just for the version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Prince.
  5. Ron didn't really thank the RRHOF for the induction, did he? If he did, then I totally missed it
  6. Look. I think Gilby is a great dude and have nothing against him BUT he's absolutely delusional if he thinks the general GN'R fan base would give two shits if he was involved.
  7. No clue why, but I read the first part as "Thanks for nothing", then had to re-read it.
  8. Oh Pitchfork is promoting something negative about GN'R?! I can't believe it!(eye roll directed at Pitchfork, not Gackt)
  9. Best Show from NITL

    I went to Vegas 2, Detroit and Chicago 2. Of the 3 Chicago 2 was easily the best.
  10. Expectations met in Vegas, exceeded at the other 2 shows.
  11. REMINDER: This thread is only for GN'R related social media posts. Please do not post any memes, gifs, fanartor anything like that in here. All of that has it's own thread:
  12. It didn't happen at either of the shows I attended in 2010 and 2013. I was literally front row center for the first one, then I was about 10 rows back the second time around and didn't see it either time. He filmed 3 or 4 shows that made up the blu-ray and I wasn't at any of those, so I can't say whether or not it happened there.The thing that bums me out with GN'R is that it happens at every show. I was in the pit for Chicago 2 and it was a bummer to see these models being corralled to and from the backstage area.
  13. Saw them advertising the Skyline shirts across social media yesterday and just had to laugh to myself. They might wanna try shipping all the ones already paid for before asking more people to buy them.