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  1. I don't even think I've seen it to be honest.
  2. Yeah, my guess is they want to see how many tickets they can move with the bounceback/discount emails first. At some point today, they'll do exactly what you're saying and start moving people.
  3. Seems like an extremely similar situation to Chicago 2. They ended up coming a good amount of tickets but still had to close the upper sections. Same thing will probably happen here but everyone will still get a kick ass show.
  4. That's the poster I grabbed in Detroit. I'm fine with it instead of the lithos because the one poster covers all the shows I've seen. I totally get why others like the lithos and I think some of them are awesome. Unfortunately, none of the ones for the shows I saw were awesome
  5. So cool to hear. It would be so odd but so cool to be in Tommy's position at a GN'R show in 2016. I'm glad he's making the best of it.
  6. Stranger Things // Netflix Original Series

    I'm on episode six tight now. Loving it so far. Not sure I'll be able to finish it tonight, but I'm sure gonna try.
  7. Reboots - Yay or Nay? / Okay or No Way?

    I honestly don't care one way or the other about them. My biggest complaint is that I don't need to be reminded about origin stories every couple of years.
  8. My man. Although I've only downloaded the shows I went to, I greatly appreciate the work you've done to keep up with all these shows. Every user on this board owes you big time for staying on top of this!
  9. Hypothetical New Music

    Insider Info: The album currently being worked on has a working title of "Music To Dance In The Halls To"
  10. Saw your thread and came to post the exact thing you did.
  11. Listened in on Jungle just now. Sounded great!
  12. $60 for what? Pit and what very close, or upper deck?
  13. Guns N' Roses - Chicago 7-3-2016 Audio

    OH SHIT! I somehow missed this until just now. Thank you so much @Gibbo, downloading right now!