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  1. I was wondering that too.
  2. Ooh, good guess. I'd be down with that.
  3. Had to remove a bunch more posts. Last verbal warning: knock it off or the warning points will start. Thanks.
  4. Attention Everyone Involved In The There Was A Time Debate: Knock it off. If they play it, great. If they don't, great. Let's find out together. Stopping spamming the thread with your argument and insults.
  5. Was just coming to post that!
  6. I don't even like that song that much and I enjoyed the hell out of that.
  7. Exactly. It's not too bad today, but I've seen threads in the past where people get all mad at the people at the show now streaming it for them. Just let them enjoy the show! If/when they do BHS, I'm 100% a million videos will be on YouTube within hours of the show ending. There will be tons of video of the rest of the show either way.
  8. Yes. Clips of soundcheck here, and assuming they do it at the show the YouTube links will be here as well:
  9. The background vocals are probably Melissa.
  10. It looks like that at most shows.
  11. Did any audio of Axl singing it surface? If not, I'd remain highly skeptical, honestly
  12. Good guess. I'm with you on this.