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  1. Maybe a little early to move this to D&N, but who cares! GN'R are back in action in just a few short days!
  2. I've said this a lot in the past, but this reminds me of the whole Pink Floyd debacle in the late 80s and 90s. I knew people that absolutely could not wrap their heads around the fact that I claimed to be a fan of both sides. People acted as if you MUST take one side or the other. Ridiculous.
  3. Lorde

    I have to call swing and a miss on this one. I like her, but that's just not a good cover IMO.
  4. I knew it was an OD, but I thought for sure it was heroin, not cocaine. I don't think there was ever a rumor he killed himself, but then again I had the drug completely wrong so I'm not the best source lol
  5. Melissa

    Exactly this. When I went to Chicago with a friend, he sent me a text a couple days later that said something like "Hey I was watching a video of our show on YouTube and just now noticed there was a chick to the right side of the stage the whole night!". We were in the pit on Slash's side of the stage and he still didn't even notice she was there.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Just grabbed some new releases and a reissue: Michael Buble - Nobody But Me Kaleo - A/B Pink Floyd - Meddle (2016 Reissue) My OP of Meddle is pretty beat up, so I figured I'd just grab a replacement.
  7. I'm listening to their cover of Three Is Magic Number right now. So awesome.
  8. It's been 21 years since Shannon Hoon passed. I found this on YouTube a moment ago and I'd never seen it so I thought I'd post it:
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Ohhhhhhh ok, that I saw. Thanks for the clarification! With the wild speculation, I thought I must have missed something more elaborate lol
  10. American Horror Story 6

    Very glad to see I'm not on an island with this. I was thinking everyone else was checked out on the series, but I was still liking it. I liked the first 5 episodes and even thought it was over. I figured "Well shit. That was a short season!" lol. Then I saw the new episode and thought "Now THAT'S creative!". I'm pretty excited to see where it goes from here. I haven't read anything on where it's going, but I do have a guess regarding one thing. The text came up and said that over so many days, everyone involved with the original series died except one. I have to assume that Kathy Bates will be the survivor, having been possessed by The Butcher who will do all the killing.
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    What did I say? I must have missed something.
  12. I was thinking that, but then I thought about this: Surely the first opener would be announced by now if there was one, no?
  13. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    "Amazing" is quite a stretch I think. Her career didn't start to skyrocket until Control & Rhythm Nation, both of which were more or less Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis albums with her vocals on them. The visual aspect of both albums were a combination of ripping off her little brother as well as Madonna. I do think the janet. album has some original and creative things on it, but after that she went back to following whatever trends and producers were hot at the time. For me, this isn't even an argument of whether or not she's "rock & roll" as I think we can all agree she's decidedly not. To me, it's a matter of the quality of art she's produced which is minimal at best IMO.
  14. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    I'm ok with that. The other appropriate title of "This Makes Absolutely No Sense and There's No Rhyme Or Reason To Any Of This Hall of Fame" doesn't work very well anyway.
  15. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    How many get in each year? 5? I'd agree that MC5 and Pearl Jam need to go in. I'd like to see Yes, Depeche Mode & The Zombies get the nod as well. Janet Jackson never, ever deserves to go in.