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  1. Star Wars titles rarely mean anything to me, so I'm not mad at this one. Attack of the Clones is probably the only one I disliked just because of a complete lack of creativity.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Prior to the reveal, I would have classified myself as "pretty interested" in the Switch. In the time since, I've been downgraded to "mildly interested at best". Not sure why, but nothing about it really excites me :/
  3. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    The Strip is already a giant clusterfuck before they started adding more venues. Between an NHL team, an NFL team and rotating concerts, the Strip is going to be constant gridlock.
  4. This right here is what we call "hitting the nail on the head". I like me some Fortus but that doesn't mean that me or anyone else needs to overstate his importance.
  5. You guys that keep going off topic are just as guilty as the person you're complaining about derailing the thread. Note to all: stoo detailing the thread. Final verbal warning on this.
  6. Ok, knock it off with derailing a show thread into politics shit. There's already enough threads ruined with this shit.
  7. I agree.I never even glance over there anymore because I already know what's going to be in the feed.
  8. I can dig that but it's kind of a no-win for us. Even if we took Del out of the feed, it would still get discussed plus the actual GN'R feed is starting with this shit now so it doesn't matter much. Trust me when I tell you I'm as or more irritated with it than you. There just doesn't seem to be anyway around it for the moment. That's before you consider the fact that even with the Trump posts weren't a thing, this thread will still be filled with people arguing the merits or lack thereof of using words like "Rad"
  9. The problem is Del James and whoever runs the GNR Social Media accounts. It's hard not to have the thread devolve the way it has when their social media is linked so closely with politics.
  10. I spent the last two days avoiding social media as much as possible over this shitshow.
  11. Absolutely could not agree more. I can justify (i.e. make excuses) for a lot of other stuff he does vocally but I will never understand why he does that in NR
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I was just in the Las Vegas Frys a couple weeks back and was shocked at the amount of vinyl they had.
  13. I'm finally on Season 5 of Shameless. Starting watching Sherlock on the side and got through Season 1.