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  1. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    From where and for what days?
  2. I still expect the shows to be around 3 hours myself. That's including time for solos and what not which I assume they'd still include. 
  3. Well that's rad. I have a good amount of friends in Chicago. I may slide over there for a show. I'll definitely do so if Detroit doesn't get a show. 
  4. I'm the same way except on Saturday. I have a concert in Chicago on Friday night, then I'm flying out of O'Hare first thing Saturday morning. Seeing GN'R Saturday night, then flying back to Detroit at 11pm on Sunday. My buddy got the tickets through one of the pre-sales. We're in section 10, just off the floor. It's at the opposite end of the arena from the stage but I actually like that because it's right behind the soundboard so we should get a great mix.
  5. Any of them. I say that before outside of a few descriptions here and there, we don't really know what anything songs like. I guess if I were forced to pick one, I'd say whatever song it was that Axl was talking about where Robin played a SRV-type solo.
  6. Mobile took me a couple of days to get used to, but now I like it a lot more. I'm using Chrome on an Android phone though so I don't know if that's any better or worse for it than what you may be using.
  7. Personally I think the Vegas prices are greatly inflated for a number of reasons. It's Vegas. It's a new arena. It's the first 2 shows with Axl & Slash on stage together in 24 years.  I could be wrong, but I honestly see the stadium tour pricing in NA being closer to the pricing in Mexico than the Vegas shows. Obviously I could be completely wrong, but that's what my current guess is.
  8. I'll just leave this right here:  
  9. "The X-Files" Returns (2min Trailer Out Now)

    Liked this weeks episode. Makes me wonder how they're going to wrap up the storyline they started in the first one with just one episode to go though.
  10. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    Merged the article with a thread already going on the topic of who is or isn't involved in the reunion.
  11. I just think you're over thinking this one a little. 
  12. I've already got a bet going with Towlie that I'm probably going to lose, so I don't need to get more bets going lol. Having said that, my original point was that they would easily sell out if it were as cheap as Mexico. In your reply you said "prices will most likely not be as cheap as Mexico", so we're not on the same page anyway.
  13. Not that this is any sort of "source" but I sent my buddy who lives in Chicago a text about Soldier Field and he said the same thing about Pearl Jam at Wrigley and Solider Field being on hold. He said that a Chicago DJ mentioned it coming out of a GN'R song a couple days before that. Kind of a "nudge, nudge" thing. I didn't report anything about it because the source is "a friend who heard a DJ say..." but thought I'd say something now since things seem to be adding up.
  14. Huh? Because they made a few posts directed at fans going to shows in a Spanish speaking market?
  15. Nah... The US shows will sell out just as fast if the pricing is similar to these shows.