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  1. I got a sealed Live Era for around $180 a few years back. Totally an OCD purchase and I never bother listening to it.
  2. Just got around to watching the teaser. It's good, but I'm not looking for anything more from it. I'll be excited to see the full trailer whenever it comes out.
  3. This has already been discussed in the GN'R Social Media thread.
  4. Dig the hell out of this tune and I think it's a perfect ending to the album.
  5. Absolutely agree with you. Axl is the king of creating disappointment lol
  6. I totally get that aspect of it. I mean... I saw GN'R in a 5000 seater in Detroit in 2012 that wasn't even sold out. Then I saw them 2 years later, literally across the street, at a sold out show in a 65,000 seat stadium. Difference between the show attendance was that they were doing what the fans wanted for the second one. My point is that they don't "owe" that to us or anyone else. When you buy a CD, they owe you the ability to listen to the album you bought. Same thing with a concert ticket. Etc Etc. The user I quoted was making it sound as if GN'R owes their fans an AFD5 show just because the fans made them millionaires.
  7. I will never understand people that think an artist owes them anything at all. GN'R (or any band for that matter) has given you what you're owed against what you paid them. Just because you bought a bunch of GN'R albums and/or concert tickets doesn't mean they owe you anything else at all.
  8. Nobody's Fault But Mine Out On The Tiles What Is And What Should Never Be Kashmir Hey Hey What Can I Do The Crunge Rock & Roll Houses Of The Holy Black Dog Heartbreaker
  9. In Cleveland today & tomorrow. Can't decide if I want to go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or not.

    1. Słash


      Well if you go, then post pics 

  10. Never liked CitR and never will, no matter who's playing on it. Always loved Sorry and really like Slash's take on the solo.
  11. Lol. Oh yeah? Got a source for those claims?
  12. Just read about his passing, RIP:
  13. A LOT of people have told me to watch this. I need to get around to it.