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  1. The short version of my answer is "I hear ya" but here's the long version: As I said, I totally get where you're coming from. I actually touched on this on @Elevation516's podcast last week. I actually got out of music forums for a LONG time because everyone seemed to want to just shit on anything and everyone who didn't agree with them. For some dumb reason I decided to make a comeback to GNR forums which are way worse than the Pink Floyd forums I used to read. I don't mean to call anyone out but I'm going to anyway lol: I think users like @Tom-Ass, @RONIN and our old friend @magisme have valid points. Do they sometimes go too far?? Oh, of course, but don't we all? We're all passionate about this band. I really believe that no one comes here just to make negative comments. I think most users want and wish the best for GN'R all of the time. However, they're let down consistently one way or the other by the band and they get frustrated. Allowed everyone to vent their frustration is just part of the service we (read: @downzy) allow here, so overall there's no harm in it. I know it can be frustrating to read what seems like all negative comments all the time, but I assure you that's not the total picture. This is coming from a person who's favorite GN'R guitarist is Robin Finck and who's favorite GN'R album is Chinese Democracy. You think I don't get sick of negative comments? If not, read that last sentence again and try to imagine some of the bile thrown my way in the last 15+ years lol. In short; we're trying our best to balance everything and provide a place for everyone. PS: These comments were typed after having finished a fifth of Canadian Club, so I hope they make any sense at all
  2. Let me start by saying I don't disagree with you overall, but there is a difference between moderation and censorship IMO. When users break the site rules, we moderate them. We do not censor them if they have a different opinion though. In some respects, I totally agree with you. To me, it's a "if you don't like it, don't look" situation. I couldn't (can't) stand DJ so I never looked at his social media and never commented on it. Melissa doesn't matter to me one way or the other, but I still don't feel the need to comment on everything she posts. Others do though and often times it's negative. There's nothing we can do about that because in the end, everyone is allowed to have their opinion.
  3. We already have more than enough setlist based threads. Please post things like this in any one of those in the future instead of making a new thread. Thanks.
  4. There's absolutely no basis for a thread like this based off of hearsay.
  5. Took a look and it pretty much looks like the same thing people do with wood glue.
  7. But just think, we can have like 30 more setlist threads during the break!
  8. I may be out on an island with this, but I'd love the album to go in the direction of existing someday.
  9. That actually happened to me with Bridge School, no bullshit. I didn't have people over specically to watch it, but people were over playing cards and listening to music. When I realized JWIII was playing we brought it up on streaming. Jack kicked like 9 kinds of ass, so we were all in a great mood. I said "Shit! GN'R is on this too, let's leave it on!" What a poor, poor choice. I was incredibly embarrassed by the end of the first song and more than a few people who'd gone in with an open mind were never interested in GN'R again.
  10. I love the piano on the UYI albums. I can't play anything on piano but let me tell you this: I can air play the SHIT out of the piano parts to Pretty Tied Up!
  11. Well said and I agree with many of your points overall. For my part; I happen to be just fine with Frnak & 4tus being there but I totally understand how/why others aren't cool with it at all. What I don't understand is how the other side of the fence simply can't or won't see how people like me feel. I touched on that when I went on the Appetite For Distortion podcast the other day.
  12. Finally got around to picking up Pink Floyd - The Final Cut remaster. I have a pristine sounding OP, but I love the song When The Tigers Broke Free so I grabbed the remaster because of it's inclusion. I also grabbed Ryan Adams latest LP, Prisoner. The biggest thing going on is that I finally pulled the trigger on pre-ordering the Weird Al Squeeze Box.
  13. Exactly. I finally got to listen to this earlier and as suspected, I disagree with all of the crazy over reactions in the thread. Adler is such a saint huh? Then why does he go on about how rock doesn't sell and there's no money in him playing shows if it's not with a band that's already established? He can scream "FOR THE FANS!" all he wants, but it's clear that what he's really looking for is an easy payday. Same goes for Izzy IMO. Dude could be out there doing whatever he wants "for the fans" but he's not, is he? I'm not saying any of this makes Axl, Slash & Duff out to be saints but the way people are acting like their the worst people in the world over this is laughable to me. I'm not going to insult a person like Steven but I will say that I don't think he's the most reliable source and I wouldn't take what he says as an exact fact. Again, I wouldn't do that with any of the other guys either though. The truth is... none of know and we'll never know for sure what went on. All I know for sure is that I watched a great majority of forum users complain for a solid 15 years about how all they need in life is Axl & Slash to play together again. If Axl would only stop being such an asshole and just get back together, everything in the universe would make sense and world hunger would be solved. Well, they finally got their wish and a great majority immediately went to look for something else to complain about. Things like this Steven interview give them exactly the ammo they're looking for to support the faux outrage they seem to desperately need.