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  1. So many of us would. I really hope someone sees the value in this eventually.
  2. I already have tickets to 2 shows but wouodnt be upset if I won much better tickets to Detroit. Seems like a cool contest.
  3. Took a listen this morning. Cool podcast and we appreciate the shout outs!
  4. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    All of these things. The only thing I ever found odd was how they almost started to promote band members in 2002. I was surprised to see Bucket & Robin t-shirts for sale, but thought it was pretty cool. Then by the time they got back in the public eye again 4 years later, there was no mention of who was in the band outside of Axl doing the standard intros each night.
  5. The museum... Any news?

    Great question. I think Duff was the one who said it was travelling with the tour, but no one's mentioned anything since then. Hopefully it'll happen, but there's been no mention of it at all since it wasn't in Vegas.
  6. Exactly. Unless they're WAY better in Detroit then they were in Vegas, I won't be in any hurry.
  7. Right on. As the show draws closer, I'll shoot a PM to everyone with an address and directions. We're very easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in the area you might be staying and we're about 20 mins from Ford Field for when everyone wants to head down to the show.
  8. Ask Staff Anything!

    Seems to be running ok for me. I wonder what the issue is.
  9. Your concerts in 2016

    Just took a look and here's what I've got tickets to for now: Dixie Chicks 06/04 Florence + The Machine 06/11 The Purple Xperience 06/18 GN'R / AiC 06/23 GN'R / AiC 07/03 Duran Duran / Chic 07/11 Zakk Wylde 07/28 Adele 09/06 Leon Bridges 09/30
  10. Right on. I appreciate you letting me know though. I'm pretty much just trying to get a rough head count at this point.
  11. Why? Many other bands do the exact same thing including GN'R on pretty much every tour prior to this.
  12. Nothing yet. That's part of the reason I want to try to get an accurate head count, so I can look into pricing & timing.