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  1. find shows??? what kind? GNR Audio or GNR video??? MP3 or FLAC???? Audience Shot or Proshot???? Multicam or Single cam??? What era?
  2. Date: 24/11/2002 Arena: Gund Arena Location: Cleaveland, OH, USA Link: Flac or MP3 Notes: Soundboard recording Not my upload. All credit to original uploader
  3. bad apples
  4. Calzone pizza is the best (folded in half like a pasty.) I have ham, pork chunks, sausage and pineapple.
  5. It's all down to the amount of songs they can get played per hour on some stations and on others they need to find time for adverts. So radio edits exist for time but also to remove some swearing with others. I've got something like 6 edits for November Rain ranging from 3:57 upto 6:59 while the original is 8:57
  6. It shows that Slash and and Duff are mature adults and not little brats that would throw their toys out as they didn't get what they want. And i love Slash's vibe on the songs
  7. Would be nice to see Myles on stage with Axl but i dont think it will happen.
  8. congrats. all the best
  9. This is all personal opinion not a definative guide. Where you list best visual, some have extras or different angles. For example Tokyo 92 New Stomper's version is alot better than Geffen due to the camera angles being different and more focused on key player at the time
  10. That was Get In The Ring
  11. Nightrain Paradise City Think About You It's So Easy Welcome To The Jungle Rocket Queen Anything Goes Sweet Child O Mine Out Ta Get Me Your Crazy My Michelle Mr. Brownstone thats my list as of today.
  12. Are any people here fans of sabaton? An awesome band that is starting to get the recognition they deserve