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  1. Hey guys i'd appreciate it if you guys could quickly have a look at my bands page on FB Were recording our set tonight to post up on youtube/soundcloud/facebook ect http://www.facebook.com/thanklesstask
  2. yes i'm fine with it. My GF is fine with it aswell. I know i can trust her and she knows she can trust me. I'm so close to my one friend it's unreal and she's female. If my gf had a problem with it i woulden't be with her. simple.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Judgement day - Blind Ambition
  4. Slash tour dates 2012 - MyGNR official roll call!

    Put me down for Download Festival
  5. I'm having a child because of CHINESE DEMOCRACY

    aggreed. I've deleted some sick posts from this thread
  6. Download Festival 2012

    That's what i'm thinking and Kiss So if those 2 are there then i'm at Sonisphere However, Download have announced another 14 bands and fuck me is Load looking shit hot this year!
  7. 24 and a Postman and a part time retained fire fighter
  8. Download Festival 2012

    So far download is shittin over sonisphere who are yet to announce anything
  9. Film Thread

    Finally got around to watching Underworld: Awakening last night. What an epic film. loved it to bits
  10. Guns N' Roses & Slash to Play same festival

    Take Bach out and replace with NIN and your right
  11. Favourite/least favourite song off each album

    AFD: Favorite: Nightrain (Best GNR Song) Least Favorite: SCOM LIES: Favorite: One In A Million Least Favorite: You're Crazy UYI 1: Favorite: Dead Horse Least Favorite: Bad Obsession UYI 2: Favorite: Estranged Least Favorite: Pretty Tied Up TSI?: Favorite: Down On The Farm Least Favorite: I Don't Care About You CD: Favorite: Street of Dreams Least Favorite: Sorry
  12. Please PLAY COMA

    If the Illusions band only played it live 4 times, there is no chance it will be played now.
  13. Can we please get rid of these annoying bots?

    I have just removed the thread in question. If you see any more please use the report to mod function
  14. Your concerts in 2011

    Riot Noise were okay, but i much prefered Dear Superstar. During Riot Noise's set the lead guitarist hit me on the head with his guitar, i was that close to the stage and he lent forward. i wasnt too happy