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  1. If you do not have faith in Guns n Roses, why are you here?

    Cause i believe in axl as a songwriter and im still waiting for new music... But i dont like the ridiculous circus guns has turned last years thsnx to axl crazyness...
  2. FULL Chinese Democracy Alternative Artwork DOWNLOAD

    Sorry, Can´t download it... could you please put the pics in here...?

    It will be play live stream? Internet or tv? any possibility to get a 3d emission ?
  4. ~Mygnr.com Guns N' Roses Christmas Tree 2010 ~

    I´m in ... and i´m so ugly LOL
  5. ~Mygnr.com Guns N' Roses Christmas Tree 2010 ~

    Cool idea... take my avatar !
  6. I hope it happens !
  7. Not exactly news but..

    LOL ... so cool !
  8. What do you think the title of the next album should be?

    I don´t mind ... that´s not important for me... new music is !
  9. Guns N 'Roses being boycotted in Israel

    And the Palestinians ? Have they right to live ?
  10. DUFF MCKAGAN on stage with Guns

    Fiucking great !! I´m so fucking happy ... in a few days i´ll be at barcelona concert ... i wish Axl repeats the "Duff surpirse" !
  11. If an unheard new GN'R track leaked...

    I´m afraid yes ... i´d do ...
  12. Would U Want 2 Meet Axl Rose?

    Of course, and I´d say him i appreciate Madison and think he acted bad with her ... Then his bodyguards or himself would come to me and we would start a fight in which Axl would be punched and kicked by me
  13. Would U Want 2 Meet Axl Rose?

    When they come to Spain i´ll try .. it would be so cool to meet Axl and tell him how much i appreciate his music and talent
  14. then ... how many copies has sold in total to date?