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  1. Every year they do live broadcast some of the concerts (in second week I believe)... so it could happen with GNR.
  2. Yeah, sure. He's gonna to be in show and say that it's bullshit... Right like so many times before...
  3. It's a fuckin hilarious when Ron calmly grab hands with this kid, and then Fernando and another guy jumping on him like he could be suicide-bomber....
  4. Rabbit sausage is a new working tittle for Beta's Barn
  5. Who would like to see...

    In two words: DJ Ashba.
  6. Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails

    I've been on Berlin show this week, and have to admit once again, Finck is a beast. Miss him so much in GNR.
  7. And give them Brain or Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. But anyway Smashing Pumpkins would be cool too.
  8. 2008 and everyones gone

    I recall something about RPA festival...
  9. Jagger can't sing either.
  10. I would ever tell that in '06 he was better than ever before.
  11. Every DJ's performance is scary...