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  1. I saw GNR three time to this date (2006 Warsaw, 2010 Prague and 2012 Rybnik). And since the first show there was a downward spiral, in 2006 I was stunned. They sounded and looked like they gives everything, Axl had contact with audience etc. 2010 was different, Axl still sound great, band was a litlle bit weaker and more bored. But it was still nice experience. 2012 was big let down, it was just boring show, with Axl and band go through the motions. Axl looked and behaved like he didn't want to be there and just want to finished show. I was felled rip off. And when I'm watching youtube from recent show, it's the same. So this time I don't even think about going to this show. There is nothing new, same songs just different guitar player. It's not enough for me.
  2. Lusk is one of the best project I ever heard.
  3. 1. Buckethead & Finck & Brain 2. Tommy & Chris
  4. Incidentally, Stinson says there's a wealth of recordings Guns N' Roses made during his tenure that have yet to be released. "There's some stuff with lyrics, some without," he says. "We did a lot of stuff that was supposed to be on Chinese Democracy – the record was meant to be more than one disc, but after spending so much time on it we just had to put an end to it. There's also stuff that was held over from [the original lineup] before they all disbanded, so there's some stuff that should someday see the light of day." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/how-tommy-stinson-moved-on-from-replacements-and-gnr-w458836
  5. Nice to hear you had great time. It was great idea and line up of these shows, it is sad why it has to happened though. I don't know if you familiar with Afghan Whigs, but I would recommend.
  6. Based on action LiveNation Poland - there will be GNR show in Poland next year.