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  1. Manic Street Preachers

    Really great band! I went to a free gig a couple of months ago. Was really good stuff. Plus Nicky lives not far from me
  2. So, Axl's now an internet joke

    So this was on the front page of Reddit. For those living in a cave; Reddit is a big deal. Very popular. http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/l2xoe/axl_rose_looking_good/ Thoughs?
  3. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    The mix is still awful. You can just hear the awfulness more clearly.
  4. Anyone captured the live stream?

    720p HD rip at this channel. Not all up yet, though link
  5. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    Guys...this is a shambles. It's really as if Axl couldn't give a shit. Not only that, why was the sound tech team so awful? I'm assuming Axl brought his own guys. The mix was dreadful at times. The guitars bar the lead were COMPLETELY buried in the mix, and the vocals were literally clipping at points. At a professional show. Clipping. Really not impressed.
  6. Hi.

    Quite possibly, dally. I have an awful memory
  7. Axl calling Madison a cunt.

    I wouldn't say I take Axl's side. I don't have a stance at all, really. I've never met Madison, nor had any real interaction with her. She might be a cunt! Just saying. Sure, Axl sounded a bit of a tool saying those things. But they're just words. Plus, it's not often a huge rock star goes to the trouble of verbally abusing a fan on an internet forum You have to admit, it's pretty damn funny.
  8. Hi.

    Studying, mostly. And thanks! Hey, LCG!
  9. Axl calling Madison a cunt.

    Calm yo tits, dude
  10. Axl calling Madison a cunt.

    "like an angry, lesbian, wannabe, high school parking lot rent-a-cop always mouthing off like you're some kind of authority which you're far from." That's absolute class Good old uncle Axl.
  11. Hi.

    AW SHUCKS. The old gang is back together B) Hey guys! Hey man! Whoa, really? Axl actually said that? I'm as equally amazed that he actually spoke in public.
  12. Hi.

    Sup. I literally can't remember. I've been out of the loop for like a year and a half. I just had a browse of Newswire and I'm taking it I can safely assume that I've missed tantamount to SHIT ALL Keep it up, Axl! OH GOOD! The Xmas 2006 emotions are still up, too! :xmasschef: :xmasschef2: :xmassrudolph:
  13. Hi.

    Assuming anyone here even knows who I am; HI! What have I missed?
  14. John Frusciante

    i LOVE Johns solo work. I'm really into the song omission atm. It's so beautiful... pretty much all of shadows collide is
  15. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    JDRM got Guitar hero IV and Motorstorm 2 for PS3. I haven't even opened the latter.. those drums are so freaking addictive