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  1. Izzy Pics

    as an izzy fan i felt really bad for this thread...
  2. Izzy Pics

    Some guy called Bill, Ronnie and Izzy
  3. Izzy Pics

    woah...I think he´s ok! anyway, don´t know if it had been posted before but 4th. page?? well...best pic ever!!
  4. your opinion... btw, don´t know about Iron fans around the world but here in Brazil they look totaly desperate from of the band..I think that makes a great show! anyway... Iron Maiden always did awsome shows B)
  5. I don´t understand what exactly you mean but GNR came to rio to play in RIR 2 and 3, not 1 - just to be sure you got my point - ..trying to answer your question, people use to say that RIR 1 was the best but I don´t think so!(I watch it on tv some day).. and about your first question... I was born next to rio but it doesn´t matter...
  6. poor lil girl... well..everybody say RIR 1 was the best and stuff....but now they ruinned it! (I´m talki´n about RI "lisboa")
  7. yeah..I really wish i had experienced it too(i was in late 80's too so..)...it was a great decade for rock music in Brazil...that´s because RIR was born(85´)... the 80's kick ass!! hey Axlrox..my lil cousin likes gnr too...I mean..she likes SCOM and slash..any kid like it...
  8. sure, I told you before. I´ve got it some months ago and now that´s boring...but if you like classic music, go a head!
  9. Angry String Orquestra String quartet tribute to GNR
  10. ya..I´ve got it in my PC ... such a great job in my opinion...
  11. I guess it´s sum 41 or he wouldn´t be here

    Plastic surgery..she looks a lil bit fake to me...
  13. Izzy Pics

    I do think you never gonna let it die....

    I think that means "lame ass mother fucker"... well that´s what I heard.