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  1. Compared to Saudi, different kettle of fish
  2. I genuinely believe that allof the recent ex-guitarists couldn't write shit worthy of the GNR name - hence why a reunion became the only remaining option left
  3. I doubt anything Ashba-related will ever see the light of day. If they had an album worth of high quality stuff, Axl would have fought tooth and nail to keep him and to get it out there
  4. With all due respect, how anyone can say any of the post original lineups (with the exception of the Chinese Democracy line up) is the best ever GNR line up is beyond me. What you essentially had was year after year of musical karaoke, little original outputand a band that couldntkeep hold of its guitarists due to inactivity. I'll make concessions for the Chinese Democracy lineup. I'm sure there's fans out that were essentially introduced to the band via that album. But the 2002 was better than oneof the biggest RnR bands of all time ?? Please.....
  5. That's pretty much it. Ashba served his purpose to make some cash on multipletours. But to take it to the next level is another thing. God forbid we got a new GNRalbum of Sixx Am guitars & songwriting with Axl vocals. I'd rather we never got a new album at all if that was the deal.
  6. clearly helping his time-keeping, so we shouldn't complain....
  7. 11/12/16 - Sao Paulo, BR - Allianz Parque

    Fuckin hell, that Jungle was a face melter
  8. 11/08/16 - Porto Alegre, BR - Estadio Beira-Rio

    Some great energy from Axl on this show
  9. That band has some decent punch - the YCBM and Back of Bitch are very old school GNR-like in terms of tempo and delivery
  10. Knocking on Heavens door needs to go
  11. In my view, World on Fire is the first album in many years (probably since Snakepit) that truly captured what makes Slash, Slash. All the solo albums in between didn't really do much for me
  12. Sadly, theresmore chance of new SMK&C and AXL/DC albums than a new GNR album
  13. Yeah I reckon. Although I think I'll just get the front seats at a fraction of the price, my view duringthe show is more important than food and drinks in a lounge pre-show lol
  14. Not in Dubai - VIP is a platform at the back of the arena
  15. Apologies if this has already been posted, but has anyone on the forum taken the plunge and gone for the full Welcome to the Jungle VIPexperience? Be good to hear about it and if it's worth it. Being backstage would be quite cool but not sure about being stuck in the VIP section at the back of the arena during the show. Tickets in the pit are way cheaper etc ....