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  1. Credit where it's due, he's kinda humble about it all
  2. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Great homage to Wish You Were Here. Slash needs to get a bit more consistent on the intro tho - his timing was off and it almost threw Richard off his opening licks
  3. U2 1987-1997(i.e. The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and Pop) they were good. Very good in fact. Zoo TV and Popmart were killer shows. Post 2000, it was all downhill from their previous dizzy heights
  4. I'm not sure on the figures or gate receipts, but I'm sure the Use Your Illusion tour more than heldits own against the U2's Zoo TV tour
  5. Didn't realize performers are obliged to do a personal tribute in public every time one of their peers passes. Most of the band have publically shared their admiration and respect for Prince. Isn't that enough
  6. Not exactly saying Perla has a vagina like a wizards sleeve, is he?
  7. She reminds me of a typical delusional self important sycophant. Can't be happy that the father of her children bettered her life without acting like she runs the show with the paps Surprised Slash lasted so long with that diva
  8. Axl more muscular

    Get in the Gym
  9. To be honest, I hope not. GNR unplugged wouldn't do much for me. I don't really think Slash excels as an acoustic player. He certainly doesn't switch to an acoustic like a Clapton or a Page. And Axl's voice would need to carry the band a lot more given the lack of decibels. It would be cool, but nothing special.
  10. Nah, that's the support act
  11. Personally, I'm perplexed where this voice is coming from. After so many years of inconsistent 'M'eh' performances - he's come out this tour like a man possessed at times. Some of hisperformances of Jungle and Nighttain are literally at a pre '93 level. Even PC is enjoyable again
  12. I'm truly perplexed where Axl's voice is coming from... After so many years of 'hmmmmm' - he sounded killer on that periscope. Jungle is off the charts
  13. Personally, I don't think the band really needs her. But I guess I'm warming to her. Melissa >>>> Pitman