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  1. Depends. Album - obviously Finck's version hits the spot nicely. In the Dubai gig - Slash blew me away. Would have hated him to loosely follow the album version
  2. If anyone got a spare Dubai one I'll happily pay for it. None left by the time I got to the show
  3. Haha - Must've felt kinda weird for Slash talking about another top-hatted GNR guitarist
  4. This is turning into a Melissa instagram catch up thread
  6. Witnessed it first hand. Traffic was fucked up. Got there halfway through DTJ
  7. 8pm in the UAE. 1 hour and counting
  8. Autism Rocks is a charity - it was set up where gigs / concerts around the world raise money for autism research. So the Dubai arena is named after the charity. Some of the ticket money, plus any unused merch/food/drink vouchers can be donated to the charity instead of refunded. The 'rocks' part of the name is simply to acknowledge that most of the funding comes from gigs
  9. No plenty alcohol at Plenty beer etc at concerts over here (at extortionate prices!)
  10. I've been to lot of big gigs here and it's generally mixed. A lot of fans and a lot of people go just because it's a big concert. For this gig, I'd guess here will be a lot of fans from the surrounding area, given it's the only stop in the region
  11. Fantastic! i wasn't aware the WTTJ package also gave you access to the pit. If I'd known that I would have def done it. Might make a trip over to Europe in the summer to do it instead. Have fun - hopefully you meet members of the band!