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  1. Hey, I'm not an expert - you're prob right and I'm wrong 🙂 All im saying is demand exceeds supply, some end up on the black market from people that have the sole intention of cashing in. So it would be cool to be able to buy them from the official channel. Peace
  2. Problem with Dubai is half the crowd got there late date due to traffic jams (myself included). And all the lithos were gone. Not the greatest litho to be honest (simple design with a falcon) but want one to remind me of drinking a half bottle of whisky in the desert while stuck in traffic then finally seeing the show from Estranged onwards 😂 (Any idea why bands don't actually sell them on their sites? Merch sales is one of the big income streams for established bands these days - and I'm sure litho prints from the official site would go like hot cakes. Some of those fuckers are like artwork) Kinda reminds me of Axl signing stuff for fans that immediately go on EBay. Ruins it for the actual fans that would love to keep his autograph. Shame most lithos go on the black market for big money, when there's fans out there that would frame and keep that shit forever Anyone from GNR reads this - get some lithos on the merch site. And if you can't, hook me up with a Dubai one $$$$ wink wink 😋
  3. Willing to pay a very good price for the Dubai litho
  4. Seems a standout gig. Hopefully they maintain this into the London gigs
  5. Seem to be a little too loose tonight. Slight timing issue on DTJ. And not sure what happened right at the end of Better (maybe it was the stream but sounded off)
  6. Starts in 30 mins approx
  7. The logo looks like a school drawing
  8. New song please. I don't care if it's a 3 minute outburst with 2 chords. As long as it has Axl's vocals and Slash's Les Paul
  9. Depends. Album - obviously Finck's version hits the spot nicely. In the Dubai gig - Slash blew me away. Would have hated him to loosely follow the album version
  10. If anyone got a spare Dubai one I'll happily pay for it. None left by the time I got to the show