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  1. Documentary was a crock of shit IMO. The VH1 doc a few years back was way better.
  2. Not to state the obvious, but that's why he's in Def Leppard and not Guns N' Roses. All due respect, but, um, ok
  3. Why is Libertad so underrated?

    As far as album openers go, Let It Roll was kinda generic and corny. Gravedancer the standout track on an otherwise mediocre and forgettable album IMO. Not surprised they imploded after it.
  4. Read the first 3 paragraphs and gave up
  5. Ok, so where and when does the actual official ticket sale happen? I will literally fly from Abu Dhabi to Vegas for this
  6. Ok, so I missed the fun. Dammit. If anyone wants to make a quick buck on a ticket sale, you know where I am lol
  7. Pretty clear he either has a diminished role or is out completely. But he's not discussing it out of respect for Slash and Duff. JMO
  8. Keep it simple. Ditch the hat, shades, jacket and fancy shoes. Straight up t-shirt, jeans, boots and a bandana and he would look awesome beside Slash and Duff https://twitter.com/cpitmanofficial/status/684247755116560385
  9. Went to see Motley Crue last month in Abu Dhabi. Expected the worst, but they were actually not bad. Guitarist stole the show and Vince sounds better at the gig than on the videos. They look kinda ridiculous tho
  10. Not kidding, but I genuinely thought the guy on the left was Axl when I glanced at that