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  1. clearly helping his time-keeping, so we shouldn't complain....
  2. Fuckin hell, that Jungle was a face melter
  3. Some great energy from Axl on this show
  4. That band has some decent punch - the YCBM and Back of Bitch are very old school GNR-like in terms of tempo and delivery
  5. Knocking on Heavens door needs to go
  6. In my view, World on Fire is the first album in many years (probably since Snakepit) that truly captured what makes Slash, Slash. All the solo albums in between didn't really do much for me
  7. Sadly, theresmore chance of new SMK&C and AXL/DC albums than a new GNR album
  8. Yeah I reckon. Although I think I'll just get the front seats at a fraction of the price, my view duringthe show is more important than food and drinks in a lounge pre-show lol
  9. Not in Dubai - VIP is a platform at the back of the arena
  10. Apologies if this has already been posted, but has anyone on the forum taken the plunge and gone for the full Welcome to the Jungle VIPexperience? Be good to hear about it and if it's worth it. Being backstage would be quite cool but not sure about being stuck in the VIP section at the back of the arena during the show. Tickets in the pit are way cheaper etc ....
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Yep Dubai confirmed. Can't wait
  12. Looks like he's leaned out a bit
  13. I kinda got the impression Duff was a little reluctant to answer ahead of Axl in case he said the wrong things. Like he was backup for the less contentious questions. An Axl/Slash interview would be an interesting dynamic for that reason. I'm sure there would be a few glances at each other ahead of any answers to make sure they're on the same page lol
  14. Cool interview - some nice insights. Axl's demenour was a little odd, almost like he'd had a few drinks