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  1. A girl posting a no makeup selfie in the GNR social media feed. Crazy times
  2. That 2006 performance was decent vocally. But the overall guitar sound is way to synthetic and electronic for YCMB
  3. Personally, I think Melissa's updates should go in the Unofficial social media thread. Not because I'm questioning her status in the band. But every time I come in here to see what Axl, Slash and Duff are saying I see a Melissa post followed by 2-3 pages of disgruntled rants and urban slang clarification
  4. Frank is better now than before. His old way of playing the Brownstone intro was dog shit - glad he switched it to the proper way when Slash and Duff rejoined Sorum was great, but his tone on the UYI tour was really grating
  5. Same setlist every show - moan Change the setlist with an A-List guest spot - moan
  6. Now the band has reformed, it's I'd say it's unlikely we'll get an Axl book dedicated to his side of the story
  7. Think it's coz when they play live it looks like there's about 20 of them playing
  8. I've got a good feeling about this gig. Big stadium, major city, Axl at soundcheck, Angus at the gig. All the ingredients for an 'A+' show
  9. Hopefully Axl has got the monkey off his back in terms of changing his efforts into complex rock production. He's just toured with AC/DC and probably saw with his own eyes - balls to the wall rock n roll still works and that's what made them. He arguably also sounded even better on that tour than his own tour.
  10. Get Slash and Duff together, let them write 20-30 songs together. Maybe a little bit of input from Richard to make him feel like he has a purpose. A complete mish mash of riffs and hooks ala Velvet Revolver / Slash & Myles. So far so good. Then the magic happens. Add in Axl's quality control, tinkering, lyrics and and vocals. Bin most of them and keep the best 10 songs. Give Mike Clink a call, and record those fuckers within a fortnight. There you have one of the best rock n roll albums of the 2000's, I guarantee it
  11. Im not flat out saying it won't EVER happen. Im flat out saying that billboard ain't advertising a surprise AFD5 gig when the tour breaks in July
  12. It won't be a secret AFD5 gig tho ....
  13. There's kinda a limit to how much excitement is generated by a surprise billboard logo. The secret LA gig last year, with the camera crews and people showing up etc, was very cool. Now, one year on, if there's a gig just announce it
  14. I actually really appreciate both versions. Robin's take is quite unique, with some cool bends and other little hooks that really highlight his style. While not technically difficult, its kinda hard to recreate because it has Robin's feel all over it. Some notes or slides almost sound odd and you don't expect them but they also sound so perfect at the same time. But it's a composition that he's sat and worked out. Slash on the other hand just let's rip. Some versions are better than others. The latest Tokyo version is absolutely superb and it's that version that would do more for me if I was actually at the gig. Virtuoso performance. You can always spin the disk for Robin's equally great (but thought out) version.