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  1. I kinda got the impression Duff was a little reluctant to answer ahead of Axl in case he said the wrong things. Like he was backup for the less contentious questions. An Axl/Slash interview would be an interesting dynamic for that reason. I'm sure there would be a few glances at each other ahead of any answers to make sure they're on the same page lol
  2. Cool interview - some nice insights. Axl's demenour was a little odd, almost like he'd had a few drinks
  3. Let's just put it down to the menopause and move on
  4. 08/27/16 - Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum

  5. I hope it was a lot more than 1 million tickets. 1 million tickets, 25 shows = 40,000 tickets per show
  6. "I think everybody just wants to see it done right. And when it's time, we'll do it." Um, if it's done 'right', you won't be needed...
  7. I reckon you could put Axl's voice over 12 tracks of basic rock instrumentals and it would have sounded on a par with most of CD. Axl's calling card is his unique voice - most ofthe time it makes something middle of the road sound top notch. That's why I never quite got why he had to tweak the musical aspect for years and years on end. Perfectionist to a fault. Just sing man, it will be better than good
  8. If you told me 2 years ago that GNR would reform and play a show with Double Talkin Jive, Coma, Chinese Democracy and Slither down in the set list ... I'd have called the mental asylum and told them to come andcollect you
  9. I'd rather the show was 10mins shorter and they just dropped KOHD. It's always been a long winded momentum killer IMO
  10. Shows looked great. Def some signs of Axl holding back a little on the YouTube clips - not that they do the shows justice.
  11. No offense, but Baz can do one. He was kinda cool as a guest slot in prior tours, but there really is no need. GNR reunion, let's get Baz out. Hmmmm
  12. Who cares, he looks and sounds great. For many years, I thought they'd blown their chance to do a reunion justice, with Axl the weakest link. But they've truly hit form. Jackets and hats are a sideshow IMO
  13. Civil War has never really done much for me, whether it be live or on the album. But that was pretty enjoyable
  14. Wow - didn't realize some people on this forum know the band personally and the intricacies of their decision making