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  1. I'm betting BP and Director are going to be split, if La La wins BP, best director is Jenkins and vice versa. Other assumptions: Affleck, Stone, Davis and Ali (though why he's nominated over Ashton Sanders is a mystery for the ages). Presumably The Salesman takes Best Foreign Film but this category is dumpster fire with the inclusion of Toni Erdmann over Elle and The Handmaiden. The theory of late is that documentary is between OJ: Made in America or I Am Not Your Negro but I'll be surprised if 13th doesn't take it, it's the safer choice (it's still a fine film but the other two are masterpieces of the genre). Wishes: Moonlight, Chazelle or Jenkins, Affleck, Huppert, Davis and...I guess Bridges.
  2. The Love Witch is now streaming. If you dig dreamily beautiful production design (it was by far the prettiest looking film of 2016), hardcore quirk and the old Hammer studios aesthetic you should check it out.
  3. The brouhaha last year was embarrassingly misdirected and there was a lack of deserving nominees. This year there are multiple highly deserving nominees of color. It's just how it's worked out. And Viola will win because she's peerless in her category. Her only legitimate completion is Naomie Harris.
  4. Has Frederick Douglass made a statement yet?
  5. Split *** 1/2 A very welcome return to form. McAvoy is a fucking delight. Silence **** Same here re a return to form. It's (probably) not stand-the-test-of-time-great but it's his best in twenty years or so. The Fits **** Arguably the best "true" indie of the year. I Am Not Your Negro **** would be the best American doc of the year if OJ: Made in America hadn't suddenly stopped being a TV thing.
  6. It's good, highly entertaining. Too enamoured with it's subject to be a great documentary but it's a lovely interview and there's some amazing old footage. Did you see the Oasis doc?
  7. Just watched the pilot. So basically, they've resurrected the failed mid 00's show Dollhouse, but without fixing the problems that sunk it in the first place?
  8. Lemonade. For theatrical releases, I think Moonlight was the best of the year but I'd rather re-watch La La Land than anything else. Which I'm embarrassed about, but whatever. I also should've added The Neon Demon to my list, it's superior to Nocturnal Animals. And The Lobster, though it's technically 2015. And Arrival.
  9. Obligatory end of year This is the Stuff I Liked Best list: Manchester by the Sea, The Handmaiden, Moonlight, La La Land, Elle, Jackie, Weiner, Christine, I Am Not Your Negro, Hell and High Water, Nocturnal Animals, Arrival, Love and Friendship, The Nice Guys, The Monster, Oasis: Supersonic, Don't Breathe, Edge of Seventeen, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Gimmie Danger.
  10. Lied according to whom? That version of the story is backed up by Andy McCoy and Angela Nicoletti wife who found her. I know he feuded with them over the Blabbermouth article where Angela recounted it but I didn't know he directly accused Erin of lying?.
  11. I had the same issues for the first two seasons. 😂 S4 is arguably the best season of anything in the history of television though.
  12. Sorry, but what the fuck? You don't believe her because you resent the fact that she's speaking out? I told you the messages where his lackey relays his apologies for kicking her were authenticated but that doesn't count for anything?
  13. Up to S5 of Game of Thrones. I'm enjoying it more than I expected too, but it's wildly overrated.
  14. War Dogs is a lot of fun. Too derivative and morally gutless to be great, but it's highly entertaining and both Hill and Teller are wonderful.
  15. They were verified.