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  1. The Handmaid's Tale is phenomenal, both exhilarating and emotionally punishing.
  2. Something Wild, in honour of the great and sadly departed Jonathan Demme. The guy had an inconstant but unusually impressive and diverse filmography. Wild is a stone classic, one of the key cult films of the eighties and pulls off one of the greatest tonal shifts in cinema.
  3. Such a twisted little gem. ❤
  4. It's superb. Easily the best of the genre and probably the best blockbuster of the decade. And I do not generally give a goddamn about this particular franchise.
  5. That's it? I'm curious as to what your comment was based on.
  6. He's a living legend, one of the greatest movie stars of all time. Notoriously difficult to work with, mostly on account of his perfectionism and self indulgence but nowhere near the biggest asshole in Hollywood.
  7. Uh, it's not a series. Fucking the biggest award up right before the show ended is really unlikely to help next years ratings. 😂😳 True, Beatty is a national treasure and it wasn't his fuck up.
  8. Exactly what would be the end game of staging that?
  9. That was amazing 😂
  10. Viola ❤
  11. OJ doc was fucking amazing, fuck yes
  12. Chet! 😔
  13. Get Out is fucking fantastic.
  14. She certainly is now, she didn't used to be. Exactly! 😒
  15. Huppert deserves the win. Stone is lovely in LLL, but it mostly relies on her charm. Portman does far heavier lifting in Jackie. Streep is TERRIBLE in a terrible film, she has no business in the category.