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  1. Axls teeth (I know... but really!)

    He had them done more than once. They were vastly improved after the Jungle video, and I think he got even more Tom Cruisey ones around the Illusion tour. 
  2. Zoolander 2 - 12th Feb 2016

    It's nowhere near as bad as the press are making out. Kiefer Sutherland totally owns it, though. 
  3. "The X-Files" Returns (2min Trailer Out Now)

    So Dean Haglund, who plays Langly (the blond Lone Gunman) is at my dog park right now.
  4. Deadpool (2016)

  5. "The X-Files" Returns (2min Trailer Out Now)

    This weeks wasn't great. I've jumped on the 'they're planning to do S11 bandwagon'. S10  is not playing like an ending or a one-off. 
  6. Oscar Isaac Appreciation Thread

    Still blows my mind that he wasn't nominated for this film. 
  7. Paul Rudd Appreciation Thread

    *pets head*
  8. Paul Rudd Appreciation Thread

    No. Her still belongs to Greg Dulli. Rudd's just the human equivalent of a hilarious puppy. 
  9. Paul Rudd Appreciation Thread

    The best!! full disclosure: Conan video stolen from ER
  10. Paul Rudd Appreciation Thread

    It was much better than I expected based on the trailer. He makes everything better.
  12. OJ Simpson and Amanda Knox

    The first episode was fantastic, if the series had been released in its entirety I would've been up all night. 
  13. OJ Simpson and Amanda Knox

    Knox has obviously benefitted from being a young, attractive white girl. I think American jingoism also played a part in the perception of her being a railroaded innocent, even in the Italian trial hadn't been such a mess I doubt the public would've trusted a foreign country finding her guilty (which I suspect she is).  I've never understood how anyone genuinely doubted OJ's guilt. Bungled prosecution or not the evidence was there, the history of domestic violence, the lack of alternate suspects etc. Never mind 'If I Did It'.