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  1. It's no problem. I think a new thread is a good idea and more or less agree with your rules. Also like the suggestions from the old thread and I'd add: - No being mean about other people's favored ships/pairings either lol. This has caused drama before as well. - Regarding the thread search function: I didn't figure this out myself until some time ago so I figured I'd explain in case anyone else is as dumb as me: If you click into the search bar, a drop down menu to the left of it appears. Select "This topic" and search for the key word you're interested in. So anyway... a lot of what I was going to say is obsolete now, but yeah, I agree about the -now old- thread having become a a bit of a mess and hard to follow. A fresh start really might be a good idea And now that hopefully everyone is a bit more aware of our unwritten rules (some of which are actually written down now lol), maybe we can all try to adhere to them a bit more from now on to keep with the "original spirit" (as someone called it) of the thread, which really wasn't intended as a random chat thread, but as a place to focus on GNR-related discussion and to share your contributions. (But if someone wants to make a Random Chat thread just for women in Anything Goes or something, I'd totally support it. I understand the need to have a space for girl talk, even when it's not GNR-related ) Also wanted to comment on this: There've been plenty of times in the past where the thread moved slow or even not at all for a couple of days. Discussions in the thread always just evolved naturally, if someone had something GNR related they wanted to discuss or share, or influenced by real life events. And I think that's fine. I'd rather the thread moves a bit slow at times than have pages and pages of insubstantial stuff every day. Quality over quantity, basically. So I don't feel we should force discussions, but anyone's welcome to make suggestions and things either take off from there or they don't. ----------------------- Thanks I do try to share mostly new or high quality pics. I recommend Tumblr or magazine articles for finding newer stuff, if anyone wants to know. The people on Instagram usually just repost stuff from Tumblr in crappy quality and with half of the picture cut away. Thank you as well. I have to admit I didn't even notice they were reversed, but yeah, you're right Not mad, mostly flattered I have actually been around a bit more again recently, but yeah, what @killuridols said: And to end this post on a more gossipy note: Iirc, Axl even fucked that Sophie Anderton woman. Or at least used her as one of his escorts or something
  2. Damn it, I was just typing up a long-ass post when the old thread got locked
  3. Speaking of love, I'm going to steer the ship away from the Izzaxl sea for the moment, to bring you some good old Slaxl... (All thanks to sunrise9memories on Tumblr again and in all high quality... because I love having huge high quality pictures ) And Sluff: And some... Daxl? Duffaxl? Other stuff Slash and Izzy both look very... intense and and sensual or something there What is this ship called anyway? Slazzy? Slizzy?
  4. That is freaking disturbing, @dgnr Well, I'm glad you have nothing better to do Because I love knowing what they secretely get up to on social media. So Slash also likes that pretty picture of Axl. Good to know lol. And he apparently agrees with Fernando that Axl is "too fucking cool." Nice. Gonna catch up on the thread now, I wanted to comment on the stuff @Frey, @killuridols, @Blackstar etc were discussing and never got around to it.
  5. Yeah, seriously @Blackstars posts are probably the most well-researched and most intelligent posts on the entire board and if there's one name that comes to my mind when I think "intelligent board member with insightful posts" it's her's. The irony of this is killing me On topic: Gene Simmons is a disgusting douchebag who's for some reason creepily obsessed with Axl and his life ("should have been beaten some more as a child"; "don't care if you were raped as a baby") and I don't take anything coming out of his mouth seriously. Also at all the "wahwah Gene Simmons dared to insult Axl, now watch everyone bash Gene Simmons"-people. No. It's perfectly possible to dislike Gene Simmons and the dumb shit he says without being one of Axl's ass-lickers.
  6. @Andy14 I can't even decide which one's my favorite. But I do like Axl's disturbed facial expression after Dizzy's suggestion and Izzy's song. Plus all of Slash's bitchy-nes of course @Kris_1989 Well done on the video. At least we have that. My thoughts are very similar on the whole Duff thread issue to what a couple of other people have expressed here ---------- Mrs. Adler's book... oh boy... so awful. And yet I'm still tempted to read it. I agree about the story Axl told Steven probably being true. And hasn't Axl said before that he was the last one who agreed to fire Steven? Mrs. Adler and Mrs. Bailey having mom talks about their sons and all the pain their sons have put them through. Feels like I've landed in a parallel universe or something. Not surprised they got on well though. They both did like choosing awful men over their own children's lifes and well-being. ---------- So much I want to comment on, but for now... new pics. (And by "new" I mean high-res versions of pics we already know or different shots from photoshoots we already know.) Credit for these pretty pictures goes to sunrise9memories on Tumblr, who's a saint for giving us all these pics. Huge thanks, I've always wanted high definition versions and outtakes of these photoshoots. I mean look at this Their grins. I think that's an especially cute pic of Iz and Slash And this lovely photoshoot. One of my all time favorites: (I mean this photoshoot has everyhing- laughing Axl, laughing Izzy, goofball Slash (all three of which are pretty rare in pictures usually), Slaxl, Sluff, Izzaxl, all of them being pretty...) This pretty boy: And this one too:
  7. Thanks for making a thread for Duff too, I felt kind of bad for him as well. Just came across this on Tumblr and had to share because new picture. They all look pretty cool, but Axl in this picture is just He looks so young there, such a baby still and his hair! Like a fluffy ginger kitten. I could just eat him up there because he's adorable. Must have been taken the same night as another favorite picture of mine: This one's also from the same shoot: Apart from all of them being cuties, there's also some Slaxl and Daxl going on in these lol. Bonus random other new pic I also came across because I love girly, glammy Axl:
  8. Happy Birthday and all the best to my favorite bass player on the entire planet! Who's not only a great bass player, but also a talented writer, an inspirational human being and an all-around great guy. I'm so glad you're in this band and I can't wait to see you and the rest of the guys in Vienna and Munich this summer. Thank you for everything and lots of love to you and your family.
  9. Purrrfect (We all love your inspired emoji choices on Twitter, Axl!)
  10. But where would I put Melissa in that picture? Into Grumpy Izzy's house? The picture is based on the discussion going on in the thread at the time, which I think was started by Duff going to watch Axl play with AC/DC and being all proud and Dad-like afterwards, posting "Go, Axl, go!" on Twitter (hence the flag). Some people said that Duff was such a good dad and then people discussed what roles other people from the Guns camp have, and someone said Izzy was a Debbie Downer (among other things, that's why Izzy's in the picture so often lol). I just posted here two days ago or so And I get the feeling @Andy14 will be more active again from now on too But thanks Thanks, I'm glad I could make you laugh
  11. Happy birthday, Axl! I hope you have a great one and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I discovered GNR around 2006 or so when I was still a kid and it was my introduction to rock music (and lots of other kinds of music in general), so thanks for that. But all these years later Guns is still my favorite band and you're still my favorite singer and performer. I get the feeling that's not going to change any time soon Lots of love to you from Austria, and I'm looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the guys in Europe this summer! PS: Love your taco cat shirt, it's awesome.
  12. I didn't get a word he said either. I think he talked more coherently when he was a coked up drunkard LOL Don't make fun of him when he's trying so hard to speak Japanese @SerenityScorp is right, he's saying "Ohayou gozaimasu", which simply means "Good morning". I have to say, I always think it's really cute when they're trying to speak foreign languages. He looks like someone's quirky cute grandpa in that picture And man, this thread is moving too fast. I need to catch up on it some time soon.
  13. On a less serious note... I see what you did there Aww, thank you No, I totally get what you mean. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during that first dinner at Axl's house. I wonder if Slash was impressed by seeing how mature and stable (well, sort of at least) Axl has become or if he felt weirded out by the way Axl lives or if he maybe even felt pity for him. And I wonder if spending some time again with Slash helped Axl see that Slash still has his soul and isn't cancer or the devil himself either. Or if he was just really glad and happy to finally have Slash around him again, because no one can tell me Axl didn't miss him or long for their good times in the past (hell, Axl is a guy who very much seems to live in the past anyway and he could never stop talking about Slash either all these years). ----------- Anyway, there was some talk about "low pants pictures". This is my favorite low, or more accurately, no pants picture of Axl. I love the expression on his face.
  14. No, he didn't say airport, he said air force museum, so them not travelling probably doesn't matter. Here's what Axl said according to Zutuat: (I'll put in under a spoiler tag because this stuff is pretty disturbing): There are a couple of things that get me about what Zutaut said in that documentary: 1) This would be a really, really sick thing to make up and lie about (and it's still pretty fucked up for him to just chat about this in a shitty documentary). 2) He's clearly not just confusing his stepfather with his biological father and that whole incident, because Zutaut's telling a completely different story than the one Axl told about his biological father (which was a horrible situation that happened once when Axl was a baby). Yet Zutaut talks about something that happened multiple times ("used to...") and Axl was clearly not a baby anymore if he was able to tell his mom. 3) The details in Zutaut's story. If he were to hypothetically lie and just make up a sick story like that for some fucked up reason, it's unlikely he would come up with specific little details like "air force museum". That's not really something that would just pop into your head if you you were making something up usually. 4) The "My mom wouldn't believe me and I used to get beaten for making up 'lies'" bit. His mom was perfectly aware of her husband beating her children according to Axl, so what was it that she wouldn't believe? If she knew about the physical abuse (and even participated in it, judging by the things Axl has said), then there's not much left that could be disturbing enough for her to react with denial. Not to mention the fact that mothers refusing to believe their children and choosing their husbands/partners over them is something that happens pretty frequently. 5) Zutaut saying it was "happening to his sister as well". We know that Axl's stepdad was sexually abusing his sister, so Zutaut's not wrong about that and seems to know the basic facts at least. I'm really not sure what to think. It goes against everything we know and Axl has never said anything like that himself. But looking at it this way, I can't rule it out completely. I've been kind of baffled and disturbed by this ever since I watched that BBC documentary and now that I've thought it through I see why. About that audio interview... I think it's been posted once before in this thread, but it rarely gets brought up, so thanks for posting it again. It's an interesting interview. But I don't necessarily agree that Axl naively saying "my daddy is my best friend now" can be counted as concrete proof of his stepfather not abusing him in that way. I came across cases of rape/sexual abuse victims forgiving/trying to forgive their abusers (or even deluding themselves into thinking they could be a happy family or have a healthy relationship again) more than a couple of times during the course of a former job I had. I will never forget the young woman who basically told me things are fine between her and her father now, because her father was just going through a difficult time when the assaults happened and he promised her he would never do that again I'll fully admit my perception is probably a bit coloured by these experiences, but yeah, Axl's short-lived attempt at building a relationship with his stepfather again doesn't necessarily indicate all that much to me. You know these points are very true and I've had similar thoughts ever since I saw that disturbing documentary. On the other hand, Zutaut does seem to have a "fondness" for telling shocking/scandalous stories, as we've noted before in this thread so I don't completely trust him as a source. The only other thing I can think of that supports his claims is Beta saying Axl was sexually abused by his stepfather in one of these weird interviews she gave in the early 2000s. But these interviews are a highly questionable source as well, horrible translations and some people even doubt they're real. And while you'd think Beta (of all people) would know something like this, she does come across as kind of confused and struggling with language barriers a lot of the time in her posts and messages, so who knows. Assuming Zutaut's claims are true, I can understand why Axl didn't go public with that particular part of his past though. Emotionally speaking, there's a difference (at least to me, if I try to put myself in Axl's place) between something that happened when you were a baby and that you don't even really have conscious memories of, compared to something that happened to you much more recently, and which you have tons of traumatic, relatively fresh and raw memories of. I'd have a lot of trouble talking about the latter too, while I could see myself talking about something that happened when I was a small child much more easily. It's interesting though that Axl apparently changed his mind about what he was going to tell Rolling Stone. Assuming Zutaut's claims are true again, it sounds like he wanted to go public with something more along the lines of Zutaut's story, but we got a different, slightly less horrifying version in the 1992 interview. That "look after Slash" part made me smile. I've always thought that Slash's drug use was a giant source of worry and anxiety for Axl (his reactions to it were a bit shitty at times, but his actions always seemed to mostly stem from a place of desperation and fear for Slash's life). As for Duff, as someone has said, his drinking wasn't that bad yet during that time and Axl probably didn't perceive Duff drinking alcohol to be as dangerous or threatening as Slash's heroin habit, like most people. You know, I think the house thing might have been in part at least an attempt by Axl to have some control over Slash and his drug use. To "look after Slash",as he puts it, in the most effective manner he could think of. But yeah, Slash wasn't having it.
  15. How have I never seen Perla's list of lame Slash excuses before? Omg Thanks for posting @MillionsOfSpiders! Speaking of Slash, here's the rest of the old articles I came across translated. Some of these questions are just I didn't translate all of it. There's a lot of talk about how he met Renee and how he broke up with her and how he cheated on her, but how he doesn't cheat anymore now (yeah, right). If anyone really wants to know about all that I can translate it, but I didn't think it was that interesting. And apparently Slash likes cool, tough girls with personality, because he can't stand weepy chicks (or whiny bitches? hard to tell from the translation what his original words were) Did you ever share a groupie with Axl: No, we're not into that kind of thing. Each one of us has his private sphere. (Riiiiight. We've only got multiple people (including Axl himself) and pictures telling a different story) How did you meet Axl? Through an ad in a magzine looking for musicians. ... (then there's some talk about him going on a safari in Kenya with Renee after the tour)... Would you shoot at animals: No, of course not. It's horrible what ivory and trophy hunters are doing there. I just hope security in national parks will finally be taken seriously. Are you against animal testing? Yes, of course. What's the point of torturing animals? That's horrible. Have you ever been made fun of for being mixed-race? No, never . The only problem in school was my long hair and the fact that I sold drugs (I guess that's what they mean there?) for the highest price. Did you ever want to be white like your buddy Michael Jackson? Oh no. I don't know what's going on in his head, but I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. Did you have a cool childhood? Yes, my parents left me all the freedom in the world, but at the same time they also taught me solid morals and values. ... Some talk about his drug and alcohol consume. He says he smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, he denies drinking two bottles of JD a day, he thinks AA group therapy is pretty pointless, says he nearly ended up in prison for a long time because of his substance abuse issues and woke up in hospital way too many times- and it was all so negative for him that he doesn't want to be reminded of it any further. There's also some talk about a girl getting a tattoo of his face on her leg, about him falling off the stage and his favorite actor is Robert De Niro. Why did your Manchester concert get cancelled? It was only postponed and that was because all of us were completely tired and exhausted. It had nothing to do with Axl and Stephanie. (Isn't it sweet how he lies to protect Axl? ) Do you talk to Axl about your personal problems? Yes, I talk to Axl and Duff about them. Did Axl tell you that his father sexually abused him? (They're asking if Axl had already told him about that in the past, before he went to the media with it). Yes, I knew about that. We've known each other forever and know each other very closely. There's so much going on around us that we simply have to talk to each other about stuff to deal with everything. We're normal guys and not machines who go on stage like robots to play. Is Axl crazy? Oh no, no. People just don't understand him because of all these rumours. But what are you supposed to do about that? He simply says what he thinks and does what he wants. By the way, I'm not all that self-confident either. I often have moments when I question everything. I'm pretty aggressive. But I take life as it comes and live in the moment. I try to solve all problems immediately so I don't get frustrated. Would you like to have children? Not as long as we're on tour. But yeah, I do want to have kids. I'd like to have a little girl. (I remember he originally mentioned wanting to have a daughter in his book too.)