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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    I'm just sayin, there are older interviews from back then that did not paint this cosy picture. Izzy actually said he was surprised and annoyed that Axl followed him out to LA. But hey, they all now want to write their legacy, I get it. Izzy said that? I only remember Alan Niven claiming that Izzy whined about Axl following him to L.A. and I take everything that guy says with a huge grain of salt. But even if that is true, it still doesn't really change anything. Let's look at the facts we know of and be realistic: - Izzy and Axl had classes together and liked working together on their own art projects instead of the stuff they were supposed to be working on. And we know that from their former art teacher, a person who has no interest in trying to project a certain image, so I consider her credible. - They also shared other school classes, like the driver's ed class mentioned by Frey. - Izzy said he and Axl used to spend a lot of time in the garage of Izzy's mom, making "music". More likely producing awful noise together, but according to Izzy his mom didn't complain and is a saint for letting them do that. - Izzy said he has very vivid memories of hanging out with Axl all summer when they were 16 or 17 or something and they just drove around all day and did drugs. - Izzy knew about Axl's fucked up home life. - Axl said Izzy is one of his oldest friends and one of the people he cares about most in the world. So considering that they apparently spent a lot of time together, both at school and out of school, and seemed to be pretty close, I think it's safe to say they were friends. BUT. Izzy also must have known Axl rather well because of that. And therefore he also must have known how exhausting and difficult Axl was/is at times. Hell, Izzy even said that he already thought Axl was crazy the very first time he ever saw him. And that he often acted like a complete lunatic and that he had to keep him out of trouble. And Izzy was just a kid himself when he left for L.A. A teenage boy with a lot of his own issues and problems to deal with. It's not hard to see how Izzy might not have been thrilled about Axl and all the drama and problems he brings with him following him to L.A. Especially because Axl couldn't really make it in L.A. on his own (as Niven/Izzy also claimed) and Izzy then had to watch out for Axl's ass too. Again, Izzy was just a slightly troubled kid himself and not the therapist or qualified foster parent or whatever else Axl would have needed. I can't really blame him for feeling conflicted about having to deal with Axl and all of his issues. Many years later Slash seemed to struggle with the same issues and he was an adult by that time.* And ultimately Slash felt too overwhelmed to deal with Axl any longer too. That is that. But I think it also speaks volumes that Izzy kept forming bands with Axl and very much wanted to keep Axl for himself when Slash tried to steal Axl away from Izzy. And there are a lot of stories of them hanging out during the pre-GNR days in L.A. and having fun and doing stupid stuff. So Izzy must have liked being with Axl on some level (or he at least recognized his talent and wanted to keep him around because of that). And then there's also the fact that Izzy kept checking up on Axl and calling him even when Axl refused to see him (that's more than the other guys can claim). He also sounded quite worried about Axl in some interviews. And Axl... Axl had some kind of breakdown when Izzy left, crying on the phone for hours and then being really bitter and upset for a long time after. This is not the case anymore thankfully and nowadays Axl seems to love talking about Izzy as long as it's not reunion-related. He often starts telling stories about Izzy without being asked (China Exchange, Eddie Trunk, etc.), and apparently keeps Izzy's guitar in his house. All of which indicates that he's quite attached to Izzy as well. Bottom line is, I think they do share some kind of bond, a pretty deep one even considering the way they talk about each other and everything they went through together, but their relationship is not exactly an easy one. It wasn't easy when they were kids and it still isn't easy now that they're in their 50s apparently *I'm referring to quotes like this: "It's just ... it depends how much of that [emotional bag­gage] you want to experience with him. A lot of it is stuff that not everyone in the band necessarily understands. So you try to under­stand, and you try to be a good friend and bandmate as you go through it. But when it negatively affects everything the band is doing, it's really hard to stand by him." I like this one I liked that too. I imagine it looked something like this: Izzy (brandishing eye liner and a can of hair spray): Sit your ass down, Axl. Axl: Ow, watch what you're doing! You're poking my eye out with that thing! Izzy: Don't be a pussy and look upwards, so I can finish this.... And now close your eyes, I need some more hairspay for this... Axl (coughing): Oh my god, I can't breathe, I'm suffocating! Izzy: Stop being such a drama queen and get your hands away from your face, you'll mess up your make-up and I'm not doing it again..." Etc, etc. Would have been fun to be a fly on the wall and watch "the band's stylist" at work
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    I thought it was a good read. Knew a lot of it already, but it had some interesting bits in it (not to mention new pictures!) I also thought this story was really cute: I can totally picture little Izzy and little Axl sitting at a table in school and drawing skulls, guns and rosese instead of doing... pottery or whatever it is they were supposed to be doing. And it's cute that they worked on one drawing together, creating something beautiful. Similar to what they later did with their songs. So the teachers knew about Axl's home life. Well then. And I knew Izzy's parents divorced, but didn't know his father left in such a shitty way. But then again Izzy isn't one to talk much about his private affairs, unlike the rest of the guys. Also I really like this picture I always love it when "new" old pictures appear. And the rest for completeness' sake (and some of these are new too):
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    Yes, wish I could have watched him too lol. Here's another cute story courtesy of Chris Weber about Axl and Izzy's misdeeds: "I was registering at school, at this community college, and someone gave us this free gift package when we left," recalls Chris. "Axl and Izzy got a hold of it, and as I was driving down the street in my car, everybody was honking and laughing at me. I finally pull over at a stop sign and I look at Axl and Izzy and they're busting out laughing. I get out of the car and there's all these maxi-pads stuck all over it! They were all over my car! That was one thing I remember in particular." And some more about these two: "I hear a lot of stuff now about Axl being moody," says Chris, "but when I knew him he was just a nice, pleasant, and caring guy, who would talk and listen to me, and I would listen to his problems. He was real mellow. He took his time on things, and was very meticulous. Izzy was pretty much like that too. He did things perfectly, and always finished them up. He was also quiet and reserved." The bolded hasn't changed lol. Didn't know that Izzy is a bit of a perfectionist as well though. Oh that's cool. I met him like 10 years ago when I was still a kid more or less lol. Good to hear he's still a nice guy. And yes, I really hope they'll meet when/if GNR come to Sweden or Finland. Slash has remained friends with Mike all these years I think and I haven't heard about Mike doing anything that would have pissed Axl off too badly, so I think chances are pretty good. And Axl really does need all the positive, kind-hearted people around him that he can get. He's surrounded by way too many creeps and nasty people already.
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    You're welcome. People (mostly thanks to the media, the church and bad education in schools) tend to forget that there was a time before Christianity invaded came to Europe. And during that time, all the Germanic and Slavic peoples, the Celts, the Romans and all other people in Europe already had their own cultures, beliefs and traditions. The Catholic church more or less tried to kill and get rid of everything they thought was pagan or heathen, but they weren't quite successfull (thankfully). So some of the old traditions live on in modern "Christian" festivals like the big ones you mentioned, but also in small, local practices and traditions that no one but the people in a particular country even know. (@giuls Sorry for torturing you so much with all the simplification going on in my posts But I can't be bothered to go into details about this issue on a GNR forum.) Yeah, his Halloween traditions are actually pretty well documented lol. But I've never heard Axl talk about Christmas much, so I was curious. Especially since this took place way back then when I imagine he didn't have a lot of resources, time or motivation to go all out on Christmas stuff. But maybe they were talking about the traditions he grew up with or something. Either way, I would have been interested. I've wondered before how the guys spent holidays back in the days before they got famous. Did they go home to see their families? Celebrate together in the hell house with a couple bottles of night train and biscuits and gravy? The only Christmas story I know of is an Izzy one, so here's an Izzy Christmas story lol: "Me and Izzy went to Mexico one Christmas and we were walking around, and I remember him in his white creepers and purple socks, and cut-offs, running around the rocks on the beach at this Mexican resort. Purple socks, black hair and white skin, with all these tattoos, and he was chasing iguanas. All these straight people were looking at him, but he didn't care cause he was having a great time. He didn't look like anyone else. He was totally different from anyone they'd ever seen, and he was chasing these iguana lizards." Okay, not very Christmas-y, but it counts. And I can so picture what Chris Weber's describing here. Izzy must have looked like a huge dork Then there's the sad story about Axl in alone in the studio on Christmas and Meegan and Slash's disastrous Christmas party. I noticed Duff was at that Christmas party too. Never seen a video like that. Might be one of the shows in the vault that the normal public has never seen. Fun fact: I've met both of the guys in this picture. I met Mike Monroe in Helsinki once and I can't say enough good things about him. He was just so sweet and nice to me and my friend. Spent a lot of time talking with us, took pictures with us and when we said goodbye he ripped some of the badges (buttons? pins? whatever these things are called) from his clothes and gave them to us. Just really kind and warm-hearted. The opposite of when I met Axl basically (nah, Axl was decent to me as well, I shouldn't be so mean ) I think Mike Monroe and Axl should hang out again.
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    Not really. All these so-called "Christian" festivals like Christmas or Easter are built upon pagan traditions anyway. Mostly revolving around sun worship. The Romans were already exchanging gifts around the time of the midwinter solstice (it was called Saturnalia iirc) before Christianity arrived. Similarly, the Germanic people held winter solstice celebrations as well with food and drink and decorated their houses in evergreens. Celebrating Christmas was even forbidden in England and the United States during the 16th and 17th century because it was considered "too pagan" and "too sinful". It's funny to think how Christians wanted to ban Christmas back then when nowadays you can't even escape all the "Christmas is Jesus' birthday" nonsense everywhere. Though I do know that some really fundamentalist Christians in the US don't celebrate Christmas, Easter and Halloween because they're all "evil, pagan festivals". Personally, I have no problem at all celebrating "Christmas" (I'd rather call it Yule in English) and Easter as a non-religious person. I'm not celebrating anybody's birth or miraculous return from death, I'm celebrating the midwinter solstice, the return of light, the return of spring, nature, family togetherness, good food and spending time with loved ones. Back on topic, I recently saw a journalist mention that she talked to Axl about his Christmas traditions on the phone for a while in 1987. And that's all she said bout it. I was so annoyed, I'd have loved to hear more about Axl's Christmas traditions. Yep. Living in a Catholic country, these things are everywhere and you're used to them. But I still would never voluntarily hang one up anywhere near me. I dislike organized religion, the Catholic church and everything to do with it way too much to want something like that around me.
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    Yes, that's from Marc's wedding. Interesting assortment of people there- Axl's brother Stuart, Axl and Slash (does Axl have his arm around Slash? it looks like Axl's got his arms around Slash and the chick on the left), Duff cuddling Mandy... and where's Izzy? Here's some more: (I remember @Frey calling this picture the "Duff, Axl and their kid" picture or "rainbow family picture" or something like that when this was posted here a long time ago ) Have to say, Axl looked cute that day: These are from Marc Canter's wedding as well. Axl playing November Rain on the piano. I don't know why, but I think he looks really sad, or kind of "out of it" in these. I've always liked that one. The way Axl looks at Slash is quite sweet. And I like how Slash's just lying there on his stomach, right next to Axl. That's a good interpretation, yes. When I first read these lines Someone please make it stop Beating them back to the bushes God knows they'll come back again Been through this so many times it actually made me think of someone with some kind of mental illness that causes hallucinations or makes you hear voices. The "them" in question being the voices or the awful thoughts that make him act out (or demons as you called them), yeah. I'm not saying Axl's necessarily suffering from anything like that, that's just the first thing that came to my mind while reading. The other thing that came to my mind, more in line with @Freys thoughts is that the first couple of lines (Screaming / Biting / Calling /Fighting / Someone please make it stop) sound a bit like a child trapped in a moment where "shit was going down in their house" (as Axl called it) and the child praying for it all to stop. The rest of the lines sound more like his present day dealings with his parents- them constantly reappearing in his life and trying to manipulate him. Didn't Axl say that his parents kept trying to convince him to come back and that his stepfather even promised to pay for his college education if he came back or something like that? And of course other stuff like the letters, the LALD video thing (though that probably hadn't happened yet when he wrote this). --------- The other one... I agree that this is way harsher than the views about religion Axl has usually expressed in interviews and that a few lines seem to be directed at a specific person, though the rest of the song is about religious organization in general. And yes, the irony of him writing about frauds who steal ignorant people's money. I need to bite my tongue. But I'd really like to know how many millions they stole from him. Because the more numbers I hear about what he payed these people for various things, the more angry I get. And considering that they spent years and years leeching his money off him, we're probably talking millions. @giuls and @killuridols I get the impression Axl actually is somewhat religious. I remember him saying his religious beliefs are difficult to explain and that he doesn't want to talk about them in the 90s. More recently Pamela Manning claimed that Axl does believe in God. So I don't find his crucifix obsession that surprising. He also probably likes the gruesome, tortured messiah aspect of these things.
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    I had managed to forget about Ron Jeremy sucking his own dick with Slash as his audience, thanks for reminding me I don't have any memes or anything like that concerning this topic I don't even have pictures of the guys kissing other guys apart from the ones already posted. The closest I can offer you is this one of Axl lol: Or maybe this one of Duff and Axl: And all the Sluff kissing pictures of course. Guess it can't hurt to repost them for the noobs (sorry @money honey, I wish I could offer you more "Slaxl bliss" lol, but the only thing I have is more Sluff kissing. Unfortunately Slash and Axl never kissed much in public) I also remember someone posting a video of Matt Sorum kissing Duff on stage, but am too lazy to look for it now. So I'm just gonna leave this here again to give everyone nightmares Apart from these, I can only think of fake kissing pictures. Like this old classic that has been ghosting around the internet since time immemorial.
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, Slash was at the Halloween party where Axl wore the corn costume. It was in 1994. Probably the last time Slash attended one of Axl's Halloween parties. Ear of corn Axl: Slash at the same party: Some more Craig Duswalt pictures because why not: With Axl. Axl looks cute here I think. With Slash: (Going by the expression on Slash's face, the second picture was probably taken after the kiss lol) With Duff and wearing the same NIN (?) shirt Axl has (the guy in the middle is Axl's chiropracter): With Steph and Dylan and the woman hugging Duswalt is Axl's sister Amy: The one with the baby wallaby in the sling Axl made that I posted earlier in this thread: Axl in Argentina choosing something from the menu so Duswalt can order it for him More Axl in Argentina with Duswalt, Earl, etc.
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if TB saw Christmas cards from Slash in the mail and immediately threw them away so Axl wouldn's see them. They have a history of doing stuff like that. I agree that's is an insane and terrifying thing to do for a 17 year old and it makes me shudder to think about it, but Axl wasn't 17 when he went looking for Izzy in L.A. He was a little older then already, since Izzy only left for L.A. after he had graduated high school and Axl didn't immediately follow him. The sexual assault incident with the air conditioning repair man did happen when he was 17 though. Iirc he said something about never having been out of Lafayette in his life and being naive, so that was probably the first time he went hitchhiking.
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    But that would be the sane, non-crazy explanation, so I didn't even bother mentioning it (Also why would you give such a beautiful guitar to your pain in the ass singer? Not sure if I would, if I were Izzy. But maybe they were having a ~momemt~, and filled with childhood nostalgia and feelings of exasperated affection, Izzy gave it to Axl). Whatever the case, I think the important thing is that Axl kept it all these years, that speaks volumes. Haha, thanks And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised either if it was Izzy's guitar. It probably is. And I would love to visit his GNR museum I can see it now: Axl has Izzy's old guitar in bed with him to cuddle with it, like @Jane M. described, on the left side of his bed there's the magical crystal ball sculpture given to him by Yoda's husband and on the right side of his bed is a lock of Slash's hair in a glass jar
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    Never heard of this. But then again I don't know too much about "Dougie". Reminds me of this picture though. Is that Doug Goldstein on whose lap Duff is sitting here? I always wondered. That picture always creeped me out a bit. The way the guy's got his hands on Duff's stomach and back and everything. I knew I had seen that damn guitar before somewhere. This is the one Axl keeps in his house: Seems to be exactly the same as... Now I don't know shit about guitars and don't know how common these things are, but it's definitely interesting that Axl's got a guitar that is identical to the one Izzy used to use standing around in his home. I say he either wanted one that was just like Izzy's or he stole the actual guitar itself from Izzy I agree with @SerenityScorp, it wouldn't surprise me if Axl collected "little" keepsakes like that. Things from his past that remind him of the good times he had or people he cares about. Did Izzy ever complain about one of his guitars mysteriously disappearing? Tagging @Jane M. and anyone else who knows about this stuff.
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    Original color version if you want it. Unfortunately has Doug Goldstein in it though Strange to see Axl dressed in all black formal looking clothing (looks like he's wearing black pants and a black button-down shirt to me or something like that). And are these grey hairs in Slash's hair? (Or maybe his hair's wet and reflecting the light in strange ways).
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    Well yeah, they're the perfect victims obviously Stuck listening to Axl's stories all day long. Nearly makes me want to be a patient in that hospital. Seriously though, where did that picture come from? Is this one of these "Axl being a nice person in secret without telling anyone about it" occasions again?
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    My best guess is 2012 because I googled and that's when there was a thread here on mygnr about this video. The link to the original source of the video doesn't work anymore, but the guy who re-uploaded the current one on Youtube also uploaded in 2012. They don't really say anything about the guitars. They just talk about how excited they were to see Axl's house and that they didn't know what to expect. The girl also says that she could barely believe it at first (that she would be at Axl Roses's home at 3 in the morning), but then she saw all the guitars and original GNR stuff and knew it was for real. That's it. I'm curious about the guitars as well though. Does anyone recognize any of them as Slash's or Izzy's? It wouldn't surprise me at all if Axl had kept some of their old guitars all these years. The black one in particular seems familiar to me for some reason. Or maybe they're just guitars he bought for himself over the years? The boyfriend probably got to come along because he comes across like a slightly creepy possessive douche and wouldn't have let her go alone. He spends quite a bit of time blabbering about how he didn't know what Axl's and the other people's intentions were and that it was his job to make sure things didn't get out of hand. Says he isn't a jealous guy, but it's important to show other men their limits and tell them to leave their hands off his girlfriend. Sounds like he's way over-estimating his own importance. Honestly, I think Axl mostly uses them as listeners. They are allowed to ask questions about his stories so he gets to go into more detail on them, but I've never heard about Axl asking any of these people about their own lives. It fits with him being so self-centered imo, just another facet of that whole issue. (And from the way Slash tells it, it even was that way when Axl talked to him all night long: Axl would talk, Slash would listen.) And yes, I do think he's at least slightly drunk there. His face is all flushed and they were at a club earlier and drinking gets mentioned a few times during the video, so he probably was. ------------- On a more positive note, I do like how much Axl loves dogs. As someone who is constantly worried about my dog getting shot by hunters (because for some terrible hateful reason hunters here are allowed to shoot dogs if they see one running around ), I totally get his feelings about police needlessly killing dogs. Also have to say he looks pretty good in the picture with the waitress. Looks much the same as in the picture with Fergie.
  15. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, I'd really like to hang out with him when he's in one of his good moods. Yeah the toilet thing, I dont know. Seems like they just decided to use his toilet (or have a look at it) before leaving. They point out his high tech toilet and the playboys, but nothing else. I agree it's weird. But it seems to be the same kind of thing as with the models- someone from Axl's entourage picks nice looking girls out, they get invited backstage/to the tour bus (or his home in this case), then Axl proceeds to tell them all kinds of stories for a while and then they get sent home. I guess Axl just really likes having people (preferably beautiful female people) around to tell stories to. That's what we keep hearing from all these models and other people who got to hang out with him: He tells stories, they listen.