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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, @Andy14 and me will try to find some other ways to get our hands on GC tickets, but it will be so much harder and I wanted to be done with this shit already. And we wasted money on Nightrain for nothing How do you know GC tickets will be available if they are already sold out now? (I could buy any other kind of ticket just fine, but if I select the GC ones, it says not available anymore). Are there different contingents of GC tickets for different dates and vendors? Meaning that it's only the Nightrain pre-sale GC tickets that are sold out already, but they might still have some left for regular sale? Does anyone know how this generally works?
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    Can I rant and cry? @Andy14 and me signed up for Nightrain just to get Golden Circle tickets and we wanted to get some for Vienna earlier and they are already sold out Pre-sale only starts tomorrow, but the dumb GC tickets apparently have all sold out via Nightrain already or something. I'm so mad and I wanna cry. Even worse, I can't even buy one of these useless horribly expensive VIP Golden Circle packages because no matter where I try to buy these from (directly from Nightrain or on the ticketmaster site), it always just directs me back to ticketmaster's main page. All the links are useless. WTF??? I hate this shit.
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    I watch Supernatural, it's the only show I've stuck with for 12 freaking seasons. I haven't watched the latest couple of episodes, but now I'll have to catch up I guess I love when they throw in classic rock or metal references like that. And now, thanks to you, it's stuck in my head too But I seriously can't think of anything either regarding the cherries. Maybe he just saw them and liked them and there's no big mystery behind it. Also random, but I saw this on Tumblr. Don't know if this is from this year's Thanksgiving or an older post, but I think it's sweet that the first thing she mentions being thankful for are her brothers. Always good to see they're still close. And she considers the Lebeises her adopted family too (though I sort of knew that already, I've read something similar before somewhere...).
  4. The Weird World of Izzy Stradlin

    New to me (The writing itself isn't very interesting, just boring blabla we already know, so I didn't bother translating it.)
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    Too fucking tired to comment on anything serious, but interesting post, @Blackstar. I didn't know about some of the stuff in your last post. I guess it depends on the platform. On places like it's mostly slash fiction as far as I'm aware. Slash = the gay kind of fan fiction, so with GNR you actually can read slash fiction about Slash if you are so inclined I've noticed the kids on Tumblr write lots of weird self-insert stuff where you're supposed to imagine yourself in these little stories though. It creeps me out to be honest. I don't want to imagine myself in any of these weird-ass scenarios and I don't see the point. And they're really short too. Blah. When I was a kid, the only thing that existed was stuff about Axl and Slash, Axl and Izzy or Slash and Duff basically. Either of the romance or the porn variety usually lol. That's what I was raised on and everything else seems weird to me #grumpyoldlady Though I have to agree with @SerenityScorp, from the little I've seen (I'm not very up to date on these matters anymore) it really isn't all about relationship drama and fucking these days. There seems to be a lot more short novel-like stuff with all kinds of plots and from all kinds of genres. I've been meaning to read that Victorian era England horror story that was recently posted, but haven't gotten around to it.
  6. The Weird World of Izzy Stradlin

    This is one of my favorite pics of Izzy. He looks so sweet and innocent there You know, I could definitely see Izzy not being thrilled about Slash making stories like that public And I have to stick up for Izzy whe it comes to Slash's and Izzy's relationship. Slash has been a real asshole towards Izzy a couple of times, but I've read more or less every Izzy interview in existence and Izzy has always been very nice towards Slash, sometimes even coming across as very worried about Slash (and the other guys too, but I specifically remember him talking about Slash's drug use in an interview). @SerenityScorp I'm not surprised Izzy would go to art shows. He likes to draw himself and I remember him talking about how important the artwork in album booklets is and how much he loved looking at these things when he was young. And he also apparently enjoyed art class together with Axl, so...
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    I think it counts as the kind of thing Slash described. I mean what's more grand than declaring your gratitude and love for someone in front of thousands of people live on stage? Wonder what kind of grand gestures Axl did for Slash though. Yeah, I agree with you (and Axl as well). The thought of Niven meddling with GNR's music doesn't thrill me at all. There are more diplomatic ways of dealing with that situation though than throwing his work out of the window. But we're talking about Axl here, so... Yeah, I sort of was aware that Niven didn't actually stay together forever with his wife, but this is even worse than I thought. Bah, reading this makes me so angry. On what planet is isolating people from each other and zero communication the key to success? And yeah, Axl is sensitive, but he's not completely beyond being reasoned with. I refuse to believe it was completely impossible to talk to Axl about whatever problems and difficulties may have arisen. That's never the impression I got from him. (Not to mention that Slash and Duff, even as fucked up as they were, would surely have been capable of phrasing things in slightly more constructive ways than "You're being a big fucking cunt." should they have really needed to/been expected to.) Kindergarden children are better at this communication thing than they are. I agree with you about him lying before about the Barcelona thing. I don't think it's far off, I've wondered before if these lines refer to stuff like the mistakes he made in dealing with his band mates.
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Good point. I remember reading that, but had totally forgotten about it. Between Dougie, Beta and the anonymous friend above claiming that Axl has has trouble showing love and affection, it's probably true. Though Beta has also said that Axl's a lot better about this kind of thing now and is used to cuddling and kissing now because they're big on that in their family. I think it also fits with the thing Slash has said about Axl liking to make up with grand gestures. People who are terrible at showing their love often try to do so by giving expensive gifts or making grand gestures in my experience. Nah, I was just making notes for myself while listening to it and just prettied them up a little now. But I didn't mention the thing with the contract because some days ago I think @Blackstar said something about Dougie recently admitting that he was in the same country after all. So it seems like he straight-up lied about that one. Dougie mentions having some kind of disorder in that interview that makes him manic, without the depressive part. I can totally believe it; he's constantly yelling, it's like he can't talk without yelling. It was actually hurting my ears after some time. Comes across as really hyper and choleric and can't stop giggling at his own jokes. Niven definitely engaged in his fair share of drugs and alcohol. He used to do drugs and drink with the band, which the band didn't like according to Doug Goldstein. It's the 2015 one. But I had never actually listened to it and decided to finally bite the bullet some days ago lol.
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    Lovely pictures @Andy14! Keep 'em coming (And I do indeed love that pic of young glammy Axl) I listened to it recently after @Blackstar had mentioned it and actually typed some of it down while listening (which was excruciating, because Dougie on audio is even more obnoxious than in writing, incredibly enough). My comments are in purple because it was a confusing white mess before that. Some random things that stood out to me: - Dougie told a story about how he trained Slash to stop destroying hotel rooms. Came across as really condescending to me, no wonder Slash hated him. Also called Steven a doll and a sweetie, which was kind of weird along the same lines. - As Mick Wall recently wrote in his book, the thing about Niven and Izzy were really into "black magic" and going to New Orleans a lot together because of that came up again. Maybe that's why Niven is so paranoid about Satan now - Is there a giant vault of unreleased GNR songs? - Nope, as far as Dougie knows there aren't any. - Axl met Yoda through Suzy London (I knew that already), and he had a lot of faith in Suzy and the regression therapy they were doing together. And since it was a lot about faith it was kind of like a religion and therefore a sensitive topic according to Dougie. The rest of the band complained to Dougie that Yoda was a fucking whackjob, but criticizing people's religion never goes well and so they just gave him his space and went with it, despite the fact that Dougie was aware that these people were in no way qualified, doctors or anything like that. Sharon was just a housewife, according to Dougie, but he thinks Axl would still be involved with Yoda if she hadn't died - Mitch Lafon asked Dougie about the letter Frey posted a while ago. Doug proudly admits that he wrote that letter and gave it to Beta. Shortly after it ended up on the internet somehow. He never expected that letter to become public knowledge. One wonders who put it onto the net? Axl? - The thing Courtney Love yelled to Axl at that MTV event (?) apparently was "Hey, look it's Asshole Rose. Hey, asshole!" And in general, Axl only reacted with anger towards Kurt/Nirvana because his feelings were really hurt. Because he loved Kurt and didn't expect what he got. - Axl likes doing things that will go down in history. About Alan Niven and Axl: - Goldstein kept comparing Niven and Axl to his own father and his brother, who had some kind of mental illness (manic-depressive, iirc). Apparently Dougie's father was a tyrant and his brother a genius manic-depressive genius or something. And Axl's and Niven's relationship apparently was just the same as his father's relationship with his brother; yet another tyrant figure unable to get along with the menatlly ill kid... Yeah, okay, whatever. And I guess I could see how a dominant father figure/tyrant type of manager would immediately rub Axl the wrong way because of his childhood experiences. - At one point Alan Niven handed Axl song lyrics on the bus. Axl opened the bus window and threw Niven's lyrics out, saying "I don't want my manager to hand me songs, I want you to be my manager." (That's... such an Axl thing to do.) - Niven hated Axl. He hated Axl from day one. It was Niven's idea to kick Axl out of the band in the 80s and he got the others on board with it, but they apparently weren't so sure or something because they asked Doug what he thought about that and Doug basically told them it was a stupid idea (wow; something I agree with Doug on ). - Niven always talked about Axl in really disparaging and denigrating ways and one day Dougie realized that he'd never heard Axl talk as horribly about Alan as Alan Niven talked about Axl. So he figured Axl was the better person between the two and decided to stay with Axl instead of going with Niven. (Very similar to Beta's reasoning as to why she chose Axl over Steph Seymour. Funny how they all choose to stay with Axl because he's just such a good person. Surely no other reasons at all ) - Niven hadn't spoken to Axl in 9 months at one point, because he was too busy doing Great White stuff. (Great job managing GNR there. No wonder other morons like Dougie had an easy time taking over ) - One day Dougie was talking to Axl on the phone about the annullment of his marriage to Erin, when Axl asked to talk to Niven. Dougie thought this was a great idea to get Niven back into Axl's good graces, but Niven wasn't having it. He took the phone and told Axl "Wow, how fucking sad for you. Yet again you failed at something. At the end of the day, when I lay my head down next to my wife, I know that we're together forever. Yet again you've managed to fuck something up." And then he hung up. Now I'm the last person to excuse what Axl did to Erin and their marriage not working out was indeed mostly on Axl, but fuck. Could he be any more cruel? "Yet again you failed at something." "Yet again you've managed to fuck something up." And rubbing his happy relationship with his wife under his nose. If this was the kind of manner in which he usually talked to Axl, then I really can't blame Axl for wanting to get rid of him. Not to mention that this kind of thing surely didn't help his insecurity issues and fears about not being good enough either. Anyway, after that conversation, Dougie called Slash in desperation and asked him what to do because things between Axl and Niven clearly weren't getting better/working out again. But Slash was done with Niven too because Niven had apparently tried to fuck Slash's fiance Renee at a party, so Slash just said "I'm fucking done with this, I can't do this anymore. Ask him what he wants and pay him off." And that's how Niven's time in GNR ended. About Axl and Axl's relationship with Slash and the band: - Dougie told a funny story about how Axl was both impressed and terrified by Slash's song writing (stuff like Coma and Locomotive): "I would get these phone calls from Axl, saying 'You wouldn't fucking believe what he (Slash) has written now. How am I supposed to write lyrics to that?!" - "Axl has this incredible inherent fear of not being able to pull it off live."; "I don't even know if it should be called stage fright, I'd call it a fear of failing."; "Axl was constantly having issues with his throat. Now combine that with his fear of going on stage and failing. And that's the reason he takes so long to get ready for a show." That's one thing Alan Niven and Doug Goldstein agree on. Niven has also talked about Axl suffering from extreme stage fright and having some anxiety issues related to that. - ML: "Would you say Axl is misunderstood?" Doug: "COMPLETELY! Even by his own band members. He loves those guys, he loves those guys. I can't speak to today, but... I have to say that my perception has always been that Axl loved them way more than they knew and people would argue with me 'actions speak louder than words', but you know, Slash would come to me -and again, I had the ability to grow up with a manic-depressive in my room- and Slash would come up to me and say: 'he's acting like an irrational fucking asshole!' and I'd go 'oh right, this is the point where I defend him for his irrational acts'. Can't be done." ML: Do you think Axl is still manic-depressive, or do you think he's managed to get that under control? Doug: I don't think that ever goes away. It never goes away. - "Axl always wants to do things right. And one of the things that's been frustrating for me, because he does that with his own band members, Axl LOVES Slash and Duff and Izzy, obviously, because of growing up with him, he LOVES those guys, but he doesn't know how to communicate it. So whenever we'd have some shit go down, the band was kind of left not really understanding why things were happening. I would try and communicate Axl's position, but it's always been pretty frustrating to me that Axl refuses to stick up for himself in ANY situation. This I can absolutely believe. Knowing how to show love and communicating it is something you learn, usually from your family, but if you don't learn it there, well. I remember Beta also said something similar once about Axl not knowing how to give and receive love and affection when she met him. The thing about Axl not sticking up for himself... I've heard this before from someone else (Baz maybe?). - About Slash playing with Michael Jackson: "When Axl fell out of love with Slash, it's this instance. It's not Slash's side, clearly, but I was there, I was living it and Axl... He was IN TEARS when Slash went to play with Michael. We had absolute knowledge of the allegations. Axl had courageously spoken about his childhood in Rolling Stone, and it was absolutely uncomprehensible to him that Slash, who he loved and felt like was his partner all the way down the line in GNR, would actually go against how he felt towards child molestation, particularly over a big screen TV. That was the straw that broke the camels back. But in fairness, I didn't say that's not why Slash and Duff left, not even close, but that is when Axl disengaged as to thinking that Slash was his partner in GNR. ML: It was a sense of betrayal, I guess? Doug: Yeah, big time. I remember when this story first appeared in the Brazilian Rolling Stone or something, people called bullshit. But I'm convinced it's true. For one thing, Marc Canter said the same thing in the recent BBC documentary. And for another, this is exactly the kind of thing Axl would really get upset and hurt about while Slash might not even have been thinking too much about it. And Doug doesn't sound like he's lying or making something up if you listen to him actually tell this story. Not gonna lie, Axl actually crying because Slash went to perform with MJ makes me want to cry too. To Axl, it probably looked liked getting a fucking TV as payment for appearing with MJ was more important to Slash than all the shit Axl had gone through as a child (and I have no doubt Axl told Slash all about that). What an awful situation.
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    Yep, most likely '88, since they only did 8 shows in '89. Judging by their clothes and jewelry these pictures are from one of the Marquee shows in London in 1987. First time they ever played in Europe. There are tons of beatiful pics from these shows. I love these of Izzy and Axl. This Slaxl one is also really nice: And these ones with Duff and Axl: Slash: Axl: All these pictures of Axl wearing purple leather pants and lots of purple eye shadow are also also from these Marquee shows, though a different night I guess. I'm not gonna post them all because there are tons of them, but there's this nice Slaxl moment in these. Look at Axl's hand in Slash's hair Such beautiful boys, all of them
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    Catching up, catching up.... @dgnr Happy belated birthday! Does Slash posing with a picture of Axl count as a Slaxl pic? It's the only Slaxl-ish thing I've got on my phone at the moment ---------------- @Blackstar and @MillionsOfSpiders - thank you for sharing these things from Mick Wall's book. Really interesting. I agree that lying on his bed crying/gun story is probably true, as sad as it is. It's not exactly unheard of behavior for Axl. I don't even care if he was truly suicidal or if he just wanted to be "loved and cared for" (as Doug Goldstein says). Either way, it's heart-breaking and a cry for help. I even feel sorry for Beta if she really kept calling Doug Goldstein in hysterics because she thought Axl was going to kill himself. Axl must have been so miserable during the mid 90s. According to that Dougie quote Axl loved Slash to death and was devastated about Slash leaving (just like we here figured out long ago ). That alone would have been enough to push a sensitive guy like Axl over the brink, not to mention all the other shit that happened around that time. --------------- The thing about Erin and Axl talking to each other I don't think it was just Erin though that brought Axl and Slash back together. Axl finally being ready to give Slash a call was probably the result of him having contact and talking to people from his "old life" again. Duff, Erin apparently, and probably a few others too... I love the thought of Keef and Mick scolding Axl for being tardy @KiraMPD Never noticed that moment and I don't think anyone has posted it before. Well spotted Bit of an aggressive/dominant move by Axl
  12. I don't know, you're the native English speaker here, not me Just seemed like something I've only seen used in reference to guys. And yeah, it kind of does piss me off, but what are you gonna do? Unlike some people, I learned long ago that you can't control the internet Yeah, you're probably right, I'm dead meat either way. Especially if the baby daddy Slash sees it too
  13. I'm a girl lol. I don't even have Twitter and Axl's gonna kill me if he sees that monstrosity (I figure they will see it somehow sooner or later anyway. Either someone else tweets it to them or it will make its way onto Instagram or whatever. I've seen some of my other stuff spread around on Instagram by random people before so...)
  14. Uhm... thanks Glad to see people still think it's funny, even out of context (I made this ages ago to illustrate a discussion going on in the women's thread at that time lol).
  15. GNR Women's discussion

    It's pretty obvious if you follow Axl's entourage on Instagram and if you read what fans in the various countries they're staying at have to say. It's nearly always the same- everyone (including TB) is out and about, but Axl is never seen. I can also confirm that from personal experience. Axl and ACDC were in Vienna for a week and I hung around the area they were staying at for a couple of days, and I talked to the papparazzi, ACDC fans etc. there who were also lurking about. I saw everyone - Fernando, Vanessa, Vanessa's husband and kid, their nanny, Axl's bodyguard, Axl's physical therapist, Angus, Angus' wife, all the other guys in ACDC - being out and about every day. They constantly walked around to go shopping, sightseeing, to go out to eat, to walk the dog, to jog, they went to the zoo, they did all kinds of things. Even Beta went out sightseeing at least once that I know of. But you know what Axl did? Nothing. He didn't leave his hotel room for an entire damn week (except to go to the show). He would have had plenty of occasions to go out with TB. He could have gone to the zoo with them. He could have visited the churches they visited with them. He could have joined them in their shopping trips or when they went out to eat. (It would even have been relatively easy and hassle free for him. Not too many people would have recognized him or cared around here. Angus walked around with no problems and no bodyguards every day.) But Axl didn't do any of that. On one day I asked Vanessa if Axl was going to come out today. She replied "No, Axl isn't going to come out today." And I could already tell by the way she said that that Axl wasn't going to come out any other day either. Which turned out to be true. And I've read similar things from fans all over the world, it's (nearly) always the same. Axl not going out has nothing to do with Slash or Duff. Like @KiraMPD and @Frey said, he doesn't go out with anyone, not even his own entourage most of the time. And yes, I do find that worrisome as well. And also this, yes.