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  1. Slash is NOT jewish. Pearla once said they were not jewish when someone assumed the same in an interview. He mentions going to church as a child with his grandmother or something in his book, but nowadays he probably is not particularly religious at all.
  2. Del James on Eddie Bravo

    Good post. I couldn't agree more, especially the bolded. Del seems like a pathetic waste of space to me, I can't find anything to like about him.
  3. Just how good of a lyricist is Axl?

    Mediocre. Could be a lot worse (and he has produced some things that have stuck with me or struck me on a deeper level), but could also be a lot better.

    I had forgotten this existed! I agree, it's so adorable. And quite depressing, in hindsight.
  5. Yes, this. I always thought that was Axl's doing because well... it would just be a very Axl-like thing to do. But if Erin says it wasn't him, then I see no reason not to believer her. And yes, the handwriting really doesn't look like Axl's at all, either.
  6. Axl's Son?

    That's Erin Everly and her three children. And yes, there is a slight resemblance to the way Axl looked when he was a kid, but the numbers don't add up.
  7. Question To Female Fans

    I think young Duff was pretty attractive as well. Actually, I think all of them, Axl, Slash, Duff and Izzy were good looking in the late 80s/early 90s. I never liked Steven though. I always thought he was pretty ugly and dumb looking (yes, mean, but it's the truth). If I had to pick one, I'd probably have to go with Axl. He was just so cute and pretty back then (I'd still slap him if he grabbed my boobs though ) Nowadays... I'd say Duff is the best looking. Slash has a good day every now and then as well. Axl was still good looking in 2006, but recently... not so much. Izzy is barely ever seen.
  8. Question To Female Fans

  9. The Meaning of 'Sorry'

    I agree with most of your thoughts. Sorry is definitely at least partly about Slash and/or directed at him. The only parts I'd interpret differently are these: You talk too much You say I do The differnce is nobody cares about you You've got all the answers You know everthing Why nobody asked you Is a mystery to me These are about all the little 'unimportant' people one the internet (and possibly also the media/journalist) speculating (like we're doing now ) and thinking they know everything imo. The chorus could be directed at the same group of people as well. On a side note, it amuses me how much Axl and Slash love writing bitter songs about each other. It's not just 'Crucify the dead'. Slash admitted in his book (and it's also been confirmed by other people) that his entire first solo album is more or less all about Axl. I've always wondered if the lyrics of some of the songs on there were specifically about Axl, and I was pleased to learn that I was right
  10. Axl's love letter/postcard?

    I'm pretty sure it was written to his ex-girlfriend Gina Siler.
  11. Axl's riddlespeak/what does this even mean?

    In general, I agree that Axl has a rather hard to follow, verbose and rambling writing style, and this piece isn't really an exception, but I could easily understand what he was talking about at least. Or maybe I'm just fluent in Axlese by now
  12. Axl - as described by band mates

    IIRC, Buckethead once talked about how Axl gave him a rare leather face doll he'd been looking for for a long time and that he took him to Disneyland
  13. Stay away from microwaves

    Ah, another hard-to-follow, rambling, immature and rather nonsensical Axl missive appears I just love reading these things
  14. Axl - as described by band mates

    Great idea! I took a look at some old files on my computer and also found these (unfortunately, I can't find the source of the first two quotes, but maybe someone else knows where they're from?): "(Axl)'s completely crazy... Without the other four of us around, I wouldn't even want to imagine what the fuck would go on in his head. Or his life." -- Izzy "Axl isn't really 24, he's a million of years... he`s seen everything." -- Izzy "I never really knew, I guess. Just one of those things. On tour he had a real hard time finishing the sits. And he had a hard time getting onstage. So you're sitting there in the dressing room at a hockey rink and for, like, two hours the walls are vibrating while the audience is going, 'Bullshit! Bullshit!' That time goes _slow_ when you're sober. And they have to send a helicopter to the hotel to get him. He would just 'get ready,' and sometimes he would `get ready' for a long time. I don't know what goes on upstairs with him. To me it's simple. Get an alarm clock, ya know? There's a modern invention that seems to work for people. You set it, and then you wake up when you're supposed to." -- Izzy (Musician, Nov. 1992) "We opened for him once in Long Beach during the early days. This was back when Axl used to wear those chaps with his ass hanging out and no underwear. I remember it was backstage, and Johnny Thunders said, `What are you, some kind of biker fag?' Axl goes, `I'll fuckin' kill you.' Really wanted to kick his ass. And Johnny just sat there smoking his joints and drinking his Budweisers. Great first impression." -- Izzy (Musician, Nov. 1992)