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  1. @giuls It's good to see you again I went and dug around in one of my external harddrives where I keep all my old GNR pics (don't look at me like that ) to try and figure out more about where these pictures came from. Result: I saved those in February, 2010. So they're definitely not from Erin's batch, they were around long before that. Some more googling seems to indicate these pictures might have appeared on the internet in January, 2010. I also noticed that all these pictures (the ones I saved in 2010, not the ones floating around these days on Tumbr and other places) have these kinds of file names you get when you take pictures with your camera and then copy them onto your computer. This gives the impression someone took pictures of these pictures (maybe hurriedly, explaining why most of them are so blurry or maybe the person had a shitty camera/no idea how to handle their camera) and then uploaded them directly onto the net. I also came across two more pictures from the same batch in my files that I haven't seen around the interwebs (I added them to the original post as well), the first of which helps to understand this pic I already posted earlier: In the new pic I came across it's clear to see that the creepy guy on the left is a bare-chested man, sitting on the sofa with his shirt unbottened and clutching a GNR leather jacket Then there's Axl who seems to be keeping a distance to the guy (because he's practically glued to Amy and still looks like he's trying to disappear into the sofa), then Amy, Grandma Lintner, Stuart and I'm pretty sure the woman in the red, white and blue shirt is Axl's mom, because that smile, those cheekbones, the jaw area, and the entire facial expression is just very Axl-like. Also came across this one of just the three kids. Nothing particularly noteworthy about this this one except that Axl looks tiny here, even compared to his sister lol (and he looks like he is forcing a smile?) These? The sign says "Welcome to Dallas", so whenever GNR played in Dallas in the 80s is probably roughly around the same time the other picture was taken. Maybe. If we're assuming it's the same turquoise shirt. As for Axl's hair, I've always been baffled by how it went from shiny, long and glossy to dry and brittle so quickly. Yeah, hair changes as you age, but in such a short span of time? And Axl was still pretty young at the time too. Always seemed weird to me. And yeah, I could see his grandma dying having an affect on his mood/mental health. I remember when she died, there was a thread about it here and I think someone interviewed one of her nurses hat took care of her at the nursing home. That's how we know Axl sent his grandma fruits (or flowers or something) every month until her death. (And you know I'm very curious about his mom too ) I love it when other people find evidence to support my whacky theories Seriously though, good points. It really does seem like there's a (potentially not very nice) story surrounding Grandpa Lintner. Whose name supposedly was Earl, according to the internet: Another one: Wouldn't really trust these though (and they're contradictory too). Never seen that before either, thanks @Blackstar! Some really nice words by Stuart there, though very sad if you read between the lines. I'm really glad Grandma was there to give these kids at least some sense of warmth and safety.
  2. You're welcome. I had that quote in my file of random Axl quotes, but forgot to add the source lol. Yeah, as someone said in the old thread, Tom Zutaut doesn't really come across like a malicious guy who'd make something like that up for some nefarious reason. I do think Zutaut himself probably believes what he was saying. You're welcome too lol. Yeah I've seen people claim that as well. As far as I know there's no proof of that, but unlike most stuff that is claimed to be Axl's this or Axl's that, it's at least possible in this case. And I can see why people would think that, considering all the other family members in the pictures. But yeah, polo shirt guy does seem like a pretty friendly and jocular looking guy, doesn't he? So I see what you're saying, but on the other hand it's hard to judge from a bunch of blurry pictures and impressions like that can be deceptive. And he was a preacher with his own little church, so he should be somewhat charismatic at least. And yes, the 14 years older thing is right. I don't know if that part of the thread has been indexed yet, but I remember the discussion where that was determined very well (it was determined through data from genealogical sites and gravestone data...). It basically went like this: Axl's mom had Axl when she was 16 (his biological father was 20 at the time). Four years later, Axl's mom married Axl's step father, who was 18 at the time (and his mom was 20). So that makes Axl's step father 14 years older than Axl. I don't remember his exact age anymore, but we also had the actual birth date of the guy if that is not accurate enough for you He should be around 68 0r 69 now and is still very much alive. And if we assume these pictures were taken in 1989, then Axl's step father would have been 41 or 42 at the time (depending on when exactly the pictures were taken), which isn't too far off from your late 30s impression.
  3. So, I finally caught up with the old thread and I'm gonna drag this over here because we're more or less talking about the same thing anyway at the moment. But basically, after reading all of this, I'm inclined to agree with @Millions_of_Spiders, @Frey, @killuridols and @Blackstar in that I could see Zutaut's claims being true, unforuntately Yes, some blurry mish-mash of real memories "enhanced" by nasty therapist suggestions seems like a good guess to me as well. I also agree about RNDTH lyrics, I always figured it was Axl talking about his mother. The motive is the thing that makes me doubt the most though. I could see a man kidnapping a child as an act of revenge against the mother or something (happens quite often), but kidnapping and raping a small child? That's not something I've ever heard of any man doing, unless he was a pedophile, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Axl's biological father. It just seems like an incredibly insane and deranged thing to do otherwise. Yeah, remember Axl's biological father was literally killed because he was having an affair with some guy's wife, the guy caught them in the act, freaked out and killed Axl's father. He had a reputation as being a bit of bad boy and knocked up Axl's mom (who while young, wasn't a child anymore either, but someone more or less his own age). So that's two age appropriate relationships we know of. And going by these bits and pieces, Axl's father doesn't seem like someone who was attracted to children (especially really young children ), more like a random heterosexual douchebag. Which makes it hard for me to picture the guy just suddenly and randomly sexually assaulting a very young child (his own son even). Unless he really was incredibly deranged or psychotic or something, like you say, in addition to being an asshole. About Axl's grandmother: I mostly agree, but reading stuff like this always makes me wonder about Axl's grandfather. He never gets mentioned anywhere. Maybe he just died early on, but we do know that apparently Axl's grandma liked to talk badly about men a lot and Axl claims it left an impression on him. So I guess it's possible that Grandpa Lintner wasn't all that great a guy himself and Axl's grandma was bitter about the guy she was married to. Add to that that some little douchebag later on knocked her teenage daughter up and treated her like shit and she would have plenty of reason not to be very fond of men (even more so if she wasn't fond of Mr. Bailey either, but that's pure speculation). Anyway, I kind of wish she'd given some more interviews. She seemed like a lady with a lot of interesting stories to tell and the fact that Axl adored her and that she was the only person in Axl's family that Slash liked makes me curious about her. Hmm... Unlike with most of the fake pictures being spread around, I think it's possible that guy is his stepfather, yeah. I'm not the best at dating Axl pictures, but guessing from the way he looks, I'd say these might have been taken in 1989 or so maybe? Other people here would probably know better. Anyway, that'd make Axl around 27 or 28 here. And Axl's stepfather is what, 14 years older than him? So he'd have been in his early 40s then. And that guy in the dark T-shirt definitely looks like he could be in his early 40s. Not to mention that the woman sitting in front of Stuart in the bottom picture looks like she could be Axl's mom. She seems to have the Axl cheekbones and smile and everything (and looks similar enough to the other pictures of Axl's mom that we've seen). If Axl's mom is there in the picture (as well as his brother, sister (?), and grandma), it would make sense for his stepfather to be there as well. But that's just my speculation. I don't even understand where these weird-ass pictures even came from originally, much less why they were leaked onto the internet and who's in them. Might just be an uncle or something for all we know. (I never posted these pictures in the original thread because I figured they were private and who knows where they came from, but by now they're all over Tumblr and Instagram anyway, so whatever. Rest of the pictures from the same batch for completeness' sake:) I also suspect these pictures (as well as some other childhood pictures of Axl) made its way onto the internet together with the above ones, because they're equally blurry and I think I remember noticing all of these a couple of years ago around the same time. I've been puzzled where they came from ever since. So if anyone knows, please share. At this point my best theory is someone secretely leaved through Axl's grandma's stuff and sneakily took pictures of her photo albums or something. Edit: Found two more.
  4. @MillionsOfSpiders thanks for saving me the time I knew exactly what quote @Frey and @killuridols were arguing about and I even had it ready in text form ("As a kid I was like, always obnoxious to get attention. But I was very shy and introverted; people didn't see that side necessarily, but that was there and it's still there."), but I couldn't remember the original source of the quote for the life of me. You weren't here for that, but towards the end of the old thread we had some pretty heavy discussion about the stuff Tom Zutaut said in the BBC documentary (about Axl's stepfather sexually abusing Axl too), and some people came down on the side of believing that Zutaut was telling the truth. So assuming that what Zutaut said is indeed true, I can totally see why he'd say his stepfather is dangerous (if I remember correctly Axl actually called his step father "the most dangerous man I've ever met") and why he would do everything to keep him away from his sister and himself. Here's some links to the discussion from the thread index (links to individual posts because the discussion is spread out over many pages) because I just indexed that part of the thread. Thanks for the links, I meant to catch up on this discussion but never got around to it. I guess now that we're on page 70 of the new thread, I'll finally read the end of the old thread I remember when that picture appeared on the internet for the first time, which was a couple of years ago. There was a thread about it on here and I think Fernando might have been the source of that pic, but can't say for certain anymore. Anyway, I lost track of that picture after that and now it reappeared again on Tumblr. Stop making me blush And omg, your avatar is terrifying, wth I haven't listened to it, but good to know. And yeah, it would be really cool if he joined them for one of the shows in Europe Whether Axl's step father sexually abused Axl or not, the man is a disgusting human being either way. He was still sexually abusing at least one other child in his care (unless someone's going to argue that Amy also only remembered that stuff with the "help" of regression therapy, but that's never the impression I got) and treated all of his children like crap in general. And yeah, that the guy is apparently still messing with his children to some extent is I can't really blame Amy for also clinging to the Lebeises and calling them her ersatz family if that is the kind of thing she still has to deal with.
  5. Okay, that was random (I was wondering why the hell someone tagged me in the social media thread when I haven't posted in this mess of a thread in ages lol)
  6. Day 13 - 70s song. Always loved this one: Day 12 - Pre-teen years... the good old times when HIM had their breakthrough success in Europe and caused minor scandals because many parents didn't approve of the skinny, androgynous looking goth guy singing about suicide and "glorifying death". Needless to say I was very much into it lol I also was very much into this throughout my pre-teen and early teen years:
  7. Ahahaha thank you, @Andy14 Why am I the "Protector of the The Ass" though? I get where the first title comes from, but this one I don't remember ever making any effort to protect The Ass from anything True. I always liked that he was aware of his struggles and problems at least, and very honest and open about them too. Your second paragraph is probably the main reason why Axl doesn't talk anymore these days. I remember Axl saying in a 2012 (!) interview that he doesn't understand why he got so much flak for the things he said in past interviews (instead of his step father for example). If he's still upset about that, than all the negative reactions he received must have struck deeply and made him shut up once and for all. Which saddens me immensly because I would love to hear him talk about his views on certain subjects these days and about what's going on in his life and mind. I love him too. I ran into him once at the railway station and he was just so incredibly sweet and kind to me and my friend. Really, he is by far one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met
  8. I could post an entire play list of songs that make me sad, but since this happened to come up earlier today while I was listening to music and since it's also one of my favorite Hanoi Rocks songs, I'm gonna go with this:
  9. Can't believe this one hasn't been posted yet (since it's about Steven Adler iirc and by Axl's old buddy Baz- double GNR connection bonus )
  10. Yeah, me too. But I'm not sure he actually is friends with him or likes him. Duff is good at getting along and playing nice with everyone, but in private he might have a quite different opinion about certain people. Yeah, agreed. And don't remind about the whole Hanoi Rocks thing. Awful. Motley Crue never deserved the success they had, Hanoi Rocks should have gotten it. Socks or house shoes/slippers. Yeah, same. Axl's decor is not really my personal taste, but I like that most of the stuff he has in there seems to have meaning to him. Taking your shoes off when you come into a house (yours or someone else's) is the norm in many European countries, and also in East Asian countries, yeah. Guests just wear socks or you offer them slippers/house shoes/light shoes/whatever you wanna call it. People can then decide whether they want to wear the slippers you offer or just remain in their socks and walk around in those.
  11. "So much going on" is a good way to put it. And yeah, I noticed and fixed it already Too much Slaxl on my brain apparently Is he? I thought it was just the light reflecting in his eyes, but hard to tell. I wouldn't mind if Axl wore glasses more often. He always looked cute to me on the rare occasions he wore them. Yeah, I agree. I remember seeing all these pictures from Slash's house and thinking "this is exactly what you'd imagine an 80s rock star's mansion to look like - trashy, dark, gloomy, porny..." I mostly blame Perla for the decor, but still, it was so clichéd and so damn ugly lol. Axl's house looks bright and airy in comparison. And like people actually live in it. Axl's kitchen looks old and used (but friendly and normal) for example, while Slash's looked like something out of a fancy catalogue and like no one had ever touched it.
  12. It's always such a relief to to come here after reading all the stupidity in the main section. People thinking Nikki Sixx is "a great lad with very little ego" and an "intelligent, likable" dude. You've got to be shitting me As @BorderlineCrazy correctly pointed out, the man has a bigger ego than everyone who ever was in GNR put together (which is saying something, considering people like Slash, Axl and Sorum have been part of this band) and is a complete and utter asshole. Makes all our favorite idiots in the band seem like sweet little choire boys by comparison. Also, go ask his ex-wife about what a great guy he is. Or better yet, his step son. The man is a waste of space and air, just like everyone else in Mötley Crue. /end rant You deserve one too, girl. You're like our chief Slaxl propagandist or something Or the Slaxl enforcer when things stray too far away from the holy Slaxl topic Thank you, princess lol Btw, I was looking for something St. Patrick's day appropriate, but then I came across this- all our favorite people chilling with Axl on his sofa. I decided to share because I know you love Andrei, @dgnr (Also who's the chick to the left of Axl? Anyone know her? Probably just a friend of Sasha's or something though...) And I can't help but cringe at all these people wearing shoes inside the house, and even worse, having their feet on the sofa with shoes on. Bonus cute Daxl moment (sorry @dgnr, but I just can't help but loving them in various combinations lol):
  13. Great, discussion, guys. I agree that GNR and Axl probably weren't perceived as particularly girly and sissy by the average public, but I think there's still a more subconscious element of misogyny there, at least in people who sort of followed the band/Axl or actually had to deal with Axl. Some random Joe who doesnt give a fuck about GNR probably just knows Axl as the "crazy, aggressive singer from that fucked up band" (because that's the picture most frequently presented in the media) and doesn't give it any further thought. But in people who are invested in the band on some level (even if it's just to hate on them and leave nasty comments on Youtube), the rate of weirdly gendered or sexually charged comments towards Axl increases dramatically in my experience. But only towards Axl. Even people who hate GNR usually don't talk like that about Slash or Duff for example. Which is why I think whoever brought up internalised misogyny somewhere earlier is spot on. Most people suffer from some amount of internalized misogyny, homophobia, etc. and Axl has a talent for bringing these things out in full force in certain people. Likely because he defies societal norms of what it means to be a man in some ways, while Slash and Duff are both very stereotypically male in most ways that matter (Duff's a real expert on being a guy, he even wrote a book about it ). People see Axl being emotional and sensitive > being emotional and sensitive is considered female in our society > female = weaker and bad > Axl is a pussy/sissy/fag/bitch Axl likes ballads, piano and Elton John > ballads, piano and Elton John are for women and gays; real men like other things > female/ gay stuff = weaker and bad > Axl is a pussy/sissy/fag/bitch Axl is naturally pretty with feminine features and even dares to dress in gender-bending, "girly" clothing > no real man looks and dresses like that (and we also don't like to feel threatened in our masculinity or sexuality by that) > therefore Axl is not a real man > Axl is a pussy/sissy/fag/bitch Axl is irrational and people don't get him > being irrational and hard to understand is a female trait (women are mysterious after all and no one will ever be able to understand them) > having female traits as a guy is bad > Axl is a pussy/sissy/fag/bitch And that list could go on for quite a bit longer. Point being, there are a lot of things about Axl that could potentially provoke misogynist/sexist/homophobic reactions in some people. People usually tend to forgive men for having one or maybe two attributes like that (it only makes them quirky then or shows "their softer side"), but multiple ones? Highly suspicious and threatening. Additionally, in Axl's case, there's also a certain level of expectation placed upon him as the singer of a rock band I think. There's a sizable segment of people who expects musicians in "manly" forms of music like rock or metal to act like manly macho men, especially in a band that used to be referred to as "the most dangerous band in the world". They want to have James Hetfield types fronting their bands and not Axl Rose types. So Axl goes against what some people want and expect in that area as well, which is bound to cause negative reactions. How come you never made me a membership card, boss? I remember you or someone else electing me into... something... something ridiculous... (Queen of the thread? And how is that even possible?), but you never made me a nice shiny membership card Even worse, how come you never made yourself a membership card? You're like our Queen of GIFs and Memes and apparently also in charge of handing out questionable titles, so what gives? ----------- @stella Happy to see you back! Been a long time since I saw you around.
  14. Since not one but two people stole my top picks for "song I like with a color in the title" *cough* @dgnr and @killuridols *cough* and Black and Black Velvet are off the table now, @Andy14 suggested Little Red Corvette by Prince, which would be cool. If I was Duff and loved that song like he did lol. Which I don't. But it did remind me of another song with "red" in the title (in Japnese, but that counts). I think NuGNR did this one as an instrumental during one of their Japan gigs. Or maybe it was another song by X Japan they did, but anyway:
  15. It does reach ridiculous levels sometimes. I remember reading comments like "His own fault for prancing around like that on stage" or "His own fault for wearing nothing but..." in response to videos about fans attacking Axl or discussions about the various stories Axl told about his past. I mean think about it, that's literally the awful "It's her fault she got raped because she was dressed like a slut" argument that gets thrown at women all the time. I've seen other men get criticism or derision about their looks (though nothing comparable to what women have to deal with on a day by day basis), but Axl is the only guy I have ever heard that particular disgusting line thrown at. Also @killuridols, it might be different in South America, but over here I do get the impression that people perceive Axl as kinda gay or effeminate (if they know who he is at all). I mentioned this during the early days of the old thread once already, but I had people (ACDC fans) asking me if Axl was gay. And another guy asking me if he's still wearing skirts (in a way that sounded very much like "is he still dressing like a fag or has he learned to dress normally by now?"). I also remember reading an article in an Austrian newspaper about Axl fronting ACDC and about 80% of the comments below were in some way making fun of him for being girly. Lots of comments along the lines of "Why did they put a picture of a grandma/some strange lady with this article" or "So [famous female Austrian politician] is fronting ACDC now? Well that's certainly a big career change!" As @Frey said, Axl himself was aware of being perceived as effeminate, as the tattoo quote shows. Or those stories about him getting hit on by police officers and other men because they thought he was a girl. It probably bothered him a great deal, since he was a confused kid and very insecure in his masculinity, which led to all the over the top macho bravado. I'll go a step further even and say it's not just the public (and Axl himself), but also the other guys in GNR (at least in the past). "Izzy, have you ever worked with female singers? - Yeah, Axl (laughs)". Stuff like that. Or Slash/Duff/Izzy/Steven complaining about Axl's "bitching" or Axl being a "bitch". Even Slash commenting that Axl was the only one who looked good glammed up shows he was aware of Axl being somewhat androgynous. Not to mention all the whining and ridicule that came from guys like Slash or Matt Sorum regarding Axl's ballads and piano playing (girly, unmanly shit, yo). On a surface level, that's all just jokes and guy talk, yeah, but if you go deeper than that it's indicative of a greater societal problem. If you're perceived as female in any way (for the reasons Frey mentioned for example), you'll immediately get treated as lesser and not be taken as seriously. You can see it on the forum too- if Axl complains or is upset about something, he's bitching or being a pussy. If Slash/Duff/Izzy/Steven do the same thing, they're "justified in their complaints" or "telling it like it is". Since Axl has a history of being sexist and misogynist, it doesn't bother me too greatly that he gets to taste a bit of his own medicine so to speak (though I don't think he really deserves it anymore these days), but speaking from a more general feminist point of view, this whole thing bothers me a great deal.