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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    Historian? Hah! I like that. The title should go to @Blackstar though, she's much more academic about her GnR knowledge than I am and always has sources for what she says. While I usually just spout random crap that I vaguely remember in some dark corner of my mind. That said, I do think I have the quote you're talking about: I like being successful. I was always starving. On the other side. When it came to people with money, it was always "The rich? Fuck them!" But I left one group and joined another. I escaped from one group where I was looked down on for being a poor kid that doesn't know shit, and now I'm, like, a rich, successful asshole. I don't like that. I'm still just me and, with a lot of people's help, the group was able to become a huge financial success. None of us were the popular kids in school– we were all outcasts who got together and pooled our talents. There's also this: A few years ago you were a poor kid in a struggling rock band, and today you're in one of the most popular groups in the world. How have you adjusted to your success? Trying to handle success is a pain in the ass. It's really strange and takes some getting used to. I've never had my place to live before, never had to deal with the amount of money we've made and not get ripped off, never understood doing your taxes and all these things. I was hating it a few months ago, trying to get organized and trying to get a place to live and to get a grip on everything. But now things are coming together. I've wanted to be here my whole life. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think your first album, Appetite for Destruction, would do as well as it did? Thought about it a lot. The thing about wanting to be at this point his whole life and daydreaming a lot about Appetite being super successfull imo supports what @Blackstar said about Axl dreaming about the luxurious life since he was a child. Was Axl's family kind of poor or something? I mean obviously most children would rather picture themselves as being well-off/rich as adults than poor, but I never dreamed about having "servants", car collections or 1000 $ pants. And I still don't want or need these things. Slash and especially Duff are the complete opposite and proud of that. They always point out their working class roots, and talk about not spending a lot/not wasting money, and how they both come from the same background and can connect with each other's hard-working mentality etc. His book isn't all that interesting imo and there are a lot of boring parts in it, and you can tell he didn't want to upset Axl with the book, so nothing overly revealing or personal is mentioned. He mostly paints Axl in a pretty positive light. But there were some interesting tidbits in there like the baby wallaby story that I mentioned earlier in the thread or Axl really wanting to send his magical quack doctors to Freddie Mercury because he thought they could cure his AIDS... Also some more eyebrow raising stuff like described below. There were a few instances in the book that I felt were a bit , but the one I remember most vividly was Duswalt describing a typical day with Axl on the road during the UYI tour: Day starts after a show. After a show, Axl was hungry, so they needed to find a place to eat that was still open in the middle of the night. Therefore they usually ended up at pancake places or cheap diners, nothing fancy. But it wasn't a problem because Axl liked simple food like pancakes, waffles, chicken fried steak etc. anyway. (Side note for @Andy14: So Axl likes Palatschinken / Palačinka and Wiener Schnitzel / Vídeňský řízek... This clearly means he should come visit us, since we've got his favorite food and everything here. He can have all the Palačinka and Schnitzels he wants with us and better ones than he's used to from the US too ) While there, Axl apparently could never decide what to eat, so they ordered like 5 or 6 different dishes for him and he'd just sit there and eat a little bit of everything from every plate. Okay, a bit excentric and childish, but whatever, they can afford it. By the time they were done eating, it was usually already the early morning hours and everyone was fucking tired. Except Axl, who was still all wired up and full of energy from the concert. So Craig Duswalt had to stay up with him and talk to him until Axl was tired enough and ready to fall asleep The problem with that being that unlike Axl (who slept till noon from then on) Craig had to get up again in 1-3 hours to do some actual work. So Craig Duswalt barely got any sleep and worked the entire morning till noon until Axl was done with his beauty sleep. When Axl woke up again, he'd usually wander into Craig's room (which was always right next to Axl's room) like a toddler and say that he was hungry. So then Craig would hand him the room service menu, Axl would choose something and then Craig ordered whatever Axl chose. In the afternoon, Axl had stuff like psychotherapy, physiotherapy or he worked out on his exercise monstrosity. Evenings were time for getting ready for concerts again and no one wanted to be the one who had to tell Axl that he had to leave now and they were all walking on egg shells around him basically with that issue. Nothing about that is overly bad, but jeeeez dude, go read a book or watch some TV if you can't fall asleep instead of robbing other people of their sleep by making them tell you bedtime stories or babbling at them for hours. Also how hard can it be to pick up the fucking menu and order room service yourself? Why does he need to wander into his babysitter's room to whine about being hungry instead of just doing it himself? I'm sure Slash or Duff would have just picked up the phone by their bed and ordered whatever they wanted if they were hungry and that's it. (I think Duswalt had some excuse for that, the waiters bothering Axl or whatever, but I wasn't convinced since the waiters also seemed to bother Axl when they were eating/hanging out in Craig Duswalt's room...) And of course the whole going on stage issue. Iirc, Duswalt said he never talked to Axl about going on stage and never reminded him of how many hours till he had to go on stage again tonight, because he knew it would upset him or something. So because he/they couldn't risk upsetting Axl by telling him he had to go onstage/when he had to go onstage, they resorted to trickery: they faked the schedules with the time lines on it for every show. Basically they moved all the items on the schedule a few hours forward, so Axl would think they had to go on stage earlier than they actually had to when he saw it. This way, they got a few hours buffer zone for Axl's lateness. And yet they still constantly went on stage hours and hours late The lengths they went to to get Axl on stage at some point of the night instead of just sitting down and talking to him about it are pretty insane. He also mentioned times where Axl made some insane demands that had to be met or he would refuse to go onstage (like finding an English speaking throat specialist in @Andy14's country shortly before the concert in times where there was no internet or cell phones). Or that one time they had to remind him that his sister might be killed if he didn't go on stage and that finally made him come with them. There was also something about Axl not paying for stuff himself when out shopping (his babysitters had to do that for him) and not handling his money himself. I don't know. Craig Duswalt really tried to be as nice as possible about everything, but there was still a lot of moments coming through between the lines.
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    Gay men? Like who? Tom Zutaut and David Geffen? I don't think I've ever come across Izzy saying that, but I can totally imagine that. It's really hard to stay mad at him, he's too cute and charming I just googled that Sinead O' Connor thing. I swear I didn't know she had also said nearly the same thing. But I can definitely understand Tbh, I have no idea what Axl's taste is like when it comes to women nowadays. Too many of them by now to form a clear picture in my mind. And LOL, I'm not very nordic looking either. People who look like that are actually not very common here (though there are some); you'd have to go up to northern Germany and Scandinavia to find a lot of Caroline Winbergs. My natural hair color is brown and I have brown eyes and I'm only 1,70 m. Not enough to be a model, but at least I wouldn't be embarassingly taller than Axl next to him @Andy14 I have zero idea. Because all the things I'd really want to know I'd never ask because it wouldn't be appropriate for a quick meeting and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or seem rude. (Now if I got to hang out a few hours with them, that might be a different story maybe...). How about you @Andy14? Do you have something you want to ask them? (Maybe just "Can I have a hug?" because I didn't get to do that when I actually met Axl, and I would really like to give him a hug. And I wouldn't mind hugging Slash or Duff either...)
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    There's some more things I want to reply to, but for now... That's an interesting perspective on Axl's life. I'm not sure what to think about it. It really does seem like he was always lucky enough to have someone supporting him in every way. And yeah, Izzy has made quite a few comments that make Axl sound like a total loon who'd be completely lost on his own, but then again that's Izzy and Izzy says a lot of weird shit. But he also knows Axl better than almost anybody else, so I don't know, there might be some truth to the theory of Axl not really being able to get by on his own, but we'll never know because he went from being a cute kid who had friends and girfriends to depend on straight to being a rich rock star who had all kinds of assistants. I also agree with @killuridols that it was probably his charm, personality and good looks that saved him in that case. I mean when I look at young Axl, there's nothing I want to do more than take him home with me, wrap him in a blanket and feed him some soup. Hell, I still feel that way about him a lot lol. I'm sure he must have evoked similar emotions in people like Erin or even Slash, etc. Thanks for that transcript, I was squinting at some of the items trying to figure them out I think that list is both creepy and impressive. I mean those are some pretty insane plans and goals, but he really did manage to turn them into reality. Not many people manage to do something like that, especially not starting from where Axl came from. I find the way he phrased things both hilarious and cringeworthy. "Establish bi-coastal dwellings" I do not like the word "servants" either, but then again I guess this is not too surprising coming from the man who also wrote the OIAM lyrics. Being specific about the gender of the servants is crazy indeed and probably the most hilarious/scary part of that entire list for me. And yeah, it does give the impression that he really must hate chores a lot lol. Maybe he had to do a lot of them as a kid? For what it's worth though, he doesn't seem completely allergic to doing chores. Like I said, he cooks, and I remember his grandma said he helped her with chores around the house when he was living with her. ------------------ As for Caroline Winberg, I knew about her being around the periphery of Axl/TB. I remember her hanging out with Axl in 2006 (a lot of people thinking they had an affair with each other) and I also noticed her talking to Vanessa on Instagram some time ago. I was surprised by that because I had completely forgotten about her and didn't think she'd still be in contact with Axl or his people. I'm glad to hear she thinks he's a "wonderful and kind person". Not 100% sure if I buy Duff being there, but if he was then I'm glad for that. Good to seem him hanging out with Axl and watching out for him.
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    @killuridols I've joked about him pulling a Ricky Martin and getting a surrogate to carry his children before But the thing is, he actually could do that if he really wanted to, and the fact that he hasn't done so makes me think having children might just not be high on his list of priorities anymore as well. Maybe he's just resigned himself to staying single with occasional hook-ups forever. Pretty sad to think about, but that's what it looks like right now As for your crazy theory, well, I wouldn't be shocked at all, but I'm a distrustful bitch like that Agreed about the pictures, I don't see any emotion in them either. They're kind of soulless and boring. And yeah, I think you can usually tell designer clothes apart from regular H&M type clothes as well. At least with the clothes Axl wears. I can tell they're more well-made and made out of higher quality material when I look at them. @Andy14 I don't think there's anything wrong with him wearing designer clothes if he likes them, but if I were rich, I still wouldn't buy expensive clothes like that. The thought of paying over 1000 $ for a pair of pants makes me shudder. I'd constantly be thinking of all the other awesome stuff I could have bought for all that money @SerenityScorp People have already pointed you in the right direction, but yeah that story by HisRoyalSweetness is what I was referring to. It really is something straight of fanfiction, isn't it? But anyway, it's very sweet. I really love how Duff doesn't shy away from showing the people he loves that he cares. Picking out all these shirts for Slash, saying that he loves him (not to mention all the xxoo's ) when he posted that picture from the birthday dinner, the birthday dinner itself... It's heartwarming to see. And @giuls I agree with you regarding that color. And I've hardly ever seen Slash wear anything yellow, so I'm guessing he's not too fond either. Maybe he just wore that shirt for Duff's sake to make him happy Some people just seem to think that B&W pictures are more artsy or serious or whatever And no, I think you're making perfect sense. And I agree they do bring a weird vibe with them. Axl surrounded by Slash and Duff (or like in the China Exchange) comes across as a sweet and likable guy. Not creepy at all. But as soon as the freak show's in the picture And yeah, I can't imagine Slash and Duff liking that slimy smug ... either. Also I don't think your opinion is too harsh. You raised an interesting point there, one that I remember being discussed in the social media thread some time ago. People were arguing there just how capable Axl is of doing anything himself. Like cooking, booking plane tickets, shopping, etc. Because yes, with the limited amount of things we see, it does often come across like he's some kind of idiot incapable of doing anything by himself. I do know he sometimes cooks for himself and he knows how to make at least a couple of dishes, but apart from that If I had to guess, I'd say he probably isn't incapable of doing all that shit (although it's possible he's got some trouble with certain things due to mental illness or whatever), because he actually is a reasonably intelligent guy (in some respects at least...), but he's just too lazy to deal with a lot of things / doesn't see the point of doing them if he can get somebody else to do them for him. And I can't even really blame him, because if I were rich I'd delegate a lot of tasks I don't like to other people as well, but I'd like to think I wouldn't let it get as far as him. If you compare Axl to Slash and Duff for example... well, they never come across the way you described. They seem much more in control of their own lifes. It's not a new thing and not necessarily just a TB thing though. I remember rolling my eyes a couple of times while reading Craig Duswalt's (the guy who was his personal assistent before Beta) book because of how much they were babying him. And Alan Niven whining about picking the wrong babysitters for Axl and Slash saying in that talk show he started treating Axl with kid gloves after the car incident. He's been babied by the people around him from early on and it hasn't done him any favors imo.
  5. I think you're spot on with that. And remember, he's a big fan of Netflix and said it needs to exist in his perfect vision of the world, so chilling in his room and watching TV shows is probably exactly what he wants to do And the mention of Duff being there was the best thing about that article. I'm really glad to hear that. Seriously. Axl looks just like he always does and he wears make up all the fucking time. And he has been doing that for years. It's not like it's something new.
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    Well done Duff. A nice and practical and normal gift and something Slash obviously seems to like I love seeing what they all got him. And I'd also like to know what other T-shirts Duff picked out for him (just how many did he get him? Sounds like he bought him an entire mountain of shirts ). Oh no, please keep getting carried away some more. I definitely enjoy your pervy-ness Yeah, exactly. What Slash says isn't untrue and I agree with him on the things he says, and I can definitely see how that kind of behavior would be exhausting for him to deal with and could drive one crazy, but it's just not appropriate to spread this stuff out in a magazine like that. It's something he should have talked to Duff about for example if he felt like he needed to vent or something. Omg, finally I get a chance to bitch about Kat's photos. They've been irritating me for a long time. I mean they're nice to look at and everything, but they all seem like they had the shit processed out of them in photoshop and more importantly THEY'RE ALL FULL BODY SHOTS AND I CAN BARELY SEE THEIR FACES. I mean some pictures like that are fine, but it's practically ALL of them. Like seriously woman, give me some fucking close ups, head shots, portraits or whatever I'm so tired of all these distance shots. It's not really a problem with the stage photos, because there are a lot of talented fan photographers who take the kind of picturs I want (like the examples above), but it's really annoying with the behind the scenes stuff, because she's the only one who can take pictures there and they're still the same boring pictures she always takes. Why not some closer up pictures of Duff and Axl talking, Slash and Axl smiling at each other, hugging, whatever. Just something besides the eternal full body shots of everyone standing around in one place. And drop the constant black and white everything. Why is everything always in black and white? Is color not rock n roll or cool enough or something? Urgh. No, it's really not the same and Axl seems to know that too deep down. He's said and done a number of things over the years that give the impression that Axl is not truly happy with just having the Lebeises and knows they're basically paid "family" who wouldn't be there if it weren't for his money. Just off the top of my head: - He whined to a user from this forum about being lonely - He recently made a comment about his "sad sad love life" - He fired Beta when he got upset with her over the whole Doug Goldstein issue (or threatened to fire her? I don't remember anymore). But either way, you can only fire paid sycophants and not real family - Not to mention Beta blackmailing/emotionally manipulating Axl into making her and her children the managers of GnR. Not exactly the actions of a loving "mother". - Even in the 2000s, he was still dreaming about having children - He was also still dreaming about finding the right woman, but was worried about people only being after his money and not loving him for himself Maybe he's given up on the last two things by now, but it doesn't matter- you just don't get that close, intimate connection that a loving husband and wife (like Duff and Susan) have and which Axl seems to crave from your personal assistent, or a couple of Fernandos and Sashas running around. Or from random hook-ups with the air head models they keep throwing at him. You also don't get that bond and the unconditional love that exists between parents and children from having your assistent's children around or having your assistent's grandchildren named after you. IMO, Axl probably likes to have the Lebeises around because they keep him company, they distract him, and they keep him from falling into a pit of complete despair and loneliness (and have kept him from doing so in the past when he was at really low points in his life). And he likely enjoys Beta mothering him a bit due to his messed up childhood and all these issues. But to compare what they are to an actual loving family like the McKagans? Nope, no way.
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    Omg, someone has just started another thread about Axl having nose jobs and cheek bone implants. Will the cheekbone implant bullshit never go away?! Someone give me strength. Thank you for posting that. Very interesting, and I agree, combined with these statements Axl might have found the straitjacket offensive. But honestly, every single sentence in that first answer would probably have been enough to piss Axl off I mean Axl has gotten upset about way less. I don't know what Slash was thinking that day. Hell, I would be offended by some of these things if I were him and I'm not an easily offended person. So it also might just be a case of Axl initially liking that jacket, but then just using it as a way to get back at him. All this talk about Axl's craziness being difficult for him, but ultimately being a good thing for their music (and how it's always been that way with them) reminds me of the Back And Forth Again lyrics. "You drove me crazy and I let you / Come do it some more / Put the past to bed / We've done it before..." Always thought those were about Axl. Well as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome... or Axl, I guess in this case And I gotcha, I now have to travel again as well and shit for going to shows, but back then I was still living in Vienna, so it was easy. And doesn't he have any other friends he could have taken? (No wait, he actually doesn't. All of his other "friends" would have been just as bad ) Slash will help you. Seriously though, I remember that interview. Someone asked him about Axl's fashion choices or something and Slash said he liked Axl's skirts but not the white leather jacket (or the entire white leather ensemble? Something like that). What I take away from this is: Slash likes seeing Axl wear skirts. And also leather, but only black leather. Not that I disagree with Slash or anything, I like Axl in skirts and black leather too
  8. Axl has never had a nose job. And Axl most especially has never had cheek bone implants. Please don't even start with that bullshit again. Source: All the women in the Women's Thread, and we can show you proof if necessary.
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    @Mararoyce Welcome! This thread is indeed the most fun place on the entire board. I think you're misinterpreting things a bit here though. I don't think anyone here was figuratively slapping you or putting you in your room without supper. Some people were just disagreeing with your point of view, doesn't mean yours was necessarily wrong or anything. And things can get heated here sometimes and the tone may sound a bit harsh, but it's nothing serious or personal against you. @pinkforgirls DID YOU HAVE TO POINT THAT OUT, GIRL?! I hadn't even noticed him in that picture, but now I won't be able to unsee him. Boner killer indeed. Biggest fucking boner killer there is. His smug little pug face alone makes me wanna Okay, that's one of the dirtiest one liners I've ever seen here and that's saying something, considering what a dirty, humid mess this thread is. Congrats on that Yeah, I guess I can sound a bit harsh sometimes with him (and Slash). Don't take it too seriously though, I actually love all of them (well at least Axl, Slash, Duff and Izzy... don't have much love for the drummers or Dizzy or whoever). It's just that Axl and Slash are the ones with the biggest talent for irritating me, while the other two are relatively difficult to bitch about (although Izzy has made some steps towards changing that recently). I never stopped liking Axl either, I just stopped wanting to do drag him into my bed for a while. I'd still have liked to hang out with him or chat to him about everything under the sun China Exchange was awesome indeed. Didn't find him particularly attractive there looks-wise, but he was very charming and adorable. Handled himself very well, smart, funny... can't say enough good things about it. He really should do much more stuff like that. I could listen to him talk for hours. And duuude, you sound way organized, all those arrangements, co-ordinating stuff Going by that level of preparation your chances of meeting Axl should be way higher than mine My preparations basically amounted to buying a ticket for the concert from a disgruntled ACDC fan for half the price and reading the free metro station newspaper rag the day before the show to find out where they were staying at. That little mini Erin clone is just the cutest. I remember from the Instagram comments under that picture that Slash was talking about Spongebob with her and told her he knew a Perla for real. Kid was impressed by that, but it's kind of a dig at Perla the ex-wife if you know what Perla from Spongebob's like That last part is definitely true Whatever the exact time frame of all these events was, I'm sure Axl and Slash managed to squeeze a private celebration in there somewhere I think Axl knows not to mess with Duff's family too. Apart from knowing Duff would kill him, he also probably has too much respect and admiration (and maybe some jealousy) for this well-functioning, stable and loving family that Duff has created to mess with that. That whole concept of healthy loving families is something he was forever obsessed about and dreamed about having for himself, so having an actual example in front of him all the time is maybe quite nice for him to see... Or not. Someone mentioned soemthing earlier about him not going to the birthday dinner because all that family stuff would be depressing for him, and I can see that possibility as well. I don't know, that's a difficult issue. And yep Susan probably talks to Axl sometimes... We even have a picture of the first time (or one of the first times) she spent a few hours talking to Axl. Also sorry to those who react allergically to She-who-shall-not-be-named, but I'm too lazy to cut her out of the picture Have to say it's weird that Axl took her along to hang out with Susan and Duff though. I mean why? Is he uncomfortable hanging out with a married couple without having some kind of partner/date of his own or something? It's not like it was a planned double date or anything, they were just reconnecting after accidentally running into each other. Why drag Sasha along for that? I can only imagine what Duff thought about Axl dragging some random escort who supposedly barely speaks English along to that outing.
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    No idea who you could possibly be talking about (But yeah, he's attracted to crazy, and no one's got more of that than our favorite ginger...) What do you mean? That story where some groupie tied Slash to a bed with handcuffs and then left him there? But Axl is not actually the opposite. He's not some crazy sadist or into overly violent stuff, we discussed this earlier in the thread. Agreed on the presents. I like joking about the lame presents, but I wouldn't read anything into them, they're just gag gifts. And you pointed out why I feel a bit torn on the candy theory, because on the one hand it seems like something Axl would give him and Axl apparently has a history of presenting gag gifts in guitar cases (and there's also Meegan's mysterious caption), but yeah, you're right, not grandiose enough. If it really was from him, then I also think he gave Slash an actual present as well. Same goes for the wedding snake lol. Many people have said Axl is very generous and likes grandiose gestures, so yeah... And damn, I wanna know what made The Slash shed a tear Time for him to write another book. I think Izzy's hair is at least starting to thin as well, yeah. Maybe that's why he's always wearing hat these days, on the rare occasions we even get to see him. Steven has miraculously aged the best indeed, but I didn't like his hair from the 80s and I still don't like his hair now, so I can't include him in a good hair discussion. Technically he has fully and healthy hair, but that hair style... What? Who says I don't like him? I absolutely love that ginger menace, he's like my baby that I somehow can never stay mad at, even when he's being frustrating or an idiot. I fell in love with him when I was a kid and it's never really gone away, so meeting him was a dream come true. Plus he used to be one of the most beautiful men I can think of. It's just that my attraction to him went away in all these years of terrible fashion choices, bad hairstyles, bloatedness, horrible moustaches... But now that he's starting to look more and more like 80s/90s Axl again, it seems to be returning And like @Andy14 said, a lot of pictures don't do him justice. He looks surprisingly young and cute (and tiny ) in real life when you stand in front of him. And he also didn't seem fat to me when I met him, even though that was at the beginning of the ACDC tour when he was still much more bloated than he is now. Ever since I met him back then my attraction to him has gradually started returning I think. So by the time he gets to Argentina, he should therefore be looking downright skinny in real life (Also I wouldn't say you don't stand a chance of meeting him. I never believed that I would ever meet him either and it still happened, so there's always a chance apparently!) Yeah, exactly. He was so damn gorgeous in the 80s/90s, but I could barely recognize him as the same guy during all these dark years. Not because I think he had some kind of plastic surgery or anything, but some of these awful clothes or hairstyles were just not him. And then came the bloatedness, and the cane and all the bling bling AND THAT GODDAMN HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHE (god, I hated that one so much), and he suddenly looked like a badly aging pimp or something Or some Willy Wonka type character. He himself also didn't seem all that happy much of the time. But now he actually looks like himself again and that bright joyful and cheeky smile is back constantly now and ghuh Agreed on the red shirt though. No red shirts with ginger hair and brown hats. Well Liam is definitely better than Bill imo lol. And I love William too, I would maybe even consider naming a kid William, but that would be a bit strange here. And I'm not really feeling the German version (Wilhelm), so... no future William for me. But Axel on the other hand is a pretty common name around here Nah, just kidding, I'm not really going to name any future children after GnR members You've discovered Axl's secret plan Now let's hope Slash doesn't start reading this thread as well or Axl's cunning plan will be for naught Jeffrey's too busy reading this thread and collecting material to sabotage William's and Saul's reunion. Also @Andy14 and @killuridols I'm looking forward to all these screenshots and gifs of William's tummy It's the first time since ages that we've seen a flash of flesh (flash of flesh? ok whatever lol) and I'll need to look closer at that for science. (And I'll take all of them please, thank you )
  11. "I don't get the appeal of this"/Overrated: About 50% of Appetite (But especially My Michelle and It's So Easy.) About 80% of TSI Perfect Crime Pretty Tied Up Right Next Door To Hell You Ain't The First November Rain? (I mean I get the appeal in theory, it's just mostly lost its appeal for me over the years, same with SCOM and Patience.) KOHD (The only good thing about this is Axl chatting and joking around during that song in shows. Apart from that I never want to hear it again.) You Could Be Mine The Garden Used To Love Her Chinese Democracy (This is such a lame and boring song. It never goes anywhere and the chorus is weak. I don't get why they keep playing this ) This I Love (Very nice as an instrumental version, but can't deal with those lyrics ) Catcher In The Rye "This is awesome and should get more love"/Underrated: 14 Years (My favorite Izzy song!) Don't Damn Me Garden Of Eden (Why does no one seem to like that one? It's so fast and fun! "The fire is burning and it's out of control, it's not a problem you can stop, it's rock n roll!") Shotgun Blues (Despite the crappy lyrics it gets to be here, because I just love some parts of that song. "And I'm tired of the frustration, of living inside of your lies...") Breakdown (This is art.) Yesterdays () So Fine Ain't It Fun (Best song on TSI imo, would love to hear that live. And also get Mike Monroe while we're at it.) Street Of Dreams (My favorite CD song! It would have deserved to become a radio hit and it deserves to get played instead of fucking CD or TIL ) Prostitute (Art. And perfect ending for the album.) Madagascar (Beautiful.) Sorry Shackler's Revenge Don't Cry alt. (much prefer it to the regular version) Crash Diet (I wish there was a proper studio version of this )
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    @killuridols LOL great comparison pictures And yeah, that interview was discussed in the beginning of this thread. I remember we talked about Axl and Slash jumping on the bed of Slash's grandmother like little kids And about Axl only wanting to talk about Slash to all these girls lol. Personally I think that whole article is probably legit. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing. Did it say if he also gave him anything else besides a fake snake in a guitar case? And yeah, that's a point in favor of the "Candy was from Axl" theory. He totally knew and he liked it And yeah, so true I can see what you mean about Perla as well. Especially when she laughs/smiles, then she's also got these really prominent cheekbones combined with a really bright smile, similar to Axl. She also often has long red hair and the slightly crazy expression in her eyes (not to mention the crazy behavior). Slash must be a masochist or something to be so attracted to people like Axl or Perla And I think I know which picture you mean lol. And oh my god, I'm not the only one I think William would suit him really well too. I'd never do it because I know he's sensitive about any form of that name, but yeah. William is beautiful, kind of elegant and classy and poetic. It works really well for someone who's an artist/songwriter and as beautiful as Axl. Bill on the other hand... doesn't work at all, yeah I'm surprised Axl wasn't offened by that gift (Nah, it seems like it was something cool and maybe not really an actual straitjacket) That's exactly why he did it. I wonder if Slash gave it back too. Like I wonder about so many stories Slash tells. That's my number one annoyance with Slash's book: He mentions all kinds of interesting stories, but never goes into details or tells us how something ended So Axl gave Slash and Renee a lame wedding gift and wanted to push the bride into the pool. Definitely sounds like someone was not thrilled about this marriage And I have to say you're really getting the hang of this Slaxl thing. Come over to the dark side, you know you want to join us Not just that bulge, also that lack of gut and that sweet face and that cute smile. That's a really good picture of him. Between pictures like this and videos like the one @Andy14 posted, I'm starting to find Axl hot again @Mandy123 My favorite Duff hair style is practically all of them lol. The only one I don't like much is when he had that really short hair in the late 90s (?). And of course when his hair was starting to fall out and break off, shortly before his pancreas exploded. My all time favorite is probably simply the fluffy blond 80s mop of hair though. Especially when his hair was sticking up in every direction like here: It was so adorable lol. I also liked it when he had those black strands in his hair: But yeah, Duff still has pretty great hair. And he's the only one in that band who still has great hair. Someone mentioned karma earlier and it's like karma decided to bless Duff with luscious locks for his entire life as a reward for being such a lovely human being. Meanwhile, Axl and Slash were punished with hair loss for being assholes. Jury is still out on Izzy. He would have to take his hats off for once to accurately judge that issue
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah. I mean I'm not against people writing and reading fan fiction, not at all, but I think sending it to the people you write about crosses the line into serious creepiness and it's cringey, yes. Well they all have a tendency not to show up at each other's weddings, so even if he had invited them, they probably wouldn't have come Says our nr. 1 lurker here But he doesn't know what our pretty faces actually look like, so when he sees us, he won't know that we're the bitches from the Women's Thread Yes, I meant deviantart, sorry. The place where all that fan art that was recently posted here came from. There's also some pretty badly written fan fiction on there. And no it was not your granny Although I can't say that for sure, but I guess it was just a random deviantart user, most likely a teenage girl. Anyway, speaking of Renee and weddings, I just remembered another gift Axl gave to Slash @SerenityScorp @Andy14 Apparently Axl gave Slash this snake as a wedding gift. Andy, you were right about Axl giving useless random crap as presents. Because a fake snake? As a wedding gift?! Yep, totally useless Also mentioned here in this article: Also, while looking for that fake snake pic, I came across some more pictures of Renee and Slash, and I'm sorry, but... It's kinda like looking at Slash with a female Axl. That long red hair, the pale skin, the cheekbones when smiling, some of the fashion choices... I can't unsee it. (I think we briefly talked about this before even in this thread, right @nonok? Coincidence? I think not (And yes, I just turned an ex-wife post into a Slaxl post. Go, me! )
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    Luckily for you, I don't have many more pictures of Sasha lying around that I could post. (Or do I? ) I'm kind of worried about how they're going to turn out as well, but time will tell I guess... Don't worry, I don't generally carry creepy Sasha pictures around with me when I'm out and about Plus, I'm good at stalking chasing people around. I did manage to track down Grandpa Angus and Axl after all HOW DARE YOU!!! I'd rather jump off a cliff than go after that sleazeball Andrei Not fan art, but I know that someone once sent some terrible Slaxl fan fiction to Axl. Yes, really And it gets worse. It was a fan fic about one of them dying, and the other one was at the funeral crying and full of regrets about the lifes they'd had. How do I know this? Because while I was klicking around on DA recently I came across a conversation in the comments where that one girl proudly told the other girl that she'd sent her story to Axl's address. It was an old conversation, it apparently happened a couple of years ago, but ever since I read that, I've been wondering now if this is maybe what caused Axl's "One of us would have to die before there'd ever be a reunion" comment. (But more likely Beta found it in the mail and threw it away. Hopefully. But maybe she also showed it to him )
  15. GNR Women's discussion

    Someone said "adorable" couple pictures with Sasha? (This one always cracks me up. The way she's clinging to him. And Axl's awful shirt ) And of course we also can't forget these classics: I apologize in advance for all the nightmares this post will cause