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  1. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Cool?! I was thinking the exact opposite... Anyway, Axl is mostly fine. If he lost a bit of weight and grew his hair out a bit longer, he'd look quite good for his age. And I think it's cute how he's crusing around with his scooter, but agree that he seemed a little out of it/medicated. Might just annoyed by the paps though or something.
  2. Exactly. Comparing Duff to Steven is absolutely ridiculous. Duff is absolutely necessary and a key part in this whole thing, Steven is mostly just a risk.
  3. Axl's hair is strangely blond/white/even grey? most of the time in that video
  4. For me, personally? Yes. But it's a subjective thing, obviously. Other people will prefer Freddie Mercury or Steven Tyler or whoever. I just don't find anyone else as electrifying and exciting to watch as Axl in videos from back in the day. Plus, I'm a woman, and unlike other great frontmen, Axl also was good looking. I appreciate the eye candy and skimpy outfits.
  5. I'm pretty happy about it. The only thing that could make it better would be Izzy also joining up. Either replacing Fortus or even as a third guitar player, I don't even care anymore.
  6. The Matt Sorum worshipping by certain people in this thread Sorum didn't write any songs on the UYI albums, he played on them. And he certainly wasn't what saved the band or made them what they are. Any half-way competent drummer could have replaced Adler. Izzy, Axl, Slash, Duff and arguably Adler made GnR what they were and only them making it to the UYI era in the first place was what allowed the band's continued success. Also, who the fuck cares about the RRHOF?! It's a useless, ridiculous institution and being inducted clearly doesn't mean shit if you look at who was inducted and who wasn't over the course of history. They even inducted Dizzy. As for Fortus: I don't see anything wrong with Axl saying some kind words to a guy who has stuck by him for a long time. Considering what a difficult douchebag Axl is, not many people do that and I'm sure Axl appreciates the loyalty. Would I like to have Izzy back instead of Fortus (I don't give a shit about any of the drummers, old or new)? Hell yes, I would. I would love nothing more than to have Izzy back with the other three. But people forget a few important things: Izzy hasn't been with the band for a long time and has never been part of the partnership. It was Axl, Slash and Duff who have dealt with the day do day work of running this band for decades now. This kind of does make them more entitled to be running this thing in whichever way they want. Izzy seems to disagree and possibly demands equal treatment as the other 3 guys. In my heart, I kind of side with Izzy, but I also see where the other 3 are coming from. Maybe Izzy could legally enter into the partnership again or something? Also, and I think this is a very important point, this whole hybrid-line up allows Axl to save face. Axl is one sensitive motherfucker and I think he would never agree to a reunion of the original line-up just like that. It would have automatically invalidated everything he did in the years after the break-up. But having a handful of his own (nu gnr) people still there, and only Slash and Duff joining? It makes it seem like just another version of the monstrosity that this band has become. This is also why they play CD songs. It acknowledges what Axl did while he was on his own. Pretty nice of Slash and Duff to do that. So basically, I'm just really glad that there was a way of getting at least a partial reunion. Having Slash and Duff back is better than I ever hoped for and Richard and Frank are pretty unobtrusive and easy to ignore. If a hybrid-line up is what it takes to get 3 out of 4 of the most important GnR members back together again, then so be it. Stop bitching and enjoy what we have. And who knows, in time we might even get Izzy back.
  7. Yeah, Izzy is wearing the same shirt and pants as in the first picture there. And has the same weird hair (looks kinda like dreadlocks or something). Definitely an old pic then.
  8. This is what I was hoping for ever since Duff started hanging out with Axl again. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to take the first step into the right direction. Good on Duff for convincing Slash to be the bigger man. All hail King Duff!
  9. Hardly. He's been making fun of Trump since the Troubadour show. Plus, he was an Obama supporter during the last elections. Also, Duff said Donald Trump becoming president is "the scariest idea in American history" or something like that. I really don't think anyone in that band is a fan of Donald Trump.
  10. Band Members Relationships

    I'm out of likes, but this is a great post and I agree 100%. Very well put.
  11. Band Members Relationships

    You're probably right, but they're so much more mature nowadays. Not to mention sober. They've got their shit together and Duff especially seems like an intelligent guy who seems to think a lot about his relationships with the people around him (at least that's the impression I got from reading his books and other stuff). Part of me thinks that should count for something at least... Yeah, the problem is that over the years of following that band, you kind of start to care about these morons as people and want them to be happy. At least I do, and that's why the whole situation irritates me
  12. Band Members Relationships

    Yeah. I had kinda hoped that Slash and Duff would get Axl away from the useless people and remind him again who his real friends and family are. Now that it's not the UYI era anymore and Slash and Duff aren't constantly high/drunk anymore, it would be nice if they actually spoke their mind and put their feet down in regard to certain things they like to complain about. But instead it seems like they still ignore whatever is going on with and around Axl and keep their mouth shut while steadily growing more annoyed. I really hope I'm wrong, but I can see things heading that way.
  13. Band Members Relationships

    Not just Lana Del Rey, but also Nur Khan, Sasha Volkova and various other people. Like, what exactly is the point of them being there? What kind of job are they doing since they are apparently all part of the crew (or "Family" as that creepy Khan guy put it urgh). I kinda get why Slash doesn't like these types of people. They already annoy me and I'm not the one who has to be around them/pay them/etc. Really can't blame Slash for his hate of all the "beggars and hangers-on".
  14. Yeah, I'm from Europe as well and I would totally go to the concert in Vienna if it was GnR instead of AC/DC. But money is tight right now and I can't really see myself paying for AC/DC tickets just because Axl will be there.
  15. Yeah, this is how I feel as well. I am not thrilled at all by this shitty development and couldn't care less about ACDC. Only positive thing I can say about this is that I'm happy for Axl if that is some life-long dream of his or whatever, but who knows how long his happiness is gonna last if he really should get bombarded with bottles during the concerts like some ACDC fans are already threatening. Historically speaking, Axl isn't all that great at reacting to that kind of thing...