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  1. Oh really? Didn't know that, but I can totally picture Axl hanging out with her and teaching her some music basics. He seems like the type who really enjoys spending time with little ones Not that young anymore these days But yeah, I had a really great time back then and I was lucky to catch one of the shows Izzy showed up (Izzy didn't guest at all the shows during that tour; he picked and chose what shows he wanted to show up for iirc and only appeared in countries/cities he felt like going to or something). Yeah, I'm amazed. Sounded really good too, except for the higher parts (I wish he'd use his lower voice much, much more. I love it and he doesn't use it enough ) And yeah, I think you're right about the placement, especially since we're talking about Axl here. Everything has some deeper meaning with him usually, even if he's the only one able to make sense of it
  2. I saw Izzy in 2006 in Vienna. Izzy was there with Axl at a music festival. Seeing those two on stage together was the highlight of my young life back then lol. I still remember going "awwww" when they hugged and the way they smiled at each other Izzy was there for quite a few songs, 6 or 7 I think. And Baz was also there. Having Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin and Sebastian Bach on one stage made me feel like I'd time-travelled back into the 80s. I mean I didn't actually get to live the 80s, but you know what I mean The picture problem should be fixed now. PLEASE TELL ME YOU CAN SEE THEM OR I WILL HAVE A MINOR CRISIS. God I hate photobucket so much. No I really haven't I'm too young to have seen GNR back in the day (I was a baby then lol), so I only ever saw NuGNR and Axl/DC. I kind of wanted to go see a Velvet Revolver concert once, but it didn't work out. And I didn't care enough about Slash/GNR during the years he might have been near me with SMKC to go see him (my obsession with this band was only really re-awakened with the reunion lol, before that I spent some years not really following them very closely). But yeah, I'm ready to have my mind blown by the great Slash Well Sasha isn't here anymore, so someone's got to look after the house I get the feeling this child (and also Vanessa's kid) are around Axl A LOT, so it's weird we've never seen any pictures of him with the little Lebeislings. But then again, we don't see any pictures of anything Axl does, so what do I know.
  3. Aww. He looks very sweet and mellow in that video. Also LOL at these gifs @Andy14 So these were probably taken around the same time then (maybe even by Sante)? Same cap, same haircut. Always wondered where they were from: Another pic of their bromantic Italy vacation: The rollercoaster one: And I think I remember reading somewhere that this is Axl with Sante's son: I think this one was taken by Sante as well: I'll be honest, I do not like Sante (he strikes me as just another Andrei type), but I do really like the pictures he has taken of Axl over the years for the most part and am glad he shares them with us. And since you brought it up, here you go @Frey Anyway... Hah, no. Never seen a concert at the Olympia Stadium in Munich before. But going by past concert experiences with stadiums, I assume there will be different entrances for different sections of the stadium. It was that way with the Axl/DC show I saw in Vienna for example and I know it will also be the same way for the GNR show this summer in Vienna (takes place in the same stadium and my Vienna ticket says "Red entrance" - same as it was with AC/DC, they had color-coded the different entrances back then as well). I assume the Olympia Stadium in Munich might have a similar system. But then again, I just checked my Munich ticket and there's no specific entrance listed on it, so who the hell knows Apart from that, everything @killuridols and @Andy14 said is good advice. I'll try to be there as soon as I can (within reason, I'm not one of these people who enjoys camping outside of the venue lol), so I guess I'll be there around 2 or 3 in the afternoon (if everything goes according to plan). Also I have to say I'm slowly starting to get really excited about these shows I've seen Axl twice now and I've seen Izzy once, but I've never seen Slash and Duff live in any way. I'm really looking forward to finally seeing these two (and my favorite ginger fireball as well of course lol). And also because the Olympia stadium in Munich is where the Estranged video was filmed, iirc. I loved watching the Estranged video when I was a kid and it's kind of surreal to me to be going to the stadium from that video and see the same people there again finally
  4. Day 2: alltime Izzy songs - 14 Years - Sweet Caress - Take a look at that guy (yeah, I know it's a cover, but I just love the second (instrumental) half of that song...) - Gotta Say - River Day 1: alltime Izzy pics (How am I supposed to limit myself to just 5? I could post dozens of Izzy pictures, all of which are "my favorite" ) But anyway... (These two count as one, obviously ) These two count as one too: Link because these refuse to show up for some reason Same goes for this one. I hate this board. Sligthly clichéd choice, but who doesn't love the "nipple picture" Original non-edited version Bonus: my avatar lol (a slightly different shot though) GNR puppy pile Looking forward to this one I already have 2 or 3 in mind lol. EDIT: Why the hell do half of my pictures refuse to show up on the board when I hit post? Urrrghhh. I added them as links now, but this sucks
  5. @Andy14 What a picture to come back to Axl looks so adorable in this one, I wanna pinch his cheeks lol. Pic could only be improved if it was Slash, Izzy or Duff with him instead of Sante
  6. @killuridols and @Andy14 No, I'm not back yet, I just had some down time between all the "sightseeing" and thought "let's see what they're doing in the WT".
  7. Omg, I love these pics of wet Axl (with or without sausage) @Andy14 and @killuridols Sante better show us some more pics from his stash if he's got stuff like that lying around ------- @MillionsOfSpiders And the award for sadest and most symbolic avatar goes to... Also hi
  8. Izzy's family actually seems to be relatively normal and unproblematic (especially when compared to Axl's or Steven's). He gets along well with both of his parents these days as far as I know. The only thing that might have negatively impacted him (that we know about) was his parents getting divorced. But like @beautifulanddamned said, that happens to a lot of kids. I also remember reading somewhere that Izzy's mother never really got over her husband leaving the family and was very bitter about it, so that might have caused some tension as well. I also vaguely remember Izzy saying something about being annoyed by his father's comments when he was younger or something (I think it might have been about his father disapproving of Izzy wanting to become a professional musician). On the positive side, Izzy always seems to have been very fond of his mom. He got defensive over his mom when he was a kid in that one story Dano Kildsig shared, and also called her a saint or something later on in an interview where he talked about his mom always allowing him and Axl to make noise in their garage. I also remember us talking about Izzy's mom giving Axl a Christmas (or birthday?) present. And he also kicked drugs at his mom's house. And as has been mentioned Izzy's dad was the one who rescued him from L.A. when he hit a low point (and then probably brought him to his mom). That's basically all I know about Izzy's parents. All in all, they seem normal and caring enough to me. Everything else can probably explained by things being different back then. Less methods of communication = harder to check up on your kids. And I also get the impression that people were more innocent and trusting back then. You constantly hear all these stories about people hitch-hiking all over the country in the 70s and stuff like that. Izzy's and Axl's late teenage years/early twenties and them making their way to L.A (and their struggle to get by there) is something I'm endlessly curious about. I have so many questions about that time. So yeah, write some books, goddamnit Izzy has never talked much about these years, but the bits and pieces Axl has mentioned (like him riding buses for days when he was trying to find Izzy, the hitch-hiking rape/near-rape, his bus station troubles, sleeping in abandoned buildings or on the street, etc.) are enough to nearly give me an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I mean, we know what they looked liked back then, and thinking about these tiny, skinny small town kids trying to get by in a big city or getting into cars with strange people... it makes me shudder. I'd go all helicopter mom on their asses, but I grew up in a very different time than they and their parents did.
  9. I had never thought about it like that, but it really is interesting that we know about all of them having acceptable, legal jobs back then (I'll take your word for it in Steven's case), except for Izzy, yeah Slash wins the award for worst asshole in this one, for the additional homophobic comment earlier on in the interview That, combined with the abuse comment is enough to put him in the lead... Okay... I realize Axl is supposed to look tough and cool here, but to me he just looks like such a tiny little peanut there Like a little boy sitting on his father's motorbike or something
  10. @Tori72 Don't feel bad, not worth it. Izzy and Axl have done some seriously fucked up, horrible shit in their lives, and Slash and Steven have been involved in or are guilty of some pretty awful things as well. The only one who gets a pass as a decent human being is Duff (as far as we know). You can always ask me or any of the other German speakers here if you have a question about anything Or Andy I have no idea about the pictures. I actually don't remember any pictures being posted with that article back then. So maybe they got taken down really quickly. And well, TB block him from a lot of things, so I guess it's possible he hasn't seen it, yeah. Had forgotten about that for a moment there. What? I can't stop laughing If there is any truth to what Manson implied here, the only thing I can say is that Axl had a very bad taste (in contrast to his taste on women) ------ On a serious note, Marilyn Manson calling anyone else pretentious is the pot calling the kettle black. I just said the same thing in an earlier post, but I'll say it again: Marilyn Manson is such a tool. Like @Blackstar says, if Axl is indeed bi/gay like MM is implying here, than I sure hope he would have better taste than to go after that ugly moron. I'm not exactly an expert on what dudes who are into other dudes are into, but there's got to be better guys out there than MM. Have some self respect, Axl! Pfffff.... Marilyn Manson can only dream of Axl being into him like that. That is such a pathetic (and rather homophobic) attempt at trying to make himself look cool by Marilyn Manson (And I agree: Aim higher, Axl! Tons of better guys out there than this guy )
  11. @MillionsOfSpiders That is a blast from the past I remember when that interview with Julianna Sedbrook first appeared on the internet. I had completely forgotten about it, but as soon as I read her name my brain went "We had some really romantic days, Axl washed me with a wash cloth, then he locked himself up in a bathroom, and I ended up pregnant but lost the baby because I was partying too much." Apparently that part left a lasting impression on me back then We had a thread about it here on mygnr. So it's totally fine to discuss this imo, as it has already been discussed extensively in the past. Some people were worried then that learning about the miscarried baby (another miscarried baby) might hurt Axl. I figure if Axl does indeed read this forum, he probably learned about this when the interview originally appeared and it's too late now anyway. That thread seems to be one of those threads that are gone and lost forever now though, sadly. At least I can't find it anymore. Iirc, Julianna herself signed up here and commented on the article too. And I also vaguely remember some sort of Facebook drama involving Julianna and Adriana that may or may not have been related to his article. I should check if I saved any of this stuff back then. (As for who Julianna was or about her making this up... To me, she seems like she was simply one of these girls who were "around" the band back then and engaged in sexual relationships with them at various points in time. Similar to Pam Manning, Adriana, Barbie and so on. I'd say she is as credible (or not) as any of them. I also vaguely remember Steven talking about Julianna and the friend named Lisa that she mentions in that interview, saying basically the same stuff she says here about how they used to live together.) Not gonna lie, reading these bits like "I feel like maybe someone can finally help and understand me– I don’t feel so alone" and also the bit about him "trying hard" is kind of heart-breaking to me. Because I do believe he was trying very hard to deal with whatever he was struggling with and the way he tries to find answers in whatever book he was reading is so bittersweet. I can just picture Axl in a hotel room in rainy Hamburg, studying his book in search of answers and trying to be quiet so as not to wake Izzy... And that other quote -"Thank you for coming back and also for holding me, that is one of the most important and special moments of my life."- dysfunctional relationship indeed. But also sad because Axl being so amazed and appreciative about Erin holding him probably implies he didn't get held a whole lot in his life As for Erin, I feel for her so much. Some of the stuff she has said, like the quote above about her wanting to make it all better for Axl, or how she's a care taker and just wanted a normal life with a station wagon and bunch of children, etc... Well, I'm kinda similar in that regard, with the same life goals and instincts*, so part of me can identify with that a whole lot and blargh... I'm honest enough with myself to admit that I might have ended up in similar ways to her, if I had been in her position and just as young and naive. *I'm a "natural-born care taker" too, or so my aunt, who makes her living being a Yoda (TM), once told me She took a look at my aura and my spiritual energy and then another quick look a the palms of my hands and bam! She knew all about me, despite the fact hat she hadn't seen me since I was 7 (so for more than 15 years by then). Gotta love Yoda types Hah, so I'm not the only one who does shit like this. Not just about Axl, but sometimes I read books just to figure out what it was about that book that spoke to another person or why it touched them. Or to imagine how another person felt reading a particular book. I remember when I read Slash's book for the first time, I couldn't help but think about how Axl felt reading various parts of the book. That is such a sweet video Room sharing politics in this band are interesting to me as well I want to know more about this
  12. Omg, I'm so sad I missed out on the Kelly Family disucssion @Andy14 tagged me, but I somehow didn't see it until she told me. They were the first band I fell in love with, back when I was in elementary school lol. I was also terribly in love with the youngest boy in the Kelly Family when I was like 7. Which is why I probably watched this video a million times, so this is my contribution for day 13: All that beautiful, long blond hair... I was convinced I was going to marry the little guy when I grew up lol. I also blame the Kelly Family for me having a thing for guys with long hair now as an adult. The Kelly Family is therefore also responsible for me becoming a Guns N Roses fan in a way Also, day 14:
  13. Only a month? Don't remind me Me too! Munich and Vienna will be my shows this year Of course. I mean, why wouldn't he be looking forward to seeing some of his most obnoxious hardcore fans? He was also complaining about other people (like neighbors and more distant relatives I guess) talking badly about him in that rant- "Look what he's done to his mother, she can't even go out of the house now!" Other musicians, who are/were aware of the stuff he said in those interviews have also used it against him, like Gene Simmons or Kurt Cobain. But I was mostly referring to what he said in 2012: Psychological issues: "I worked out a lot of them. It was strange to get successful and lose almost your entire family. Then you end up with daytime TV talk shows. All of a sudden, things considered horrific when I was growing up were so what? You were abused? Who cares? There should be more of a public acknowledgement of reality. When I talked to Rolling Stone about it, I thought people would take a harder look at my stepdad. Instead, they came down harder on me. That's still confusing to me. But surviving at any level is good. I'm a lot better than a lot of people predicted. They were rooting for the opposite. There were things on the Internet about how I'd be found dead. I had a very dark attitude." We knew that Axl has said his stepfather did not sexually abuse him (at least I knew he had said that and I had the impression everyone else discussing this was aware as well). I mean that's why we were debating this in the first place- because what Zutaut says is in direct opposition to what Axl has said. Iirc we even speculated why Axl might have lied about this, or at least made it seem like it only happened to his sister, if we assume that what Zutaut says is true. I had forgotten about him saying that his mother stayed with his stepfather out of insecurity though. That answers some questions, yeah. He appears very conflicted about his mother in that interview. There's still some love and that old feeling of wanting to help and protect her he describes, but also a lot of bitterness and him just letting go of everything and leaving it (and her) behind. I don't think it's that confusing. Knowing and being aware of something theoretically doesn't necessarily translate into making the appropriate choices in real life. It's like these people who swear to themselves they'd never be like their parents, but then they actually have children and fall back into the behavioral patterns of their own parents and slap their kid or scream at it sometimes. Unfortunately, people tend to revert to the behavioral patterns that are ingrained into them when in situations of high stress or pressure. If those behavioral patterns are ones of violence and aggression, as learned since early childhood, then It takes a lot of work to overcome shit like this, but I have to hand it to Axl on this one, he's one of the few people I can think of who seems to have significantly improved and really turned things around in this regard. (Interestingly enough, I also remember both Axl himself and Gina Siler talking about how it's not really a rational thing when Axl gets angry, but more like a switch getting flipped and all reason flying out of the window. To me this explains why Axl appears like a very likable, charming fellow when in a good mood, but how he could be utterly terrifying to be around for people like Erin or Gina, when he was upset or mad about something. Instead of reacting like the average person when in some kind of emotional turmoil (i.e. upset or angry, yeah, but not violent or scary), he probably reacted like his step father would.) I agree with most of this. Another person who used Axl's openness about his childhood against him was Irving Azoff during the lawsuits, in a similar manner as Kurt Cobain.
  14. Well duh Why didn't I realize that? We're talking about Axl, so this is obviously the most logical explanation for this story
  15. We don't. I said "elderly ladies or 'mom types'" in my original post. And the lady in this story (if true) was clearly some kind of mama bear type, who got on Axl's ass for ignoring her daughter. I remember reading a couple of stories similar to this over the years and Axl has always submitted or been polite to the elderly ladies and moms, even if they weren't very friendly to him (like this woman or the Lafayette ice cone lady). Even Mr. Tender himself (China Exchange Guy) told a story about having Axl sit next to his old mother because he thought it would be funny to see Axl deal with an old Chinese lady or something But to his disappointment, Axl was unfailingly polite and very kind to China Exchange Guy's mom And let's not forget Beta. Axl does what Beta tells him to do as well. Most of the time lol. Maldives: Thanks. Seems vacation, yeah, especially if there's hardly anything to be found about it. Glad to see him doing stuff like that. Oh yeah, these vids creeped me out too. Guess it's a similar situation to what I was picturing, yeah.