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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    Out of likes, and @killuridols already posted the perfect reaction gif, so I won't bother to find anything else. But yes, I agree 100%. And the enemy list. Dear god, I had nearly forgotten about that particular bit of GNR insanity (It was Fernando who made that list for Axl, right? )
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    @Andy14 LOL! We love you too, Axl! I'm not going to, it's a nice fantasy lol. And from what we can see, it was close enough to something like that anyway probably But seriously, if @Blackstars interpretation is correct, how sweet is it that Duff goes to comfort Slash because Axl was being mean to him Yeah, that's definitely not something I would say under normal circumstances. Thanks for realizing lol I saw something along these lines at least once as well Also when Beta posts videos of Slash. Hilarious considering she even refused to be in the same room with him not too long ago. I'm not really seeing sickness there either. The only moment where Axl looks kind of bent over and Slash looks like he might be checking on him is the one around 2:20. For the rest of the video they just seem to be cuddling. In that first scene Slash is cuddling Axl and even leaning on him/putting his weight on him. Would you do that to an already sick and fragile person? And in the other scenes Axl is cuddling Slash. I mean they did similar stuff at other shows, but such extensive and prolonged cuddling and all of that during only one show is pretty unusual for them. Not that I'm complaining, but
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    Damn, even that complaint topic is a wild read I find myself agreeing with the people who are pissed about the topic being locked, but I also remember the original poster of that topic, and I remember him as a huge t.r.o.l.l. (Why the fuck does the board censor the word t.r.o.l.l. with "Hooray for tolerance"?! It made me look like I used a homophobic slur in that context ) And if his entire basis for claiming Axl was sexually attracted to Slash was the way Axl dresses... Let's just say he might get along really well with Alan Niven then. Axl has a very distinctive writing style. I haven't noticed anyone on this forum writing in a similar way, so I'm not supecting any particular posters here lol. But he could still be a lurker And yes, I agree with you, I hope he never sees it either. He might not realize that we actually love him very much, despite all our shit-talking here The sad thing is, I am too in some regards. I wouldn't jump to the same conclusion as him about the contact lenses, but I'm like that about other stuff. Part of me always gets freaked out about people secretely hating me and only pretending to like me. Or when people don't reply to text messages on the phone I worry about them ignoring me for some sinister reason. I also constantly worry about people (as in relatives, neighbors, etc.) talking badly about me behind my back. Shit like this keeps me from sleeping at night. This is also why I've never criticised Axl about being too senistive about what other people say and the whole media/press problem. Because I'm exactly the same and would get just as upset as Axl about people talking shit behind my back or in the media. Thank you for posting that @RooSaa! Wish there was an uncut version @Mandy123 There's a nice Sluff moment in this when Slash starts playing KOHD (around1:55:55). I love how Duff just walks up to Slash and cuddles him. He seemed to do that quite often judging by all these videos and gifs of him doing something like that. Yeah, this is what I make out from the video too. I think Axl was really pissed off, judging from his reaction when Duff sat by him; he immediately got up and it seems like he looked at Duff angrily. Then, when Axl was off stage, Duff went to Slash and told him something (maybe consoling him?). And when Axl came back, he didn't interact with anyone. This is a really good point @Blackstar!!! I had noticed Axl immediately getting away from Duff, and I had noticed Duff cuddling Slash after Axl's little tantrum, but I somehow hadn't put it together with Axl's behavior And yes, it does look like Duff was comforting Slash. He hugged him and probably also said something to him. This is getting more and more interesting
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, that's basically what I was saying, only I wasn't very nice about it (shouldn't have called him cray-cray). His behavior there definitely wasn't very rational and can most likely be blamed on some kind of mental health issue, yes. No, that's the point. It got deleted quite soon after being opened up, and the only reason I found out about it was because the OP created another to complain about that first one being deleted lmao Who was the OP of that thread? I'm angry at myself for not remembering if I ever read that thread or not. It sounds like it must have been pretty hilarious No one can ever say again GNR fan fiction isn't good for anything. It teaches bored little children new languages at least This rings very true to me. The first thing is definitely true (is that kind of black and white thinking indicative of something?), and I've also always suspected that Axl is actually really fucking insecure and full of anxieties. Yes, I agree. I always thought Axl was a ball of nervous energy and insecurity as well. He seems to be doing much better these days though. I just watched that video again and I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS AS WELL. It's such an interesting little exchange. And the only time we've ever heard Axl say "I love you" to Slash, even if he did in an annoyed/grumpy/sarcastic way Also that entire bit between 1:20 and 2:40. That's all from the same concert, right? @Asia help pls (I admit, I actually haven't watched many of these old GNR shows. Which show is that anyway?) I mean, WTH WAS GOING ON WITH THEM THAT DAY?!! It's like they spent the entire show just cuddling with each other and being all over each other. They're extraordinarily affectionate and clingy there. Drunk? High? Or a special day for them or something?
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    @tiutso I have a lot of GnR pics, but I've never seen HQ versions of the ones you want unfortunately I only have another one from that same shoot where Slash looks completely passed out on the couch lol. And shouldn't that thread still be around somewhere if it was from 2012? Or did it get deleted? If you know the title of the thread or something it should be easy to find. ... So in 2007 Axl used to have a MySpace account and apparently used it to harrass Tracii Guns. ... ........ ........... ................. I don't even know what to say to this. Just... Axl And it's even more proof of something we already knew: That Axl spends a lot of time on the internet (Not that I have any room to judge lol). Why have I never heard this hilarious story before lol. Maybe I will pick it up again some time. Though I suspect that would rip my heart out with the direction this story seems to be heading in. Well, I wouldn't put anything past Axl, so I could see it being true. And as your quote shows, he apparently loves to climb around on roofs Thanks for posting that quote by the way. I've always been curious about that incident. Because it's one of these baffling Axl things where you just ask yourself "Why is him not finding his contact lenses such a big deal? Why does he freak out like that just because he can't find them and makes everyone late for such an important event?" I mean people constantly lose things, annoying yes, but no reason to be such a drama queen about it. If what Vicky says is true, that Axl was thinking something along the lines of "Who took my contact lenses so I can't read the contract?" (first time I've heard that), then well... that's some really fucking paranoid thinking right there. Makes him seem pretty cray-cray. I mean, what's more likely, you just having misplaced your contacts somewhere or someone among your friends having made an evil plan to steal them so you can't read what the company (that they're apparently conspiring with) makes you sign. Jeeeez. (And what was keeping him from just wearing his glasses anyway? Or having someone else read the contract for him? No wait, probably not trustworthy enough...) Side Note: Does that mean Axl is far-sighted? Because reading a contract shouldn't be a problem if he's near-sighted. Also LOL at the mental image of Slash going through Axl's dirty clothes in search of the contact lenses. (Because it was Slash who found the contact lenses in the pockets of some pants Axl had worn 2 days ago or so.) Ah, thanks. That's what I suspected, but I've always found that picture interesting because Axl looks so fucked up and exhausted and Duff looks pretty angry while screaming there lol.
  6. The only thing I like about this video is seeing Axl bound and gagged. And lying around on the bed in his undies. Slash's pretty hot there too. Rest of it sucks. Song is okay, but nothing special. Definitely don't want to hear it played at a show. Enough covers already.
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    The first bolded sentence: Omg, this is one of the things that frustrates me so much about him. But he just doesn't get it I really wish for him to get the kind of respect and recognition he wants, but at the rate he is going, this is never gonna happen. I agree with what you said about his screwed up views, though I called it racism for short. But one of Axl's better traits is that he is quite willing to learn and change his opinions when given new information, so I think he's probably come pretty far from his OIAM days. Not quite enough to get the Tumblr seal of approval though. I remember that one guy who met him in 2006 said he was making mildly racist jokes about the waiters or something. As for Izzy, to his credit he did actually bring the homophobia issue up at least once as well. I remember him apparently saying something like "And so what if they're f***tts? Why does it matter?" to Axl one of these occasions when he was trying to talk him out of these lyrics. Sure, the slur's not very nice, but he had the right idea at least. I'm conflicted about this. Axl doesn't usually ping my gaydar, but every now and then some things make me think. I think I've said this before, but if he is gay/bi, then I think he's one of these people who'll never come forward about it, maybe even never act on it. I saw that too. So the kid (Giselle I think?) that Sasha sometimes babysits (or used to babysit) is named after Axl too. Lovely Speaking of Lebeises. Saw that pic of Axl on Tumblr. That old guy next to Axl is Beta's brother or something, right? And I think he works for Axl too FINALLY SLASH IS SMILING BACK AT AXL!!! AND HE LOOKS JUST AS IN LOVE AS AXL DOES PLEASE LET THERE BE A BETTER QUALITY VERSION OF THIS MOMENT OMG, LOOK AT THESE SMILES!!! They're all so big and bright! Especially Axl's smile is just so GAAAHHH It's so good to see him so happy! Duff will be like this when he finds out: And Axl will look like this as well, because Duff is going to make him and Slash exercise until all the pizza and sandwhiches are burned off. (I realize Axl is more likely high on god knows what in that picture, rather than exhausted, but it works. Also does anyone know what is actually going on in that picture??? I've always wondered...)
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    @Andy14 Out of likes, but LOL at that comparison post! And thanks for all the other cute pictures and Slaxl stuff. @Asia Adorable video! You really should make another one! I've seen that video before, but I had no idea someone from this forum had made it Also we should make a list or something of all the cute Slaxl moments that happened during this tour. I feel like I'm already starting to forget some Okay, guess it's good to see Axl and Slash were partying together at least with all these models... But also "Rose was seen on the roof sitting on the hotel's giant sign." Sitting on that sign?? Do I need to start worrying not just about him breaking his legs or hips, but also about him breaking his neck or splattering his brains on the ground now? I would absolutely trust Duff on his own. According to him he didn't even cheat on his wife back in the day and he talks a lot about how important being faithful is to him (because he doesn't want to be like his father and stuff like that). Never cheated on Susan either. Duff's a good guy. Slash on the other hand.... HAHAHAHA. Ha. No. Would definitely not let that one out of my sight. Would probably chain him to my wrist. Good thing I'll never date Slash. Yes, it's Izzy but he says "Show 'em your buns, Ax" (them, not me. and buns, not bums). Still though. I can only offer you VERY YOUNG Slash in denim overalls Yes, every GF Slash ever had looked like Axl. It's a serious affliction. He can't help but be attracted to Axl look-alikes. Morning wood problems? I didn't even think of that But they could have taken care of these "problems" for each other Slaxl. Sluff. Duff/Axl. Izzy/Axl. I WANT ALL OF IT. Well, as long as your opinions are based on more than fake articles created by spam sites, I don't think anyone would mind - Yes, sometimes he does seem that way - Yes, she's a really good writer. I started reading her most recent story some time ago, but stopped at some point because all the graphic child abuse in that one was a bit to me... - I do love Izzaxl as well. As you can see by my avatar When I was 14 or so, I basically learned English from reading Izzy/Axl and Slaxl (and also some Sluff) fan fiction. I'm not even joking
  9. It's pathetic. Embarassing. Cringeworthy. Fake. Way too Motley Crue. Disrespectful to real fans. Ruins the concert going experience of actual fans. A terrible use of tickets/money when they could instead give those tickets to actual fans at every show. A slap in the face of the people who pay the exorbitant ticket prices (and all other costs surrounding going to their concerts). Morally questionable and bordering on prostitution (depending on what else the "models" are expected to do). Sends a terrible message. And on top of it all it will look terrible on the DVD. There are a multitude of reasons to be against this. And it's one more reason to dislike TB (because this has TB's handwriting all over it).
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    @Andy14 LOL! A worthy 1000th post I say. I can't pick a favorite, but I love that you included Izzy and even people like Eddie Trunk and Baz. Deaf Brian made me crack up too lol. I had completely forgotten about that!! Thanks for reminding me lol. Gotta admit I really like that bit of info. For obvious Slaxl reasons, but I also wonder if that ever caused cute little problems, like you know, if Axl maybe moves around in his sleep a lot and hit Slash in the face or stomach with his elbow or knee lol. Or if one of them hogged all the blankets. Or if Slash pissed himself again. Can't imagine Axl was very thrilled to wake up in a wet bed because of Slash And how nice of Izzy to build them a a bed lol! Right? And there aren't many fics about this time period, i'm disappointed tbh It really is like something straight out of fanfic And yes, I'm annoyed about the lack of fic from this period and the period when Axl was living with Slash as well. Oh and also the lack of stuff about the current period. I kind of wish we had a fan fic sharing or recommendation thread or something. I like to read (and that includes fan fic), but I'm usually too lazy to even look for any because most of it is crap. Well after the snake incident, Axl defintely had to sleep in Slash's bed For safety reasons. And Slash's bed definitely must have been the safest place (and there weren't any other options either, like you said @SerenityScorp) That's the first time Meegan has ever reminded me of Axl face-wise. The slanted Asian looking eyes combined with the cheekbones remind me of some of Axl's pictures where he's smiling in a similar kind of way. Well would you look at Sporty Spice over here! And where's that gif from anyway? I feel like I can't keep up with anything but the women's thread anymore these days I don't know why, but for some reason this was really cute to me Glad someone's showing grumpy neurotic Izzy some love. And you can send me some of the avocados, I love these things. And yes, Axl is really funny and charming for the most part there. The only thing I remember Izzy saying about Axl being at their house when they were kids is something about his mom being very nice and patient. Because Izzy and Axl used to make a ton of noise in the Isbell's garage apparently and Izzy's mom always let them and never complained or something like that.
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    Okay, more serious stuff first, then on to the Slaxl/bed sharing discussion and gifs lol... Yes, I agree with this. The number of creepy predatory people around him is worrying, and so is his lack of friends, but I don't think it's because he's a bad person. Or maybe I'm just feeling particularly soft-hearted when it comes to Axl at the moment. My opinion of him tends to fluctuate a little from time to time I also agree with this. Honestly, him paying people to be his family and friends has always just seemed sad and kinda heart-breaking to me, more than anything else... You know, I actually agree with most of what you wrote (though I can't picture Nur Khan as secretely being a nice family guy if he goes for 12 year old looking girlfriends). All these things you described are what make me dislike people like Nur Khan and Andrei too. But all that stuff we know and all these stories that keep coming out about them here and elsewhere are more like a confirmation of something I already suspected to me. The very first time I saw Nur Khan I didn't know shit about him, but he immediately gave me chills (something about the dead serial killer look in his eyes maybe) and my first reaction was to think "Someone get that guy away from Axl!". I swear I'm not a Yoda type person who's into all kinds of esoteric bullshit or anything like that lol, but I do believe there's value in trusting your instincts. That's what I do in real life when I meet new people and I guess part of me also automatically does that with people I only know from pictures/videos/stories. Not sure if Andrei and Axl actually hang out that much either. Maybe Axl just likes the fact that Andrei can easily get him girls and knows all the best clubs and is easy to party with or something. In my experience a lot of men tend to be not very discerning about who they hang out with as long as they're fun to party with, the alcohol flows, the chicks are there... Maybe that's all the common ground they have and need. But whatever the case may be, I wish someone would ask Axl about this whole issue. I'd really like to hear from his perspective why he's basically hiring a pimp, etc. I'd also like to know what Duff thinks about this (can't imagine Slash would be too bothered ). Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole prostitution/women as consumable products aspect hadn't even really occured to him. I'm willing to bet that none of the men in my home town (at least those around Axl's age) would understand the problem with that whole arrangement either (they'd most likely just be jealous of Axl and his awesome rock star life). Male privilege and all that. I don't know, I'm not denying the possibility that Axl might be more fucked up and nastier than I tend to believe, but right now I'm feeling pretty charitable towards him (and stuff like the China Exchange interview, even though not particularly enlightening, have only furthered my positive impression), so I'm not quite willing to believe the worst of him just yet (I'll wait until he puts his foot in his mouth again for that ). Yes, I've noticed that too. There were fan meetings after practically every ACDC concert, but I barely saw any during the NITL tour (except for these people who had backstage passes). It really was relatively easy to get to Axl as long as you knew where they were staying during the ACDC tour. Maybe GNR as a whole tend to isolate themselves more and their whole organization is more structured towards shielding them from the public, compared to ACDC. Because I was pretty surprised how lax the ACDC guys were about security and stuff like that. Didn't exist basically. Angus (and his wife) and the other guys in the band wandered in and out of the hotel and around the whole city all day long. Always on their own, never with any bodyguards, just like regular people. Sometimes they got stopped by fans who recognized them, which would lead to them chatting with the fans or quickly posing for pictures or signing autographs. And that was that. With Axl it was noticably different- he didn't leave the hotel during the entire 5 days they were staying there. People only got to see him when they arrived, when he had to leave for the concert, when he returned from the concert, and when they left for the next city. And all these times he was surrounded by bodyguards and entourage. BUT he still stopped in front of the hotel after the show to give people autographs and pictures, like he'd done in the other cities as well. I get the impression Angus maybe kind of expected him to do that/made him do that because all the other guys in ACDC did that as well (and usually do apparently according to the ACDC fans I spoke to). Though the ACDC guys were way more relaxed about it, they actually took their time, chatted to people etc. while Axl was clearly just trying to get something he doesn't like doing over with as quickly as possible.
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    A lot I'd guess. Slash would be dragged to hell and back on Tumblr as well for just re-posting art like that without giving the source/crediting But I'm sure Axl secretely really loves all the Slaxl (and other) gifs you create He should give you an award. Oh yeah. Just waiting for Meegan to dye her hair red. The day she does will be a hilarious one - No, Elliot Maynard just said that Axl put the magic sculpture he gave him next to his bed. Here's the thread with the video: Creepy old fraud - I like to think Axl sometimes stayed over at Izzy's place when he wanted/needed to get away from home (or after they'd caused some trouble around Lafayette ). I don't know, sleeping over at your friend's house and chatting/doing stupid stuff long into the night is just such a typical, but sweet and fun childhood/teenage thing to do, and I like the idea that he did that too. Not sure how common this is with guys though, compared to girls. - Clearly Lol yeah, I can imagine Izzy wanting to slap him somewhere in the background. Stuff like this is why I don't buy Duff's nice little explanation for OIAM for example. Slash always tried to play it down as well. But Izzy always was just pissed off about it and didn't hide it, and if you read some of his quotes he also didn't hide the fact that Axl actually was pretty racist, homophobic etc. As for the Khan, Andrei etc issue. Well, that's a pretty bleak point of view. I don't know. I feel like fucking Yoda for saying this, but Axl just doesn't give me the same creepy malevolent feeling I get from these other people? I guess you could say he has a much better ~aura~ surrounding him than they have . Okay, I'll stop with the Yoda talk now, it's not rational, but I can't help it. I usually just tend to go with what my instincts tell me in matters like that and Axl has never struck me as particularly nasty. More like frustrating, messed up in the head a bit, with a ton of issues, but not evil or rotten to the core. But yes, this is why we need new in-depth interviews, new songs, new everything. I also want to get a better idea where his head is at when it comes to certain topics and issues and it's hard with him never saying anything. Slash, Duff and Izzy again these days? Uuuhm Marc Canter and Michelle Young in the past? Craig Duswalt and wife (if they're still on speaking terms after the book)? Did he pay Del James for anything in all these years he was in hiding? Sante D'orazio maybe (though that guy strikes me as a creep as well) and Sebastian Bach? Though the last two kinda profit from him financially as well.
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't understand this whole thing at all. If he actually seemed to enjoy it, I'd say it was just typical rock star stuff and he's taking advantage of his fame an money. But the thing is he never seems happy in these situations, and I don't think that's just our wishful thinking. He always looks somewhere between extremely bored and downright miserable. I don't know, maybe it's like you said and he just puts up with it for the easy no obligations sex, or maybe he feels he has to do that kind of stuff to keep up the rock star image or something dumb like that. It's weird. I'm glad Sasha seems to be around less these days though. I don't really know anything about the guy, but he's one of these people you can tell are nasty just by looking at them. And stories like this one and others I've read on here seem to confirm that. I agree it's worrying that Axl hangs out with these people, but I don't think Axl is horrible to the core. He comes across as way too sweet, child-like, too easily upset and too caring for that to me. It's one of these strange contradictions about him again that I don't really get. My best guess is that Axl's a horrible judge of character (might be related to him apparently being really naive according to some people). Another guy I can think of who also oozed deceitfulness and distrustworthiness is Yoda's husband, Elliot Maynard (well and Yoda herself I guess, but she mostly just looked like a harmless old lady, easier to fall for that). And Axl was very close with both of the Maynards for years. Even has that one magical crystal sculpture Elliot Maynard gave him right next to his bed according to the video @Frey once made a thread about. For some reason, Axl seems to constantly be surrounded by creepy, scheming, predatory men (and a few women). Nur Khan, Andrei, Elliot Maynard, Doug Goldstein, Irving Azoff, Sharon Maynard, Suzy London, ... Even Fernando and Del James are kinda shady. Usually it takes Axl a long ass time until he seems to buy a clue and gets rid of these people. Goldstein, Azoff and I think Elliot Maynard are history now (I think what tipped Axl off about Elliot Maynard might have been that the guy just got himself another (and much younger) little Asian woman after Yoda died and made her into a new Yoda who also had magical abilities of course). We can only hope the same happens to Andrei and Nur Khan soon. I'd grab myself all of them if I could (minus Steven). They can be my harem. Just to paint my house and stuff like that of course #DuffJokeAlarm Andrei is a lying bastard. I'm pretty sure this story did happen as the girl told it. It fit too perfectly with what we know and as a casual fan she couldn't have gotten it so right otherwise. One of the most eyeroll-worthy Tumblr blogs I can think of. And yeah, they weren't even very thorough. I could write a way better account of all the ~problematic~ shit Axl has done and I don't even feel like dragging Axl (or anyone) Tumblr style for things they said 30 years ago. Ooooh RIGHT Good point! We actually do have proof of Axl and Slash sharing a bedroom (maybe even sharing a bed- I often did when sleeping over at friends' houses ). But zero proof of Axl and Sasha doing the same. It's like @Frey said- more proof of Slaxl exists than for Axl/Sasha (Although I think Axl and Izzy might have shared a bedroom or a bed a couple of times as well. I imagine Axl would sometimes have stayed over at Izzy's place when they were young and still living in Lafayette) I can't help but notice that Meegan seems to be dressed pretty Axl-ish in general there. That's an Axl hat, paired with a fuzzy black jacket (looks just like the thing Axl wore during the St. Louis incident) and her wrist is full of beads and bangles and crap, just like Axl's (reminds me of Axl during the Herb Ritts shoot especially). Hmm....
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    Wow, so many intelligent non-mercenary models Didn't you see that one model's comment: "Axl Rose I love you for all the conversation and drinks you are my hero ☠ " So once again, it seems they were just chatting. Remember, these are intelligent models, so the conversation must surely be scintillating Or more likely, Axl was just sitting around again, talking their ears off about Slash. (Does he still do that when Slash is there as well? Might get awkward ) (But yes, I'm curious as well if Axl actually gets to shag any of these models. I mean why would they? To them he really is just a fat old ginger guy they don't know shit about and there's not much to be gained by shagging him. He doesn't seem to fall for 20 year old gold-diggers (thank god for small mercies). Not even bragging rights. Most of their peers wouldn't even know who he is and the rest would be grossed out.) Nur Khan is the worst. That guy gives me chills. He practically oozes evilness and deceitfulness. Compared to him even Andrei The Slimy Creep looks like a better person. THIS and THIS. And the fact that Sasha has a room in Axl's house actually speaks against her and Axl being in a serious relationship in the traditional sense imo. Why? Because most actual couples tend to sleep in the same bedroom. Yes, some couples do sleep apart for whatever reasons, but statistically speaking, most of them share a bed. And Axl and Erin seemed to sleep in the same room/bed as well, so I don't think Axl is opposed to that practice on principle or something. Sasha has her own bed in one of the many rooms in Axl's mansion. I think that room is probably a guest room for when she stays over at Axl's place. I'm glad to hear the silliness going on in this thread managed to cheer you up You should post here more, I often enjoy your posts in other threads!
  15. Well I'm not actually all that shocked (that was more a figure of speech) because Axl/Slash/Duff all can be pretty nice, kind-hearted and decent guys if they want to. BUT I wouldn't have held it against them if they hadn't let Steven get involved in this at all. And I didn't mean just because of the stuff Steven whined about last year (I just used that as an indication that things between them still weren't good until very recently). Steven has caused all of them some trouble over the years and apart from that there are a million good reasons to be wary about including him, all of which have been elaborated by various people in this thread already. Basically I'll trust Axl/Slash/Duff's judgement on this one and if they don't feel comfortable doing anything more with Steven than they're doing now, I'll assume they have their reasons for that and I'm not gonna whine all the time about Steven being made the full-time drummer or whatever.