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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    How have I never seen Perla's list of lame Slash excuses before? Omg Thanks for posting @MillionsOfSpiders! Speaking of Slash, here's the rest of the old articles I came across translated. Some of these questions are just I didn't translate all of it. There's a lot of talk about how he met Renee and how he broke up with her and how he cheated on her, but how he doesn't cheat anymore now (yeah, right). If anyone really wants to know about all that I can translate it, but I didn't think it was that interesting. And apparently Slash likes cool, tough girls with personality, because he can't stand weepy chicks (or whiny bitches? hard to tell from the translation what his original words were) Did you ever share a groupie with Axl: No, we're not into that kind of thing. Each one of us has his private sphere. (Riiiiight. We've only got multiple people (including Axl himself) and pictures telling a different story) How did you meet Axl? Through an ad in a magzine looking for musicians. ... (then there's some talk about him going on a safari in Kenya with Renee after the tour)... Would you shoot at animals: No, of course not. It's horrible what ivory and trophy hunters are doing there. I just hope security in national parks will finally be taken seriously. Are you against animal testing? Yes, of course. What's the point of torturing animals? That's horrible. Have you ever been made fun of for being mixed-race? No, never . The only problem in school was my long hair and the fact that I sold drugs (I guess that's what they mean there?) for the highest price. Did you ever want to be white like your buddy Michael Jackson? Oh no. I don't know what's going on in his head, but I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. Did you have a cool childhood? Yes, my parents left me all the freedom in the world, but at the same time they also taught me solid morals and values. ... Some talk about his drug and alcohol consume. He says he smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, he denies drinking two bottles of JD a day, he thinks AA group therapy is pretty pointless, says he nearly ended up in prison for a long time because of his substance abuse issues and woke up in hospital way too many times- and it was all so negative for him that he doesn't want to be reminded of it any further. There's also some talk about a girl getting a tattoo of his face on her leg, about him falling off the stage and his favorite actor is Robert De Niro. Why did your Manchester concert get cancelled? It was only postponed and that was because all of us were completely tired and exhausted. It had nothing to do with Axl and Stephanie. (Isn't it sweet how he lies to protect Axl? ) Do you talk to Axl about your personal problems? Yes, I talk to Axl and Duff about them. Did Axl tell you that his father sexually abused him? (They're asking if Axl had already told him about that in the past, before he went to the media with it). Yes, I knew about that. We've known each other forever and know each other very closely. There's so much going on around us that we simply have to talk to each other about stuff to deal with everything. We're normal guys and not machines who go on stage like robots to play. Is Axl crazy? Oh no, no. People just don't understand him because of all these rumours. But what are you supposed to do about that? He simply says what he thinks and does what he wants. By the way, I'm not all that self-confident either. I often have moments when I question everything. I'm pretty aggressive. But I take life as it comes and live in the moment. I try to solve all problems immediately so I don't get frustrated. Would you like to have children? Not as long as we're on tour. But yeah, I do want to have kids. I'd like to have a little girl. (I remember he originally mentioned wanting to have a daughter in his book too.)
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    Hmm, I expected this thread to be a lot longer. Seems like it's not only me who's busy with real life lately Anyway, I came across these German articles and thought of this thread (I'm guessing Bravo magazine, which is the ultimate trashy gossip rag, so take everything with a grain of salt). So.... trashy (but mostly cute) gossip ahead: The truth about the wild macho: Axl the "houseman" (meaning a male eqivalent of a housewife, I guess you would call it a stay-at-home dad/husband these days). Stephanie: "Axl is the most sensitive, honest and open man I know. He is affectionate/tender and empathetic. He loves my son and embraces his father role. It's a pity the world doesn't know him like I do, but thinks of him as some kind of monster." Axl, says Stephanie, is definitely no macho guy, quite the opposite: "We often go grocery shopping together and we cook together. And it's not uncommon for him to bring me breakfast in bed." Somehow I have a hard time picturing Axl and Steph in grocery store, debating over the perfect head of broccoli or something But I do like the idea of Axl doing normal every day things like that. There's also this: "Drugs, beatings and tender sex: Ex-girlfriend of GNR boss Axl Rose openly talks about her time with wild Axl for the first time. The story of a love without happy end..." Blablabla Gina (27, university graduate, married) met Axl in Lafayette and was attracted to him because he was a "bad boy" (there's some talk about Axl's run in with the law in Lafayette). "He smashed everything in my apartment to pieces. And I wasn't safe from him either on several occasions." But there was also a different side to him: "Axl was very sweet and tender in bed, although he was pretty inexperienced/awkward." He asked her to marry him nine times, but she refused: It would have been the downfall of them both. She left him when Axl moved in with Slash (ngl, that sentence made me lol ) What remained of their love? Gina: "The last time I saw him was in 1987. He offered me an autograph." (There's more after that, but the text is cut off there). I thought I had read everything Gina has said, but apparently not? At least I don't remember her talking about what sex with Axl was like in these other interviews we discussed here I also came across an interview with Slash, but I'm too lazy to translate that at the moment. Will do that later.
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    Speaking of Slaxl and Christmas presents, guys, look who got Axl a Christmas present I really want to know what Slash and Meegan got Axl (and it sounds like they got TB presents as well ) There's also a comment by Susan somewhere, saying how beautiful the tree is Baby Duff with the angel halo is a screenshot from the LALD video. Don't know where the Christmas tree pic with the cat is from, probably one of the Lebeises or Sasha. This year's christmas tree is from Beta, she posted it on her Instagram yesterday. The picture of Axl holding a candle is from 2006, when he was at some kind of fashion show I think. Right? Just like he himself is The sandwich/slice of bread is killing me lol. Yes, I can imagine. This tree is every child's wish and joy . Lucky little Lebeises I agree with both of you. Looking at it that way, it's no surprise Axl likes going over the top with this kind of stuff so much. He seemingly didn't have that kind of thing as a kid, so I guess he makes up for it now. And he's like an over-grown toddler in many ways anyway, so I guess it all makes sense... I'm pretty sure this is Axl. Like @Frey said, there are more pictures like that. It's a mystery to me where they came from though. And I agree with you @MillionsOfSpiders, I'm getting the same vibe. Kinda depressing, yeah.
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    A merry Yuletide to you all! Here's some seasonally appropriate pics lol. Like baby angel Duff... Or this adorable furry home decoration (posing in front of Axl's tree): And this is Axl's tree this year apparently: Axl holding a candle fits the theme too Then there's this Christsmassy couple. Today... ... and back then. Bonus Slash's mom, Duff and Steven too. And the other pretty Christmas couple: And some stuff Google threw at me. Credits to the artists.
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    Third one is my favorite
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    I agree, though I do think his intentions were good and his emotions very much real. It's not cute or adorable, it's a symptom of how very screwed up he was. I guess it all comes back to that issue we recently discussed in relation to Slash and the other guys in the band- Axl likes making grand gestures, but he doesn't know how to properly communicate or express love. What relationships and love really are about, as you said. The shit Axl did in his romantic relationships are perfect examples of ridiculously grand gestures again. Riding in on white horse, caged birds, threatening to kill himself for love- that's the kind of thing you find in books and movies, in everything from classic literature to crappy daytime TV dramas. And that's probably where he (subconsciously or consciously) got these ideas from too. Since he didn't exactly grow up in a very loving environment, media depictions of "love" probably were his main reference point for that kind of thing, as sad as it is.
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    These, right? I always think he looks really tense and awkward in these as well (though part of it might be the just the back thing/hunching his shoulders issue we discussed at some point in this thread). Still like these pictures way better than any pictures of Axl and Steph though. Stephanie's fake-ness just shines through in every picture and ruins them. I also really like these: My absolute favorite pictures though.... ... are all pics from this photoshoot. They were both so gorgeous that day Oh wow, another Austrian, yay!
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Exactly. Way too many people telling similar stories and joking or lying about it would be pretty fucked up. That's why I think all these stories are probably true as well.
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    Maybe the small chance you mentioned really will work out! I agree with @killuridols, you really deserve to go see them live and the Paris show you're thinking about is probably going to be one of the most epic ones Awesome! Where are you from @lilacmess? Oh shit. I feel for you, ticketmaster and livenation both screwed up here as well with the tickets (though not to the extent you are describing) and it makes mad just to think about it. These assholes are trying to screw you over pretty badly, it's total bullshit Maybe if you're persistent enough and annoy the hell out of them, they'll offer you something better? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out for you somehow. I need this book I need this book I need this book!!!!! Ok, do you girls think now that it makes much more sense why we see TB around Axl day and night? He's like a baby, like a 3 year old that needs constant watch or could end up really bad. I really hope there aren't guns in Axl's house (because this also reminds me of the excerpts posted here before from Mick Wall's book about Axl and a gun). People like this should not have any element of danger around them. Makes me worried..... I feel like he's not really well So Axl doesn't just jump out of moving cars, he jumps out of flying helicopters too? Assuming all these stories by Baz, Mick Wall, Doug Goldstein, Bryn Bridenthal, Slash, etc. are true (and I personally think they probably are) and there really is always a risk of Axl harming himself in some way, I might have to cut TB some slack on that. Especially Beta, since she was the one who supposedly kept calling Doug Goldstein in desperation when Axl was crying in his bed and messing around with a gun. That probably left a lasting impression on her too. If Axl is really this... fragile and unstable, I probably wouldn't let him out of my sight either tbh.
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, @Andy14 and me will try to find some other ways to get our hands on GC tickets, but it will be so much harder and I wanted to be done with this shit already. And we wasted money on Nightrain for nothing How do you know GC tickets will be available if they are already sold out now? (I could buy any other kind of ticket just fine, but if I select the GC ones, it says not available anymore). Are there different contingents of GC tickets for different dates and vendors? Meaning that it's only the Nightrain pre-sale GC tickets that are sold out already, but they might still have some left for regular sale? Does anyone know how this generally works?
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    Can I rant and cry? @Andy14 and me signed up for Nightrain just to get Golden Circle tickets and we wanted to get some for Vienna earlier and they are already sold out Pre-sale only starts tomorrow, but the dumb GC tickets apparently have all sold out via Nightrain already or something. I'm so mad and I wanna cry. Even worse, I can't even buy one of these useless horribly expensive VIP Golden Circle packages because no matter where I try to buy these from (directly from Nightrain or on the ticketmaster site), it always just directs me back to ticketmaster's main page. All the links are useless. WTF??? I hate this shit.
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    I watch Supernatural, it's the only show I've stuck with for 12 freaking seasons. I haven't watched the latest couple of episodes, but now I'll have to catch up I guess I love when they throw in classic rock or metal references like that. And now, thanks to you, it's stuck in my head too But I seriously can't think of anything either regarding the cherries. Maybe he just saw them and liked them and there's no big mystery behind it. Also random, but I saw this on Tumblr. Don't know if this is from this year's Thanksgiving or an older post, but I think it's sweet that the first thing she mentions being thankful for are her brothers. Always good to see they're still close. And she considers the Lebeises her adopted family too (though I sort of knew that already, I've read something similar before somewhere...).
  13. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    New to me (The writing itself isn't very interesting, just boring blabla we already know, so I didn't bother translating it.)
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    Too fucking tired to comment on anything serious, but interesting post, @Blackstar. I didn't know about some of the stuff in your last post. I guess it depends on the platform. On places like it's mostly slash fiction as far as I'm aware. Slash = the gay kind of fan fiction, so with GNR you actually can read slash fiction about Slash if you are so inclined I've noticed the kids on Tumblr write lots of weird self-insert stuff where you're supposed to imagine yourself in these little stories though. It creeps me out to be honest. I don't want to imagine myself in any of these weird-ass scenarios and I don't see the point. And they're really short too. Blah. When I was a kid, the only thing that existed was stuff about Axl and Slash, Axl and Izzy or Slash and Duff basically. Either of the romance or the porn variety usually lol. That's what I was raised on and everything else seems weird to me #grumpyoldlady Though I have to agree with @SerenityScorp, from the little I've seen (I'm not very up to date on these matters anymore) it really isn't all about relationship drama and fucking these days. There seems to be a lot more short novel-like stuff with all kinds of plots and from all kinds of genres. I've been meaning to read that Victorian era England horror story that was recently posted, but haven't gotten around to it.
  15. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    This is one of my favorite pics of Izzy. He looks so sweet and innocent there You know, I could definitely see Izzy not being thrilled about Slash making stories like that public And I have to stick up for Izzy whe it comes to Slash's and Izzy's relationship. Slash has been a real asshole towards Izzy a couple of times, but I've read more or less every Izzy interview in existence and Izzy has always been very nice towards Slash, sometimes even coming across as very worried about Slash (and the other guys too, but I specifically remember him talking about Slash's drug use in an interview). @SerenityScorp I'm not surprised Izzy would go to art shows. He likes to draw himself and I remember him talking about how important the artwork in album booklets is and how much he loved looking at these things when he was young. And he also apparently enjoyed art class together with Axl, so...