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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah. I also think Axl was pretty bothered by the fact that he looked rather feminine, judging by comments like him saying that he got tattoos so that he "wouldn't look like a fucking chick anymore". Apart from that being a pretty dumb reason to get tattoos, I think it's a pretty telling comment about what was going on in his head at the time. And it sort of sounds like he got mistaken for "a chick" a lot. I honestly feel for Slash on that one. I'm not saying Slash is a saint (far from it, and there are tons of things about Slash that would have been difficult for Axl to deal with- the drug addiction, passive-aggressiveness and lying maybe,...), but his frustration and helplessness when it comes to Axl often comes through in the things he says. Like the thing about him trying to help and trying to be a good friend, but ultimately also having to think of himself, or Axl's craziness driving him crazier than it does Axl, or him barely being able to comprehend half the things Axl told him about his past... I think Slash really might have been in over his head sometimes with Axl. (And I wonder if things could have turned out differently maybe if Slash had been the older one of the two instead of Axl. If Slash had been a couple of years older than Axl and had the maturity and "wisdom" to go with that, he might have been in a slightly better position to be able to deal with Axl.) --------------------------------------------------- @Kara: I think that's the Slaxl video by @Asia that @Frey mentioned. It's basically 5 minutes of Axl and Slash cuddling and therefore adorable And these were posted in this thread as well at one point (though I just saw there are even more on Youtube by now lol): And if you come across that video of Axl and Slash supposedly kissing, well it only looks that way most likely due to crappy video quality
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    I agree, Axl always kind of seemed like he should be the youngest in the band to me as well. I think it's both because of the reasons you mentioned, but also because he acted like the youngest one compared to the others. Axl was the one throwing temper tantrums, the most emotionally immature one, the one who got most easily upset about all kinds of stuff, the brattiest... That kind of behavior combined with his baby face made him seem very young to me, even though the rest of these idiots weren't really shining beacons of maturity either lol. And hah! ACDC fans have interesting concerns Poor Duff. (But I have to admit that if I'm doomed to suffer more of this ACDC stuff, I'd quite like Duff to be there. To keep an eye on Axl and so he can be around him even more ) Yes, I remember reading that story about police sexually harassing him. I have no trouble believing that happened at all. But from other things Axl (and Izzy, Slash, etc.) have said, I get the impression that people hitting on him/harrassing him actually was a quite frequent occurence and not just limited to nasty police officers. I only wish he'd learned something about misogyny and sexism from that instead of letting it fuel his homophobia We should make a a post with all the Slaxl stuff we've ever heard. A Slaxl reference list or something lol. But I agree with you, that sounds like something Slash would do. Axl meanwhile just chose to stay really bitter and hurt and didn't even try to hide it... One of the best things about Izzy is his attitude in photoshoots IMO. He always looks either judgemental about the idiots he's surrounded by (like here) or rather concerned/worried about... whatever (I'm sure there was enough for him to be concerned and worried about). And if it's neither of these things, then he usually just looks done with this shit It's bittersweet, isn't it? I'm so glad they're back together, but thinking of all the time they've wasted just makes me feel sad. The thing with Axl and Slash is that they met when they were pretty young, when Slash was still a teenager. Axl used to live with Slash's family for a while, they slept in the same room etc. Slash talks about it in his book and Axl seems to have pretty fond memories of that time as well; he apparently told a story to some girls that got to go backstage about the time when he and Slash were still "kids" and jumped around on Slash's grandmother's bed and then Slash's grandma stormed in and yelled at them lol. Later on when they lived in that little storage space, they used to sleep in one bed. Technically speaking they also had sex together, considering all the threesomes the two of them apparently had with random girls (and according to Adriana Smith Axl likes having Slash in bed with him ). They lived through poverty together and became famous together and I think it's fair to say that most of the pressure associated with fame and GNR rested on their shoulders. They handled most of the business side of the band together as well. During other Slaxl discussions in this thread, someone (@killuridols maybe?) said something about how you can't really do all that and live through all of that without forming some kind of bond and I think that's true. So I'm not surprised at all that their break-up hit both of them so hard. Although I would have of course preferred that we wouldn't have had to suffer through years of them writing bitter break-up songs about each other and them saying nasty things about each other. They should have just gone to a marriage counselor together, like Marc Canter suggested.
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    I loved him being a passive-aggressive little snake about the DJ thing hahaha. And yes, it's pretty funny when you compare quotes like We'll just sit up all night and talk, and it's me and Axl talking. It goes beyond anything you could write down…(Slash, Tears Before Bedtime, Q, July 1991) It's a matter of sitting down with somebody you love very much and like going 'you know let's try this' and he goes 'yeah, it's a great idea' Me and Axl and Duff are obviously way the fuck more close and personal than they can even possibly put out in some magazine.(Coiled and Ready Rolling Stone, April 1995) Slash on splitting with Axl and divorce:In retrospect, it’s kind of interesting that I suddenly had disconnected with the two most long-term, closest relationships I had had up to that point, just a matter of months apart.(....)(Anthony Bozza – Slash) (...) There were moments there when I loved him to death (Anthony Bozza – Slash) "Axl, it is said, is a notoriously difficult character to deal with. How do the two of youget along as people, outside the band?""We love each other"[slash in "The Most Dangerous Band in the World by Mick Wall, 1988] INTERVIEW:Do you think that having a relationship with a band has to do with the same things as having a relationship with a person? AXL:Yes, l think so. Especially with Slash and it's definitely a marriage.(Interview Magazine, May, 1992) Slash’s name pops up repeatedly, invoked in a way that suggests a shellshocked husband speaking of an ex-wife after a particularly horrific divorce. “It is a divorce,” Rose says with a sad stare. (Rolling Stone, 2000) I couldn’t go on like that. It just appeared obvious to me that I had to leave, it was a question of survival. It’s been four years already… I haven’t talked to Axl since. Now that I think about it, I remember I divorced at about the same time ! (laughs) Let’s say I went through a difficult period of my life. (plus the quote @Asia described on the previous page - "I remember how in the first snakepit era he was saying in one of the MTV interviews that he and Axl are a marriage just without the opposite sex. And Eric Dover interfered to add that also without consumating. It was kinda funny." - and of course Axl wanting to buy a house together with Slash ) with the "We were never really that close anyway" narrative Slash tried to spin more recently (and which also gets touted a lot by random posters on this forum). Something doesn't really add up here, Slashy I took most of these quotes from a post that was made a while ago here, so thanks to @SerenityScorp for posting and @Asia for apparently making that post in the first place (I had never seen it before, so I don't where you originally posted this). How "close",Slash? Note: Found this on a thread, @Asiaposted this
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't think Axl ever looked girly enough that I would have mistaken him for a woman, but he was definitely quite androgynous and in my experience a lot of men immediately think someone's female as long as they look and dress vaguely feminine, so no wonder Axl and even Slash () had men hitting on them or even harrassing them. I think Axl could have passed for a girl though if he had actually tried to. Apart from his glam days, I think Axl looked rather girly in this photoshoot. Something about the bangs/pony tail and the clothes probably lol. Also in these pictures, especially compared to Slash and Duff: Actually Axl was pretty girly in that entire photoshoot (maybe I should post all the pictures I've come across from that photo shoot in a separate post some time? It's one of my favorite photo shoots lol.) Glammy Axl obviously was pretty girly too: Also in these: I'll stop with the girly Axl spam now or this post will become endless (Beause I loooove girly Axl )
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    This is a good point and I tend to agree with it. Axl has always been pretty open and honest about his feelings, no matter what it made him look like (though he doesn't talk about them in public much anymore these days...), but Slash is a guy who's very concerned about his image and likes to "look cool". Having a weirdly charged and intense relationship with your crazy lead singer was probably kind of embarrassing to Slash in hindsight. Especially because Axl was talking a lot of shit about Slash during these years which probably hurt Slash's pride (not to mention his feelings), so he tried to downplay everything for that reason too. (But as soon as they were talking to each other again, Slash also started saying nice things about Axl again. Not on the same level as back then, but at least he said some stuff about how Axl is one of his top 3 best frontmen of all time, how Axl is incredibly intelligent and talented, etc... ) That sentence always makes me sad, because I can see it very clearly. There's also this quote of Slash (from his book interestingly enough, because it goes against other things he says in there) comparing his break-up with Axl to his divorce with Renee: Slash on splitting with Axl and divorce:In retrospect, it’s kind of interesting that I suddenly had disconnected with the two most long-term, closest relationships I had had up to that point, just a matter of months apart.(....) Yes, very interesting, Slash, but what I think is even more interesting is that Axl apparently was one of only two people that Slash had his "most long-term and closest relationships" with at that point. On the same level as his wife. Can't get much closer and higher on the list than that. And another quote from Slash comparing his break-up with Axl to his divorce from Renee I couldn’t go on like that. It just appeared obvious to me that I had to leave, it was a question of survival. It’s been four years already… I haven’t talked to Axl since. Now that I think about it, I remember I divorced at about the same time ! (laughs) Let’s say I went through a difficult period of my life. So that's four marriage/divorce analogies already (and by both of them!) EDIT: No it's actually five times they've compared their relationship to a marriage/divorce, since I forgot to count the Snakepit story @Asia mentioned. That story about Axl wanting to move in with Slash and them going house shopping together will always be one of my favorite Slaxl tidbits lol. Makes me sad for Axl though, if he really was as excited about it as described. Must have been a huge disappointment for him when Slash backed out at the last moment.
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    How often have these two (Axl and Slash) compared their relationship to a marriage anyway? I feel like I've come across them saying that in at least 5 different interviews. And what would Eric Dover know about the latter bit anyway Yes, for example. As for why... I mean on the one hand these issues are much less taboo nowadays than they were back then and people are therefore also more likely to consider a possibility like that, but on the other hand, it's not like the Slaxl topic was ever publically talked about. There've never been any articles speculating about Slash and Axl's relationship (neither in gossip rags nor serious publications) or anything else along these lines, so...? Does he really care so much what a couple of hardcore fans and some people on the internet might think?
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    Yes. Slash isn't particularly homophobic in practice and supports a lot of LGBT causes, etc., but he has a long history of going "no homo" in various situations (usually where Axl is concerned lol) and he sometimes uses "gay" to describe things that he doesn't like/approve of. The most famous example will always be "not that we were soulmates or anything" (because it's amusing he even felt the need to say that), but there are a few others too that I remember being discussed in this thread. It's funny how back in the 80s and early 90s Slash had no problem saying very personal and sweet things about Axl and was constantly cuddling wth him on stage, but in more recent years he's tried to play his and Axl's relationship down as much as he can and he barely reacts to him.
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    People, are you all face-blind or something?! Of course the woman in the picture is not Perla. She has a completely different face. Most likely it's just some random fan. Well at least you can say you touched Slash! I believe they'll straighten things out with Izzy too. We have a saying in German that basically translates to "Riffraff fight with each other, riffraff get along with each other", meaning idiots will constantly fight and make up again, so don't take it too seriously. I believe this applies to the GNR guys too. They have gotten over much worse things in the past. I have no idea who the woman in that picture is, but I don't think it's Michelle. Doesn't really look like her to me. Doubly unpopular opinion: I don't like the dreadlocks or Axl's bangs Well, I guess I actually do kind of like the dreadlocks on Izzy, I just don't like dreadlocks in general. But I have to admit they looked better on him than on most other people. As for Axl's bangs.... Well, he still looks good in them, he's too pretty not to, but I actually do prefer him without bangs. Some bangs are better than others though. I like the slightly grown out side bangs that were all different lengths, but I really don't like the really straight bangs he had at one point.
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    No judgement from me But Fernando would have taken you down, I remember he was particularly rabid that day with fans Anyway, came across this cute quote about Izzy by Axl (though it's a bit these days): "The Izzy thing was a very emotional thing, you know, because it is real, and I’ve known him for fifteen years, and he’s one of the people I care about most in the entire world." Awww. (?) And some pictures of Axl and Izzy that I hadn't seen before: Also does anyone have these pictures of Izzy where Izzy's wearing the jacket Duff is wearing here? I can't find these anymore
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    I just checked and the original quote says neither William nor W, just Bill and Axl lol. Wikipedia claims Axl used to refer to himself as "W. Rose" though and only became Axl after moving to L.A. And yeah I think Izzy is the most likely candidate as well hahaha. More hilarity from AltNation: Did TB pay AltNation to write this or something? I mean I'm glad to hear Axl was on his best behavior, but " was also told that Axl Rose’s manager Beta Lebeis, and her son Fernando, were class acts" and "Axl Rose’s reign as the king of rock in 2016 continues."?
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    @Andy14 I like the names you gave the snakes. And poor Duff probably really feels that way. @tiutso That picture of Grace... I have no idea. Maybe having snot all over your face is punk rock or something? I went wtf too when I saw that one. Yes. I think Angus should retire too. Or start up some other project if he feels not ready yet. This would basically be creating a NuGNR situation only with AC/DC. And NuGNR sucked and was hated for the most part and the same will happen with NuAC/DC. And as a GNR fan I especially don't like the idea of him hogging our frontman for this, like you said. I could see this being true. Sounds like Axl. And I have heard of Axl going by just W. I remember someone saying that some days he would be Bill, others just W, other days Axl,... no one knew what to even call him lol. Also my money is on either Duff or Izzy for making that sarcastic comment. Duff apparently liked throwing snarky comments at Axl back then ("Nice hair, dude!") and Izzy was the most sarcastic and sharp-tongued little asshole in the whole band going by old interviews But either way, Axl showed them, I guess
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't really follow them either, I just sporadically check out what various people are doing sometimes, so I'm not the best person to ask. But I've noticed his comments on the young girls' accounts (which is already kinda iffy in itself considering he's a slimy guy in his 30s and they're teenage girls between 14-18 or something) and it's been a while since I last was on Instagram, but I remember some of it struck me as weird/inappropriate/gross. This only means ONE thing j/k It means he's a creep who for some reason feels the need to keep up to date on Erin issues... (Didn't know that btw, @Lanna, thanks for sharing...) Axl just tweeted. Still loving his emojis.
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    Yeah, that's the one I meant. Thanks for posting. Last sentence made me roll my eyes so hard. And I just hate how TB all suck up to AC/DC and meddle in their affairs. It's bad enough they get to do that in GNR, it's awful they're doing it with another band now too. Also hate how they constantly suck up tp Slash, Duff and their family members on social media now when they did nothing but shit on them for years until very recently. And Fernando's not just a fake slimy suck up, but also gross (the comments he leaves on the social media accounts of Slash's and Duff's daughters strike me as weird). Right. And maybe Beta's brother's neighbor needs a job and a house too. I wonder if Axl even knows just how many Lebeises and friends of the Lebeises he's got on his pay roll. -------------------------------------------- EDIT: Special request by @Andy14. I don't even really understand it myself, I just tried to do exactly what she demanded lol
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    Same. Slash going to see Axl on his own is sweet, but I'm too annoyedby the recent AC/DC news right now to really be happy about it. Because I'm too much of a pessimistic and skeptical bitch to see a positive side in this. All I'm seeing is Axl burning himself out with too much going on (because I agree with whoever said that fronting two of the biggest rock bands on the planet can't be compared to Duff's little side projects or whatever), Slash sooner or later getting annoyed by Axl prioritizing AC/DC over Guns which is going to lead to unnecessary tension and potential drama in the long run and us getting an Axl/DC album before we're getting a new Guns album. Which is really going to piss me off because I don't care about AC/DC or Axl/DC and all I want is new music from my band. Blergh. And Fernando's dumb comment on facebook pissed me off too (right along with his awful grammar). It's no surprise TB pushes for Axl/DC to continue (they probably encouraged him to do so), because they're already seeing the dollar signs, just like @Andy14 illustrated. Very accurate.
  15. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't think it has anything to do with English not being your native language. It's just a very confusing and vague song. I agree that some parts seem to refer to Axl not wanting a reunion or are his thoughts on the band in general. I wonder who "you" is. The band itself? The public/fans? Stephanie? Slash? All the former guys in the band? All of them? I'm gonna do this Frey style and just write what a particular line sounds like to me: Seems like forever and a day (since the good old days when the original band existed) If my intentions are misunderstood, Please be kind I've done all I should. (this and the above 2 lines are basically him saying people blame him for shit when in fact he only did what he had to do) I won't ask of you What I would not do. Oh, I saw the damage in you (the damage in the band? the band slowly breaking apart?) My fortunate one (the one band that made it and became successfull) The envy of youth. (they were young back then and everything was awesome and simpler than it is today) Why would they Tell me to please those That laugh in my face (this and the above 2 lines are about Axl not wanting to please people who only make fun of him and the new band by reuniting) When all of the reasons They've taught us Fall over themselves To give way It's not a question of Whether my heart is true Streamlined I had to pull through (this and the above 3 lines are about Axl having good intentions and Look for a new Beginning on you (find a way to start over again with the band, without his former band mates this time) Oh I got a message for you Up and away It's what I gotta do (just leave the old stuff/band all behind and rise above it) Forgive what you have For what you might lose. What would you say If I told you that I'm to blame (what if he admitted it was his fault that the band broke up?) And what would you do If I had to deny your name (what if he talked shit about the other guys and blamed everything on them instead?) Where would you go if I told you I love you and then walked away (what if he just tells them there are no hard feelings and then just gives up the band instead and does something else?) N' who should I turn to If not for the ones You would not save I told you when I found you If there were doubts you Should be careful and unafraid (he knew they were going to make it once the 5 of them were together?) Now they surround you And all that amounts to Is love that you fed by Perversion and fame (now the other guys are full of doubt and unsure about what they should do and how to proceed) So if my affections Are misunderstood And you decide I'm up To no good (similar to some lines above?) Don't ask me to Enjoy them Just for you Ask yourself Why I would choose To prostitute myself To live with fortune and shame (these lines are the most obvious one in the song. Why would he sell his integrity and and honor just for all the money people keep offering him?) Oh yeah When you should Have turned to the hearts Of the ones That you could not save (?? the fans should have instead beseeched Slash and the others to stay or should ask about their motivations and their part in this whole debacle?) I told you When I found you All that amounts to Is love that you fed by Perversion and fame (all the love people have for GNR/the old band is basically a lie, because it was built on perversion, lies and other shit fame brings with it?)