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  1. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Hah yes, I saw in the other thread
  2. Yeah, loved that part as well Thanks for making me aware of this. I just hope no one else follows their example.
  3. Oh god, no Don't these people have actual news to write about? Urgh.
  4. *Not So* Dark Side of GN'R?

    Thanks! Works fine!
  5. *Not So* Dark Side of GN'R?

    I've never heard of that. Do you have a link?
  6. Thanks. But it's strange, I just went through Izzy's entire Twitter and it shows nothing like this for me. Maybe because I'm not registered or something?
  7. Link doesn't work for me. Says the page doesn't exist. What did he post? I've never seen him post anything related to fan art on his twitter.
  8. I remember reading (here somewhere probably?) that Steph and Erin would have had to take their case to criminal court instead of civil court if they wanted Axl to go to jail or something. But Stephanie only filed a civil suit and then subpoenad Erin (I think?). Erin herself wouldn't even have gone to court at all. She said she blamed herself for how Axl treated her and only when she learned that he did the same thing to Stephanie did she come forward. This is actually very interesting. And it's not exactly the same as his Twitter. I don't know if it's a fake or not, but if it's a fake it's a really good one. Because that person has the same spelling idiosyncrasies as Izzy. And posts stuff that is very Izzy-like (the Hanoi Rocks thing for example, various sport type things...) The only thing that gives me pause is the fan art thing. Would Izzy really post fan art of himself that people send him? I have no idea.
  9. I'm just stating what's been said and written about her. Obviously, I don't know her personally, but it seems plausible from what I've seen. And I only said that because someone commented that she acted like a teenager and it would explain that kind of behavior. I'm not saying her feeling aren't valid. Like I said before, I think they're perfectly valid and she has every right to express them, but lots of people will find her behaviour quite odd or questionable, considering her and Axl's history (if it was me for example, I would probably never forgive Axl, if what she said about him is true). But like you yourself said in an earlier post, relationships are complicated. If she truly has forgiven Axl and wants to be with him, I'm going to raise my eye brows and certainly have my opinions about that, but I'm not even going to judge. They're both different people nowadays and who knows how things would work out this time around.
  10. We "know" it's true because like I said, it's not just Erin, but half a dozen women, and coupled with everything else we know about Axl, a certain picture just begins to emerge. And no, it doesn't legally prove anything, but it makes it highly, highly unlikely that Axl's just an innocent little lamb and all the lying women are just out ta get him. Some reading on that topic: (this article even quotes Meegan),,20103471,00.html The thing with Erin is... that she's not very bright. I've always gotten that impression, but I recently read some quotes by someone who actually knew her saying that the title "Sweet child o mine" was very apt, because Erin really was like a child in many aspects. Also very naive apparently. I also remember a magazine article describing her as "a slow learner who struggled in school". She seems like a nice and kind person, so I feel bad for even saying this, but it might explain why she acts the way you described.
  11. I can think of at least 5-6 women who have come forward saying that Axl either physically or sexually assaulted them (or both in Erin's case). And we all know that Axl's got a temper and a shitload of issues (or used to have those at least). That paints a pretty damning picture in my opinion.
  12. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, if she truly has forgiven him and looks back only with love and understanding, then she really is a very sweet woman and she's certainly allowed to express her current feelings about Axl. But in general, it doesn't sit well with me to see thousands of people encouraging a woman to go back to a man who has, by her own account, treated her absolutely abominably.
  13. Yes, it's her real username. She mostly posts stuff about her kids, sometimes Meegan, Axl, Slash, etc. It's private, but she pretty much accepts anyone who wants to follow her apparently. True. Tumblr is where I learn all of this weird stuff
  14. I assume most of the people posting these kinds of things on Instagram are teenagers who think it's a cute love story or something, instead of the highly problematic and abusive relationship it actually was. And Erin certainly doesn't help, considering the sweet things she constantly posts and says about Axl both on her own IG account and on other people's. Here's another one:
  15. Someone posted a picture of Axl and Erin on Instagram with the comment "Want them back together". Erin replied "Same." There was also another post where somebody posted a cute picture of Axl and Erin cuddling, and someone else commented "I don't like this." Then Erin commented and said "I do."