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  1. Apparently GNR will be playing a secret gig next month in SoCal. If I get more info I'll pass it on.
  2. Here's my remarkable guess: nothing happens, nothing is said, the weeks turn into months, winter turns into spring, then summer then fall, the entire year fritters away as uneventfully as the one that came before. All the while a select group hold on to any and every sign of hope there is some life.
  3. Please close this thread. We should all know better than this. Let's not give GNR the satisfaction.
  4. How do you cook steak?

    Haha....... I actually played the role Of Gordon Ramsay on this one. Fucking delicious.
  5. How do you cook steak?

    Steak-room temperature-season-pan-medium high-olive oil in pan till smoke-steak in pan-three minutes per side-add some fresh thyme while cooking-flip-add butter yeah-baste-remove-serve-done
  6. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Let's all hope Scott has found peace and is in a better place. My condolences and sympathy to his family, especially his children. To his friends and anyone who was in any way inspired by him I offer you all a toast to Scotts life. May he rest in peace......... Go listen to "Core" it's a great album! RIP
  7. Who could replace BFF?

    I know Carrot Top knows some chords? He would be the perfect replacement for Ron.
  8. I'm kinda pissed Ron has acted in such poor taste. He could have had the same presence sans the whining and would have had much more respect from everyone. He could be playing SCOM without backlash. But because he chose to air out all his emotional gripes people look at him as a whiney Jew (relax liberals I'm Jewish). Now I whining about him as well.... ugh No seriously, if you are going to complain about not being free to play your own music then why the fuck would you be playing setlists full of the music that has kept your talent chained up? I foresee Ron applying for teaching jobs overseas in five years.
  9. This entire "New GNR" saga is a complete fucking debacle. It's become so far beyond ridiculous that anyone outside the hardcore fan base would have a difficult time comprehending whats transpired over the years. Axl's mental issues have constantly spilled over into every aspect of anything to do with GNR. This needs to end now, this cannot go on.
  10. Running This I Love lyrics through an Ebonics translator.

    That shit was on point...
  11. Want to spend a week with Bumblefoot?

    Be very careful in Thailand, not everything is what it seems. Trust me on this..... BTW look at the hands and feet.......
  12. Bumble's Latest Post

    Personally I blame the Ashba™ Media Group and DJ Ashba™ Holdings for being the conduit for Ron's untimely yet predictable demise. Despite Ron having tenure he was second fiddle to DJ. Despite actually playing first fiddle. As for Ron's lack of submitting a simple response to him being out of the band, I sorely blame Axl and Team Brazil. There is no bigger farce in the music industry than Guns N Roses. How fucking sad...
  13. Has anyone ever been to Axl's house?

    I've driven past it before just cause'. I have a picture somewhere.
  14. The only person who is working on a new Guns N Roses album is DJ.
  15. Nonsense, talking about loyalty and DJ in the same sentence??? What kind of loyalty includes shameless self promoting, lack of proficiency and James Bondian tales of beating up fans and flower pots?? Ron is at least a real person, DJ is a fucking muppet. His only loyalty it to himself.