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  1. Remarkable we have a fan base that believes that any member that speaks about the state of affairs as they relate to them is "shit talking".
  2. Then prepare for disappointment, as a GNR fan you should be used to it by now. Not much has changed other than getting to see 3/5 of the original band on stage together. Axl is just so enamored with Angus and adding to the AC/DC legacy that it might be enough to get him in the studio. Trust me, with Axl's voice and a bit of creative input this could be a solid album.
  3. Axl absolutely killed it with AC/DC, better than the GNR shows I have seen. The energy and the crowd is just electrifying at those shows. There's no new GNR album coming, but some new Axl/Angus colab could be just what the doctor ordered. Take it for what it is.