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  1. Thrice - Major/Minor Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling Deftones - Diamond Eyes Deftones - Gore Deftones - White Pony
  2. CHON - Homey
  3. Meh. I find the absolute majority of Izzy's solo work to be boring middle of the road dad rock. I can live without him in the band.
  4. Will be seeing Deftones for the 4th time in two weeks.
  5. Chris Cornell - Higher Truth Soundgarden - Superunknown Radiohead - OK Computer Tricot - 3 Been a busy day for me today.
  6. I would hope they don't continue at all. And I doubt they will. Chris is irreplaceable.
  7. Well, most of Death Grips fans seem to be on the younger side, like 15-18ish, and all they seem capable of doing is turning everything they do into obnoxious memes. As long as you stay away from that side of things you're good lol. I'm not really sure what might be up your alley, but there's this Japanese math-rock band called Tricot I've been digging a lot lately, and they just released a new album yesterday called 3 if you're curious. Hasn't been a lot on my radar the past few months though, I'm in need of something fresh too haha.
  8. Fuck yes dude, The Armed is the last band I thought I'd see mentioned on this forum. Been a fan of them since...fuck, 2010 or 11 now, and it feels like they've been this insanely well kept secret that's never quite gotten the attention they deserve. Props on Death Grips too, their fan base is kind of cancerous sometimes but they're one of the few experimental artists really pushing the boundaries and gleefully fucking with the culture at large, and they never fail to entertain.
  9. The Fall of Troy - OK POS - Chill, dummy
  10. Just about my feelings on it too. It's a little TOO consistent, actually. Kinda wish there were a few higher highs, the whole things blends together a little bit. Still a really good album though.
  11. Man, I'm really enjoying this EP. I was REALLY bored with Hesitation Marks because it really lacked a lot of dynamics and the grittier textures that make NIN interesting for me, and this delivers all of those things with a slightly new twist. Really hoping Trent's got more stuff in this vein coming soon-ish, because this has me back into NIN for the time being.
  12. Drops of Jupiter was an alright song but now they're the personification of boring, white bread pop music. Fuckin Maroon 5 lite.
  13. Honestly, I loved that Axl wanted to branch out their sound a little. If they dropped another cock rock album in the mid 90s or another bloated UYI-style record it would've probably been a commercial and artistic failure, imo.
  14. Even though I'm not a big fan anymore, I totally agree. They're an excellent band to see live and there's usually so much energy. Last time I saw them was at Mayhem Fest in 2014 and me and a total stranger spent all of A Little Piece of Heaven screaming lyrics at each other like some sort of weird lyric battle, haha.
  15. Loved it on the first listen because of the new album hype, but my opinion is cooling down already. I dig that they went back to their older style a bit after HTTK and that they're not going for obvious hooks and hit singles this time around, but some of the songs just drag on needlessly and have no interesting melodies to hold onto. I actually wrote a long ass review for it here for my personal music blog.