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  1. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    Had Cobb and the Packers Defense in my fantasy team last night. I just wanted to say thanks for a great night of points. I needed it.
  2. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016 Playoffs!!!

    Congrats to the North Siders. Hell of a comeback last night. I think they are gonna do it. Hoping for a Cleveland/Chicago World Series. This is coming from a Cardinal fan by the way. Its a shame we won't see a day game in Wrigley though. But prime time TV rules.
  3. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    How bout them RAMS!!!?? Hey Los Angeles, get used to it. As a St. Louis Rams fan, I've seen them stink it up plenty. Did win a super bowl. Anyway, Los Angeles, get used to a lot of punts, but you do have a good punter since he gets a lot of work. OK, back to the Green Bay thread. Carry on.
  4. Well they settled. She's gonna make a lot of $$$.
  5. Guess the Movie by the Quote

    A: "Gimme a diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper and make it quick I'm in a goddamn hurry....................................YOU WANT SUMTHIN?" B: "Hush puppies Daddy" A: "We aint got time for that crap!"
  6. Guess the Movie by the Quote

    Boogie Nights
  7. Michael Cimino RIP

    How was "Heaven's Gate"? I've only seen part of it. I know it bombed and the budget was way over. But as a movie, how was it?
  8. Whats the over/under on Kid Rock showing up? I heard he has a show in Chicago tomorrow. But no show tonight.
  9. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016 Playoffs!!!

    Cardinals sweep the Cubbies at Wrigley. My first chance to gloat this year Axlsash. Not gonna win the division though, fightin for a wildcard.
  10. I saw the Kansas City show in Sept. 1992. I'd say this show GnR and Metallica were equal. Hetfield was not able to play guitar due to the burn in Montreal a few weeks earlier, so it was strange seeing Hetfield as a lead singer walking around with a mic. But they pulled it off and had a great show. Hetfield did finish the show playing guitar on "Enter Sandman", the crowd went nuts. Since this show was the first show in Missouri since the St. Louis riot, we knew Axl was gonna bring it up and rant about St. Louis. After the rant he told Slash to change his guitar, they switched the song to "Out to get me". Maybe Axl had something to prove because a lot of the crowd was at the St. Louis show (including me). Most of this show is/was on YouTube. Not the best quality but better than nothing. Sure brought back good memories for me.
  11. Amber Heard divorces Johnny Depp

    You'd think Johnny Depp had been around long enough to know it's a bad idea to get married without a prenup. But I guess he didn't. He's gonna have to make some more Pirate movies I guess.
  12. I like that last picture. She looks really cute there.
  13. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016 Playoffs!!!

    Finally baseball is back! Watching Cards/Pirates game. Looks like Kid Rock is playing 1st base for Pittsburgh.
  14. I went to the St. Louis show (Riverport Riot) in 1991. If this a stadium/dome tour, they can definitely play at the Edward Jones Dome where the St. Louis Rams played for 21 years. But the Rams have moved back to LA, and its open for any business. Just wondering if its gonna be a stadium/dome tour or arena's/sheds.
  15. Comedy Icon Gary Shandling Dead At 66

    Well this just sucks. This guy was great. The Larry Sanders show is one of the best shows ever. RIP