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  1. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Super Bowl prediction:   Carolina by 17. 
  2. OJ Simpson and Amanda Knox

    The OJ not guilty verdict was all about getting back at the LAPD.  Everyone knew he did it, even Johnnie Cochran and the rest of the Dream Team. By the way, anybody watching the mini-series on FX?  Saw the 1st one the other night.  So far, so good.    
  3. Great interview with S.Tyler on Howard Stern yesterday. Not really surprised at what he said, he pretty much said "You guys gotta get back together, life is short."
  4. Pyro or no pyro?

    Pyro YES. Limited, not like a KISS concert, but some pyro would be cool. The tickets are gonna be expensive, some pyro would be nice.
  5. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Prediction for this weekends games. Boston over Denver Carolina over Arizona -not gonna doubt Carolina again.
  6. RIP Alan Rickman

    That's a shame. Loved this guy, great actor. For those who haven't seen it, I highly recommend "Galaxy Quest." RIP
  7. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    As a St. Louis Rams fan, I knew this was coming. Once Stan Kroenke bought the property in Englewood, it was only a matter of time before St. Louis got fucked. Oh well, enjoy having a team again Los Angeles. Enjoy watching a team that leads the league in stupid penalties, and under Jeff Fischer, goes under .500 every fucking year. Looks like 3 years at the Coliseum, until Kroenke gets his stadium done. I guess the Chargers will play there too. Fuck Stan Kroenke, Fuck WAL-MART.
  8. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    What will Odelle Beckam 's fine be? Will he be suspended? No fine? That was a hell of a game to watch yesterday.
  9. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Crazy ending to the game last night. I didn't even turn it on until I saw it was close with 2 minutes to go. Poor Cleveland, they just can't catch a break.
  10. Charlie Sheen Has HIV (TMZ Source)

    Bree Olsen, one of Charlie's former Goddess's, was on Howard Stern today. She said Charlie never told her he was HIV+, they used sheep skin condoms, but had unprotected sex a few times. Remember this is coming from a porn star who has done it all. My question, what the hell are sheep skin condoms?
  11. Charlie Sheen Has HIV (TMZ Source)

    Tom Cruise? No, even if he had HIV he could have cured it with Scientology.
  12. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Fantasy Question for this upcoming week. Who would you play? A.Rodgers or E.Manning ?
  13. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Thank you Todd Gurley for making the final season of football in St. Louis worth watching. The Rams are normally out of the hunt by November. This year, they might have a shot at a playoff game. Its good to have a running back for a change, haven't had one since Marshall Faulk. Yeah, I know the Rams will be playing in LA in 2016, just gonna try and enjoy football in St. Louis for the next 2 months.
  14. Major League Baseball Thread - 201/2016 Offseason

    Has anybody on here umpired baseball? I have, not professionally of course, but I did it as a teenager. So I was umpiring kids, and would ump games for 'kids' who were 2 years younger than me. IE: My age was 17, and the players were 15. It's not as easy as it looks. And the fans(parents) can be real assholes when a call doesn't go their way. Oh well, just wanted to chime in on the umpire thing. Because I've come across a lot of people over the years who rip on the umpire any chance they get, but have never done it themselves.
  15. Major League Baseball Thread - 201/2016 Offseason

    Congratulations to the Cubs. After this elimination hangover subsides(I'm a Cardinal fan), I'll be rooting for the Cubs. They are a lot of fun to watch.