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  1. Adler to Play Whiskey A Go Go - April 1st

    I'm guessing you weren't around when GNR were the biggest band on the planet or you wouldn't be trashing and downplaying Stevie's role in the band. If you were around in the early days, you would know that there were five guys - NOT one, NOT three - but FIVE guys who together created this amazing sound and had this incredible onstage chemistry that hasn't been matched since. Technically, sure, there may be better drummers than Stevie and even better guitarists than Slash for that matter. But together - these guys had this incredible chemistry that made GNR what it was. Stevie had a passion - a fire - that can't be dismissed. Go check out the Ritz show, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Yes, he's made mistakes - plenty of them - and I'm certain he regrets them. But he deserves to be part of this reunion. I'm hoping his silence means efforts are underway to bring him on for at least some of the songs - similar to what they did at the Rock Hall of Fame performance, where Stevie played some and Matt played some. It worked well. But Stevie DESERVES to be there - he EARNED it. And fans want to see him there.
  2. Pitman confirmed at Coachella

    I have to agree. All members of the AFD/Illusions lineups are still alive, and have an incredible opportunity to make music history and a lot of diehard fans happy. This is the GNR that everybody knows and loves. These are the members that were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame and the ones fans have been waiting decades to see reunite on a stage. … The chemistry between Axl, Slash, Duff, Stevie, Izzy and even Matt were second to none. They brought out the best in each other both onstage and in the incredible music they created together. It was magical - and a case where the "whole" was far greater than the sum of the individual parts. If Izzy doesn't want to tour, then bring back Gilby, and have Stevie and Matt alternate drumming as they did at the Rock Hall of Fame. But I find it absolutely mindboggling that Axl would insist on tainting this magic moment by insisting members of his traveling cover band be part of it. This wasn't allowed at the HOF, and fans don't want to see it now. If you want to bring Pittman in to do some CD songs, fine. But only AFTER all of the AFD/Illusions guys are confirmed. I honestly think it will take a new and REAL management team (such as Azoff or Merck) to pull this thing off. And judging by the Kimmel no-show and the decision to kick off the reunion at Coachella (where teens who have never heard of GNR go - seriously, wtf were they thinking? ), I'm guessing that hasn't happened yet.
  3. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Wow. How do you know that his kids didn't "know him" or that he was a "terrible father?" You're drawing conclusions based on one woman's open letter - a very bitter and angry woman too. I've seen pics of his teenage kids playing around onstage with Scott - and they all had big smiles on their faces. Even Chris Kushner, wife of VR guitarist Dave Kushner, hinted that Mary's words were not accurate when she spoke at the funeral. "A very said day when u bury a friend. He was a good man. Don't believe everything u read. Remember, we were all there," she said. Remember - there are two sides to every story - and usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. .. Personally, I thought Mary's angry letter was out of line so soon after Scott's passing. Yes, her life with Scott likely wasn't easy and she may have the right to feel angry and bitter - but I don't think it was necessary or appropriate to post all that negative stuff when Scott's body wasn't even cold yet. And the fact that she didn't take his own kids to his funeral, speaks volumes. What kind of a mother does that? Usually a mother wants her kids to remember their father in a positive light - remembering the good times - not focusing solely on the tough times. I feel sorry for the kids, who may forever regret never having had the chance to say their final good-byes to their dad because their mother wouldn't take them to the funeral.
  4. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Nobody was claiming Scott was a perfect human being. But I think it was inappropriate for Mary to make all of these negative, vindictive comments so soon after his death. Is this how she wants her children to remember their father? Wouldn't it be better for his kids to see the love and admiration millions of fans had for him and his music around the world - and how he touched their lives with his music? I understand that she went through a lot with Scott and his addictions - and she even cashed in on it by writing a book about it a few years ago. But I don't see the purpose of dragging all of this out now - when his body is barely cold. Is this the legacy she wants her children to see? Nobody is perfect - we all make mistakes and have problems - including Mary. But how many of us would want an ex-partner reminding the world of our mistakes after we've passed? Just doesn't seem right.
  5. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Terrible terrible loss. Talented musician, intelligent man and amazing singer. The world lost a great one - way before his time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  6. With all due respect SLAA, DJ's gesture wasn't "in the news." This isn't Angelina Jolie hiring a professional film crew and reporters from major news organizations to follow her around third world countries. This is a musician with a handheld camera or iphone who decided to shoot a video for his fans and put it on youtube and his website for his fans. The only people seeing this video are his fans and people on GNR forums. How is that self-promoting - and to who? The fans he already has? He clearly went to the trouble of making a little video - and giving fans a new free track - to inspire them to give to the homeless. .... Do you honestly believe that many of those celebrities who visited the hospital you mentioned - didn't - heaven forbid - mention it on their fan websites too? You wouldn't see it "in the news" - you'd see it if you were a fan visiting their websites. As others have mentioned in the thread - if this was Axl helping the homeless and putting up a new live track under the video - people would be dancing in the aisles and praising him for his thoughtful gesture and new FREE track for fans!! It's just so ridiculous that people - who don't like DJ in GNR - use any excuse they can to steamroll over him - even when he's doing a generous, thoughtful act to help the less fortunate and encouraging his fans to do the same. Any time a celebrity can use their success to encourage their fans and followers to help the needy is a good thing. DJ did that. He showed that making even a small donation can make a difference in people's lives. While I was never personally a huge fan of DJ's, I gained a lot of respect for him after seeing this video.
  7. I'm betting the people who are dissing DJ for his generous and thoughtful gesture do NOT donate at all and have no regard whatsoever for people who are less fortunate or in need. If they did, there is no way they would be making tasteless jokes and ridiculing someone who is trying to help those who need it the most. Many celebrities don't use their fame and success to help others. DJ does - and I tip my hat to him for trying to do so. As for publicizing it - If you have built up a fan following and have a chance to use your success to inspire fans to help the homeless in their towns, then that's awesome. How can you possibly see this as negative? ….. Of course - I'm guessing many of the people who are criticizing DJ in this thread - and acting like jackasses in general to get attention on a music forum - are sad little people who likely live in their Mom's basement, work at McDonalds, and don't have a clue what it's like to be homeless or in need. Clearly, they have no fan following to inspire and never will. They have Mom and Dad to bail them out and take cheap shots at people like DJ who are trying to inspire fans to help those who are less fortunate. Just shameful and an embarrassment to GNR fans in general.
  8. I find some of the posts in this thread truly mindboggling and well, disgraceful. Love him or hate him - DJ went out of his way to help some needy people have a happier Christmas. He brought a little joy into their lives. What's wrong with that? When was the last time some of you helped the homeless? Or donated to a charity? Or helped make someone's Christmas a little brighter? As for his reasons for filming it - it's a no-brainer: He wanted to inspire his fans to help homeless people in their towns. Homeless people are often forgotten during the holidays - and he wanted to remind people that even small gestures of goodwill can make a big difference. While some of you may not be big fans of DJ in GNR - nobody can deny he has a large fan following. And if he can use his position to inspire one - or 10 - or 1,000 of his fans to help the homeless, then that's awesome. As for the music behind the track - how can anyone criticize this???? If this was Axl - and he posted the film behind a new live track - people would be going insane with joy - praising and worshipping him for the gesture. But with DJ - we get cupcakes dissing him for it. My God, it's ridiculous. Just shameful.
  9. Yes, I was a member of cd.com back in the day when Xozi, Queenie, Sladdi, Chris, Marcelo, Will and others were around. Those were fun times. That was before this forum was set up (mygnr was just a messageboard back then). I actually had a lot of respect for Xozi when she was trying to keep the forum going after Undone (Steph) lost interest in the forum and put it up for sale. As for the link to Axl's rant that someone posted - There were actually a lot of people who supported me and spoke out against Axl in that thread, but their posts were deleted and every subsequent thread that was started to discuss it was locked. At the time, Beta was logged into the forum 24/7 for over a week - acting as a gatekeeper to ensure Eric removed all posts from people supporting me or criticizing Axl. It was a sad situation all around.
  10. Forum Feedback

    Mags - why are you being so rude and hijacking this thread? Who cares why he started it? If he's trying to help Subsy make the forum better by finding out what people like, what they don't like, why they post or why they don't post - what's the harm? If you don't have anything to contribute, then stay out of the thread. It's that simple. Let other people - who do have opinions - speak. Geesh.
  11. Slash on talking dead next week

    The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is a GNR fan. I sat with him at a GNR show a number of years ago and went to an after-party with him. (This was before Walking Dead started). He knew the classic GNR music, so it wouldn't surprise me if he's friends with Slash. It will be interesting to hear what Slash has to say.
  12. I haven't lied about anything. Many, such as Dslah two posts up ^^ - have made the same observation in some of the locked threads. To suggest that there hasn't been a huge surge in censoring and that threads have not been closed and deleted is ludicrous. Dslah gave specific examples of some of them. As for the thread's original topic - I never retracted the Slash gear story as the article suggested. I stand by my sources and the story as it pertained to security at the Winnipeg show.
  13. With all due respect Montrealer, I have never seen so many threads locked and deleted over such a small span of time in the eight years I've been here. If the original Dexter thread was kept open, all discussions would have remained in that thread. But that's not what happened. Instead, the thread was locked and people were told they could only discuss the Dexter post in a second thread in the Support section. Then, after one day, that thread was locked even though it was the most active on the entire forum. Then, people started threads in the AG and Poll sections - and all of those threads were also either locked or deleted - even though none were off-topic or rude. Some people were even warned or banned after they wrote posts critical of Eric's decision. I have never seen this much censorship in the eight years I've been here. .. And then you wonder why people are talking about it in other threads? Where else can they discuss it? This thread is about the rant, so it is on topic.
  14. No offense, but if you have problems listening to people's opinions who don't gel with yours, then you shouldn't be coming to a forum.
  15. Actually, somebody posted that clip in this main section when it occurred, and it was discussed here. I guess you missed that thread? So yes. In this latest case, we were discussing his rant. So, why should we split it up, where parts of the rant can be discussed here and parts have to be discussed somewhere else?