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  1. Agreed. I find it amusing when some people claim that Slash and Duff were just "replacing" guys who left - nothing more. Apparently, they ridiculously believe that when Ron and Tommy left, Axl went around wondering - 'Gee, who could I get to replace these two replacement members now. Hmmm, maybe Slash and Duff are available - I think I'll ask them." This always makes me LOL. As Asia pointed out in this post, clearly it was a huge milestone when Axl mended fences with Slash and Duff. And once that happened, replacement members had to be booted out to make room for them. And since talks date back several years, I'm guessing Ron and Tommy knew this was in the works, which is why they respectfully left. I love Ron, btw, because he's always cared about the fans. As for DJ - he hung around as long as he could, but he too knew this was a reunion of the original lineup. I totally believe him though that Axl offered him a spot to stay. (Remember, Axl is the guy who brought in Paul back in the day). But DJ knew the difference between the "real" GNR and the replacement one, and respected what the fans wanted. I tip my hat to DJ. He's a class act. It's a shame other replacement members didn't do the same.
  2. Are you truly this obtuse? (You might want to look that word up in the dictionary, since I'm guessing, from your post ^^, your reading comprehension skills aren't too advanced). My post was responding to someone who claimed he went to see the GNR reunion show to see Fortus. I simply pointed out that anyone who went to see a GNR reunion show to see Fortus wasn't likely a longtime diehard GNR fan - that they were more likely a Fortus fan. Ditto for AC/DC. If a longtime AC/DC fan wants to see the band in concert, it's pretty obvious their first choice would be to see the band's lead singer - not another singer. This doesn't mean there's anything "wrong" with Axl singing for AC/DC nor does it suggest in any way that he wouldn't do a great job. In fact, I'm certain Axl will sound great. But I would bet most Axl/GNR fans would enjoy seeing Axl fronting AC/DC more than the diehard AC/DC fans would.
  3. Thanks for that intelligent thought-provoking post. You added so much to the discussion.
  4. Great respect for DJ. Shows he's a class act for doing this. He knew the difference between the "real" GNR and the replacement one, and respected what the fans wanted. It's a shame others didn't do the same.
  5. Interesting. The person might have a good case if they did pursue a suit - based on its "for the first time in 23 years" promotions and stating the band was going "back to where it all began" for the Troubadour show. If you recall, it hasn't been 23 years since Frank and Richard played - and neither were anywhere near the Troubadour when GNR was starting out.
  6. Thank you. Well said. If you're buying tickets to a GNR reunion show just to see Richard Fortus, then clearly you're not a longtime diehard GNR fan - you're just a Fortus fan. It's similar to the people who are going to see AC/DC this year - the hardcore AC/DC fans would not be buying tickets to see Axl Rose singing lead. Only the Axl Fans would be buying tickets solely to see Axl at the helm.
  7. Cute. That's not what I said. I was simply disputing the ridiculous suggestions that Matt played no bigger role than Frank or Richard in creating the music that made GNR the biggest band on the planet. I pointed out that he was part of the band that created the Illusions album back in the day and was even inducted in to the Rock Hall of Fame for his role in the band. He wasn't a hired hand - he was part of the band - and, for this reason, I think he deserves to be part of the reunion before some replacement member. But hey - if it makes you feel better about yourself by making false accusations about me, knock yourself out, but it really is childish. It's been YEARS since you were banned - for heaven's sake, get over it.
  8. All valid points. And all potentially good and understandable reasons for Izzy's decision to quit. But, I don't think it's that simple. Izzy has a long history of being unreliable and unable to commit to projects. If you recall, long after he left GNR - I think it was around 2004 - he had agreed to fill in for the New York Dolls' late axeman Johnny Thunders for some reunion shows. The Dolls posted and promoted his appearance - only to have him pull out at the last minute for no reason. So, in fairness, Izzy isn't the most stable and reliable guy - even when there are no drugs, late starts or other issues going on. I truly think both sides were to blame for his departure back in the day. But they're all older, wiser and cleaner now, so hopefully Izzy will return at some point.
  9. I don't have a problem with Melissa. She's not "replacing" anyone from the original lineup. To me, she's no different than Tracey and Roberta from the Illusions days. I would have preferred the band bring in all of the original members before bringing in add-ons. But I don't have any problem with her.
  10. My post was summarizing the tweet - not quoting it word for word. Geesh. It doesn't change the point that I was making. He states "At this point in time, I'm not involved .... " And this normally-private guy went out of his way to set up a Twitter account to make this comment. And he did this several weeks before the shows. If he had no interest in being part of the reunion shows, do you really think that he would have left his comfort zone to make this tweet? And to do so several weeks before the first shows? In my view, all of this makes it appear he wants to be part of this reunion - and perhaps he tweeted to the fans to let them know this, hoping they could pressure the powers that be to include him. And he ends it with "If anything changes, I'll contact you." - Why would he say that if he had no interest in the reunion? Again, this is the point that I was making.
  11. As Pitman learned - don't log in or tweet - or, in your case, create usernames - when drunk. j/k
  12. When did Izzy state he "wouldn't be there?" All he said was that he hadn't been invited - yet - and this was several weeks before the shows. And the fact that this normally private guy went out of his way to set up a Twitter account to let fans know that he hadn't been asked, left the impression that he wanted to be asked and wanted to be part of it. If he had no interest in being there, why would he leave his comfort zone to write that tweet? As for "making sense" - nothing this band has ever done with regard to releasing music, promotions or marketing ever "makes sense." Most people just assumed nothing was confirmed about the lineup when Axl canceled his appearance on the Kimmel show - where he was to make the big announcement - at the 11th hour.
  13. Agreed. I always liked Ron, and he genuinely liked and cared about his fans. He was, by far, the most fan-friendly and appreciative member of Axl's band. I didn't blame him at all for speaking out. I hope he is doing well.
  14. Exactly. It amazes me that certain people prefer to ignore the Troubadour "where it all began" promotion, ignore the giant billboards littered across cities across the country, ignore the TV ads screaming "for the first time in 23 years" - and inexplicably pretend this isn't being promoted as a reunion. It's hilarious. I also find it amusing when some claim they "prefer" seeing Frank and Richard there rather than the original guys who actually wrote and created the music. We all know - clear as day - that when Izzy and Steven/Matt finally do show up (which they no doubt will at some point as long as they're still healthy and alive) - when that finally happens - these same people who were fawning over Fortus and Frank will be the first ones telling everybody how wonderful it is to see the original guys onstage and how great it is that they finally got rid of the replacements.
  15. I totally agree. Both onstage and off (in the vids and pics we've seen), Axl looks happy, content - almost at peace. It's really great to see.