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  1. He left in '08 or early '09..Can't remember which, but it was right around the time CD came out, and went to Sony. He's very well connected. Had lunch with him last week in LA, and that's when he told me. Good dude, and has no reason to lie. He said the whole thing is a cash grab for retirement. I wish I didn't have reason to believe him..
  2. All good brother. Been on here since '05..I get it..they were dark years, and everyone had to ruin it with their bullshit insider posts. I know how it works. Again, I'm a huge fan, I'd kill for an album, and am just passing along info. Just trying to help, and I was well aware I'd get flamed for it. Shit happens on the interweb. You guys take care.
  3. Feel free to go through my posts..I told the forum, but whatever. Go ahead and hate away..I'm just repeating what I've heard. You're free to believe it, or not. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
  4. I don't post here often anymore, but I've heard from a friend, (who also told me that the album was complete and handed in in July of '08) who used to work for Universal, that any new music coming will be of the greatest hits variety. Don't shoot the messenger..In fairness, he doesn't work for them anymore, but he's been EXTREMELY reliable in the past.
  5. What's up guys? Haven't been here much lately, as life has gotten in the way a bit, but I'm going to the SD show tonight, and am wondering what time the openers have been starting, and what time GNR has been going on stage? I know it's the wrong place, but mods, please leave this open for a bit so we can figure out timing. Much appreciated guys! Hope to see some of you at the show!