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  1. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    It's great how the record grows on me every time I listen it, such a very solid record... yes, that's the correct word to define this new Slash work, SOLID! Slash does not disappoint!!
  2. Slash never enjoy doing videos and he's right, nobody understand what November Rain video about.-
  3. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    Really?, maybe that's why we like it...
  4. Paradise City - Appetite For Democracy

    What a boring performancem what a boring band. Axl's voice is irregular as usual. GN'R used to be cool, nowadays is a joke.
  5. Best Thing That Slash Has Done Since 1996

    Best album: Contraband Best DVD: Live in Stoke Best singer: Myles Kennedy Best Snakepit songs: Neither Can I, Beggars, Back and Forth Again and Serial Killer. Best VR song: Sucker Train Blues, Fall to Pieces and Slither. Best solo song: Ghost, Starlight, By the Sword, anastasia, Standing in the Sun and So far Away.

    I bet that reading his book it would be more interesting than attending one of the upcoming shows of Fake N' Roses in Las Vegas.
  7. Slash on Conan O'Brien Thursday 10/4/12

    sound great! What a badass band!
  8. What another GNR´s song do you want Myles or Todd singing

    Agree, Rocket Queen is other song that sound too "Guns".
  9. "Better" music video leak discussion - DISCUSSION ONLY

    Embarrasing video. It'is quite ridiculous how Axl Rose wants to force people to remind the names of the news guys, a desperate attempt to save himself and his new band; Did not like it at all.
  10. Moshcam Presents: Slash live in Sydney (trailer)

    At this point I prefer Rocket Queen with Myles in vocals than Axl with his voice of rat. You can listen a Slash show and it seems that Myles is the original singer of each song, he's improved A LOT!.
  11. If you could go to one GN'R concert..

    Ritz 88 of course!
  12. Saddest moment in GN'R history

  13. Awesome photo!

    Izzy fuckin Stradlin!, how important was this guy for the band!
  14. That would be AMAZING!, but the reality is other, Guns n' Roses currently is a a group of sad clowns.
  15. The current band needs a chance to shine!!!!

    I'm so sick of reading the reason New GNR doesn't shine is press, fans, Slash or yeti' s fault! Guys, Axl has failed over the last 10 years because he really needs old members to shine, it's so clear at this point.