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  1. ROCK IN RIO 3

    I liked the show alot too, I hate silkworms ,it never ends..
  2. ROCK IN RIO 3

    I think it does too..
  3. ROCK IN RIO 3

    What did you think of the performance.. It's easier to answer if you have it in front of you.. I think the song itself is good, the solos weren't that good, and axl's voice seems to change alot during the song, at the end he hits a high yelling pitch... Overall it's good ,I just think he has like 4-5 voices going and some are at an extremely high pitch.. Silly side note, do you think it was better with tracy n roberta crrying the background notes? I hadn't listened to my cd of the show in a year.. My second cd starts with nr that's why I posted this, I don't talk much about past concerts.. I wish they'd tour already... I think it was a good concert, it's been a while since I heard the ending where he says how he's a pain in the ass to put up with and thankled everyone then said we'll be bck next summer with all news songs.. I defiently think stuff was suppose to happen a hell of alot sooner.. Who knows how bd things took for the worse ?
  4. Common fakes...

    who the hell is singing all the fakes people find on kazaa?
  5. Common fakes...

    Who is singing these new songs thenif it's not axl?
  6. Common fakes...

    of course but then maybe la guns did one.. WHo would have so many songs with the name gun or roses in it..? That would be sell centered..
  7. Common fakes...

    anyone that knows a little music can know none are real.. SOme are so obvious..
  8. about axl's age.........

    Lots of people are missing that
  9. about axl's age.........

    I hope I'm still walking the earth to see it..
  10. about axl's age.........

    Check what year the quote you aswered is from..
  11. about axl's age.........

    Words can't desrcibe how much I'm laughing.. Yes he will be a gunner forever.. People get so serious..
  12. about axl's age.........

    Axl is getting older and older.. The fact is he doesn't release music.. Only a select few last long and still sound good..
  13. about axl's age.........

    Lets add some to this now..

    The difference is I brought this topic back from the depths of the search engine.. I was looking up the apology letter from axl and this was one of the many topics so I clicked on it and replied because I thought it was funny.. You clicked because it was here, i did it because i wanted to see what it said while searching for something..

    I just clicked on it and it took a whole ten seconds.. Flood control is bored