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  1. Why the hell did he quit the

    MHM! Its my fav version of that song ever... That double scream at the end =
  2. My email to KFAN AM Radio.

    New Guns> Old Guns.. All i will say :chef:
  3. Vote for GN'R in Myspace profile awards

    Woho 7 now... Keep on voting cunts :krider:
  4. Chinese Democracy TV ad/promo Sightings

    confrim is not a word
  5. Vote for GN'R in Myspace profile awards

    We're 10 again
  6. Rollingstone.com thinks November 21st is the date!

    And that hooray for tolerance! that presents the news said that it will be out on the 21st... I think... I had the volume of... So when i finally managed to turn it up.. He said it will be out then... All i heard... I know its old.. And they just got it from rolling stones... Anyone else watched it? What did he say before that? :xmassrudolph:
  7. very strange video

  8. very strange video

    Stuff that makes the ladies melt te podes ir bien a la mierda I was teached by the best
  9. very strange video

    vrei sa ti-o trag? A little bit of romanian for yah
  10. very strange video

    só queria que fosses uma pastilha elástica para te comer o dia todo :xmasschef2: Oi! Mrslash: Com um cu desses estás convidada para cagar em minha casa.
  11. very strange video

    Queres foder, puta?

    Youre so unfunny it hurts. And thanks for the link dark_future :xmasssanta:
  13. How you know? And DLT rules
  14. Catcher In The Rye Studio Leak

    PM me
  15. Your Favourite GnR Guitarist?

    Fortus, bitches