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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Northern Ireland: Or literally fucking anything else... I once made the mistake of commenting on a Northern Irish facebook post. Someone had a go at me because of myname, I'm not even from Northern Ireland and have no side in the argument over there, I just look at that country (although they argue about whether it's a country or not as well) and think "don't you get sick of arguing all the time?"
  2. So, do we need nuclear weapons or don't we? You claim that the countries which don't have nuclear weapons are protected by coalitions of those that do.Therefore, paradoxically, you argue that other countries without nuclear capabilities have no cause to fearbut at the same timefor the UK to give up its nuclear arsenal would instantly renderit wide open to violent coercion or attack. Why is the UK exceptional in these circumstances? Especially since the UK's nuclear arsenal is tiny in comparison to the U.S. and it can't actually be fired without U.S. government authorisation anyway, so it is, in effect a smallextension of the U.S. nuclear arsenal with the bill footed by the UK government (check it, those are the facts). Would the UK be much less safe if itreturned responsibility for those warheads to the U.S.? I really don't think so. What aboutArticle VI of the 1968 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which commits the UK to elimination of its nuclear arsenal and has 190 signatories? When does that commitment get honoured? Or does the UK government only honour commitments which are convenient to its futile attempts to remain relevant on the world stage? Nah, you're right. It could all be a persona, in real life you might adhere to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all", and not admire Sarah Palin... Right, but you've ignored the crux of what I said, we all disagree with our governmentsbut in the event of a nuclear strike, we potentially stand to be *incinerated* because of a government decision. I don't hold you to account for the Iraq war, I too disagreed with it, but if there had been a nuclear retaliation for it from somewhere in the world then we would have both paid with our lives for Tony Blair's decision... Doesn't that seem obscene to you? "The United Kingdom Scotland voted to remain a part of no longer exists."
  3. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Someone I met at a wedding a few weeks back has messaged me to ask if I'd go on a blind date with a friend of hers... Thoughts, y'all? Got nothing to lose, I suppose.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Discussion and News... We basically need the reunion to fall apart and everyone will come back. It'll be glorious.
  5. Depends whether you feelthe reunion "saved" the band or not, I guess... See, doesn't that sound awful? Someone's been brought in to help out while one of your colleagues is away and starts plotting behind the scenes for you to lose your job and replace you with their old friends? I find nothing admirable about the morals of this reunion whatsoever.
  6. 10 Years Ago Tonight

    Yeah, that word gets thrown about too much with relation to atmosphere, but in this instance it was totally appropriate. The Glasgow 2012 crowd was good, but GN'R came on less than an hour after Thin Lizzy finished, so you didn't have the same build-up. 2006 felt appropriately 'dangerous'. The annoying thing is that GNROSAS recorded every 2006 show in England and Ireland in excellent quality, but this one show in Scotland was the only one that didn't get a high-quality bootleg.
  7. 10 Years Ago Tonight

    Should probably have its own thread?
  8. Friday 21.07.2006,Guns N' Roses played the Scottish Exhibition andConference Centrein Glasgow, in what I still regard as the greatest rock n' roll showI've ever seen. It was a really hot summer's night, the crowd were waiting for about 2 1/2 hours before the band came on and you could cut the tension with a knife by the latter stages of the build-up. There were boos and there were thrown drinks, Glasgow's a city where there can be tension in crowds at the best of times but when the band emerged it was like a powder keg blowing. I've seen hundreds of amazing bands since, but I've never felt energy like thatin a room again. I think it was the only time since the early days of the band that Axl actually had to stop the show after 2 songs to ask the crowd to step backwards because they were so intense that people at the front were getting injured. I wrote a huge review of the show at the time and I tried to go back to find it, but I think it was in one of the concert-specific boards that have either been deleted or archived away from our access. In looking for it, I found a lot of my old posts, cringing at my appalling teenage internet-speak and wide-eyed naivete. I realised I really have grown up on this board... I don't imagine this'll be of much interest to anyone else unless you were there and with the band being the way it is now, it's not really relevant anymore but I decided not to let it pass unmentioned. Best. Crowd. Ever.
  9. You mean the cold war which has been over for nearly 30 years? Nuclear war isn't even considered a Tier 1 threat on the National Risk Register. You could argue that there's just as much empirical evidence for not having nuclear weapons preventing a nuclear attack considering that none of those 186 have been attacked either despite not having the threat of retaliation. I don't really give a damn about "Britain's commitments to the nuclear umbrella", I disagree with having them on principle. I want to be part of a society which does notuse the threat of incinerating hundreds of thousands ofmen, women and children as part of its international relations strategy. You're a self-confessed hater of politicians, which surely must mean that you don't expect to be held responsible for every decision your government makes? Do you accept responsibility for Tony Blair's decisions? Because a nuclear war would hold an entire population to the highest possible account for the decisions their government takes, including a huge percentage of people who aren't even old enough to vote. Doesn't that offend you? I know compassion isn't your strong suit, but still... If the Union was worth remaining in, then the fact that 94.1 % of Scotland's representatives voted against Trident renewal would have been taken seriously as a reason for not keeping the weapons in this country anymore. Theresa May might believe that being inflexible is a sign of strength, but inflexible things have a tendency to snap, the more hardline she is, the more people up here are going to support independence.
  10. Oh aye, I forgot that the 186 countries which don't possess nuclear weapons regularly get attacked by those that do... Silly me.
  11. 1. "Defence" 2. Get it tae fuck. As in gone. Paying that amount of money for something which will likely only be used in an eventuality where we are all going to die anyway is insane. Owning a weapon specifically designed to commit indiscriminate genocide and then claiming you're somehow the "good guys" is obscene.
  12. Pokemon Go

  13. Pokemon Go

    I was expecting you to be a big fan.
  14. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    My post is apparently "a bunch of bollocks" (point out where I'm being disingenuous, because I believe I've sources for everything I've written) but Voltaire never even said"I don't agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it" or anything remotely close to that. In Scotland we call a spade a spade.
  15. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Generally, in order to receive applause, one must earn it. When I think of the Cameron administration, I think of a legacy of food poverty, with food bank userising 170% in just 3 years.Benefit sanctions hammering the poorest in society to the point of desperation and the only way the DWPcould extol the virtues of this draconian system was through publishing leaflets with fake testimony.I think of unpaid work experience programmes, a modern form of slavery.I think of more than 80 suicides a month from people who were declared 'fit to work'. I think of the 'go home' van. I think of bombing in Syria. I think of the sheer hypocrisy revealed by the Panama Papers leaks that states it's fine to be a drain on the public purse as long as you're rich. I think of being told that this was all necessary to "cut the deficit" as the national debt climbed successively year on year.I think of the deluge of fearmongering, disrespectfulbullshit his government produced during the Scottish independence referendum and the contempt and cynicism he has treated my country and its political ideals with subsequently.I think of the surreptitious proliferation of private contracts within the English NHS. I think of this utter fucking shambles of an EU referendum which should never even have happened but was just a carrot to stop the mad right wing of his party defecting to UKIP. I hate all of this with every fibre of my being. That shit is fundamentally morally deplorable. This is not a question of ideologies but actions...Why should he be allowed to jovially quip his way out of the Houseto polite applauseinstead of being reminded of all the misery he's caused to satisfy some sort of political code of conduct? Good on the Scottish MPs for treating his legacy with the antipathy it absolutely merits. Fuck the Tories.