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  1. Obama's not a despicable cretin though.
  2. 'nother 2 years pal.
  3. In an hour I'm leaving for a 5-month research jaunt to Mexico. Wish me luck, y'all.
  4. Maybe it was a particularly truculent cat...?
  5. Don't shoot the translator...
  6. The dog, the dog is my heart The cat, the cat, the cat is not good Coriander is a singer, Coriander is very famous Coriander is the man with the Devil's cheese...
  7. It's indigenous to Europe, Africa and Asia...
  8. They call it cilantro over there... Weirdos .
  9. Ayrshire legend:
  10. I like the Sugarhill Gang. They seem like the kinda boys you'd want MC'ing at a party.
  11. Naboo.
  12. It was actually the Obama administration that created the list. Trump's still a fuckhead for using it like this though.
  13. Working on it.
  14. Fuck it, just look at this yourselves.
  15. He's doing pretty much exactly what he said he would/what everyone who was agitating against him had feared he would do... . It's not like this came completely from the left field. (Still love ye, don't get mad at me).