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  1. The Evolution Debate

    Dude, what? No proponent of evolution and natural selection has ever suggested that blue jays, nor any other variety of bird have ever 'become' whales. The whole idea behind natural selection is that it's an incremental process, generation to generation, not that tiny avians just 'become' massive marine mammals. The common ancestors shared by both were reptiles.
  2. Does the public still hate Axl?

    That's debatable . Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't... He hasn't delivered much by way of new music over the last 20 years, certainly much less than he promised. I think he's the greatest entertainer I've ever seen, but I can see why even some people who want him to succeed have been frustrated with him. I'm still terribly disappointed in him for letting the CD line-up disintegrate without realising its potential and compromising on his principles of so many years to do this 'reunion' thing, but I'm glad his voice is still as good as it ever was. He's one of the last great rock stars.
  3. The 'What are you doing tonight' discussion

    I went to my last Spanish class of the year. I'm planning on moving back to Mexico for the first half of next year, so I'm feeling quite well set up for it now. I came home and ate, I went for a wee 7 mile walkIt's dark and windy but a man's gotta exercise, I've run 5k twice this week so tonight I'm taking it easier.
  4. Member Picture Thread

    *Lava. Magma is unerupted igneous material. Also, I said I wanted a photowiththe volcano, not justofit.
  5. Member Picture Thread

    Lol, in defence of the pic I uploaded,I just wanted a photo with the volcano and there was no-one else around to take it at that moment in time... And I thought it was an amazing place that some of you might have wanted to see . I can always not share what I do in the future!
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Few months back, I made a thread about being really nervous regarding a conference trip to Chile. Just got home and I have to say it was one of the best times of my life, so thanks everyone for kicking my arse about going. In actual fact the nerves were about public speaking and I did ask to have my presentation changed from a talk to a poster, but this meant that instead of spending 15 minutes talking at an audience and then getting a couple of questions after, I spent probably about 8 hours standing next to my poster explaining it to lots of different people and getting instant feedback, questions and suggestions. The location was beautiful, the weather was great and I made a lot of new friends.
  7. Member Picture Thread

    Getting my volcanology on...
  8. Merry Christmas

    I got sunburn today, it was 22 degrees celsius. I don't feel the least bit Christmassy. Fairytale of New York is still a belter and can get played at any time.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Currently drinking to all of your good health from the hotel bar of the Radisson at the waterfront in Puerto Varas, southern Chile... This is the view from my hotel room of Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes... Salud/Slainte mhath!
  10. I Am Independent

    Oh no! You're only getting £210,000 howcould one possibly cope?!
  11. How do people perceive you?

    Think you quoted the wrong man there, Leonard...
  12. I Am Independent

    You're basically the English equivalent of this guy:
  13. How do people perceive you?

    Haha, I think I sound like I'm no fun at all on that podcast . Like I'm the super-serious one trying to keep things on topic and Len, Dazey and Syd get to be the witty parties.
  14. How do people perceive you?

    That's a very east coast Scottish accent, listen to the way his sentences rise towards the end and the way he finishes some of his sentences with "like" or "eh". Trademark of the east coast, from the borders (where this video is filmed) right up through Edinburgh, Fife, Dundee and Aberdeen. I have a west coast accent, there's probably a fair bit of Glasgow in it (west Glasgow anyway, east end Glaswegian is probably the most indecipherable accent in Scotland, not related to the east coast accents in any way) because my Dad's Glaswegian but I grew up in a small village so there's a bit of a rural twang to some parts of it too.
  15. I Am Independent

    You're still better than Snakes... And light-years ahead of Miser.