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  1. TRUMP Thread

    Do the roofs over the heads of kids in Mexico, where the devaluation of their currency has been profound since Trump's election and where their economy will likely only worsen if Trump pursues his policy of tearing up the North American trade agreements not count too? What about the people who will be turned into climate refugees by rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, a higher frequency of severe storms and increased desertification as a result of the U.S.'s huge per capita output of greenhouse gases? As opposed to the comparatively negligible per capita output of greenhouse gases in the most severely affected economies... The very people who're least responsible are suffering the most. What about all those driven to severe depression or worse by discriminatory policies like "don't ask don't tell", endorsed wholeheartedly by Trump's VP? How am I being callous by caring about this stuff? I don't want the kids of people who voted for Trump to suffer either, but as I explained, I don't think that Trump's policies will actually do anything to prevent that... It's like standingwatchinga person try and fight their house fire with a flamethrower... You can hold their decision to do so in contempt. Let's face it, it's a reallly, really bad decision.It doesn't mean youwantto see their house burn down... The problem is that this flamethrower is also directed at a whole lot of people who don't deserve to get burnt, and I hate to see that.
  2. TRUMP Thread

    Because turning to the right to solve problems of poverty caused byunemployment and low wages is the equivalent of trying to put out a house fire with a flamethrower. Right-wing economics generally results in a wealth distribution pattern that we see writ large on a global scale where 8 people now have as much money between them as the poorest half of the world's population, (it's pretty similar for the US as a whole)the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Trump's economic policies that encourage tax breaks (or actually, tax avoidance) for big companies will -maybe- allow for increased profit margins, but trickle-down economics doesn't really work. None of the disenfranchised unemployed rust-belt workers who voted for him are really going to benefit in the long term (especially not when long-distance haulage becomes mostly automated and throws another sector under the bus, as it were). Also, in voting for their own self-interest, they were willing to throw the people of Mexico, the LGBT community, women's reproductive rightsand the planet that EVERYONE has to live on (given Trump's utter denial that anything needs done to halt anthropogenic Climate Change) to the wolves. That's a hugely ignorant decision, worthy of contempt in my eyes.
  3. TRUMP Thread

    I can assure you that I was not delirious on hearing of Thatcher's death for any other reason than I was having the time of my life on a field excursion to Mount Etna(though I found the media's lack of willingness to address the negative aspects of her legacy when eulogising her hugely disappointing) and nor have I ever had to be in the position to turn down shaking Donald Trump's hand. I have no conceit of myself as a gentleman, but I believe there are some on this forum who would vouch for me if necessary. Having said that, a key feature of liberal democracy is that the will of the people is enacted according to the electoral rules (as has occurred, Trump is now President) but if one is unhappy with that, one is free to express that displeasure. "The will of the people" is not exempt from criticism and if hundredsof thousands of Americans (or people around the world) wish to take to the streets to voice that criticism then they are well within their right to do so. When a political party loses a general election, it is not required to renounce its political position and accept without dissent the enaction of its victorious opponent's manifesto. It's expected to "hold them to account" at every turn.As you've said yourself, many people find Trump's values and conduct unacceptable... If they want to get out and make that heard, it's basically a scaled-up and massively participatory version of this entirely democratic phenomenon.
  4. TRUMP Thread

    I find an intolerance for people'sactions and decisions (i.e. how they choose to conduct themselves) to be entirely acceptable. The right, on the other hand, generally discriminates againstpeople because of things they have no control over. Look at you getting outraged by unkind words said about Margaret Thatcher rather than the financial hardship endured bythousands of families due to her unkindpolicy decisions that put the rampant wealth accruementof a relatively tiny group of people in thefinancial sector of the City of London over the livelihoods of more than 2 million people who happened to have been born in Northern England, Wales or that other country you don't like me mentioning... Where's the decency in that?
  5. TRUMP Thread

    Well, it's never the right who get the accusation "bleeding heart" levelled at them, is it...? I always thought that was an absolutelyfacile insult anyway "look at you, you terrible person, caring too much about others."
  6. TRUMP Thread

    I think the left are driven entirely by empathy actually, it's basically the essence of collectivism/universalism to look at people who are different to you, be that on grounds of nationality, race, belief, sexual orientation, gender, etc. and to aspire to a society where these variations are to the detriment of none. It's the right who're sufficiently incapable of putting themselves in the shoes of people who aren't exactly like they are, to pursue individualism, isolationism and closed borders, aggressive foreign policy, xenophobia etc.
  7. TRUMP Thread

    Nah, the anti-Trump thing makes me much prouder of humanity than the Trump thing.
  8. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Did you give it a perfect 5/7?
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No, it's just the beginning of an error. And what a colossal error it will be.
  10. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    Plenty of the other clubs felt that the SFA were far too lenient (bordering on allegations of corruption) in allowing Rangers' licence to be transferred to the new company. The other clubs really did love sticking the boot in, I can sort of understand it... Rangers were so big and so successful, these clubs had been under the cosh from Rangersfor most of their existence both on the field and off, it's bound to breed resentment. Having said that, I wouldn't wish what happened to Rangers on any club, not even Celtic or Aberdeen. A lot of Celtic fans did miss the Old Firm derby and the competition with Rangers, some of the magnanimous ones even admitted it, but there are those who hate Rangers more than they love their own club (likewise, there are too many of these morons on the blue side of the fence). For them, nothing but oblivion is good enough for their rivals. The national game has definitely suffered a decline in quality without those two teams keeping one another sharp though.
  11. Member Picture Thread

    Agujero de la Gloria... Pretty much just sounds like an orifice belonging tosome lassie called Gloria...
  12. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    Hahaha. Yeah, other clubs' fans aren't letting that one go. I guess it's not really that similarin that more-or-less everything stayed the same apart from the name of the company that owned the assets. Some Rangers fans now refer to Celtic as "Savco" in reference to the Celtic Boys Club child abuse scandal. Oh, the banter...
  13. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    Clydebank to Airdrie United too. Clydebank fans more or less straight away formed their own version of Clydebank, they now play in the junior leagues.
  14. Member Picture Thread

    Cool! Awesome blend of your own culture with the rock n' roll vibe, it's a lovely guitar. Strange to see a Les Paul with the circular fret markers though. In answering john_lennon's call for more selfies, I ampreparing for my imminent return to Mexico.
  15. Who is the highest selling American band of all-time?

    You're talking about bands of musicians that were hard-working, tight as fuck and where all of them were stars in their own right? Look no further. I get it if their music's not to your taste, but I don't see how you could argue that they were a powerhouse of writing, recording and performing...