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  1. Elections

    I fucking hate the Scottish Conservative and Unionistparty, horrible, horrible institution.
  2. Elections

    Scottish National Elections today. I'm hoping that: The SNP retain their majority;Labour lose a lot of seats, but not enough to let the Conservativesbecome the official opposition (I don't think the Right deserve that kind of psychological boost, especially since they're as much of a bunch of irrelevant losers as always, they'd be gifted it by Labour's collapse); The Scottish Greens replace the LibDems as the fourth largest party and have a significant enough presence to drag the SNP agenda to the left; that UKIP get no seats whatsoever. Basically, a pluralistic triumph for the Pro-Independencecentre left and total extinction of the Unionist Right would be just super, come on Scotland!
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Man, what the actual fuck has happened to this thread...
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Aww, come on, do you not think the fake flower on my breast pocket is quite fetching? Edit: Also, Snakes, what the fuck man?
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    My kilt is always ready .
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Just back from my pal's Stag Weekend in Munich witha heady mix of about 20 Scots, Volcanologists, even some Scottish Volcanologists (including yours truly,) and locals... It was ablast (pun totally intended).
  7. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    I wonder where that happened before recently...
  8. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    There's more than one country.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    I just embarrassed myself laughing out loud on a busy tram thanks to that...
  10. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    I was simply attempting to justify why Len felt a negative emotional response to the EU apparently impinging upon England's sovereignty but was comfortable withthe UK... Because England's dominance is taken as a given, to the extent that it's basically a non issue, and any attempt to redress the balance of power doesn't really tend to go down very well.
  11. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    There are plenty of lovely, well-meaning English souls like yourself who of course bear no ill-will towards the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish and just view them as other human beings, which is fair enough and a totally commendable point of view. When I said England was dominant, I wasn't portraying you all as a homogeneous group of Machiavellian whip-crackers. But you kinda said it yourself, you're not really aware of much about Scottish or Welsh history, politics or culture.At the last census, England had 83.9% of the UK population;English MPs make up 85% of the representation in our primary legislature... There's a theorythat the dominant ideology in a social discourse is largely 'unmarked'or taken as read, and so it is that English people probably don't think that much about the degree to which they are the dominant social stratum in this political arrangement whilst at the same time subconsciously accepting it for what it is because it's just the way it's been for the last 300 years... English voices and English issues dominate the media, every day we get "the news" from London, eventuallyfollowed by "the news where you are".We've had hours of TV coverage of the English junior doctors' strike broadcast as standard on the BBC, and fair play, I stand in solidarity with them, they absolutelyhave my sympathies... Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the Scottish NHS is a completely separate organisation and our junior doctors aren't on strike nor experiencing conditions which make them want to strike, so do we really need all that coverage? Or could that broadcast time be devoted to a political process that's relevant here, like the fact we're going to have a general election next week? Look at Question Time the week after the Scottish independence referendum.Promises were made by the leaders of the British establishment that a 'no' vote would mean greater Scottish autonomy within the Union, but I recall one woman on the panelsaying "Enough about Scotland, when are the people of England going to finally have their voices heard?" regarding the concept of English votes for English laws. The referendum was probably the most significant event in modern Scottish history.The fact that, less than a week after it had passed, people in England were fed up hearing about it and wanted to shift the focus back to them,for me, says a lot about the assumed natural order of things: "Scotland's had its two weeks in the sun, we sent London's best journalists up there, Clegg and Miliband went up there, even Cameron found the time (though he gave his speech in a private room to some CEOs behind a locked door, behind a fence, behind armed guards) but, dash it all,they seem to be refusing to get back in their box..." Does it not also say something about the balance of power that the UK parliament also serves as England's primary legislature? If you (not you personally) want to be in a successful union with us then we can't be treated as a backwater which occasionally has a wee day in the sun, this has to be a partnership of equals (and I'm aware of our share of the population being small, but relations between nations are not necessarily dictated by population size otherwise Mexico would have twice the international cloutof the UK). The dominant ideology only becomes apparent when it's threatened or questioned, the rest of the time it's just there, silently. Another example of it being threatened would be in the run up to the 2015 UK Parliament elections when the Conservatives were so effectively able to play on fears of a Labour co-governance deal with the Scottish National Party... Suddenly, the idea that Scotland's democratically elected representativesmighthave a say in how the Union was run was portrayed as the "Ajockalypse" andcompletely beyond the pale. I understand the view of people like yourself, that on an individual basis we're not that different (although I would argue that all around the world, as individuals,we've got more in common than divides us). However, a distinct politics has always existed to a certain degree in Scotland due to our long-standing institutions of statehood (Scots Law, the Kirk and the Scottish education system) and since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, it's become increasingly apparent that my nation and yours are, by voter consensus,pulling in different political directions. A xenophobic anti-English sentiment doesn't come into it, but last year, the Tories and UKIP combined made up more than 50% of the vote in England; in Scotland, they made up less than 15%... That alone says to me that we seriously need to re-evaluate our priorities and political relationship.
  12. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Ah, fucking hell .
  13. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Sorry for taking a while to reply, I've had a busy week and I needed some time to think about this. Your advice is probably all excellent, based off your own observations and experiences, which are admittedly probably waaaymore extensive than mine (though there are definitely 16-year-olds whose experience is much more extensive than mine)... But is viewing the whole process as a market not a bit cynical? If there was a step-by-step formula for success you could follow,like some sort of market transaction, then wouldn't everybody just do more-or-less the same thing and achievethe same results? The difficulty comes from the fact that individuals are actually attracted to a variety of different things... Fair play, if you're desperate to just get a lay of any sort then you can try and play the law of averages and force yourself into a mould which you believe will appeal to as many girls as possible; perhaps to try and conform to those parameters you listed, for example. How many guys are going to embody all of those traits simultaneously? Status? I'm a 1st year PhD student, not a fucking CEO, but I know plenty of other PhD students who managed to find love, so it can't be an deal-breakerand if a lassie's predominantly concerned with social status then she kinda sounds like a terrible person that I probably wouldn't want anything to do withanyway. Stability? Not really a guarantee when you're a student, particularly one whose research requires long-term international travel, but again I know other people who are in the same position and managed to have successfulrelationships either in the countries they went to or at home while they travelled, so not a deal-breaker again. Confidence? True confidence surely has to be rooted in experience, and I'm awful at lying... A lot of what I've read on here suggests to me that this is the main thing which is apparentlyholding me back but I just don't really know how to change that.Like some sort of vicious cycle of "I don't have confidence because I don't have experience because I don't have confidence because I don't have experience... etc."At what point do you have to start pretending you're something you're not? Is it naive and idealistic to say that I was really justhoping to meet an attractive, awesome lass who would think me as I am is good enough? (As I say, it has happened before, but then I had to relocate 8000 km). Appearance? I do my best to look after myself, other people say I'm apparently a good-looking guy... I've no idea myself really. Sense of humour? I am a hilarious cunt. Sometimes. Occasionally. What's the difference between being a 'virginal nice guy' and being a 'decent person'? In your opinionit purely a matter of having got laid at least once and the confidence thing? Sorry if I'm being frustrating, I'm really not trying to pick holes in everything you're saying for the sake of it.I'm just a bit of a romantic who can't be bothered with the 'cut-throat' aspects of searching for a lover or with playing mind games I don't understand. I'm quite simple really despite not having the 'every hole's a goal' laddish outlook on life. You think I have inhibitions and self-distrust? Is this related to the confidence thing? Also, James Bond is a terrible example he's not a gentleman, he's a totalcad! His treatment of women is appalling!
  14. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Do you not think, from an English perspective, that you're comfortable with the United Kingdombecause the power balance within this Union resides very much in England, to the extent that oftentimes English people use "British" and "English" interchangeably? You've hada European citizenship all your days, Mr. "I don't like change", what benefits to your life are getting rid of it going to achieve other than preventing Snakes from visiting Amsterdam and therefore lowering the amount of posts we have to read comparing Croydon to the Red Light District...?
  15. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    It alreadyisanother nation stuck in some weird Union (a much weirder Union than the EU) that steals its identity and sells it down the river. Your passport doesn't say "Kingdom of England" and nor are you described as an "English Citizen".