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  1. Ever feel completely out of your depth?

    The one with the volcanology conference? How did I miss that!?
  2. Ever feel completely out of your depth?

    I'll hunt this down, sounds like it'sworth re-reading.
  3. Ever feel completely out of your depth?

    Aye, we did,I remember talking to you about it. The "last time I spoke about my project" I refer to was the talk we discussed, you were the one that highlighted that it might be some sort of anxiety that's only brought on by specific situations, which was the first time I'd thought of it that way (though we might well have got sidetracked talking about asking girls out...). I guess this scenario is like that one x100... I don't remember you giving me 1000 words worth oftips on how to deal with it, but that just might be my poor memory, in which case, sorry!
  4. In November, I'm going to a conference in Chile, it's the biggest/most important bi-annual scientific gathering in my field. It'll be a week of discussions about various aspects ofreducing the risk from volcanoes and it's going to include some field trips to Calbuco volcano. Under advice from my project supervisors,I submitted a proposal for presenting my research at the conference, and I've now had an email back to say that my proposal's been accepted!The only thing is, there are two modes of presentation, I was just expecting to create a poster and put it on display, but I've been selected by the organising committee to give a talk instead. This should be a huge honour, but I am now already dreading it... I was really looking forward to the trip, but it's become apparentthat public speaking incurs a pretty acute form of anxiety in me, the last time I spoke about my project was in a pretty informal and friendly atmosphere and I didnotcover myself in glory whatsoever, despite my best efforts to prepare, psych myself up and stay composed. I am now locked into a collision course tomake a complete cunt of myself in front of some of the best volcanologists in the world . Wondered if anyone else has stories of a situation where they suddenly realise "what the fuck have I done?"
  5. We hada poster called BLSMonty back in the day, he hasn't posted in a while, but one day someone accidentallyreferred to him as "BLTMonty". So, now every time I see a BLT advertised, I think of him.
  6. This is your official thread for showering felicitations on everyone's favourite York-based, cycle-loving, foodie moderator, Gracii Guns! Have a lovely day, lass!
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Dagless: For the first time ever I saw the Scotch in their natural habitat, and it weren't pretty. I'd seen them huddling in stations before, being loud but… this time I was surrounded. Everywhere I went it felt like they were watching me; fish-white flesh puckered by the Highland breeze; tight eyes peering out for fresh meat; screechy, booze-soaked voices hollering out for a taxi to take 'em halfway up the road to the next all-night watering hole. A shatter of glass; a round of applause; a sixteen-year-old mother of three vomiting in an open sewer, bairns looking on, chewing on potato cakes. I ain’t never going back… not never. Sanchez: My aunt lives in Scotland; she says it's quite nice. Dagless: Well, she's wrong.
  8. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    In my top 5 Guns songs for sure. I don't listen to it very often now, but whenever I do, it still impresses me every time.
  9. 2006 Izzy Interview

    I think you can respect Izzy without the need to show disrespect to Richard. It's one of the things I really don't like aboutthe GN'Rcommunity, some people believethat showing your support for one line-up of the band means that you have to attack the others.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Now you're just obviously trying too hard to get a rise. Also, I thought we were just referring to the military in general.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    Except that a disproportionate number of The Boys were/are Scottish.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    "'ats no any woman he'stalkin aboot, eh boay's talkin aboot Thatcher!" It's more the delivery in that posh snivelly Glasgow accent that gets me.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    The line "A dildo in Thatcher's dead arse" cracks me up every single time...