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  1. My cousin's friend took photos when we were scattering his ashes. He asked if he could first, and while it wouldn't have been what I'd have done, I didn't outright oppose it. My cousin took photos of everything, he had an entire album that was just dedicated to the bus stops of Glasgow so we figured that he probably wouldn't have minded.
  2. I hope you mean corporal punishment... "Forgot your homework again? Nothing else for it, you'll be Guillotined in the quadrangle during interval..."
  3. I watched the Disney film Fantasia and my favourite bit was the bit with the Rites of Spring where they were showing a cartoon of the formation of the earth, especially the bit with the volcanoes, so I used to rewind and rewatch that bit over and over and over. My Dad realised I liked volcanoes and taped some documentaries off the TV for me and people started saying to me "Maybe you'll be a volcanologist when you're older". It just kinda stuck.
  4. I wanted to be a volcanologist from about age 3...
  5. Holy fuck.
  6. Heinz baked beans and Richmond's Irish recipe sausages.
  7. I'm definitely a volcano nerd, but that will come as a surprise to precisely no-one. Giant Squid as well, I could watch documentaries on them all day (but I'd probably just continue to see the same brief reel of footage posted over and over again as we've still seen hardly anything of them and know so little about them, we have no idea how big they really get...).
  8. Yeah, I posted about it in the General Chat thread (so we're not clogging up the Indiana Jones thread).
  9. I haven't taken many recently. I went back to Scotland for two weeks for a family emergency, so everything's been a bit all over the place since then.
  10. Middle-aged Shorty too...
  11. She was one of my favourite people, I'd been going to visit her once a week from when I was old enough to travel on my own, so she and I were very close. The look in her eyes when she saw me in the hospital ward was worth the journey a thousand times over, to be honest.
  12. The last two weeks have been an exhausting emotional whirlwind, my Dad called me and told me my Gran was in hospital and wasn't going to make it... I had two days' solid travelling home from México, straight to the hospital from the airport, several days later my Gran passed away, I've spent the last three days writing her eulogy and today I delivered it to the congregation at her funeral. On Tuesday I'm on the plane back to México.
  13. What's to like? She allowed the fortunate few to accrue insane amounts of wealth while millions languished in unemployment through no fault of their own other than accident of birth. She displayed no compassion to these victims of her regime. How can someone with a moral compass like you like someone who hurt so many people in the name of greed and power?
  14. Over Len knocking one out over Diane and Jeremy? Like Wankception?
  15. Pro-independence parties have taken around half the popular vote in the most recent Holyrood and Westminster elections (more than half in the 2015 Westminster election) which suggests that the movement spawned by the independence referendum have united behind that cause and that support has not diminished (if anything it's increased slightly), while support for the Union remains largely split between Labour and the Conservatives, therefore uneffectively mobilised in a first-past-the post general election context. I don't know where you generally get your news, but most print and broadcast media in the UK is generally hostile to Scottish independence and likely to seize upon any headline that can be spun as a "Blow for Sturgeon". I don't know if anyone can really trust opinion polls anymore, but in the most recent aggregate of polls, John Curtice suggests that the apparent lack of appetite for a second referendum may be tactical among supporters of independence: "Given the Yes side still seem to be behind in the polls (albeit no more than narrowly) some supporters of independence may want Ms Sturgeon to stay her hand for fear that a second ballot would be lost. In short their opposition may simply be tactical. If that is the case, they might not prove so supportive of the Prime Minister should she try to stop any attempt by Ms Sturgeon to hold a second ballot. Distinguishing between these two explanations is nigh on impossible given the polling evidence currently available. But one clue that perhaps the reluctance of some Yes voters is more tactical than principled comes from two further questions on the subject posed by Panelbase, in one instance for the Sunday Times and one for Wings Over Scotland. In each case the poll contained two options for an ‘early’ referendum – one holding a ballot within the two year time frame for the Brexit negotiations and one doing so after those negotiations are over and the UK is set to leave the EU. Both these polls suggest that most supporters of independence are just as keen on one or other of these early referendum options as unionists are reluctant to see them pursued." What do you want the Labour Party to be? Like, what would your ideal Labour Party be? Do you want them to revert to full-blown Blairism (cause that went really well)? Not having a go, just curious.