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  1. I really bought into it too... That's why the band's dead to me now.
  2. I really think if the band had done things the way Ron wanted to from 2006, none but the most bitter reunionists would have had a complaint to make. We'd have had: A rotating setlist comprising classics, obscure fan favourites (identified from forum chatter no less) and frequent inclusion of new tunes. Fresh new recorded music on a regular basis, formed through real collaboration, either released as albums or as online downloadable singles. Transparency and accessibility, people would know what was going on and why, when new tours and music were coming, when the band would take some downtime. More than anything else, I wanted that Guns N' Roses to exist and the saddest thing for me is that back then I actually thought it was possible. If Ron had been at the helm, it could have been incredible.
  3. La Vida Mexicana:
  4. I lost all interest in the band after he left. Glad to see him getting so much support here.
  5. Guess we're coming out of Europe with you lot and buckling up for a decade or more of Tory hegemony that we're not gonna vote for. Sounds like a treat.
  6. She has a majority to pass the legislation in Parliament. It might only be an advisory referendum if May's government doesn't agree to make it legally binding, but if the result was "Yes" and May ignored it, I can't see that going very well. To answer Slash's question, I'm all for it. I think it was more-or-less inevitable in the aftermath of the EU referendum (and to a lesser extent the 2015 General Election) where the difference in political culture between Scotland and other parts of the UK was displayed very starkly. I don't believe it's sustainable to try and maintain a unitary state over the long term when we're clearly pulling in different directions and I believe the most mature thing to do would be to break up the UK and create a new co-operative relationship between the island nations.
  7. I think those of us who don't post in Discussion and News are at a bit of a disadvantage here. I last won in November 2015, the day I started my PhD...
  8. I live next door to a Mexican army base and every day between 6 and 8 am their absolutely terrible, talentless band plays extremely, obnoxiously loud martial music. Every morning I wish I had a tear gas grenade.
  9. Since New Caledonia is there, can I claim it for old Caledonia?
  10. Obama's not a despicable cretin though.
  11. 'nother 2 years pal.
  12. In an hour I'm leaving for a 5-month research jaunt to Mexico. Wish me luck, y'all.
  13. Maybe it was a particularly truculent cat...?
  14. Don't shoot the translator...