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  1. Agreed with Ronin on this. At the time it was absolute agony waiting for any kind of news once the tour folded, and it was that which led me to the forum. The IRS discovery was via this forum, and I forget his or her username, but that was about as exciting as it got until Axl turned up at the Papa Roach release party at the start of 2006. The horseshit with Rio 2004 and all the nonsense about who was in or out, people emailing Robin Finck, people updating every time the official website changed even slightly, people emailing Sanctuary over and over again, people going to Tommy's solo tour to ask what was going on - madness. 2002 should have been that line up's year. Love it or hate it, and I can understand both sides, but that line up was such a bizarre and unique one and especially for it to be Guns N' Roses in name. That they basically lasted two years with fuck all to show for it is absolutely painful as a fan and the time I put into hoping they could get it back together is time I wish I had back. They never recovered from Buckethead bailing and as great as the 2006 and 2010 shows were it just didn't feel like any of it lived up to what they could have achieved. or should have. That 2002 line up is just one of those bands i'll always love for better or worse and i'll still throw on the MSG, Boston or Pukkelpop shows to remind myself. We should have had Axl with his head straight and about three albums worth of material by now, but instead we got one weird patchwork that apparently wasn't even finished and the band themselves didn't promote.
  2. There's fuck all for them to say. There's no album on the horizon, Izzy and Steven aren't coming back and i'll be mothrtfucked if their plans amount to anything other than tour this setlist til the money stops flying in. It'd be a waste of everybody's time.