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  1. Who, the guy who once got so loaded his pancreas blew up? and he's playing with the guy who was clinically dead at one point because of heroin, right? It feels incredibly stupid, petty and time wasting for anybody here to be going around calling people junkies, especially in this bitchy, territorial way which has the forum at it's absolute worst.
  2. So this "reunion" is just a money grab?

    If the reunion was anything other than a cash grab they wouldn't be opening at Coachella. Reunited bands headline Coachella for the millions of dollars they get offered. The Smiths have repeatedly turned down Coachella's offers of millions of dollars to headline the festival. It's good that these guys are friends again seemingly but nothing facotrs into this other than millions and millions of dollars. It's Coachella. Ryan Gosling, Katy Perry and Emma Watson are going to be there. Giant American Express banners, Heineken bars and Samsung charge ports are going to be littering the $900 VIP area where people have a choice of Absolut vodka while they try and spot Jared Leto. It'll be nice for some people, but pretending it's anything other than three 50 plus year old men doing it for anything other than the moolah that the whitest, most moneyed festival in the world is throwing at them is bananas
  3. Given that one of them drank til his pancreas exploded, one of them was clinically dead for a period of time and has a serious heart condition and the other had a stroke plus multiple rehab attempts, I think it's safe to say these 50 something year old men are more just on the side of caution and not wanting to be dead in a month or be shown up as an embarrassment by a weak link rather than perpetuating some tedious rock n' roll borefest image and destroying their lives. Or whatever you said.
  4. Dear Fermanager,

    They might just not know/have known that people are/were so keen to see the show. People were coveting new music and a new record for more than a decade so things like archive video might just not have been that important in the grand scheme of things. Plus, I still reckon that kind of thing is almost a niche interest for bands and it gets kind of hard to be able to know exactly what people want most. For everyone that wants the pro shot House Of Blues show there's another that wants the VMA Rehearsals or whatever. I'd like both, obviously!
  5. Dear Fermanager,

    No question to add, but just to say it'd be absolutely brilliant to see more stuff like this out and available to view.
  6. 2-4 Months, What's the News?

    Ideally, for me anyway, i'd like to see some sort of live archive in the vein of the Fugazi & Bikini Kill websites that offer the chance to download all available live shows from whatever years they deem suitable, either audio or video, aswell as flyers and photos from the concerts and experiences from attendees made up of whatever the band have available to them with hopefully a lot of unreleased or unheard shows. That's just in an ideal situation though because I don't know how keen GNR have been on keeping their shit recorded and stored or whatever, but you never know what fans have available if you reach out to them. Kiss did it with Kissology and AC/DC did it with that big four DVD box set they put out which brought up some cool and exciting results. It's a pretty neat and exciting way of engaging with fans, too. Whatever's left over of the original Chinese Democracy sessions would be good. Again, having never managed a multi million record selling band I don't know how easy it'd be but in a land of pipe dreams when record label politics aren;t an issue something like what David Lynch did with the Twin Peaks music archives where he released about 60 tracks worth of unheard shit for a big one time price would be good if it was made up of new music and alternate takes and demos of music. DVD market's is allegedly on it's arse but it'd be good to get live videos up on a Youtube or Vimeo channel, maybe. Again, if it's stuff nobody outside of the band has seen it'd be very exciting to have. Cheap Trick a few years ago discovered and put up a whole bunch of shows on Youtube. Danzig put out a documentary for a one off price on Vimeo. Anyway, all in an ideal situation.
  7. It was really fun. I remember it all kicking off with the photos of Axl at that Papa Roach release party, then getting to fever pitch when the Trunk interview and the first Hammerstein show were happening. the years between the 2002 tour shitting the bed and Christmas of 2005 were absolutely fucking painful from a fan perspective because aside from the botched Rio show we basically had fuck all to talk about aside from the IRS leak but on the plus side having fuck all to talk about made things a little bit better for the actual community, and I spoke to a lot of cool, interesting people on here and met a few at one point, always had a good time despite not always agreeing with what people had to say. I remember waiting up online at what must have been 4/5/6am UK time to read updates about the first Hammerstein show, which seems insane now. I was so fucking psyched. The resulting just over two year wait for the album was still a slog, but 2006 was generally just a really great year with the slow, looming realisation that basically every year since has been a slow and steady trip downhill as a fan.
  8. Can we not get a 'SUPER FUNKY TECHNO BEATS' reference on it somewhere?
  9. Did Axl have a PA named Jackamo?

    I think it's time to admit, I made up that rumour about the band recording a Faith No More cover for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Wikipedia just to see if it'd reach this forum, and hey presto it did. What I never believed it'd lead to is Eat My Silkworms interviewing Roddy Bottum, and asking him about it. I miss Eat My Silkworms.
  10. Too bad Axl doesn't see things like Billy Corgan

    The Smashing Pumpkins are fucking awful, and fronted by a pretentious, bald headed turd. Axl might be better off listening to the voices coming from the moon.
  11. Shit, yeah - somebody layer in those two riding a dolphin
  12. Yeah spell it wrong, and stick a picture of a cheeseburger and an iPad and the moon landing on there too
  13. I can't suggest a picture but i'd suggest the caption/tagline 'THIS PROBABLY ISN'T GOING TO DO US ANY FAVOURS'

    I've been here for just about ten years and it's amusing to see the same tired arguments about image and sloppiness and all that other bullshit nobody sane gives a fuck about. This line up with Axl's 2006 voice and attitude could have fucking destroyed. I'd take Robin in a white satin suit and a guy with a bucket of chicken on his head over Bam Margera's dad.