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  1. I'm not sure which will be more entertaining. A hybrid GNR tour, or all the forum members who come out with "I was an insider, I called it, I just couldn't disclose sources and specifics to the public".
  2. Big Announcement this Tuesday

    LOL @ Jarmo's spoiler!
  3. Axl if you're seeing this

    How were all the new songs they debuted in Australia?
  4. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  5. This. How about a few years ON instead?
  6. Named after Axl of course, right? There's not conceivable other reason is there?
  7. This. His first language is Portuguese though I think?
  8. It's not DJ's job to know LVMPD's policies.
  9. Ron's latest tweet

    16 pages? It could be anything?!
  10. New Clip Discussion

    Are you going to ban both the MSL accounts? (His main one and that other one… AndrewDD or whatever it's called)??
  11. New Clip Discussion

    What's really funny is that if there was only a way to undelete a file after it has been deleted the whole story would fall to pieces.
  12. New Clip Discussion

    Ditto - would be great to hear.
  13. Some of you guys are hilarious. I think if they were 99% sure that CDII was coming, they'd tell us. So they probably told us what they are reasonably confident they can deliver. More tour dates, perhaps a few new songs. Yeah it's hardly groundbreaking - but at least they came out with SOMETHING. Still better than silence right? Still better than telling us we'll get CDII and failing to deliver right?
  14. That's not a palindrome.