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  1. [REQ] Tokyo 2009 (Axl's IEM)

    just as I said before - yes, Tokyo 2009 is out there in its entirety, many sources out there, but no pure IEM, only that IEM/AUD mix. Tokyo 2012 is almost the very same case, there are a few IEM tracks, but the whole show itself is again IEM/AUD mix.
  2. [REQ] Tokyo 2009 (Axl's IEM)

    first, at least to my knowledge, there is no pure IEM recording circulating (which is a shame, but it has never been released to the bootleg community). on the other hand, there is a Silver CD - matrix compiled from IEM and AUD - called Destroyer. there also is a fanmade bootleg made by FeX- - matrix compiled from 4 sources, one of them being the Destroyer, others are AUD.
  3. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    mine is supposed to be LP sourced. but the odd thing is, that some of the tracks are not found on the 2xLP version. so something is obviously wrong here. LP SOURCED- METAL PETALS SOURCE THE LIMELIGHT, NEW YORK, NY. DATE JANUARY 31ST, 1988. TYPE OF RECORDING AUDIENCE TRACKS 7-13: STUDIO DEMOS. SOUND ATIME 73:49 1. ONE IN A MILLION 2. PATIENCE 3. CORNSHUCKER 4. KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR 5. USED TO LOVE HER 6. DON'T CRY 7. NIGHTRAIN 8. SWEET CHILD O' MINE 9. MR. BROWNSTONE 10. DON'T CRY 11. GARDEN OF EDEN 12. BAD APPLES 13. COMA
  4. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    hm, fuck. it seems my Metal Petals is incomplete. I only have the ones I uploaded. maybe @Nikki_Sixx could help?
  5. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    Metal Petals, only the demos part: https://mega.nz/#F!O8lh0LgS!29MHhU7B0EUEUXqyzMfUTg
  6. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    "no we're not" is always the same version - third take from Sound City Studios - of course there are many "versions" of the same recording, depending on transfer, "remaster" etc. but the source recording is of course only one. altogether, there are 3 Nice Boys demos circulating - two takes from Sound City Studios and one from Pasha Studios. the best sources probably as stated above - Family Trees/Many Faces for SCS take 1/2, Story Vol. 1 for SCS take 3 and Metal Petals for Pasha Studios version.
  7. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    because that version is from different session (Sound City Studios, June 1986) - 3 takes of Nice Boys have been recorded there and 2 are circulating. this one is either "Take #1" or "Take #2" (the lost one is either "Take #2" or "Take #1"). besides "Family Tree" it can also be found at, for example, "The Many Faces Of Guns N’ Roses" (which is more or less the same release as Family Tree, just with a third additional CD, which has nothing in common with GNR at all). the third version from Sound City Studios is "Take #3", the one beginning with "no we're not", can be found for example at The Story Vol. 1.
  8. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    obviously Metal Petals, as stated above.
  9. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    excellent, thanks for the info. my source said (with best sources picked): Pasha Studios - August 1986 01 Sweet Child O' Mine - Accidental F**ckin Discharge (channel levels fixed) 02 Nightrain (Alternate Intro) - YouTube? (LOSSY) 03 Jumpin’ Jack Flash - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 04 You’re Crazy - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 05 Reckless Life - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 06 Heartbreak Hotel - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 07 Shadow Of Your Love - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes [Officially released w “Fake Crowd” on It’s So Easy 12”/Live From The Jungle] 08 Welcome To The Jungle - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 09 Move To The City - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 10 Mama Kin - The Alan Niven 1986 Master Tapes 11 Nice Boys - Unknown/“UZI Demos” (LOSSY) - might not be correct recording 12 Mr. Brownstone - Unknown/YouTube? (LOSSY) 13 Don’t Cry - Unknown/“UZI Demos” (LOSSY) - might not be correct recording but this info is already a couple of years old.
  10. you're right, but it didn't only start in 1985. the original band was probably the mysterious AXL in Lafayette, then later somewhat resurrected in LA, later renamed Rose and then Hollywood Rose. and that was the direct predecessor of GNR - especially considering LA Guns were resurrected quite shortly after Tracii Guns left GNR - so we can trace the history many more years in the past. in from Axl's POV, all his bands (of course not considering Rapidfire, his LA Guns stint and AC/DC) were really just one long story of a band with revolving door of members, and the time around AFD and UYI were recorded, was just a weird anomaly of stability.
  11. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    indeed. but the problem is here, that the list of all involved people wouldn't fit on the standard insert sleeve which is usually in the CD jewel case. and also wouldn't fit on a website that would try selling that online. and nobody would ever finish reading that list in the known lifetime.
  12. the guy fucked up on so many levels, that I wonder he's still around and somebody is talking to him. a complete douche, wreck and parody of a man, no matter how great drummer he was 30 years ago.
  13. correct. only the "public lineup" was effectlively either on hiatus, or doing rehearsals Axl demanded. + the years were 1996-7 - after that, Sid Riggs got an official replacement called Josh Freese and Krys Baratto similarly some guy named Tommy Stinson (altough not at the same time and/or neccessarily seamlessly, but I don't remember that very well, it was sometimes in March-April 1998). edit: some info about the Shadow Company here: http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13280 + Chinese Whispers of course.
  14. same here. this doesn't sound like Slash or Duff at all. my bet would be at Paul Huge or generally just the era of the Shadow Company. might be Robin Finck, might be not - only some parallel universe God knows what the hell would those guys be rehearsing during that era.
  15. hard to say. just from the top of my head, I remember that fan edits surfaced quite soon after the original leak, the most popular was the one which put the original leak in loop. but actually, the original leak only was 16 seconds snippet, or to be more accurate, it was 19 seconds, including 3 seconds of "did I mention - F**K YOU" by Razz himself (that was meant for Merck). there was a short story about this, I remember Razz was tricked by Merck, promised some backstage passes to Hammerstein and helped Merck hunt a guy who had the whole song, but Merck screwed him, so Razz leaked at least this part and added the f-phrase
  16. what we know for sure - the "Checkmate" leak comes from the same batch as the IRS and TWAT leak, it came on 27th May 2006 by DJ Razz - of course we don't know for sure if these also come from the same tape/medium or session. allegedly, these come from 1999. also CITR that was leaked 3 months earlier, sounds very similar to these and is also supposed to come from 1999. this track was leaked together with the other February/March 2006 leaks, but sounds distinctively different from them, much more similar to the later DJ Razz leaks than the other Feb/Mar 2006 ones.
  17. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    the main problem here is, that all that stuff was recorded mostly 20 years ago and people who originally recorded it, are gone for years (except Dizzy Reed, of course).
  18. Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner didn't leave simultaneously, and there was some time with Slash on guitar and Rob Gardner on drums (altough a short one).
  19. that doesn't really matter. he has lost his voice, that matters much more. we can hardly expect him to look like 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, I'm okay with that the weak full Mickey is the most serious thing that makes me dislike GNR since 2011 or so and it hasn't changed much, unfortunately.
  20. yup I've compared the footage to all 3 LA video bootlegs we have, and it's neither from one single show, nor from those 3 only (at least IF the video matches audio, which I doubt). so my guess is the video is a mashup from multiple late 2006 shows with the majority being the last LA show, the rest then comes from the other LA shows and quite possibly also some earlier US or maybe even Canada shows from late 2006 tour. regarding the audio, it strongly sounds like the last 2006 show, but I haven't done a thorough comparison, just some random moments which seemed to match the last show, but it might also be a mix of pieces from multiple shows. edit: LOL the remastered version got deleted from YT
  21. based on Bumblefoot's hat, I'd say this must come from the final 2006 Los Angeles shows! some comments under this video: I can check my bootlegs later, to maybe make a comparison and find the exact show - my bet is the very last one 2006/12/20. even though I strongly dislike LALD
  22. this is so painful to read. we all knew nothing is going on and Bumblefoot is sort of out of the band, but only when I read Tommy's letter, I knew it was an end.
  23. there's much more to that. remember when Axl introduced Paul Huge as "the original guitar player" at the HOB 2001 show? well, he wasn't kidding http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=215 (and this might actually be a huge challenge for @RONIN, because this obscure era before GNR was born or even before Axl and co. moved to LA is a huge and poorly documented mess )
  24. I miss the connection of Sorum with Robin Finck http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?pid=54758#p54758
  25. of course, LA Guns were somewhat bigger name than HR and GNR was just brand new