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  1. yes, it is. no real "music video" of the song exists.
  2. oh yes, there will be so much new material! like 2 albums of new stuff, trust me it's mindblowing and kickass! or you thought this is a nostalgia act? pffff...
  3. Sean Shanahan (aka BP), custom77lp@yahoo.com good luck I haven't heard from him for months...
  4. req. Hollywood Palladium 1990

    all my sources in one file, in case you need it https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6xc4ezoks5482d/1990-11-09 - Hollywood Palladium%2C Hollywood%2C California (The GAK).zip?dl=0
  5. req. Hollywood Palladium 1990

    oh yes, I forgot about that compilation, it's at ULT III (but only Hair of the Dog and Piece of Me are on this compilation, so I guess this is not a primary source)
  6. req. Hollywood Palladium 1990

    as far as I know, there are 2 audio bootlegs including this show: "Live in 1990" (seems to be bootleggish like a CDR), and "War" (Aces High silver CD). the latter one seems to have better quality by subjective judgement.
  7. there's a shitload of excellent, great or midblowing solos on the record. but for me - maybe ironically - the solo that stuck most firmly in my head is the main Shackler's Revenge solo. I just love the sheer power of that part in the song. Bumblefoot just nailed it!
  8. ha! this is new to me. brilliant!
  9. I haven't followed the band during the 2012-14 era, so hard to say. I don't really consider this a "reunion", but rather a failure to move on. the current nostalgia tour is just a "fuck it, we give up, let's tour the world with 30 years old songs" thing. and don't get me wrong, Duff is a really cool guy, possibly my most favourite guy from the classic lineups
  10. [Video] Live at Apollo Theatre 2017

    this one maybe?
  11. even more money grab (said Pitman)
  12. maybe like "The Last Tour On Earth" by Marilyn Manson in 1999... not really (but that one was grrreat!)
  13. Destroyer 2009 + Request - VIDEO

    yes, many shows were mislabeled in the old collection. like... Paris 92 mistaken for Tokyo 92 and so on. the new one is not ready to be shared yet. still lots of work to do and I don't have time. maybe I'll share it someday later.
  14. Destroyer 2009 + Request - VIDEO

    you don't "need" that old compilation of mine. it's full of errors. maybe I'll release the new one someday.
  15. who tho hell was that guy during 2006 tour then? he was 100% badass and his voice was godlike!
  16. huh, some recording of that? altough I don't care about post-VR Loaded... pre-VR loaded are awesome, but the later incarnation is meh...
  17. I dislike KOHD in all incarnations. sometimes it even seems this is the most famous GNR song, together with LALD. gimme a break.
  18. Silkworms OLD leak

    Silkworms is a tribute to Y2K. it was trendy to make music like this around that year. it's become awkward nowadays.
  19. Silkworms OLD leak

    yes, that is correct, I just don't remember if this was ever been admitted officially, or it was just a fan speculation. I remember "something from the unreleased songs was used as auxiliary orchestration during the shows, but nobody told what exactly", just like Prostitute theme was used as the piano solo in 2002.
  20. Silkworms OLD leak

    yes, just put in a loop with a few small edits... not "genuine" leak.