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  1. Funny Axl quotes /rants from this year

    "Axl, fuck you, you fuckin asshole!!"... and Axl answered.." So as you, you pink asshole.. and laughed again, and said afterwards " its kinda universal language for fuck off."" "If some of you were really, really bad" - waving his finger like "ah ah ah, bad crowd" , "you might have already heard this one thanks to the Internet. Yeah, good old Internet". And I heard smth like this just before November Rain Axl's piano intro solo: "Tommy's always happy when I figure out which fucking key is that" ...durin' knockin' on heavens door..the crowd surprised uncle axl by not stoppin' to sing the chorus KOHD..he looked a little bit surprised...(.."u sing one - i sing one...)...but listened to the crowd a few times..just with his yeah yeah yeah between it..enjoyed it...and than after a while..."but now it's my turn...OK??"..(..big smile..) "i wanna introduce a special friend of mine....mr. sebastian bach.."..he went on stage... .."well since we can say we already used the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song yesterday..from this time on now... (comment by me: it was after midnight)...it seems like we have to sing it again..it's dizzy reeds birthday ..."...all of us sang the birthday song again...."well does anyone have a cake for him"...sebastian replied.. "no give him a cheeseburger"...w. axl laughed very loud and repeated.."yeah give him a cheeseburger"... dizzy enjoyed the whole singin' and stuff.. ..paradise city was fuckin' amazin' again..crowd went crazy..and w. axl rose took his microphone and used it a few seconds like a walkin' stick...pretendin' he is fuckin' old...walked slowly on his knees with it... was really funny.. .we could clearly see the moon durin' the gig...and w. axl said once.."hell we are playin' under the same moon again..i think the same moon...like in milan or somewhere....".... When Baz stormed on stage, Axl said: "Whattup biatch?!". Then he asked Baz about something backstage. "Dude, did you see that backstage?". Baz replied: "I don't have a backstage!" Axl said he invented a new drink the night before, a mixture of Vodka and Champagne and he called it "Vampagne. It's pain". axl said during patience "did someone think i played in poison?" after some one threw a poison shirt on stage And just when Axl started playing the intro, but he started laughing. So he stopped and told the crowd why he was laughing: "Someone in the crowd was shouting: Axl, you're the king. Then some other guy shouted: And the queen". Hahahaha. Axl was laughing and having fun. "There are two kinds of people in this world -- those that like me, and those that can go to hell." - Axl Rose Axl before Patience: "this song is a good song to sing when you're in jail after being arrested by a cop" And he said and "even tough I wanted to go to the nice neighboor country(Norway), sweden wouldent let me go, they wanted to keep me" He said, "im official and AWA now........an asshole with attitude" in the middle of November Rain Axl said "This is a really long song...those lighters get really fucking hot don't they?" Axl joked about Swedish police and sang "so you can bite me" in Out Ta Get Me. Oh, there was one fuckhead waving a Slash t-shirt in the front and Axl commented on that with "You're a fucking idiot, you know that"? after think about you, the crwod was chanting "izzy,izzy". and axl goes:"calm down" then he went on: "that's what the swedish police said to me the other day: calm down. and then they said "you will get arrested". and i answered: "you're a fucking asshole". But Axl wasn't very talkative, only a couple of talks with the crowd. "So there I was...", he started and told the Sweden story. "There was six cops with leather gloves on holding me down, and Dr. Hack-a-lot tried to push me with a needle and he kept missing. There was blood everywhere, and I thought he was a fucking idiot. Then I told him, 'You're a fucking idiot.' And while I laid there, being hold down by these six cops, I noticed a girl holding the door open. She was hot, so I kind of just laid there and watched her..." I laughed so hard when he said: "Thank you! Good night!" after Heaven's Door. Everybody was like WTF? He waited a few seconds, he laughed and said: "Just kidding! Don't worry! We're gonna be here a while." or something. And they did stay for like 2hrs.25min. He told a story about Paul McCartney, he said that Paul’s kids told Paul that it was awesome that he covered a Guns n' Roses song. Axl welcomed back Brain.. he said "Brain took a leave of absence to tend to his new born child... they named it Axl" Another funny thing he said, pointing at some dude with a camera phone, "That will be on the net in the next 15 minutes..... what?? You didn't like that joke??" Someone threw something on stage, Axl leaned down and asked the guy something, then he said "We have an enemy combatant here, you are a bad boy for throwing things, shame on you"
  2. This is what we are all feeling right now...

    geez you are all acting like its end of the world when album comes,it comes...you'll go to shop and forget time you were waiting for it... but the best solution is to live your life,and release of cd will be just another plus (or minus) in small part of your life in few months or year,after the release of cd,if you will read all this posts now,you are probably gonna die of laughter
  3. WWW.GUNSNROSES.COM - New Official Website Online!

    cool ! could be better but anyway....
  4. Just imagine how much bitching there will be...

    thats your opinion - you dont like robin!thats just fine.I accept that.but what I dontaccept is when people really start bitching - his clothing,his hair,his guitar,his moving on stage,his everything infact.they just dont give him/other a chance,which I think is wrong coz they deserve one.... this is just for example:robin plays perfect solos for one week,that makes mistake at one concert,and everyone(I mean those who like to hate) just start bitching how he cant play etc. but,I repeat,they forget good things.And being THAT negative - I cant take it serious. If you(I mean those who like to hate) want to bitch about members-bring facts,do research and prove me why that person sucks.dont just came and say ''this guy sucks,he fucked up thin n this'' there is tiny line between critizise(sp?...) someone and telling nonsense.
  5. Just imagine how much bitching there will be...

    can you imagine Kaneda's posts n opinions on every song at album ? brutal.... n' how is axl dressing ? x 100000
  6. Just imagine how much bitching there will be...

    yeah I really cant image it! this bitching + bitching when album is out?! omg....ah it will be atleast interesting to read and fun maybe.... I dont think I'll hang out here THAT much if it will really be like that....fuck negative
  7. I played guitar with the band

    2 words: lucky girl!
  8. Met Bumblefoot yesterday!

    none recognizes pitman
  9. Brain now a dad?

    congrats brain!!! we have little girl gunner now B) welcome to this crazy world.... anyone knows her name?
  10. Step back

    best cover band of who? I think you dont really understand this topic......
  11. Step back

    If dj on radio played 'the blues' and said its from band called guns n' roses,I would go to net and search somethin' about them and find another their songs... Id say ''damn this is good''....not really shure about them being mega popular in a minute.......but I think they would be popular.....not much. not because of quallity of material,but probably because todays music scene sucks and no one would pay attention to new band so called guns n' roses and realise their qualities...or maybe noT?fuck,I dont know.... cool topic.
  12. It is coming...

    yeah..... I hope there wont be another year crossed in your sig
  13. It is coming...

    under title ''controversy''