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  1. It was all day yesterday at Auckland's show. I live right by the venue, and it's outdoor too, so could see it all underway - plenty of folk turned up and waited outside and could no doubt hear. Dunno what it like at an indoor venue. Started about 11am for couple hrs, then stopped for couple hours then went on again for a while playing a fair amount, all while the queues were building up outside. I pretty much and GNR, minus Axl, playing all day:) Full versions of Estranged and Civil War, done multiple times throughout day. Attitude. It's So Easy w/ Duff vox. Bits of Knockin on Heaven's Door. Night train.
  2. which is diamond GA do you think?
  3. The stage is on the half way line?
  4. They're struggling to sell though, GrabOne even had listings today ( Which is pretty desperate. I'm looking forward to the Auckland show, but I am fucking pissed off that I forked out a fortune for two tickets (not to mention the fan club thing to ensure I could secure tickets), all for them to be heavily culled in price in order to sell. Feel a bit ripped off tbh.
  5. If that's true, then it's actually a decent number for Wellington crowds and Westpac. That venue isn't the best for live music, and it takes a lot to get wellington folk out in numbers imo. Especially when you consider the prices of the tickets - hell I almost didn't go the shows Going to Akld show though.
  6. Not selling too well in NZ either. Bar the cheapest sections. It really pisses me off when bands charge heaps for a ticket, the super fans buy early all excited, and then the show fails to sell like they expected and the price drops - you can never ask for the difference back either.
  7. I haven't quite picked up the accent (kiwis don't think so, but rest of the world does), but I get really annoyed at myself for including 'ay?' at the end of most comments :/ Been here about 10 years, give or take.
  8. Sweet thanks. I'ts morning here, and was looking for some morning coffee reading. Read some of your other stuff and dug it (the garageband piece was real interesting & insightful).
  9. Thanks for that. Blind Melon are one of my favourite bands, and one of those bands I've teetered on going to GnR geek levels with. I've always found it interesting, that Axl has more than once referenced Hoon covering Don't Cry - however I'm not sure how he would have heard it, GNR played it before AFD was released but Hoon wouldn't have been around to watch these shows during that time as he was Indiana based. From reading of Blind Melon he wasn't mates with Axl & Izzy back in Indiana either. So makes me think Axl is just adding a bit of myth and stuff in his way of supporting a young dude from his hometown starting out. It's all irrellavant anyways and doesn't matter. Shannon Hoon was an awesome singer, great lyrics too, and a great element to great band.
  10. Is there any evidence or recordings of Blind Melon / Shannon's version of Don't Cry? I'm assuming he was covering it before meeting the Blind Melon guys.
  11. lol'd I cannot stand this guy's articles and that fucking photo which always follows them. I'd pay good money to have everything related to him filtered off my internet experience on all devices and networks. Edit: More on topic comment - didn't bother reading the article due to my feelings mentioned above, however it's hardly news is it. All contracts come to and end, and most get renewed/extended. Sometimes parties in the contract re-negotiate elements of the contract, come the time the extension looms, sometimes the original contract will state certain elements of said contract are to be reviewed prior to extending it further (eg. pay). Contracts coming to and end is hardly news worthy.
  12. Great playing, well done. Looks like you're having heaps of fun too. What did you use to record and do the effects?
  13. Just started watching this, and only a few seconds that auto tune I hear on Bach's vocals w/ Sorry? EDIT: Ignore my comment - i see someone mentioned this on page one. My bad.
  14. SLighty off topic but i have to respond to this. I can't stand both these songs being in the setlist, with Nov Rain there as well, and solo spots, its makes for such a slow monotonous gig/setlist and eats up far too much time with 'slow it down a bit' music. TIL as well, needs to go from the set for the same reasons, but at least its a little 'newer'.
  15. Anyone got a link to interview? Has it been uploaded anywhere? Keen to watch it before reading through comments/reactions on here Thanks