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  1. I think it's down to fitness and diet (and then appropriate warms ups / lessons leading into a tour). Certainly his fluctuating weight and fitness appears to impact his voice - that and probably particularly around certain Guns periods no one being honest and telling him his voice isn't up to scratch, or performance in general. 2006 appears to the best era for him during 'new' guns. He also had a basic wardrobe and was in shape, both of which were refreshing.
  2. I like Izzy's stuff, but every time I get a feeling that it sounds like a naked demo of potential great GNR songs.
  3. Not sure what your point is? Most of Izzy's solo work has gone unheard of with the masses, even a bulk of ppl on this forum would probably say they've only dipped in and out of Izzy's catalog. Regardless, thanks for the reminder. I'm listening again now (lost all my Izzy stuff years ago).
  4. Jack White or Dan Auerbach. The later might get too poppy tho. Both would get them back to basics and encourage less perfectionism from Axl. Axl's also a fan of both by sounds of things.
  5. Which is fair enough as it was released by itself. Comparing it to albums and its impact on history of rock music, is odd. Don't kid yourself though, AFD has some filler, which also sound somewhat dated now. eg. Anything Goes, Think About You, could argue for Out Ta Get Me as well. For me its massively historical, as it was the first release post Slash leaving, at a time when internet wasnt as common place as now and the song being harder for average fans to obtain.
  6. Actually, I think that would be a great idea. He was not only a fan, but an LA resident when NWA blew up (I think). So he has first hand experience, whilst also digs them. He is a hall of famer himself which is an added bonus. WIth the Guns reunion making news, he is going to naturally be in the public eye more. It's also a good contrast for hte band being inducted, whilst more of a reason for ppl to tune into the event (getting a recluse to induct them adds to the spectacle imo). Billie Joe inducted Guns, and wtf was he in relation to the band? Not that I followed greenday too much, but I'd venture a guess that he was barely a fan of the band initially. THere are more links for Axl and NWA than Billie Joe & Guns.
  7. Guns N' Roses - Live At The Ritz 1988 Uncut Master

    Fuck thats good. Quality, but also the gig itself. Slash was, imo, in his absolute prime in this period. Thanks for the post.
  8. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I really hope this is true (the black crowes comment). I've purchased Southern Harmony & Musical Companion twice now (i think through their site too), and both skip like crazy and are un-listenable as a result
  9. I'll probably join. Not interested in tshirts or exclusive blog news (that can be obtained here, and anywhere post that). I just want to ensure that I can secure tickets to any early GNR shows, be it warm up for Coachella, or aftermath shows. I'd imagine the fan club will get first opportunity for any warm up or fun small gigs they do (unless they just go full arena post Coachella).
  10. If they all do record again. I'd hope that they do it from the secure position they're in now. They;ve all done new things, live new lives, and aren't first time kids anymore. THey can look back without the egos and see what worked, what didn't, and hopefully just smash out songs.
  11. That was cool. Really enjoyed it. Not a big Steven fan tbh, but that was sweet. Such simple drums, done effortlessly as you say, and the cymbal work is great. He also seems to have so much time and space. I remember learning drums as a kid and bought a LIES drum book - couldn't believe how simple it was yet totally engaging (pretty much gave up after a few years, but in jams nowadays when im dicking about on drums, I fall back on said beats a lot).
  12. Cool. When/how did you meet him? Not looking for gossip on what was discussed, more how you met him, for how long, etc. Also are the gunsguy who did heaps of those shows/dvds back in the heavy trading & torrent days?
  13. Yes and no. Izzy isn't confirm in any lineup, however I think everyone can treat is a given he will turn up in some respects either at Coachella or any warm ups or post Coachella shows (of which there is no confirmation this is happening either yet). We don't know if he has been writing & recording with GNR, we just have words from Nivin that he thinks he has been involved in recording new stuff. The comments were what he thought, not based on any facts or how/why he thinks that. The interview does imply throughout that he is close with Slash still, so that is how he could know these things? Hopefully you Number 1 is true though.
  14. Controlled mix of rasp and clean, and those several different voices he has (eg. It so Easy, Brownstown, Patience etc. specific voices). One thing I'm looking forward to, is hearing Knockin On Heavens Door done how they used to do it. I cannot wait for that for some reason, always disliked newguns version despite it being closer to the original.
  15. Proof of (current) Nu members ruining classic GNR songs

    Ashba is the only one who botched up the songs imo. Pittman you can barely hear in the mix tbh (I'd a like a CD era show without him, just to compare what it sounds like tbh). 'leans on an equally wobbly keyboard' made me lol Kinda agree w/ your post too.