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  1. I still find it intriguing that Steven has been completely silent on the whole reunion thing.
  2. Axl flips the switch heading to europe with AC/DC

    Not really the topic for it, but a couple posts made me think about it. If the tables were turned, and Axl couldn't finish a bunch of dates for GNR, who would you want to fill in? Hard question On topic - quite looking forward to hearing Axl sing with ACDC, in fact, I can't wait. Hopefully he'll have the boot off by the time ACDC shows start and is mobile again. I'd imagine regarding setlists, they'll need to consider Axl's voice (range, fitness, nuancesetc) as well as general crowd pleases.
  3. Slash's take on CD songs

    Been unable to watch/listen to anything in ages, so just be relying on reviews and stuff. However just watched CD from Coachella (not sure which night) from another thread, and that sounded great - Slash's solo was brilliant, perfect mix of him doing his own thing plus holding respect for the song itself, he nailed it (and despite my nickname, I'm not the biggest Slash fan guitarwise).
  4. Fortus and Izzy

    Adler has always been the 'joke' of the originals. There is plenty of support for Sorum on the forum, and for that matter Adler (more positive support about him over the last year or so than any other year tbh). Izzy has had a bit of stick, noticed a couple of posts, but come off it...... hardly ppl ripping into him. Sounds like you're on the tied old bandwagon of assuming everyone or anyone who doesn't agree with you or has different impressions of members than you, means they're Axl fan boys. So sick of reading stuff like that, equivalant of a cheap shot or a 'i know you are but what am I' argument This current lineup is the most positive I've seen this forum regarding Guns in a long time, when there are discussions about current lineups, ex players, 'what if' scenarios around lineups and appearance, who plays what better etc.etc. etc. Anyways On Topic - exicted to see how the FOrtus & Slash combo evolves, but i don't think the Wish You Were Here jam is any indication of their chemistry or how well they play off each other. Slash is noodling around on the main licks/solos of the song, which lots of ppl can do, whilst Fortus is 'soloing' the melody,.....not sure that shows thatthey're a good combo or not.
  5. Suicide Squad/Jared Leto as the Joker Thread

    Why do you need to know about the characters before seeing a movie to care about them and be invested in them? Surely you've watched and enjoyed many movies where you haven't known the characters prior? Or do you mean, you don't know the characters enough to judge it from the trailer? Like you I don't know much about them either - harley quin i know through games, the others i've little experience of (perhaps deadshot more than the rest, but not enough to judge if Smith is good or bad as him from my interpretation of the comic book character). Its a refreshing change going into a comic book movie not knowing much about them and having preconceived ideas/feelings/attachments etc. I'm not sure about this movie though, I wouldn't be suprised if I enjoyed it, but also wouldn't be suprised if it was complete dogs. I generally only watch movies in the cinema these days, so will make an effort with this as well, go in with an open mind not taking it too seriously and see what happens. It can't be worse the batman vs superman, which was far too serious, way too long, and a massive let down and waste of potentially good story & chars.
  6. Some song's solos are integral to the entire song itself. Sort of like Estranged and November Rain, the melody of said songs, are key to the song (especially for weathered listeners / fans of the song).....changing solos drastically in these types of songs, changes the song itself as well. I think TWAT is one of these, and Slash will have to be closer to the original than not - there is still plenty of room for him to push it elsewhere and his own spin, style and sound to it, which will be great. In fact, there is probably more room in TWAT to do this, than there wasin Estranged & Nov. Rain for FInck/Bucket/Bumble. Lots of ppl have mentioned how difficult the TWAT solos are, but when listening i don't necessarily hear how its any more advanced than other things Slash has done in the past. Its perhaps more liner,structured, and specific, but I don't think is technically out of Slashs realm (more stylistically out). Pretty sure they'll nail the song, and going by the soundcheck version....sounds like that statement may be true. Slightly off topic - i'm slowly starting to think this might be the best modern incarnation of the band, and like how they're not ignoring CD songs (however, to me, Better just stands out / doesn't fit with this band in the set. THe other CD songs so far I don't get that vibe).
  7. I'm hoping they drop something for Record Day. However I doubt they will. Even just a reissue of Jungle perhaps with a track or two from Troubadour would be cool.
  8. Is there more of Better than what is in OPs post? Ppl commenting on Slash sounding good on Better, all i heard was snippets of the heavy breakdown/bridge. Hardly enough to judge anyone or thing. Am i missing something? Great vids, pumped for more!
  9. Regards of looks and talent. I'll judge her, in GNR, solely on what i hear live from her. If its like what i could hear of Pittman (rare to be able to hear his contributions imo for the most part), and the additions don't benefit the sounds from my ears - she'll be in the Pittman camp for me (bar being a douche). They could grow the band with another 8 ppl of both sexesdoing various bits and pieces for all i care, so long as the result sounded good. No time for additional ppl when either what they offer is poor, or what they offer can barely be heard/noticed (both points relate to why Pittman was disliked imo - that and him being an already bit of a knob).
  10. THis is a little off topic, but not worth starting a whole new thread over. Since there are elements of rumors in this thread, and its about speculation as to future of guns reunion i'm arguing its a tiny bit on topic What was going with MSL talking about the reunion almost didn't happen, and then Izzy trying to get a hold of him via twitter? Anyone know what the story is here? I saw Izzy's tweets then went and googled MSL & GnR for news, and saw some alt nation article regurgitating his speculations and stuff
  11. Agreed. They've won the battle with folks at the moment, but the tour will dictate it. Any hiccups from Axl in a consistently late type perspective I think will really derail things and ppls opinions, those that are in the positive at least. They can't be starting at such mental late times where ppl are left stranded with no way home, or standing about for hours waiting for a show. I'm thinking there is so much money involved that there must be some requirement where it has to go off without too much dramas in this department (some other post somewhere eluded to them perhaps not getting paid until the tour was completed without serious dramas or something).
  12. Fortus and Izzy

    I agree with the masses that Izzy is somewhat one of the most important ingredients when it comes to GNR song writing. He's also my favourite member of all members new & old. However, Fortus is a phenomenal guitar play and absolute professional with a range of styles and tastes. He is without a doubt my favourite 'nugnr' member.I personally reckon musically and technically he is a fantastic fit for GNR and hope he doesn't go anywhere, whether Izzy comes back or otherwise. I'd love to hear what Fortus & Slash could do under the GNR banner, whilst the Izzy, Fortus, Slash combo would be awesome on top of that (despite this comment running the risk of going into the old debate of 2 vs 3 guitarists).
  13. lol a few ppl have made comments about her being hot and the first gnr member they'd bone etc. Not sure if that is sexist, just strong hetrosexual feelings. Plenty of the women on here - all three of 'em - comment on Axl's looks here and there
  14. A new song HAS to follow...

    Release a new song as a singe, with a live b-side or something. THen do a greatest hits type thing, but with the new song (or two). Those will all be gobbled up and continue the nostalgia vibe. All the while its build up/hype for a newalbum. Realistically I don't think a new album will be around till well after the tour. Too much at stake to add the pressures of a record on top of the current multi million dollar tour. IMO they do need to capitalise on the events of late and the results of the first few big shows of the tour, and part of that should be at least a song or two.
  15. I actually thought Slash looked alright, a bit subdued maybe yes, but not, from my perspective, in a negative way. A few times ive seen him of late in shows he isn't the Slash of old (its easier to pick on front men in this dept when the lack the bite of old, harder with guitarists). I think leaving hits like Civil War, Patience, N.Rain, Estranged etc was a good call. Set was always going to be short in grand scehem of a gnr set, and slowing the pace down with those songs in a small club scene wouldn't have worked imo. They went for more up beat in your face rockin numbers. Curious to see/hear Slash on CD and Better - i think he could do some great solos on both, but as you say he might be a bit awkward about playing those (as well as the keyboards & sound effects). Really hoping he and Fortus bond, both fantastic guitarists with the later an absolute professional who i think would give a fantastic platform for Slash to shine (imo slash's work of late has been subpar by his standards). EDIT: bit more on topic. I prefre her to Chris Pittman as he seemed like a douche. However I hear why he was there whenever ive seen them live, so if she is the same as that soundwise then I'll slowly start to think the same of her as I did Pittman (bar the douche part maybe). I find it hard to hear what this role offers soundwise (bar a few obvious sounds ala. Paradise City).