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  1. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    Yeah I appreciate and understand that (great post btw), which is why I'm holding out judgement until I witness them live - as unit / wall of sound. Frequencies of guitars, mics, amps, etc play a big part in the overall sound (and obviously the massive impact of the venue's acoustics too)so I understand the role she'd be playing here. With Pittman, I'd specifically try look/listen out for his contribution live (from the perspective of the sound as whole from the band), with no luck.
  2. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    I like her vocals in GNR, and like that she seems happy with what she does both in and out of GNR - some good vibes. Never really liked Pittman, but more importantly I could never hear the benefits of him - sometimes not even hear at all what he was playing (often just looked like he was pretending to play). Melissa is the same (though I've yet to catch this incarnation live), I don't really hear the benefits (vocals aside) - and much like Pittman, don't really hear anything at all. At least when I compare this to Pittman I saw him in the band live countless times and bar some dumb sound effects could never hear anything. I'll hold judgement until I see/hear her live, but if I can't hear anything much like Pittman days I'll have a similar opinion - is she needed, wtf is she doing? - the youtube clips and stuff her vox are welcome addition and shes got good energy.
  3. Got Diamond GA for Auckland. Didn't end up buying Wellington ones, as prices are ridiculous and layout is weird as - particularly for a venue that isn't good for music. Will be very interesting to see how sales go, I can see the far back of stadium (The few sections at $90ish) selling fast, but the rest, must not sure. I;m lucky to bein the higher range bracket of earners/income in NZ and think its way too pricey to both buy a decent ticket, and travel, and sort accommodation. And that's coming from a GnR geek, so casual/old/semi interested fans I can see forking out for it. TIme will tell tho.
  4. Its reeks of desperation to me, and like others have said it comes across cheesy ala Motley Crue and the like. Seeing as no one (from what i've heard) has had any sort of benefit from signing up to nightrain, it would pay to allocate these sections to those members - then maybe get in vip and invited models & shit to fill it up. The shows are good, but it all reeks of money money money (which is fine, but a little more decorum about it would be appreciated).
  5. That's some hefty prices Handy image though, thanks.
  6. I don't think Wellington will sell out, or if it does, there will be heaps of room to move about and stuff. Been to a few "sold out" gigs there and it's always no where near full. ACDC is an example. I'm Auckland based, but got ties to Wellington. You should be sweet with general sale, so long as you're in early so can pick you're spot(s). I've found with rugby and stuff and it's easier to use your phone and phone network, and not your computer and home/work network. Or do both, but ensure you're only logged in on one and not both (that's poked me in the past). I'll be grabbing mine tomorrow once presale open, so more than happy to snap you up a few (assuming it allows me to get more than 2 to each show, and in different spots - I'll just be going for standing/pit/whatever its called). VIP is super pricey, but I've not seen anything on the forums suggesting it's worth it. Could be wrong though.
  7. The presale on the 24th is for Nightrain members I believe. I just purchased my nightrain membership now as ticketek & ticketmaster have let me down so many times with sporting and music events here. Will probably only be getting 2 to both Akld & Welly, so frees me up to grab one or two extras if you want me to hook you up. Pretty sure you'll be sweet though, its generally only the smaller venues that are gone in moments.
  8. I'll be going to both Auckland and Welly
  9. Does that screenshot say $380 for the top of the range? Does that include VIP and all the stuff? That's an extortionate amount of money for a stadium show. Confident a NZ date will soon be announced on the back of this, so will bide my time, doubt I'll fork out $400 nzd for a pit ticket though (I'd pay that, and more, for a big band ala GnR in a small club). That's a pretty cheeky price.
  10. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    RIght. Signing up. Thanks
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I stopped my third man vault stuf and really miss it. Been meaning to sign up again. Did you get the Pearl Jam one w/ Jack White joining in? Any good?
  12. Re-Recording Appetite?

    THat sounds pretty horrid, whatever it is. I think the whole re-recording AFD thing is dead in the water, particularly if post this tour they opt to release new stuff. Also wasn't one reason he did it was to 'update' bits, but also to get the nuguns all keyed up to it? I'd still fucking love to hear the re-recorded appetite from late 90s or whenever it was. Whether it was unnecessary,blasphemous, or otherwise, it would still be intriguing and a good listen. Part of me would prefer to hear that than CD outtakes (or CD II outtakes - if it never sees light of day). Wasn't it almost released, by some Japanese outfit many many years ago? Maybe someone was wise enough to sneak a copy and its a matter of time till it gets drip fed out
  13. Pretty sure its a given they'll at least do Auckland. Most decent sized bands tour Aus, and do a token NZ effort on the back of that, whilst 'nuguns' played Auckland a few times.
  14. This most interesting thing to me about this, bar it being rather petty, is the picture of the lady holding the 'Where's Izzy?' sign shows that venues continue to use those folding seat chairs. Is that serious? Is this standard in arenas in America?I thought that got stopped decades ago? Seen heaps of ppl get injured during crowd rushes to the stage and shit in the past, due to those chairs being setup as if everyone will be seated calmly. Weird.