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  1. I don't believe it would take anything away from the NITL tour, nor would it hinder the tour from continuing as it has been. The show at the Apollo Theatre is a celebration of Appetite for Destruction's 30th anniversary. Steven has made appearances in the US last year which was mind blowing and the tour continued without him. I think Richard, Melissa, Dizzy and Frank would step aside to let this historical moment happen knowing that the tour is still there for them when the North American tour kicks off in October. We all know, that even if Izzy wanted to take on the rhythm guitarist part again for the rest of the NITL tour, "no" could be said without any sorrow. The toughest part about all this is actually getting Izzy there.
  2. I've been thinking about this (ha ha, as all of us have) and I truly believe we're about to witness the original 5 for the first time in 27 years. It's going to happen.
  3. It gives the rest of the band a chance to take a piss, rest whatever. Same goes for when Slash, Duff, Dizzy do their thing. Better than an intermission. In saying that, very ordinary drum solo, but that's how it was in the day before drumming continued to evolve.
  4. Yes, I remember, but I didn't start posting or commenting until the blue message board. Then you had with a link to this forum, so then the message board ended and this forum started in 2002. I can't believe it was so long ago, but I remember it clearly. I spent a lot of time on here. Eric Romano ran the page. Members posted about their excitement for Chinese Democracy and Axl's master plan. Everyone tried to predict when they thought the album was coming out; the end of 2002, then disappointment 6 months later, then predictions of definitely in 2003, and so on. 90% of members would get all excited about Buckethead and Robin Finke and bagging the crap out of Slash, saying that they were better than Slash blah, blah. Move on, Slash is gone, this band is way better. I'd be reading all this and rolling my eyes behind the screen with frustration, so I'd then reply with my thoughts. It'd be a real battle zone for me trying to get through to people that didn't understand and were blinded by that joke of a band. I'd refuse and still do refuse to call that band Guns N' Roses. It was plain obvious just listening to the fake GN'R play the real GN'R tunes and how they sounded nothing more than a cover band. These punters couldn't hear the difference, or at least they'd tell themselves it sounded better for whatever reason I do not know. I'd have my huge rant about how nothing less than Axl, Slash and Duff could be called Guns N' Roses, then get slammed for not moving on and not accepting that there never will be reunion ever. It was lonely on here for me, I was one of only a few that stuck by the original band and couldn't see potential of Axl's revolving musicians. My dedication and hope for a reunion got me banned 2 or 3 times and was forced to open a new account. I'd have to clear my cookies and visit the page as a guest just to read, but couldn't post. The only way I got my original account back up and running was to pay for it with membership or this forum. Then when they finally agreed to open it again and unban me, hundreds of all my posts that have me giving my point of view of the real and fake GN'R have been deleted. Anyhow, that's how it was and time exposes the truth in the end.... Ha ha, I'm not really a cocky person in real life, just a silly Guns N' Roses fanatic that is now very happy to see those fake GN'R clowns gone and Duff and Slash back home where they should be. I'm very excited for the GN'R future! PS. I'm hoping this post doesn't get deleted. 👍
  5. Not a rant in my opinion. That's the good Samaritan Axl. 😁
  6. Can't say I'd ever heard of email in '92. Where do you get your information?
  7. Anybody know what the official attendance was?
  8. My partner actually video'd it. That's me from 0:27 in the bottom right with the cap screaming "Slash, you bad ass motherfucker!". Then screaming "Axl fucking Rose". I missed Slash's fright until she showed me this.
  9. Ha ha, check this out. Just a little funny. Axl comes along and scares the shit outta Slash. I don't think Axl realised, but Slash has a laugh about it.
  10. Sure, as soon as my uploading videos to YouTube catch up, I'll post it 👍
  11. I can't quote it exactly, but going from memory, it was something like: Adelaide! The band that needs no introduction. From Hollywood... Guns N' Roses!
  12. I have a video of a funny moment of Axl startling Slash, then them laughing about it. Did anyone see that?
  13. Us on the way home from Adelaide
  14. Me and the Mrs just hit the road from Ballarat heading to Adelaide
  15. Holy shit! We just decided to go again!!!!! Adelaide, here we come Still recovering today from Melbourne