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  1. This sounds crazy, but I was 17 at the time when I saw gnr at the joint in 2001. They played this live and blew everyone away. My dad was with me in the front row and kept asking me what it was. I'm telling you, in a loud close up setting, the song is beyond killer. Axl really sounded good on it that night.
  2. I have three orange Rocket Queen lithos in perfect shape #'d/100 if anyone is interested. I've traded on here a couple of times, so just let me know. Thanks.
  3. I have a purple San Diego litho numbered (only 20 made), if anyone is interested in a trade or just wants it. Let me know...:)
  4. Does Ticketmaster accept returns if we already bought tickets to a show? I might need to go to this one instead.
  5. It's San Diego, I have the San Fran poster. I guess that's why I got it mixed up. Thanks though.
  6. I've traded on here before a couple of times and received good feedback, but I have the orange San Diego poster numbered to 100 if you guys would like to trade for anything else.
  7. Which one are you on there? Are you the one that sent me a friend request :)?
  8. Also, I bought an entire front row (8 seats on Duff's side) for this show! Can't wait!
  9. They haven't played Kentucky in 25 years, can you at least tell me or "hint" if they will be playing here or not? Thanks in advance!
  10. Will they come to KY for the second time ever? Cancelled in 2002 for Lexington, they need to get here!
  11. I have the purple and the orange if someone is willing to trade another litho..specifically Nashville or Cincinnati.
  12. Any chance to score decent seats at a decent price besides the usual sites? I would like to get three or four pit tickets if possible. I figured some of you may know the hook-up for the Columbus, OH show on Sunday.
  13. Wow, do they play let there be rock at every show? I'm thinking of going to Columbus just to hear the scream. Does he let out any other screams in ac/dc songs like this?
  14. I still have a Vegas night one poster up for trade if anyone is interested. I decided against trading for the Pittsburgh one..would love to have the Nashville litho since I was there and couldn't find one anywhere.
  15. Someone just needs to ask any of the band members when they meet them. I need new music!!!