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  1. After looking at a list of what he's directed, from what I can remember, I've seen two movies he directed, one I liked, and one I didn't. Apollo 13 is the one I liked, and The DaVinci Code is the one I didn't.
  2. What has Ron Howard directed? I can't think of any off the top of my head. Not being a jerk, I really can't think of any. Off to Wikipedia I go!
  3. Decided to go ahead and get a One S since it'll be a while before the X is released, and even longer until it's on sale. I picked up the Forza 1 TB bundle with a free extra wireless controller, and free 3 months Xbox Live Gold. Don't care about Forza, so I'll just sell that on eBay.
  4. Watch Dogs is free right now. Zoo Tycoon is free in Japan, so I got it as well.
  5. Shit it wasn't as good as MITB 2016.
  6. I would have preferred Becky to win MITB, but the Ellsworth finish was great. I loved it. I love it, Maggle! The men's MITB match was pretty good, but with a shitty finish. I would have preferred anyone but Corbin to win. Well maybe not Zayn. I don't get what people see in Sami. I thought for sure since Nakamura was attacked at the beginning he'd come back out and win it. Loving Breezango's skits. Don't give two shits about Maria and Mike Kanellis, but I never watched him in TNA/ROH. Tag team title match was one of the better matches. New Day always delivers. Didn't expect much with Lana. Predictable finish to Orton/Juicer Mahal.
  7. Since it'll be a while for the XB1X to go down in price, I'm tempted to go ahead and get the XB1S. I'm wanting the 2TB, but I think I might have to settle for the 1TB, though both would be an upgrade to my 500 GB XB1.
  8. Holy shit I can't wait for Joe/Lesnar. Rumor has it it's a one and done with Lesnar retaining.
  9. When I first heard about her I thought they were saying she was a winner of some reality show. I read the article three times trying to figure out what reality show she won when I finally realized Reality Winner was her name.
  10. Holy shit. I did not expect Joe to be N1C.
  11. Much better than I expected. Possibly the best DCEU movie so far.