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  1. Suicide Squad should have just adapted Assault on Arkham to live action. It makes more sense than Suicide Squad did.
  2. I've got two copies (one unopened) of the "faces" trilogy, the last time they were released on VHS before the special editions. They're actually really cheap on eBay. I got mine for Christmas back in 1995 and then I got the unopened one at a record store here in town. The problem might be a VCR though. I haven't looked into prices, but my wife said that record store was selling them for $75. Then again, they buy them and completely restore them and only sell them after making sure they work. Then there's the 2006 DVDs that had the bonus disc with the unaltered versions. Everyone says they're a crappy laserdisc transfer, but I can't give my opinion because I haven't watched them since 2006.
  3. Rumor going around that George's contract with Disney states they can never release the pre-special editions.
  4. Definitely picking up the Best Buy steelbook. Also got TFA steelbook last year. Already have the Blu Rays for the first six, but I'd like to get the steelbooks for those as well. Got some rumors about D23 (whatever that is).
  5. Sounds like you're getting it mixed up with someone else.
  6. You can read my mind now?
  7. If it's that big of a deal, just do it yourself or hire a hitman.
  8. Yeah, don't wanna go to jail, either.
  9. Don't wanna dent my car.
  10. Sorry, I don't own any guns. Nor would I do you any favors.
  11. And it's not gonna change anything, so I'm just giving it back.
  12. You must have been in Austin or North Texas. Or maybe it's just you.
  13. Nah, something lost in translation. I don't speak douchebag.
  14. Why are you posting selfies?