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  1. Cesaro is the only one of the four you mentioned I'd like to see win the big one. Don't care for the other three.
  2. It's not that he doesn't want to come back for another match, but the way he explained it is if he comes back for one more match, WWE would just ask for more and more.
  3. Apples and oranges.
  4. I don't think Woods should be punished. If Paige is to be punished, it should be for the picture of her with the NXT title with jizz on it.
  5. Holy shit.
  6. "You're the Hitman, now" "You're the toughest SOB, now" "Whatcha gonna do when all these Romaniacs run all over you?" "You're Mr. Wrestlemania, now"
  7. Sweet. They're calling Rollins the Kingslayer. I mentioned that weeks ago. Call me crazy, but after last night part of me wants a Foley/HHH feud even though I know it would be terrible. I didn't realize he hadn't been granted his release at the time.
  8. He was granted his release a few weeks ago. Not sure why WWE is just now reporting it.
  9. Hadn't heard about a Catwoman/Harley/Ivy movie. That sounds interesting.
  10. Anything is better than reincarnation. Especially reincarnation of Anakin.
  11. 31 was one of the better ones from recent memory. There shouldn't have been NWO vs DX though, and Sting should have gone over HHH. Rollins' cash in was one of the best ever.
  12. It all depends on context and when he asks it. We don't know he's asking because he doesn't know who she is. It could be part of training.
  13. HIM

    One of my supervisors at work was talking about how much she loves them and then proceeded to say they were Irish.
  14. Played and beat Layers of Fear in two days. It's free with gold on XBox if anyone's interested. The game got less scary as it went along. First horror game I haven't noped out of. I noped out of Outlast after the first jump scare.