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  1. When I first heard this story I thought it was the normal bullshit and I've been waiting for a statement from Axl saying "It's all lies, Slash is a prick etc". But there's no smoke without fire, and at some point, money talks surely doesn't it? Grimo.
  2. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    That initial suggestion of mine should have been taken with a huge helping of sarcasm. Grimo.
  3. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    That's what I think to be honest. But you never know! Grimo.
  4. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    Interesting rumours today of United making an offer for Iniesta. He's (allegedly) unhappy with new contract offer and staff changes and "admires" the PL. Good god I hope it's true. Maybe get him in a swap deal for Young?! Grimo.
  5. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    Bit harsh! Grimo.
  6. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    Good win for United today. Ashley Young still irritates me though. Even though he didn't play, everything he does makes me angry! Grimo.
  7. I saw a random epiosde on a DVD I bought (I think its was Robot Chicken Star Wars) a while ago, and took a punt and bought the box set. Its the best decision I've made for a long time, as it is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Are there any other fans here?? I don't really know how big it was when it was first out. Grimo.
  8. Film Thread

    Also curious to see what people think of it! Grimo.
  9. Film Thread

    Three things; Has anyone seen Insidious yet? Looks awesome from the trailer I've seen, but I'm still not sure. Secondly, watched Super Troopers for the first time in years last night. Brilliant film. And there's a second one coming out soon apparently?? Finally, I need help settling an arguement. I think Sphere is a very good film, and my housemate thinks its utter dogshit. Thoughts? Grimo.
  10. Film Thread

    And who's idea was it to put those Twins in there? And to give Devastator balls? None of it made any sense. First was a solid start, but the third will need to be shit hot to recover. Grimo.
  11. Film Thread

    It really is beyond shit. I hope Bay doesn't fuck up the third one. Grimo.
  12. Film Thread

    Anyone seen Piranha 3D yet? Saw it yesterday and I thought it was disgusting. Some good moments, but there's a 10 minute section in the middle that is no dialogue, just bloody chaos. Really don't know what to make of it. Thoughts?? Sorry if its been discussed before by the way. Grimo.
  13. Film Thread

    Anyone seen Paranormal Activity yet?? This has probably been discussed previously, but I can't be arsed looking through all these pages. Heard that its "the scariest movie ever"... Grimo.
  14. Film Thread

    Dunno if its already been talked about, but I can't wait to see W. Although, I've read a couple of reviews for it (which I don't usually do) and its been absolutely slated. I mean seriously fucked off. So what do ppl reckon to it? And, off to see Bond tomorrow. Can't fuckin wait!!!! Grimo.
  15. Film Thread

    Sure it has been mentioned at some point in the thread, but how much is everyone lookin forward to the Batman sequel?? From the trailers, I cannot fuckin wait to see Heath Ledger's Joker.... looks amazin. its gonna completely steal the show. My housemate is convinced that if his performance is half decent, he'll get an Oscar.... any thoughts?? I disagree, but just wondering what everyone thought about Heath, and about the film as a whole (Harvey Dent into 2 Face etc) And sorry if all this has been mentioned before! Grimo.