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  1. New Track - "Better" - Used In Harley-Davidson Ad

    Cool rock2
  2. Saint is the man... and Wes

    thanks sixtus, I love my poker, therefore I try to tie everything in my life into it. Man, we all thought he was bluffing, never know until the cards are shown. Well, gotta go, poker game tonight....... gonna let the boys hear the new tracks, I'll get the ever-present eye roll from some of them, but a couple will appreciate it for sure. BTW allways have GNR on during the tourneys I hold, and online there is always a bootlegged concert in the background for my inspiration
  3. Saint is the man... and Wes

    Yesterday when Wes first announced that he (or she?) had the songs, after the initial amount of bashing I posed the analogy of poker. I said "Wes says he has the best hand", he just pushed all his chips in We (the GNR community) called him, it was time to show em We only had a moderate hand, but holy fuck Wes had bullets (pocket Aces) My hat's off to you Wes (and Saint for posting) You were'nt bullshitting And we've all won a pretty good sized pot Thanks
  4. Let me try to put this into perspective We're playin Texas Holdem Wes joins the game, gets his two cards and says I've got the best hand and pushes all-in, Now we, the collective GNR community say this guy is full of shit, and call him (we've got a decent hand, but not mind blowing) Wes it's your call, show em and win ---- your a hero among us Show em and lose --- just another loser that likes the attention Fold-- and go on your way