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  1. Live Songs 2006

    As so many people are naming short covers here: here is one from novarock: Axl sang one line from "fire,water,burn" from the bloodhoundgang and didn´t Sebastian Bach sing "nice boys, don´t play rock´n´roll" at inland invasion?
  2. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    Nice fotos but i have a totally different question whose boobs are we looking at? Is it just some random girl, or someone else .............I´m a man i gotta speak about something other than Axl looking hot ............. no I´m not homophobic, and i know that this whole thread has nothing to do with homosexuality
  3. Brian May

    I don´t wanns write about the whole gitarrist situation now, but you sir don´t knowwhat you´re talking about. Yeah for sure the first nightrain solo can also be played by one person, but hey bud take look at nigthtrain from 88 (with izzy playing the first part) or 92 (with gilby playing that part), this particular solo has always been played by two different people. It´s not somethin the "freaky" new GNR came up with
  4. Best show GN'R ever played?

    I´m not tooo sure actually. I don´t know why everbody finds ritz 88 so great. OK i know why, the band has it´s afd-lineup, the still have the cool-as-fuck street attitude, it´s all how it schould be. But then again , the setlist isn´t that great, and axl missing at the end of rocket queen really destroys a nearly perfect performance. I sometimes get the feeling although Rotz 88 was great, it was more of a weaker show of that decade, hell don´t cry wasn´t even played (very sad). I thin a full pro shot of the marquee 87 for example would kick ritz´ass. For me two other great shows are chicago 92 and Argentinia 93. Although the 92 gunners shows seemed a bit too "perfect" for me, they really were great, and chicago for sure has the best rants i ever heard, and it has coma. Enough said. Argenitinia 93 is just cool because of the acoustic section and the general mood. It all seems like much fun, and the whole show is less bloated and more kind of laid back than the year before. BTW: In the uncensored Garaffa version of Argentinia you can see Axl ans Slash hugging after the show, they really looked like two good friend who are happy to be on stage together. Makes you wonder what happened..... Further BTW: Novarock was agreat concert too, but i don´t want to include it in the above, cause i was there myself. and you can´t compare a show you were at with other shows.
  5. yeah, here in austria albums also get released one fridays, it will be so unreal to actually hold this album in my hands, i cant really picture it.
  6. There Was A Time For Me Has Done A Sweet Child

    I really really love this song anyone who´s curious for some of Imsorry remasters (of course not the twat remaster ) check out this site http://gnrnews.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=3
  7. Why not have Ron sing a song or 2 durning the breaks

    what a fucking great idea. Cover songs would be great, but i´d also really enyoy some of his solo stuff. Hearing "I hate me more than i love you" live must be killer
  8. Axl Dancing whit a woman

    somehow it´s funny i mean all men who do not get horny when they´re drunk shall throw the first stone
  9. Axl's voice in 2002 vs 1992 vs 2006

    Yeah and i don´t want so defend him, i really thought Rir 3 was a great concert for the atmosphere, but i so much dislike axl´s voice. In 02 it was better, but i don´t have many boots from that, just some single songs from different shows. He just seems like a totally different singer in 02, in rio it was weak, but i think 02 there were other things goings on. Inidianna Rose, who I really resepect for his good posts, did even say that Axl did sing without the rasp on purpose which might be true. I don´t know, although i can´t see his reasons for it. I really love the chicago 92 concert, i think his voice is just spot on, although some songs like sweet child could have been a bit cleaner sung. I also love his 06 voice but sometimes he sounds a bit too "weak" (don´t know how to describe it) to me, there would be one verse where he sings very high pitched, and then in the next one it´s full with strength. For me it seems like he can now decide how much power he wants to put into a scream and thats ok, even great if it gives us a whole great tour.
  10. Frank & Brian Part 2

    omg that somehow makes sense you scare me no no no no chinese dem will come out this year
  11. Oh My God

    I really really dig it, but what funny is that when i heard it the first time i was like "what the fuck, i can´t even hear if someone is singing" I don´t know why, now i have no problem hearing axl, but it just was that way at first listen.
  12. Axl's voice in 2002 vs 1992 vs 2006

    I really don´t think his 2002 show was shot, please people listen to "The Blues" from Pittsburgh 02 and tell me that is not amazing. His voice doesn´t has the rasp, but he seems like he has infinite breath, i don´t think he holds the screams as long now as back in 02.
  13. Ames Iowa is the measuring stick of Axl's popularity.

    I think many things that da illest said in this thread are really very very sad. And i don´t mean the attempt to show us all how washed up Axl is, and that he just can´t sell tickets anymore. Oh thank you my dear, you opened my eyes, i really regret going to novarock, now that i know that it´s not cool anymore to be into G´n´R or into Axl, i should change my point of view. You seem so fucking xenophobic that i can´t believe it. You offend other people, people from Nebraska, and us "Eurids" (sorry i don´t know this term), so what´s your point? You live in a better city than the rest of us? Good for you, so go out and have fun in you real cool city, where there´s so much fun to have, Why do you bother us people who live in washed up countris and can´t have fun without being on the internet. PS: Love Austria, and am really looking forward to when the snow will fall, snowboarding yeah
  14. I just saw my mail i got when i registered on gunsnroses.com and in one of the last paragraphs ot says For questions about tompetty.com, please click here: http://www.gunsnroses.com/about/faq.jsp Thank you for supporting Guns N' Roses. the link is not working btw isnt that whole thing strange?
  15. Should we get the album same day as the critics?

    many will probably bash it (like kerrang, which will bash without even having a copy of it). But i think it will get fair reviews too, for example form the rolling stone, they really seem to like axl, and a RS title story is for sure good promotion