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  1. I have it but not for sale sadly! I may have an extra but won't find out for A WHILE. I just moved, buying a house, etc. won't have access to all my stuff until late June, early July.
  2. Insanely rare indeed. I couldn't even believe it when I came across it on eBay. Right time, right place, and WAY cheap
  3. What's this worth?

    Well of course it already sold but not vintage that's for damn sure.
  4. hahahaha, I will check my email, thanks
  5. Pics of the flyer please, thanks
  6. GNR Holy Grail

    Check it:
  7. Here you go: They got it right on this one:
  8. leather jacket

    Well I bought it on eBay if I remember correctly. The corresponding supporting documentation I've gathered since then over the years.
  9. leather jacket

    There was also a vest as well. Here is one of the signed jackets I have as well as supporting documentation:
  10. I should clarify that my tape will play, but playing it will destroy it. Basically low quality tapes of that age start to shed the magnetic residue. I had an archivist look at it and he wasn't able to help unfortunately.
  11. Indeed, but for the one I have at least, no way to transfer or even listen without destroying the tape. Believe me, I tried!
  12. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    I'll be there for both Vegas shows!
  13. Possibly, they are quite fragile and I've never had them transferred to disc.
  14. I think it's a fake. First of all, it's coming from an area of the world that is well known for ripoffs, fakes, and forgeries. No offense to anyone that's Israeli, it's just a fact. I would say the same thing about China for example. The tape itself hardly shows any evidence of age. Here is mine: If you zoom in you can see foxing on the insert, evidence of age. My other concern is the label on the tape. I think the bottom edges should be rounded. Look at the 2 pictured here: Those two pictures that are on - the first one is the one I have. The other one is another one I bought that I returned since I was suspicious - it was also from Israel.