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  1. 08/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    GA Pit. That jacket would be great! If it only fit.
  2. 08/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    I've never seen a show at that venue. I live in Seattle, so relatively close I suppose.
  3. "Live Like A Suicide" Turns 30!

    Album: Album singed by Alan Niven (I did not get it signed, this is when I wanted a sealed copy and this one popped up and the price was right; still the inscription is kinda cool): Cassette (pics of my sealed copy too; intense debate over how any of these were pressed)): 3" cd (bootleg though but still highly collectible): LLAS press release: LLAS Listening/Release/Christmas Party Invite #1: LLAS Listening/Release/Christmas Party Invite #2:
  4. 08/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    See ya in the pit!
  5. COMA song question

    Wow, that sounds eerily familiar. I want to say that person was me. Small world!
  6. Slash Guitar Going to Auction

    Sadly no. Wish I could say it was me!
  7. Slash Guitar Going to Auction

    Sold for $75,000!
  8. Slash Guitar Going to Auction

    And the bidding has begun. Anyone have $30,001? Before any wiseguy comments come my way, I'm sure bidding at Julians doesn't work that way, at least at that level. Probably increments of $1000, maybe even higher.
  9. Slash Guitar Going to Auction

    Right. To be clear to everyone here, Slash himself is not auctioning the guitar/did not offer the guitar up for auction. The guitar is currently owned by his original guitar tech from the early days of GNR.
  10. Slash Guitar Going to Auction

    I'd say! Maybe we pool all of our money here at mygnr and it spends each week in a different home.
  11. For those that haven't seen this: Unlike many auctions, this one actually has provenance not only from the guitar tech for Slash in the early days, but from Slash himself too! Wish my bank account could swing this.
  12. That was me! Sadly I can't tell you guys at this time how I know it's legit. All I can say is that it is. For some of you my word will be good enough. For others it won't be and that's OK. Hopefully I can tell you all one day soon!
  13. hey there!  I know you don't know me, but I am a long time lurker.  You have an amazing gnr collection.  Coming to you for your knowledge:

    I just won an ebay auction for the Chinese Democracy with red hand.

    After winning, I noticed this seller has previously sold 4 or 5 copies.  Is anyone aware of counterfit copies?  Or am I just being paranoid now?



  14. Interesting about Izzy. Didn't even notice that when I read it. Odd...