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  1. Las Vegas Residency 2014 Shirt for Trade (Rare?)

    Still looking for it for you.
  2. Marc- will you be in Vegas?

    I'm not sure why you just didn't post this as a reply in the other thread where Marc made that comment. But perhaps it could be for the same reason as the rest of us - couldn't get tickets? Or, even if he had the opportunity to purchase tickets, perhaps, like many other fans, he decided he couldn't afford it?
  3. So, to sum up on what other people posted, GA floor tix are sold out. Yes, there are still VIP packages available which MAY end up going unsold and therefore available, but the unsold VIP packages are all seats. The VIP packages that came with GA floor tix are SOLD OUT. For these shows your only hope for GA floor tix are if someone has extra or scalpers. As for seated tickets, that's a whole other story.
  4. Ah, I see what you are saying now. Yes, that would at least beat the bots and that is certainly a step in the right direction!
  5. That's so funny because I was just wondering if there was a way to print the photos on the ticket. Looks like it is already happening. Awesome!
  6. Exactly same scenario I mentioned with Metallica. But in this case the other 3 tickets can be scalped! In the example with Metallica the other ticket was scalped.
  7. I hear you, that's the rub. But really, the only way to completely avoid scalping.
  8. So what Metallica did was this. They had the anniversary concerts. You had to be a fan club member (and by the way the Metallica club is now free but wasn't at the time) just to BE ABLE TO ENTER A CONTEST to win the right to buy tickets. You read that right. They didn't do it based on longevity of membership. You could win the right to buy tickets to individual nights or to all 4 nights they played. I will fully admit I joined again before the contest. I had been a member on and off but had let my membership lapse. I won the right to buy tickets for the first show. Here's where it becomes AWESOME. Because ti was a 30th anniversary show they reverted prices back to 1981 prices. I think I paid $8 for each of my tickets. I brought a friend. But yes you could buy two tickets and could EASILY scalp the other ticket. I know because I bought scalped tickets for the other 3 shows (that's what I did with the $ from those 5 red hand Chinese Democracy cds that I sold). Talk about A LOT OF $! Then, if I remember correctly, once you picked the tickets up at will call (the club member had to show ID) each person immediately had a bracelet attached to wrist and were escorted into the venue. I guess you could go outside and try to transfer the bracelet to someone else but it likely would have been quite difficult. The problem starts with the whole who's a bigger fan/deserves it more thing. Quite complicated really. Just because someone was a fan club member from the beginning doesn't mean they are a bigger fan of the band. Sure, they supported them, but perhaps others just couldn't afford it. Doesn't mean they are any less of a fan. Even though I personally like the VIP packages and early entry, maybe one way to solve it for shows that have GA would be to eliminate early entry and the VIP packages. Then you know the people that line up for hours are true fans. But no saving spots for people, no exceptions, sorry. As for scalping, here's a way to solve it for intimate shows at least (and maybe all shows perhaps). Each fan club member gets one ticket. I know, I know, that sucks, but hear me out. It really is the only way to prevent scalping. Each member gets a ticket with their name on it. When you show up you present the ticket with your ID. Same each time you re-enter the venue and/or section (general admission). Yeah, I guess you can get a fake ID made, but many states now have sophisticated IDs. They can run them through those machines that will indicate if it's fake or not. Just figured I'd tell you guys exactly what happened with Metallica and share a few of my thoughts on the other issues.
  9. happy birthday Troccoli!

    Sorry, somehow I never saw any of this until now!
  10. Sell big collection

    hola, comprendo que no vendas nada separado. pero tengo curiosidad entre saber algo más de estos items. yo y los membros de Guns n Roses collectors , quedariamos agradecidos si nos pudieras anadir informaciones y o fotos en detalhe de eses items. gracias por tu atencion.
  11. UYI 1998 CD question

    There was also a cassette: http://www.troccolitm.com/tapecompuyi.html?1203905150515 And a misprint of the cd too: http://www.troccolitm.com/CDUYIMixMisp.html?1244772532359
  12. Not so much for me. I just have the gnr stuff found here: http://troccolitm.com/
  13. Cool and interesting. I am gonna say wrong section though, better for the memorabilia section
  14. If you ever go to Vegas go to the Pinball Hall of Fame/Museum. All machines are playable and they have the GNR one.
  15. On second thought, the Uzi Suicide jacket from the Farm Aid show. I would be floored if they had that on exhibit at the next Residency (if there ever is a next residency of course)