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  1. What's this worth?

    Well of course it already sold but not vintage that's for damn sure.
  2. hahahaha, I will check my email, thanks
  3. Pics of the flyer please, thanks
  4. GNR Holy Grail

    Check it:
  5. Here you go: They got it right on this one:
  6. leather jacket

    Well I bought it on eBay if I remember correctly. The corresponding supporting documentation I've gathered since then over the years.
  7. leather jacket

    There was also a vest as well. Here is one of the signed jackets I have as well as supporting documentation:
  8. I should clarify that my tape will play, but playing it will destroy it. Basically low quality tapes of that age start to shed the magnetic residue. I had an archivist look at it and he wasn't able to help unfortunately.
  9. Indeed, but for the one I have at least, no way to transfer or even listen without destroying the tape. Believe me, I tried!
  10. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    I'll be there for both Vegas shows!
  11. Possibly, they are quite fragile and I've never had them transferred to disc.
  12. I think it's a fake. First of all, it's coming from an area of the world that is well known for ripoffs, fakes, and forgeries. No offense to anyone that's Israeli, it's just a fact. I would say the same thing about China for example. The tape itself hardly shows any evidence of age. Here is mine: If you zoom in you can see foxing on the insert, evidence of age. My other concern is the label on the tape. I think the bottom edges should be rounded. Look at the 2 pictured here: Those two pictures that are on - the first one is the one I have. The other one is another one I bought that I returned since I was suspicious - it was also from Israel.
  13. Interested in the hotel room deal you posted about.  How do you want to do it?  Should I just reserve the room and the tickets and then we meet in Vegas?

    1. wrecthed


      HI call me asap 760-214-8099 or email here I can buy before the deal goes through because if not i may have my friend buy a deal but i would do the $350 im also staying at monte carlo

    2. wrecthed


      Hi everything still good?? Want to text me the day before??

  14. Sounds good. Will message you right now.