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  1. Yeah, Marcus and I go way back. No competition anymore since he has stopped buying mostly. He did in fact get a few pics w/ Slash last night. But yeah we have helped each other a lot over the years, a really great guy.
  2. Goddam, I'm still trying to find Brisbane merch!
  3. I haven't done an update in years. Coming any day now. When it does you will see some of my most prized items. But yes, that litho is up there for sure!
  4. No worries at all man, I was just beginning to think I was losing my mind!
  5. ???????????????????? I never posted this
  6. Yep, a variation of that jacket. I preferred the one with the yellow logo on the back. There's also a vest. I have the pics of the boots, just need to upload and post 'em. Soon!
  7. I hear you there for sure! I had to educate a few ebay sellers on some of the US ones Should be in this thread somewhere, might have to go back a page or two Fucking beautiful. If you know anyone that has a spare... Consistently
  8. 1992, sometime before the shows in Brazil that year presumably since the back of the vinyl advertises those shows
  9. Well others have sold since that first one so not that much but sadly not too much cheaper
  10. The internet sadly. Wish I could have got one for cost! Yeah someone had posted that and I asked them to post an image. However I think now they were referring to the one that came with the VIP package.
  11. When I originally posted the similarities to the So Fine promo vinyl, I intentionally input wording about not saying it means anything, just saying it is a cool coincidence. I mean it would be kind of a dumb thing to do on purpose in LA. After all the only people that even know about that promo record are perhaps the more hardcore fans in Brazil and then the collectors around the world. I will say this though. What is interesting (to me) about the billboard is that the logo is slightly different. Did they lose the original artwork and have to redesign it? Doubtful, and even if they did, they could have just done a high quality scan of all the items from then that had that logo. Another GNR mystery!
  12. The blue Tokyo, Kansas City, Foxboro shows
  13. Fortunately some I was able to get at cost. Others probably 2-3 times the cost, so not THAT bad fortunately. As for the Kobe litho, that fucker was EXPENSIVE. I also realized I didn't answer one of your other questions. Sadly none of my collection is displayed whatsoever. That may change one day. We'll see. Some should probably be kept in a safe deposit box.
  14. I'd like to but may have to stop myself, lol. I will post a pic when I get a chance for Mexico. But as ZoSoRose pointed out it may be a poster and not a litho. lol, I assume you mean in person because the entire thing can be viewed online of course. As for a favorite piece that's hard to say. The Estranged US promo cd (while not that rare) comes to mind just because the artwork and color on the disc is fucking beautiful. As for rarity, perhaps THE banner