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  1. I am, just bought two extra pit tickets to beat the scalpers. Let me know, might list on eBay soon (for face value).
  2. Indeed, but just what you see
  3. OK, FINALLY done with all pics and pricing. THANK YOU for being super patient. Now I will start getting back to each of you. The reason I waited until everything was done was so that I didn't mail something to you only to find out later you also want something else. True, that could end up happening even now, but just trying to save you guys $$$. I also added a supremely rare record!!! It is my opinion that the pictures I take are pretty damn good at giving you an idea of the condition. The price reflects this as well, although the price also reflects rarity. As for the records, sometimes in the photos you will see little flecks of miscellaneous stuff on the vinyl. Most of this can likely be blown off with compressed air, I have just not taken the time to do it. As for the cds you will see that I have rated them anywhere from G for good to VG for very good to EX for excellent. And within each category there’s a range. Some have smudges that can likely be removed with a soft cloth. Another important thing to note. I collect things to collect them, not to play them. I have no idea if any of this stuff plays, nor the quality at which it plays, nor do I claim otherwise. As for payment I will take money order, personal checks, cash, and PayPal. If you pay with a money order or check I will wait until it clears to mail the item to you. If you choose to pay with PayPal you will cover any and all PayPal fees. As for shipping I will pack things up nicely but you will cover any and all shipping fees. I do not charge handling. I will ship from the US, zip code 98001. You can go to to get an idea of how much shipping will cost and the various options afforded to you. Of course once we come to an agreement I will calculate shipping for you, but this way you can at least get an idea. Shipping from the US is not cheap. Once we come to an agreement I will give you a quote on shipping. It will be a very close estimate. If it costs more to ship I will pay the difference. If it costs less than I quoted I will refund the difference to you. Don’t forget about any customs fees you may have to pay. I will not cover those. Lastly there will be no reserving things. You either have the money or not. I have been burned in the past by doing that. Check the new links below. Thanks!
  4. Will reply to all messages this weekend I swear!
  5. Selling 2 GA tickets for the Gorge. Can sell one if you want or both. Face value=$310.25 each. Hard ticket in hand. Thanks!
  6. Good evening everyone. After a long and exhausting effort, I've finally got a list of extra GNR stuff that I MAY be parting with. Don't have pics or prices yet. I figured I'd wait to take pics until I see what people are interested in. I figured the same on pricing, although I can tell you right now that I might not even sell some stuff, and some of it (if I do sell it) will DEFINITELY be going on eBay. Let me know if either of these links does not work for you:
  8. Not sure, but also not sure what you mean to be honest. How can you be sure they are missing it? They may just be jukebox singles. Those only came with a generic sleeve.
  9. Yep, have it. Very cool that you do too!
  10. I likely have whatever you are looking for. Check here ( but know that I haven't doe an update in years. That will finally be done by Saturday and it WILL BLOW MINDS
  11. I have exchanged several emails with the company behind that website. The stuff you see is legitimate, official, leftover merch from the shows. The lithos are numbered.
  12. The weird thing is that the only legit litho shirts I've seen for resale are from Japan, and even then not on eBay but on other sites. But I've not seen any legit litho shirts from NZ or Aust on any site. Not one. Very strange!
  13. Yeah, I guess so. Other theories I could understand but I really didn't think that me posting that would catch fire. Anyways no harm intended and @tsinindy not trying to start anything, never had a problem with you and I think you are a good presence on this forum. Should have phrased the responses I posted better. All apologies man
  14. I suppose I could advise you to do the same. I am the person that posted about the So Fine single. See below, ESPECIALLY the last 2 sentences.
  15. who ever said it did have to do with that though?