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  1. Its on youtube --Car Wreck at 3:20
  2. Not one of them plays the song with passion. Its actually pretty painful to listen to. I even sent Frank a video of Matt playing it and asked him hit the fills and rolls. If he can play DTJT then he can play this song. Same on Axl and Slash form not getting way into this one. I know they can do it I am confused why their not. smh
  3. gap in the http://www.gunsnroses.com/ tour page before the st Louis show....Insert LA shows
  4. So did he sing background or just co write the lyrics. DDM is such a good rock song. Is he in other bands I cant squat on him?
  5. I'd love for Frank to prove us wrong plz but sir you could never play this song. Way to many fills at a slower rock beat that without the right pace axl couldn't say all the words. #thebadapple If he inserted this song it would change the whole way he plays all GnR songs.
  6. Don't damn me?
  7. I can already see where this is going. Largest and longest Rock Festival tour ever. 2 day festival GnR and AC/CD taking turns heading lining each night with about 30 other bands. Fans get to see and hear Axl 2 nights n row in 2 different bands with band new material from both. tickets start at $1,000
  8. WHERES IZZY? that's so cute you have closure
  9. 59:05 my wife caught that ring!
  10. because you've accomplished more than crue NOT you fuck tard. Mick wrote unreal lics
  11. DIRTY LITTLE THING hands down LETS NOT EVER and get back to a 5 piece band playing hard rock
  12. I think he's full of shit and bought most this crap and lives in some figment world. Ticket stubs would be bend up and stuff and he would be way passionate and using much different adjectives to describe things. LMFAO "I called Barnes n Noble"
  13. now I can get back to work for a few months! thank you for giving us breaks GnR
  14. whatcha mean? and what was played after YCBM?