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  1. would you be mad if you were at the show in the 90's where Axl sat in the drum riser most of it and sang cause he had just leaned Steph cheated on his ass. FUCK NO I could only dream to be at his worst show in the 90's or 80's at that. People want ice in hell but they aint getting it. Take what ya get folks and be thankful.
  2. ha! the last 5 seconds she says "Im done" with your plea "babe" appropriate song to leave your ass!
  3. Dr. P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way
  4. Wild Horse Video????? please
  5. this is one RAD looking stadium. is this privately owned?
  6. exactly only way to feel good is get a buzz. cause messing up night after night sober means your lame so least blame it on a buzz. Then you can rock the DOME again right now there not worthy
  7. as long as they have cubed ham for princess Axl. lol. what is going on with the GnR... slash doesn't even smoke on stage anymore WTF is going on. It all lays on Richards shoulders to corrupt the band back to the wild days. I have faith him and frank will modify the band!
  8. Junior give us a glimpse inside please
  9. Can someone direct me to a link for this one please
  10. That is BS they wont let us watch that show...it has to be leaked some where...????
  11. 102:40 These fucking chicks in our way Mannnnn HAHAHA!
  12. thank god this moment was captured. they all need to watch this together TODAY and get back to having fun.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Cxu9EPadU BAD ASS!
  14. real conclusion is how much is Axl keeping for himself and how little is the guys who are filling up the stadiums getting. id say he's keeping 500k-1mil per show and poor duff n slash are getting 100-200k then it fades off quick. Hence why Izzzy said F OFF. Truth will be by 2018 when all them tax dollars roll out
  15. AT 1:23 WHATS he throw down