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  1. WHERES IZZY? that's so cute you have closure
  2. 59:05 my wife caught that ring!
  3. because you've accomplished more than crue NOT you fuck tard. Mick wrote unreal lics
  4. DIRTY LITTLE THING hands down LETS NOT EVER and get back to a 5 piece band playing hard rock
  5. I think he's full of shit and bought most this crap and lives in some figment world. Ticket stubs would be bend up and stuff and he would be way passionate and using much different adjectives to describe things. LMFAO "I called Barnes n Noble"
  6. now I can get back to work for a few months! thank you for giving us breaks GnR
  7. whatcha mean? and what was played after YCBM?
  8. Frank better come with something stronger than that if he want to record with slash. Missed opportunity right there. And we know he has in in him but hes gotta strike on them diddles and rosanas to mix the old with new gnr sounds. he ruined that solo if you ask me.
  9. nothing like showing up to work and getting to watch 2 hours of GNR! that was awesome to wake up and do..
  10. would you be mad if you were at the show in the 90's where Axl sat in the drum riser most of it and sang cause he had just leaned Steph cheated on his ass. FUCK NO I could only dream to be at his worst show in the 90's or 80's at that. People want ice in hell but they aint getting it. Take what ya get folks and be thankful.
  11. ha! the last 5 seconds she says "Im done" with your plea "babe" appropriate song to leave your ass!
  12. Dr. P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way
  13. Wild Horse Video????? please
  14. this is one RAD looking stadium. is this privately owned?