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  1. Can someone direct me to a link for this one please
  2. Ritz 91

    That is BS they wont let us watch that show...it has to be leaked some where...????
  3. Ritz 91

    102:40 These fucking chicks in our way Mannnnn HAHAHA!
  4. Ritz 91

    thank god this moment was captured. they all need to watch this together TODAY and get back to having fun.
  5. Ritz 91

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Cxu9EPadU BAD ASS!
  6. Ticket Prices

    real conclusion is how much is Axl keeping for himself and how little is the guys who are filling up the stadiums getting. id say he's keeping 500k-1mil per show and poor duff n slash are getting 100-200k thenit fades off quick.Hence why Izzzy said F OFF. Truth will be by 2018 when all them tax dollars roll out
  7. AT 1:23 WHATS he throw down
  8. right up there with the Dixie Chicks way to go GNR
  9. Thankful for all those who scope for us! One more night in 2016 make it happen plz....
  10. um did JR go home where's our stadium pics
  11. whos the opening band for these two shows?
  12. Respect! Slash is carrying a guitar!
  13. there going to have to really collaborate tonight the sound to themis not the same with this stage set up. Would be surprised if we saw some acoustic stuff! pumped!!!!! lets seeDuff shinetonight
  14. this place is fascinating - is this a private or government owned facility?
  15. do any of you ever even play live shows? shut he fuck up this is bad ass rock n roll and they own it! GNFNR